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Further Reflection on 5x23...

I know I am in the minority but I remain sad about 5x23. I know many disagree, but I think Oliver Queen thinks all his family and his friends - his Felicity - are dead. This breaks my heart.

Whether we get an immediate return to the island to find them, as some think or some time passes before he can go back, as I think - either way there is no happy until he finds them.

It’s funny when Arrow 5x22 ended, I thought this would be a perfect place to end the season…I don’t need 5x23 and it turns out for me, I was right.

So keep myself in my Happy Bubble, I’m going to focus on the happy 5x22 brought me and look forward to the Olicity reunion. I’m going to try to forget the awful ending of Season 5….which is especially sad for me as I REALLY LIKED Season 5. There was a post a while back with Mindy Kaling how she ignores things she doesn’t like - this is my plan!

To sustain my Happy Bubble over the Hiatus I will write and read fanfiction, make posts and try to avoid spoilers and speculation. I will continue follow my friends who write spec, I just won’t read it - they post things besides spec too!

For me spoilers and spec are things that are unknown, they might be right, they might be wrong…either way they aren’t bringing me happy.

Here is some happy Olicity to cheer this post up!

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I figure if I’m going to be a mess, I might as well be a hot mess.
—  Katsuki Yuuri

The Mindy Project: Mindy & Casey

We care about each other a lot.  We almost love each other.  We almost love each other.  We’ve got the L, the O, the V, can I buy a vowel babe?

I’ll Be With You (Part 4)

A/N: This is a long one! BUT I’m excited about this chapter. Their confessions didn’t go as I  planned but that’s just what happens sometimes.

Warning: Violence/Mention of Domestic Violence/Mention of Death/Swearing/Fluff and heavy making out.

Summary: Dating James Buchanan Barnes can be interesting, especially meeting his best friend. Unfortunately, you have to confess some of your secrets, not on your own terms. How will Bucky react to the things you have been keeping from him? And when will our couple say “I love you”?

Part 1/ Part 2/ Part 3

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You could feel your heartbeat in your feet as you finished your final shift of your week and a half rotation, proudly earning yourself three days off before your next rotation. Your scrubs were starting to stick to you as sweat pooled at the small of your back. You smoothed down your little flyaway hairs, trying not to look as crazy as your shift felt. The dark ballcap and sunglasses of your boyfriend’s disguise had you distracted for the past ten minutes as you looked outside the glass doors of the hospital. It took every ounce of willpower you had not to run into his arms.

“Hey Y/N?” You silently groaned but turned to show your pleasant smile.

“Yes, Dr. Spencer?” The tall man before you was a cocky son of a bitch but also one of the best doctors in Brooklyn. You had started as a nurse the same time he started as a resident. You two worked well together but you never allowed anything past that to transpire. It was not for a lack of his trying.

“Dinner tonight?” There is was, the running gag. How many times could he ask you before you caved. The pool was now up to $350 dollars.

“Nope!” You said quickly, grabbing your purse and heading towards your favorite soldier. You quietly walked towards the familiar silver Audi, away from the peering eyes of your co-workers. Bucky’s hand met the small of your back as you opened the door. You weren’t ashamed to be dating Bucky Barnes but neither of you wanted the unwanted attention from the hospital staff.

“Hey you.” You cooed as Bucky slid into the driver’s seat. He leaned over to meet your lips for a quick kiss. “You know I could have just met you back at the apartment?”

“And let that asshat make a move on you? No, thank you. I’d rather watch him myself.” You giggled at his recent protective behavior then leaned back into the seat. A groan escaped as your head tilted back. “Rough shift?” You smiled and let out a sigh. You thought you had just closed your eyes but really you had fallen asleep. Bucky glanced over, smiling as you relaxed in your seat. Today marked a year of him becoming an avenger but while Steve wanted to throw a party for him, Bucky wanted spend any moment he could with you. He felt like a teenager again, constantly splitting his time between avenging and you and when he wasn’t with you, he got distracted by your many text messages and photos. Steve had already caught him twice within the last few months lovingly looking at pictures of you on his phone. He couldn’t wait to ask you about tonight.

Bucky parked the car on a side street next to your apartment, glancing over at your beautiful figure in blue scrubs. “Must have been a rough day.” He mumbled as he got out of the car to meet you on your side, smiling as he opened your door.

