your limited
To the worlds
you can perceive
far greater

the realms
of imagination

You are more
than these finite
That hem you in

You are
you dream

Hither, this way, this way bend,
Trust not the malicious fiend.
Those are false deluding lights
Wafted far and near by sprites.
Trust ‘em not, for they’ll deceive ye,
And in bogs and marshes leave ye.

I never considered the possibility of adding the mindscape in hte AU, mostly because I like Bill to remain sort of invisible. The closer anyone can get to that realm might be oneiric visions with recurrent pyramidal effigies or fixation with sharp angles caused by fever so high you can fry eggs on the afflicted’s forehead.

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-lucid dreaming
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-energy magic/healing
-past lives
-visionary art
-world history & politics
-psychedelics (and modern drug/addictions research)
-social justice
-nature, climate change, etc.

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A small close-up of the illustration I’m currently working on. It’s my first big commercial piece and it’s shaping up much better than I’d hoped! Cosmonauts and psychonauts alike get hyped.