Gotta say Pinky, when you say ‘love me forever’ you really mean forever!”

“WhO’Re yOu..?”

“Call me Bill! And let me be the first to welcome you to the mindscape!”

“MiNdsCApE? BuT I–”

“Was fried to bytes? Well yeah, you were. Probably shouldn’t have spent all that time monologging and just plugged into question mark when you had the chance”


“Technically yes buuuut as the humans say when someone dies: 'They’ll live on in our memory. The real you is a bunch of fragmented data by now, you’re just an echo living in Question Mark’s memories”

“A mEmoRY..I’M nOt rEAl…?”

“You’re about as real as the mind makes you out to be, though once time goes on you’ll fade away. Better to pull you out now while the experience is still fresh in the mind”

“Pull mE oUT…? YOu cAN bRiNg mE bACk!?”

“Yup! And because I’m such a nice guy, I’ll do it free of charge!”


“I’ve been keeping an eye on things, and I like your work! Whadda ya say..?”

YEs! BrING mE BaCK!!”

“Then it’s a DEAL.Oh! And one little condition I forgot to mention pinky, you won’t remember meeting me. Don’t want you ratting me out if they grill you”

WAiT WhAt’s tHaT Me–010011110100100000100000010001110100111101000100001000000100100101010100001000000100100001010101010100100101010001010011001000000101011101001000010110010010000100111111”

((And that’s how Giffany came back))

Where does the Portal lead?

So the big question at the end of Gravity Falls episode: “Not what he seems”. 

Lets take a look at it. 

At first, it connects into space. Which explains why the gravity started getting messed up. 

But when it connects into the side the author is located in, it goes blue, but then starts to clear and we can’t see feint boards of wood like from the inside of a house. 

Now it could just be the blue flare that is causing a color distortion, but to me that looks like a grey inner shack of some sort. But wait… grey scenery? That happens every time a particular demon appears. 

But wait- what else is grey? 

Stan’s mind. 

What’s interesting here, is that a grey scenery so far has something to do with a mind-scape dimension that Bill seems to be trapped in. The only way he can appear is that if everything around him freezes in time, bringing the person/people he is talking to into HIS dimension, like with Gideon and Dipper. 

Something also notable, is that there is a strange rubix-cube scene in the attic where Dipper and Bill make a deal. 

Compare these: 

That rubix-cube suddenly appears when Bill brings Dipper into his plane of dimension. What could this mean? 

Was the author not trapped on another world, but rather in another dimension? 

Its highly likely. 

Now I’m going to bring to attention this: 

“Reality’s an illusion, the universe is a hologram, buy gold, bye.” - Bill 

Reality is an illusion? Is reality actually the mind-scape? And if the portal brought us from space and then suddenly turned into a portal to the mind-scape, would the universe technically be the hologram of the true dimensional mind? 

It may seem like a stretch, but I can’t help but feel that all of this connects somehow.