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thought's on Mindy Kaling's brother faking being black to go to med school? he also wrote a book on affirmative action and how racist it is.

Yeah I remember when the news first came out about it. Blaming college admissions on black people is anti-black



Pairing: Min Yoongi x Reader


Trigger warnings: SUICIDE ATTEMPT

Request: “ One shot based on the song Me by The 1975? Thank you! Oh and I forgot to type it but can it be a yoongi one shot? Lolol sorry and thanks again~ ”

A/N: Based on the events occurring on HYYH era, where JK, though, died. The first time I listened to this song an immense sense of weakness took over me. So I could only think about an incredibly sad situation. I hope you like it. This is actually my first songfic ;;; As always, please support!

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Melanie Williams

Full names : Melanie Lindsay Williams

Age : 5 ½

Gender : female

B-day : july 14 2003

Personality : sweet, nice, polite, kind, innocent, friendly, curious, optimistic, a little bit naive, playful, but when it comes to the enemies she is ruthless and cruel

Likes : milk, cookies, chocolate, her family, making plushy toys, drawing, hanging with her friends, animals, Brownie (Peter’s wolf pup)

Dislikes : monsters, curses, darkness, being alone, left behind, thunders and lightnings

Family : Vincent Dave Williams (father), Helen Sarah Williams (mother), Johnny Clarck Williams (older brother), Peter Sam Williams  (older brother), Jessica Mindy Williams  (older sister)

Friends : Fredderick Alson, Fredward Alson, Ben Genson, Cindy Crystal, Felix Alnord, Allen Daniells, Marianella “Maria” Isabella Lucifin, Venrick Octavian Lucifin, Merinda Alexandra Lucifin, Alfred Enders Beatrice 

Enemies : the monster army, the revengers, Karma, Henry Bernans aka Body Taker, Magdalena Tophias Lucifin

Crush : Fredward Alson

Powers : flying, running at full speed, summon the snakes “White Guards”, climbing on walls, slicing with her sword, teleporting, fire powers, physical force, fire claws, psychokinesis

Weapon : maiden’s sword

Story : Melanie was born after a sexual abuse between her parents, however Helen decided to keep her and her mother is truely love her. She doesn’t know her father and she lives with her mother and her older brother Johnny.


Mindy Kaling’s brother is the worst. And Twitter is the worst for having such an absurd algorithm that they determined that this was the appropriate ad to put on my timeline.

He is writing a book about how he was given preferential treatment as a black candidate to medical school, and I don’t even think he even initially applied as his regular race first. He just decided that things would be easier if he was black and this book is a disgusting manifestation of his confirmation bias.

He tweets support to Abigail Fisher, laments discrimination against whites and Asians in the college application process, and is rehashing a tired and old discussion that needs to end.

Another case of someone trying to gain relevance and popularity at the expense of black people, and in this situation, black students across the country who have to deal with racist classmates and professors constantly questioning their competence at ever turn.

Needless to say, this ruined my day yesterday

people like rachel dolezal and amy jackson infuriate me so much like it’s enough to have to deal with racism from white people and fake allies but we also have to deal with white people pretending they are a person of colour. actually stealing life experiences and opportunities that should not belong to them ever. these are both white women oppressing different racial groups just because they can, trying to be us whilst still having their whiteness to back them up and protect them.

EDIT: this post was rash and i wrote it in the wrong moment. i dont agree with myself anymore especially after finding out that amy jackson didnt lie about her ethnicity to get into bollywood. i wont delete it cause im not gonna pretend i didnt write it but please dont reblog and spread misinformation.
Vijay Chokal Ingam,

I hope someone slits your throat. I hope someone hangs your ass from a tree. I hope someone gouges out your eyes and removes your tongue from your mouth. I hope someone castrates your genitals. I hope someone whips your ass within an inch of your life. I hope someone educates your dumb ass about the atrocities BLACKS suffered in this Country when it was discovered they knew how to read and write.

Your KKK membership has been approved you people of color hating bastard. How dare you? So you grew up benefiting from an abundance of resources, figured you would assimilate into ‘White Privilege’, thus making you entitled to a college education. Basically your spoiled ass was expecting more of the same.  Things didn’t go as you planned or thought, so now you’re feeling BLACK. Now you’re convinced you know how it feels to be BLACK in America? You are the most despicable human I have laid my eyes on. You’re an immeasurable disappointment to mankind. The system is unfair, and because it was unfair to you, when in the past it was always in your favor, you now want to cry foul because you didn’t receive more of the same? Sit your ass down.
Many people of color are educated from the beginning in the harshest of learning environments. Resources are little to nonexistent.  Tutors, mentors, or people who give a shit are few to nonexistent in their lives. They forge on, they do the best they can under the circumstances with what they have, and they make that shit work for them. So, after having the lacking end of everything in the most difficult of situations, why shouldn’t they hope that maybe, maybe there is a chance SHIT will change and work out in their favor. This is the building of soldiers, and now you’re complaining because the reward is something you feel you are entitled to. 

Your KKK membership has been approved. You just gave racist supporters of ‘White Privilege’ another non-valid point as to why they should continue to discriminate against people of color. I don’t know why you hate minorities. The freedoms and luxuries you experience in this country isn’t because ‘White Privilege’ woke up one day and said “Let’s be Fair to everyone, it’s the right thing to do”. No, you people of color hating, KKK bastard, it was because POC decided to stand up in unity against this unfair establishment. You benefit from so much in this country and you don’t even understand how that is possible. 400 years….after everything that has happened to Blacks, Hispanics, Chinese /other Asian, and other minorities in this country, you want to cry foul? Sit your ass down. Shit being unfair IS the AMERICAN way. It’s part of every success story, and if you can’t tell how you still made it in the face of opposition, setbacks, unfortunate events, and failure, you don’t deserve to succeed. 

To make matters worse you didn’t even become a doctor. Black people don’t need you fucking up our stats. You need a good hood ass kicking, so we can properly welcome your ass into the brotherhood.

You KKK People of Color hating Bastard.