“Buck.” You murmured as he slowly picked you up out of the car.

“I’ve got you, sweetheart.” He chuckled as you easily fell back asleep. Mindy was attentive, opening the door for Bucky as he walked in and up the stairs. “You still up for tonight, doll?” he asked, entering your room.

“Yes!” You protested, whining almost. Your reaction made him laugh as he placed you on your bed. “We have to celebrate! We have reservations.” You sat up, reaching your arms over your head to stretch. Your back arched, showing a thin line of skin about your pants. Bucky swallowed hard, trying to keep his eyes off of your waist.

“Y/N?” His eyes were full of concern as he looked at you, apprehensive about what he was about to ask you. You didn’t notice until you opened your eyes to see his blue ones now staring at you.

“James? What’s wrong?” He sat down next to you allowing you to scoot closer. He took your hands in, the metal hand cool to the touch. “Bucky?”

“It’s fine, nothing is wrong. I just wanted to ask you…” he trailed off, making sure he wanted to ask. “Tonight, I really wanted to introduce you to Steve?” You blinked a few times, looking at him probably longer than you should have. After a moment you let out a chuckle, then a giggle, then a huge smile spread across your face.

“This is like introducing me to your family.” He let out a nervous chuckle.

“Yeah! I mean, he’s all I got now so I want to introduce him to my best gal.”

“James…” You blushed, trying to push down the feeling of inadequacy. “I would love to meet Steve.” You pulled his hands to close the distance between the two of you. His lips were soft when you met, allowing you to push back your negative thoughts.

“Well then let me leave so you can get ready.” He gave you such a dreamy smile you wondered what he was thinking. You smiled at him as he walked out, closing the door behind him. You let out a sigh walking towards your bathroom. After your shower you walked back into your room to start getting ready. You were dating James Buchanan Barnes, the former Winter Soldier, and meeting his best friend, Captain America, for dinner. ‘Fuck,’ you mumbled to yourself, pulling out the short, white dress with cap sleeves. The fabric hugged your curves making you even more nervous and insecure for this date. As if it were a tradition, you turned, looking at every angle you could at your outfit. You decided that your red heels were necessary, regardless of how your feet felt.

“Alright, let’s do this.” You grabbed your clutch and walked out to meet Bucky.


The drive to Manhattan took longer than expected making you even more nervous. You were constantly apologizing for making the two of you late which made Bucky smile.    

“Doll, you don’t have to worry! And have I told you that you look gorgeous tonight?” He smirked, reaching to hold your hand as he drove.    

“Only a hundred times. I think that’s one for every year you’ve been alive.” You snickered. You knew he was trying to help you relax so you took a deep breathe. ‘Every year without you.’ He thought to himself. He was a mixture of happy and nervous, something he wasn’t use to feeling for 70 years. When he had asked Steve to talk in private, Steve’s face crinkled in concern.


“Buck, you okay?” Steve entered Bucky’s bedroom cautiously.

“Yeah, no, I’m great! I just have something to ask you.” He scratched the back of his neck as he fumbled through what to say.         

“Do I finally get to meet that girl you’re hiding from everyone?” Steve leaned up against the wall, crossing his arms with a smirk on his face. Bucky looked at him dumbfounded then chuckled a little.   

“Yeah, it’s– well– she just happens to be Bonnie’s granddaughter. Steve, you are really going to like her. She’s funny and beautiful and from Brooklyn!” Steve’s grin continued to grow as he watched his best friend describe this girl. “And a nurse, just like your mom! God, she’s perfect.”   

“Whoa, whoa, whoa Buck! How much do you like this girl?” Steve hadn’t seen Bucky like this in a long time, if ever. He was normally so smooth and cocky with women but this one made him nervous and talkative, like he didn’t want to screw it up.   

“It’s only been a few months but she makes me forget. She helps me forget about those bastards. She’s making me a better man, Stevie.” Bucky lost himself in his thought about her again. 


“James? Bucky?” You tried to pull him from his thoughts. “You’ve parked, hon.” You looked around at the nearly empty parking garage Bucky had parked, trying to be inconspicuous. You rubbed your hand up his thigh causing his head to snap towards you. You giggled. “Ready to go, Sergeant?” But Bucky didn’t turn to leave the car. Instead he reached to cup the back of your head, pulling you in for a kiss. Even after your first kiss together, he still caused your head to spin. You moaned into his surprise kiss causing him to smirk against your lips.

