mindy and danny kissing

Ok but like palm kisses are the actual most romantic thing in the world. Forehead kisses are a close second.

All these TV shows and movies like to do big romantic kisses in the rain or like running-jumping-twirling kisses and like yeah thats fine I guess. I could take or leave it really.

But give me my otp with palm kisses and forehead kisses and eskimo kisses because those are like a jillion times more romantic and why hasn’t the tv/film industry realized this yet.

People really, really don’t give Jody enough credit.  He’s become my favorite character this season, second only to Mindy, in part because he’s 100% hilarious in every episode but also in part because he’s had so much character growth that doesn’t often get recognized because people love to hate him (as I did at first, before he grew on me).

- Goes from having an affair with his brother’s wife and sleeping around with co-eds, to actually attempting adult relationships with women closer to his own age. Is now able to admit that the affair was the worst thing he’s ever done, and feels ashamed enough to tell his brother the truth.  He’s showing genuine remorse for his actions with Anne-Marie.

- In his new adult relationships, he actually tries new things.  I know that Colette was angry that he was changing, but it says a lot that he was doing a lot of things way out of his comfort zone - new clothes/style, trying meditation, was capable of being celibate(…ish) with a girl who he enjoyed spending time with, trying weird restaurants (well, weird by his standards - “BEEF, ON A ROLL?!” bahaha).

- Had a co-dependent relationship with his sister, eventually lets go (in part because Colette forces him), continues to support his sister regardless.  I actually really love how supportive he is of her.  He was shocked but not perturbed that she was gay, goes to all her sportsgames, their older brother states he was always too soft on her, he defends her while Forbes is scolding her, and afterward he has a genuine conversation with her about how he feels. Their closeness is usually played up as a joke (”You always blow me a kiss before pitching!”), but it’s really sweet.

- Goes from insisting that Mindy stay home for Leo because she’s the mom, to encouraging her to do what she herself wants, even if that’s being a working mom instead of a stay-at-home-mom.  He even pushes her to actually communicate with Danny (”I shouldn’t know more about your relationship than your fiance” - “You know what you’re doing [taking BC pills secretly] is wrong”).  And his Leo!support, be still my heart~  He went from not even owning a TV, to struggling to find the episode of the show online just so he could watch her son.  And then, unlike Jeremy’s reaction, he tells her to keep trying and that Leo has “star power” (dude, he’s a baby, acting just involves not crying - but still, adorable and supportive).

- On the topic of not even owning a TV - he watches Cars with Mindy the whole way through (clearly not something he would choose to watch on his own, I don’t blame him), and later on he wants to go see another animated movie with her.  I really don’t see him having done that before Mindy.

- I think at first he was purely financially driven to get involved with the fertility practice, but as time goes on he encourages and supports her in growing her business - he’s only getting a 40% cut of it but he still accompanies her on all her road trips and one can assume they’re both busting ass on their presentation materials, rehearsing their presentation together, business meetings on top of their other clinical commitments, etc.

- I’ve already touched on this, but the way he’s navigated his crush on Mindy was actually really respectful.  And despite Danny having no right to demand that he not make a move on Mindy, Jody actually pulls back.  He’s made a few overtures, but it was Mindy who actually did anything about it while he was busy trying to move on.  He genuinely wanted Mindy and Courtney to get along.  He values her opinion.  And he’s clearly stunned about their kiss, judging by what we can see of his face during it.  His eyes stay open for the most part and he sort of doesn’t move anything (’cept his mouth, ohoho~).  I’m hoping next week’s episode literally picks up at that moment again to see his reaction, similar to how the first Danny x Mindy kiss both ended and started those episodes.

I also think all of this was done on purpose - as I’ve said before, I think Jody was set up to be a foil to Danny’s shitty qualities.  He started pretty overtly where Danny started way back when (misogynist, etc), but Jody demonstrates the growth we want to see from Danny while Danny is busy being an asshole and/or being out of the picture entirely.  I suspect this is going to pay off by the finale in some way.  I actually want Mindy to outright have it out with Danny in that elevator (lay out how supportive Jody has been and how much he’s changed while Danny has been so hyper focused on keeping his family together that he ripped it apart entirely because he was so rigid in his ways). My ideal finale would be Danny walking away from that discussion actually determined to work on his shit - not them having gotten back together, but him realizing he 100% needs to change if he doesn’t want to lose her.  I would also not complain if she and Jody continued to date going into season 5 while Danny works on his shit.