mindy x josh


Ok when will my inadvertently-queer girl crushes from my childhood stop kissing girls later on in their careers while giving me heart attacks in the process

my all time favourite shipping trope is “i hate you so much but shit you’re also very attractive so i guess we can make out some but tell no one” and that sort of works until they fall in love and suddenly it’s “oh shit now we have to tell people because if someone hits on you again i might just break something”

honestly, having Ne-Yo guest star and Casey coming back made me realize that I don’t have a problem with Mindy being with someone other than Danny (despite being team dandy all the way) … I have a problem with Jody. I just hate him so much. I’m cringing. 

If we’re doing other guys, lets do this right.
Let’s bring back the best one.
Lets bring back Josh 2K16

Worst feeling is having to low key ship two people because the writers don’t give you much to work with. 

But the best feeling is when they surprise you with some good scenes or even getting together and you begin to find all the other people who shipped them too and you all ride the wave happiness together with smiles on your faces because your low key has now become high key.