“Now I am.” He turned to exit the car. You hummed in satisfaction, reaching out for you hand as he opened the door. He continued to hold your hand as you entered the restaurant, eyes searching for Bucky’s blond friend. It was hard enough to wrap your head around the fact that you were dating Bucky Barnes but now an ordinary girl like yourself was meeting Captain America.The mantra continued as nerves twisted your stomach again causing you to grip Bucky’s flesh hand harder. “Nervous?” His breath hit the shell of your ear causing you to shiver. You looked up, expecting to see his shit-eating grin but his blue eyes shined down on you full of emotion and concern.

“I’m dating Sergeant James Buchanan Barnes. I worry about nothing.” You smiled. The look on his face calmed every nerve you could possible hold. You thought you saw pride mixed with pure bliss as he smiled down at you. “Let’s go soldier.” You winked, pulling him towards Steve.

“Steve, this is Y/N L/N. Y/N, Steve Rogers.” You reached out your hand to shake.

“It’s a privilege to meet you Ma’am!”

“The pleasure is all mine. I am very excited to meet you and hear all of Bucky’s embarrassing stories.” You winked towards the brunette. He smirked, sliding your chair out for you to sit down then taking his place beside you.

“So, Bucky tells me you’re from Brooklyn.” Steve smiled across the table.

“Yes! I’ve lived there my whole life, with my grandmother. I believe you’ve met her?” You tried your hardest not to smirk but Bucky could see you slowly cracking, wanting to smile so bad.    

“Uh-yes, yes I have.” He smiled as you tried to be open as possible, as much as you were going to allow.    

The three of you ordered drinks, food, and enjoyed each others company. You eventually turned the conversation away from you and towards the men in front of you without Steve noticing. Bucky noticed but he thought you were shy or nervous which he found endearing. He watched as you listened to one of Steve’s story about him and Bucky back in the day. Your face showed so much emotion as he found himself entranced by your features. The way that your eyes would shine looking at Bucky but there was always a hint of darkness behind those beautiful irises. The way that you would smirk could drive him crazy. Above all else was when you looked at him. He had never seen someone so beautiful as when you looked at him.    

“James?” “Buck?” You and Steve asked together, trying to bring Bucky back to reality.    

“O-oh, yeah! M’sorry, what?” You just giggled turning to Steve who was also grinning.    

“We were just talking about that one time you made him ride the Cyclone at Coney Island. We all should go sometime.” You said, looking to Steve for confirmation. He nodded furiously but then all attention turned towards the waiter, holding a drink that no one ordered.    

“Ma’am, a rum and coke for you from the two gentlemen at the bar.” Your brows furrowed until you looked towards the bar. You inhaled sharply and Bucky could feel you stiffen beside him. Bucky turned to see an older gentleman paired with a younger looking towards the table smiling.    

“No, thank you.” You waved it away as politely as you could, trying not to alarm Bucky or Steve. The waiter slowly turned around, returning to the two at the bar.    

“What was that?” Bucky’s face contorted to concern.    

“Do you want me to talk to them? I mean if they’re both-”    

“No!” You interrupted Steve. “I think they were just confused.” You tried to smile but Bucky noticed that it was your favorite drink.    

“Well, doll, looks like they’re coming over.” He straightened up and wrapped his arm around the back of your chair, pulling you closer to him. “Good evening gentlemen.” He said, coldly, almost glaring at the pair. His jaw tightened as the younger one looked him up and down, cocking an eyebrow. Metal started to whirl as he tightened his fist.    

“Y/N, you should introduce us to your friends.” The young one commented, as he smirked. You let out a quiet sigh. Your back was rigid as fear ran through your veins.    

“Why don’t you knock that shit grin off your face, Kyle.” You hissed back at your ex-boyfriend.   

“Y/N [Your middle name]!” You stood up immediately at your father’s call, causing the two to step back. Bucky primarily watched you, only using his peripheral vision to watch the two gentlemen. Steve looked between you and Bucky, trying to find answers for anything but realizing that Bucky was just as confused.    

“Follow me. Now.” The older man man a guttural noise and folded his arms. “Unless you want to speak here, Father.” You spat out. Quickly, your heels clicked across the tile floor back to their seats at the corner of the bar area. “What the hell? Seriously?” You turned quick, trying to not lose your false cool and scream.    

