We know from Dualscar’s fate that he can’t tell a joke to save his life, and the popular opinion is that he tell’s dad jokes.

I love that opinion, but let me add to it.

What if Mindfang actually thought he was fucking HILARIOUS??

What if Mindfang has the sense of humor of a middle aged mom on Facebook??

“None of my friends have glasses……..They drink their wine str8 from the 8ottle! XXXXD (jk my friends ARE 8ottles)”

What if she met up with Dualscar in the afterlife and they talk about his death and he’s like:

“…and then I said: Hi wwaiting, I’M DUALSCAR.”

And Mindfang just stares at him for like eight minutes before shouting:

“WH8T???????? That clown is out of his mind! TH8T WAS G8LD!”

Please consider them both being hopeless dumb babies when it comes to humor. Support Dadscar and Momfang.


thank you @zombie1605 for sharing this

(low quality, listen if you’d like, i thought id share anyway)