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Jonah and that adorable curl™ 


The best relationships include best friends who miss each other so much that they have to talk about each other in red carpet interviews.

Mindy at the White House Correspondents Dinner 2014:

Interviewer: “If you could go to Nerd Prom with any celebrity, who would it be?”

Mindy Kaling: “…Well, my best friend, BJ Novak, is really fun to go to these things with because he’s super funny, and he is very politically engaged so he would have been very fun to come with but he’s very busy so…”

BJ at the NYC The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Premiere (with a big stupid grin):

“I love working with Mindy and we’re always trying to do more things together. So…sometimes, we brainstorm ways my character can be on her show or the two of us can do something else together. I’d love to be back on her show." 

If you didn’t already know ‘Red Band Society’ got another four episodes added! So, season one will go from having 13 episodes to 17 episodes! (Hopefully this is a good sign in aim for a second season?)

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 ~ Brittany

  • A baby Mindy Lahiri mimicking the “I’ll have what she’s having” line from When Harry Met Sally
  • Opening voice over (as per usual)
  • Mindy’s sparkly sequin dress = the green sequin skirt in the finale
  • In her speech at the wedding, Mindy talks about the time Tom told her “he wanted to marry me and make me pregnant with six babies" 
  • Mindy runs through a street full of taxis (multiple times, once to Bad Girls by MIA) = Danny gets hit by one on his way to the Empire State Building
  • Danny got arrested at a Bruce Springsteen Show = Springsteen song in the finale
  • In the pilot Danny says, "I hate that I can’t read the newspaper in here anymore” - Danny reads the newspaper with Mindy in the finale
  • “I’m going to take the stairs instead of taking the elevator” in the pilot = MINDY TAKES THE STAIRS TO THE TOP OF THE EMPIRE STATE BUILDING 
  • “I don’t wanna get smacked, Dr. Lahiri, not in my place of work” = Tamra tries to attack Danny when she finds out he stood Mindy up
  • Danny and Mindy watch When Harry Met Sally together
  • Danny makes fun of Billy Crystal’s running through NYC to get to Meg Ryan