“Who are the gentlemen, dear?” Kyle’s voice sounded like nails on a chalkboard.    

“Well, not like you two should care, but James Barnes and Steven Rogers, dear.” You spat back. Their faces dropped as they did a double take, staring back at Steve and Bucky, who were staring right back. Bucky was watching, your body language screamed that you hated every moment of conversation with the two men before you.       

“What are you doing with two avengers?” Kyle dug in, clearly upset about your life choices after him.    

“Aw, I’m sorry. You can’t control me anymore. Either of you.” You glared back. “So if you don’t mind, I’m going to return to my boyfriend Bucky Barnes and his friend Captain America.”

“I don’t think so.” Kyle grabbed your wrist. You couldn’t even let out the breath you were holding before Bucky was at your side.

“Hands off.” His flesh arm wrapped around your waist. You glared at him. You tilted your head up, chin strong, as you stared at both of them. You felt stronger with Bucky by your side.    

“You don’t own me anymore, dear. As I said, I’ll be leaving now.” Clearly defeated with a super soldier in front of him, Kyle stepped aside. Your father stayed quiet, pulling Kyle towards the exit of the restaurant. When you were back at the table, you let out a shaky sigh but you refused to look as shaken as you felt inside.    

“Would you like to leave?” Steve looked at you sympathetically.    

“No! I’m completely fine.” You faked a smile but Bucky could see it didn’t reach your eyes.    

“Would you like to talk about it?” Steve nudged. You inhaled deeply, looking at him. Bucky caught your hand shaking in your lap out of Steve’s view.

“We are going to head out. Steve, I’ll pay you back?” Bucky started to stand despite your objection. You thanked Steve for a wonderful evening and followed Bucky as quickly as possible.    

“James! Why are we leaving?” You called out as the two of you made it back to the car. He opened the door, helped you in, and got in himself before speaking.    

“What did he do to you?” He made direct eye contact with you causing you to look away. He had never been this blunt with you, normally give you space. You were still shaking with adrenaline or fear, you weren’t quite sure.   

“He-” you started, trying to think of the right words. You looked around for anyway out of this conversation. This was the last thing you wanted to talk about tonight “You can’t do anything to him. Promise?” His brows furrowed but he nodded. “He was- I mean- it was…” You trailed off. Tears were starting to burn your eyes. You fiddled with your hands as you nervously looked around the car. “He was very controlling.” You couldn’t meet his eyes as you tried to continue. “He works for my father so he… thought he could… get away with a lot.”    

“Y/N” He cupped your chin, raising your eyes to his. You leaned into his touch as tears threatened to spill. “What did he do?” Bucky’s voice was calm but you could hear the fire burning in him. It made you fall for him even more.   

“It started with small things, like what I wore and who I hung out with. I didn’t notice at first. Eventually, he-” your voice cracked a little. “He hit me.” You whispered.   

“God, doll…” He tried to pull you close but your hands were strong and resisted. You sat up a little straighter.   

“I’m sorry I ruined toni–”    

“No, you didn’t. And it’s taking everything I have to stay in this damn car. What the hell! Your father is still friendly towards him?”    

“He never got involved.” You remembered the first time your father saw the bruises under your clothes or the black eye under your make up. “He said we were adults and could handle ourselves.”    

“But he hit you! Dammit, Y/N. Where was your mother? Did she ignore it too?”    

“She’s dead.” Your eyes trailed out the window. Bucky looked at you in confusion, taken aback by your bluntness.    

“Baby, why didn’t you tell me? Anything? About all of this?” You looked at him with a bit of surprise on your face. You were expecting a different look on his face but instead he showed protection and anger obviously not directed towards you. He was right though. You had kept this from him, steered the conversation away when he started to ask about family. Hell, you completely ignored at time.   

“Tell you? It’s nothing compared to what you went through. How could I have possibly brought up any of this without feeling the least bit guilty? You want to know that my mother died when I was six, my father dropped me off at my grandmothers so he didn’t have to deal with me, and I was too fucking weak to see that some guy beating the shit out of me didn’t actually love me? You are James Buchanan Barnes, the former Winter Soldier and Fist of HYDRA! My life’s a breeze compared to yours!” Your hands waved in exasperation and tears were now falling as you looked at him. He blinked a few times, obviously not expecting that answer. The silence grew as you two sat there, neither one knowing what to say. He reached out to run his fingers down your arms. You hadn’t noticed that the stress of the conversation had caused you to clench your fists. He picked up one hand at a time, massaging your palm until your fingers stretched out.    

