mindy is trying to kill me

Text | Ackles
  • Jensen: Detox sounds horrible so you are gonna get some good pasta. I’m going to look up some recipes and see what I can come up with. True, I can’t help it. I’ll try really hard to not think about it anymore. You know we didn’t stick to our whole not having sex on the first date thing. I don’t know whether to be mad at myself or amused that you couldn’t hold to it either.
  • Caity: A lot of pasta right? I don't care if it's just noodles or something like that I need carbs in my life right now. Even if Mindy will want to kill me later but hey, keep my secret? I'm not complaining, you can go ahead and keep thinking about it. In fact it's flattering. Unless you're thinking about sex in general and not with me. I know that but, it's not like I regret it either. Well if I couldn't hold it, it was your fault for seducing me at a damn restaurant.

 It’s like one step forward and two steps back
No matter what I do you’re always mad
And I can’t change your mind
I know it’s like trying to turn around on a one way street
I can’t give you what you want
And it’s killing me