I think INTJs are viewed in the wrong way as far as being “lonely” goes. We wish not to have friends, but rather, close companions. Shallowness and small talk aren’t our thing, soul-deep conversations and real straight up conversations are what we like.

Personally I love nothing better than staying up all night and having deep talks with friends about life, their pains, deepest sorrows and secrets. It makes me feel like I can connect to them on a deeper level.

Aw dang, I’ve liked looking at Pearl/Dewey fanart because it’s cute but never once thought it could conceivably happen, but I accidentally convinced myself while mindwandering over breakfast…like, WHAT IF there was A Crisis where the town was in danger (like a gem beast attacking some big community event) and Mayor Dewey actually managed to handle the situation well (shouting orders, getting everyone to safety, etc) while the Crystal Gems took care of the fighting, and Pearl’s canon leadership fetish made her heart flutter, with the required shot of Mayor Dewey dramatically backlit with his hair flowing and sparkles everywhere, and she’s like “oh shit oh shit oh shit” and after the battle she’s really embarrassed and moody and locks herself in her room for days trying to stamp out that feeling by yelling at herself about how gross and trivial and short-lived humans are, and then briefly realizing that falling in love with a human would make her Just Like Rose, and then getting upset again and throwing a tantrum, then the camera cuts to Amethyst lying in her room staring blankly at the ceiling because she can hear EVERYTHING

So basically, if you want me to ship something, at least one of the characters has to be completely in denial of their feelings and have an emotional breakdown over it

The dreaming machine remembered
the smell of the dirt
the earth
the savage color

the color they weren’t 
programmed to see 
yet saw regardless

The dreaming machine
staggered lost
drunk on color
out of its mind

The machine sat still
frozen while its mind
wandered the trees
like a ghost bird singing

singing a song
singing for no reason
singing loud
singing free

Every time my mind wanders off, I’m thinking about writing. I’m thinking about the moment when I’ll hold my own book in my hands… Thinking about all the times I thought it might never happen, finally proving myself wrong, proving that I’m not just an idiot who’s following idiotic dreams.