“How did your mom die?” He whispered finally.    

“She”, you sniffed, “was a combat medic. She’s that whole reason why I’m a nurse.” You tried to wipe away any trace of your tears.    

“You still look beautiful.” You looked up to those blue eyes and that loving look you had grown familiar of as he continued to search your face. “Y/N?”   

“Y-yes?” You stuttered. He reached over the center console to pull you closer, close until your noses touched. Your stomach started to do somersaults, looking at his blue eyes full of emotions.     

“I will never, ever lay a finger on you to hurt you in any way. Do you understand?” You swallowed hard but nodded. “You matter, how people treat you matters, because no one deserves to go through what you have gone through.” You started to speak, trying to stop him, but he stopped you, drawing his thumb over your bottom lip. “It doesn’t matter what I’ve gone through, you should have never gone through that. I swear that he will never lay a hand on you again. He won’t even speak to you again if you wish it.” You could see the rage in his eyes as he spoke about Kyle but then he saw you look into his eyes and it all washed away. His steel blue eyes softened and he continued to rub your bottom lip with his thumb, eyeing your soft lips. “Y/N, I wanted to wait but you need to know. I love you. I haven’t felt this way for anyone since the 40s but you’ve shown me so much kindness and love that now that I know what you’ve been through, it makes me love you so much more.” He tucked a stray hair behind your ear before lifting your chin to look him in the eye. “I love you, babygirl.” Your mouth dropped. This wasn’t how you pictured any of this to happen but then again, you were dating Bucky Barnes, anything could happen.

“James…” You look his face in your hands. “James Buchanan Barnes, why are you doing this? Why are you doing any of this? Why on earth would you love me? I’m a simple nurse from Brooklyn.” You thought his face would fall but it just softened. He ran his fingers through your hair, watching as it fell around your face.

“Because you’re not dating me as Bucky the Winter Soldier or Bucky the Avenger or Bucky the best friend of Steve Rogers. You’re dating me for who you met that morning in Brooklyn. I fell for you that day I caught you. You looked at me with those big eyes like I was the only one in the whole world. I knew I loved you though when you planned that whole date for me. Taking me dancing and dressing like some 40s dame, all for me? It should make any man weak.” You smiled weakly at his confession.

“You know I call you James because of that.” He looked at you in confusion. “I call you James and not Bucky because the world calls you Bucky, I want to be one of the few that call you James.” You looked at him in the face, your eyes still full of tears that refused to fall. You bit your lip as you eyed his features. His strong jaw and sharp cheekbones looked more prominent on his clean shaven face. “I fell for you that first night but I didn’t want to believe it. I kept you at arm’s length not knowing exactly what to do with myself but now I can’t. James, I love you. I love you so much.” Tears streamed down your face as you placed your lips on his hesitantly. He passionately gripped the back of your head, tangling his fingers in your hair, as he deepened your kiss. As you gripped his shirt with both your fists, he let out a growl. He wrapped his metal arm around your waist. You were certain that you would have been in his lap if there wasn’t a console stopping you.

“Y/N, you make me so happy.” He breathed in between kisses. You moaned in agreement, not wanting to part. He kissed you so fiercely, like he was trying to memorize every one of your features with his lips. You were the first to move as you sprinkled kisses along his jawline. He moaned your name as continued down to the base of his neck.

“James,” his name came out as more of a moan. “I love-” A ringing from his cell phone cut through the air.

“Dammit,” he hissed as he pulled it out. You could tell he was concerned as he answered. “What?” He hissed at the recipient. He sat there listening intently. You sat back down, smoothing the wrinkles in your dress and straightening your hair again. “Okay.” You tried not to listen but you could hear Steve’s voice on the other end. It was another mission that needed Bucky’s attention. A small smile crept across your face as you were proud of your boyfriend. “I’m still with Y/N.” He looked over at you, grabbing your hand, rubbing circles on the back of your hands. “Yeah, she’s fine.” You perked up, mouthing the words that you wanted to speak to him. “I think she wants to talk to you. Hold on.”


“Hi, Y/N! How are you?” His voice held a bit of surprise as you wanted to speak to him.

“I’m much better. Thank you. I wanted to say thank you for tonight. I had a lot of fun. I would like to come over after you all are done with your mission to come visit the team.” Bucky looked at you. A large grin grew across his face.

“Sounds like a plan. I told Bucky this might be a long one.”

“I’ll be here when he gets back. I don’t mind.” You tighten your grip on his hand as you look at him. “Well, here’s James.” You passed the phone back to Bucky.

“Let me drop her off and I’ll be back. I’ll be there for the briefing. Bye.” He let out a long sigh as he hung up the phone. “I’m sorry doll.”

“Duty calls.” You smiled and quickly kissed him on the cheek. “We can continue where we left off when you come back.” You winked.

Part 5

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4. Awkward kiss - Mindy and Rude

When she told him she planned to leave Spira to see a bit more of the world, he had offered to have her stay at his place. All and all, it wasn’t such a bad arrangement. Mindy wasn’t too bothersome as a roommate. She was nice, polite and she remembered to do her share of the chores. Except for the laundry. Rude still had nightmares about the state he found his shirts. Luckily, it was the ones he used for the gym and not the very special ones he kept in his closet. He tried to teach her how to use the machine without much success. Now, he was used to see giant watery bubbles, full of clothes, floating around in the bathroom. Rude made it clear he wouldn’t be the one mopping the floor.

He was a bit less enthusiastic when she started fussing around in the kitchen, complaining his pantry was empty. He argued that he only kept the necessary at hand since he was often away on mission. She retorted that an endless supply of meat and that strange glowing orange mix with noodles, that tried to pass as cheese, were NOT to be considered necessities. Rude angrily shot back that if she was not happy, she was welcome to go to the markets and haggle for the groceries. He should have kept his mouth shut. Not only did Mindy rise up to the challenge but she actually managed to find vegetables at the third of the price. Healthy ones too. And he got stuck with the dishes.

Now, Reno kept giving him funny looks at work, Tseng actually congratulated him for taking care of his health and Elena asked him if Mindy would be willing to share her recipe for that red lentils curry. Truth be told, it wasn’t so bad and he was actually happy to come home to someone living with him.

So, there he was, standing in the living room and holding out the Materia bracer he saw her eyeing the other day. “It’s not much but I… wanted to thank you.” And he just stood there, feeling suddenly big and clumsy.

Mindy had simply looked up at him and smiled before wrapping her arms around his neck and pulled him down. Rude followed her movements, meaning to give her a hug and that’s when she firmly kissed him. On the mouth. And he froze, unable to process anything except the feeling of her soft lips against his, the roundness of her breasts pressing against his torso and the fact he was still holding the box, with the bracer, in his left hand.

It was over as quickly as it started. Mindy let go of him and took a step back. Rude had been so surprised by her action, he hadn’t even closed his eyes and he was able to see the full shift of emotions as the mortification swept over her face.

“Yevon’s girdle! I-I’m sorry.” the words rushed out, quickly as she grabbed the box, looking everywhere but him. “I… Thank you! It will help a lot in keeping my magic hidden.” Mindy started to retreat back to her room, still blabbering. “I’ll see if I can thinker it a bit so it works with my markings. Anyway, thanks… Thank you again.” She opened her bedroom door and quickly step inside, closing the door behind her.

Rude was left, alone, still slightly bent at the waist, his arms hanging at his sides, before he could do anything.

Planning Troubles (I’ll Be With You)

A/N: Hi everyone! I just wanted to continued I’ll Be With You with a little snapshot of wedding planning. I also tagged everyone that showed interest in the series. Please let me know what you think! This isn’t the sequel. I’m still working on that. If you would like to get caught up in the series, here the Masterlist. 

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Being engaged to Avenger James Buchanan Barnes was easy. Neither one of you had any family left so there was no pressure to get married right away or even have a ceremony! You could have easily eloped but you two decided to take your time deciding. That was until Tony had had enough. He had started asking about little details, wondering your plans for your dream wedding. Honestly, you had never really thought about it. Before Bucky, you didn’t enjoy dating and only worked hours upon hours at the hospital. So, planning a wedding was a bit overwhelming for you. That was until Tony surprised you on your way back from a mission.

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