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makogou + pirate au ;)

Sousuke lectures him until his voice is hoarse and husky: I’m not surprised she got that bottom feeder for a brother loose of his cell, my Captain, she could’ve shook the key ring in your face and you still wouldn’t have noticed she’d lifted it, my Captain, you were too busy staring elsewhere, my Captain (sarcastically delivered every time and through clenched teeth without exception as it turns out), and should we go over the last time this happened because we sure can, my goddamned Captain.

But nothing can beat back Makoto’s grin today, because sure Gou freed her brother from his crew’s custody (again), and sure Makoto was too busy with unraveling the mysteries to all of her leather and lace to notice he’d lost that key to her within the first two minutes of her arrival to his quarters, but Sousuke’s scorn is hardly as solely critical of his Captain as it seems on the surface.

“Honestly Sousuke,” Makoto sighs unperturbed from his perch on cloud nine, and the way Sousuke frowns and heats up at his ears tells Makoto he knows what he’s walked himself into, “catching her in the act is why I agreed to let you watch in the first place, isn’t it?”

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I loved this anime called Psycho Pass and my favorite part was it's analysis about how people's minds work in different scenarios. Like how if someone is kidnapped that they themselves can become just as dangerous as the kidnapper etc. I reccomend it if you haven't read it.

That sounds incredibly interesting!!

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Is there any doubt in your mind that SamCait's stylists work together and that they themselves help plan their clothing choices? They look like images out of old Hollywood and even separately they look like one part of a matching set. They are meant to be together. Besides being clueless about what makes a real relationship STARZ execs are marketing morons.

They’re gorgeous together even when they’re not.  SO meant to be.  Maybe it’s the subtlety of it, intentional or not, that keeps us drawn in.  Sam and Cait are subliminal advertising.  Sam and new gf are the Kenny Rogers chicken sign outside Kramers’ bedroom window,


Dvorák - Symphonic Variations

I was surprised to learn that the main theme of these variations came from one of Dvorák’s earlier songs, “The Fiddler” from a cycle of Choral Songs for Male Voices. I’m only surprised because the main melody seems so angular, unusual, thanks to it’s use of the Lydian fourth, it doesn’t seem to fall in line with an expected folk harmony. With these variations, Dvorák strays away from his proficiency in tone poem writing, and instead follows the recent German tradition of variations ending with a fugal finale [Beethoven and Brahms are the two big names that come to mind here]. The work has lovely orchestral variety, and with one variation gives the principal violinist a solo. The music gives off a pastoral mood; enjoying a sunny day by the lake. It is ironic that the work was ignored by publishers and fell into a bit of obscurity despite its successful premiere, but after being brought back to the concert hall a decade later, its success helped keep it a staple in the genre of orchestral variations. I mean, how hard to you have to work to get audiences to be interested in Dvorák? Not very hard at all, that’s the answer.

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No! anyone who hurts someone on purpose is not 'neurotypical'- they may not have a diagnosis but they are not 'neurotypical'. Tbh, i hate that word anyway, it suggests that people without mental illness all think the same way, but pretty much everyone experiences a bout of depression in life-even without realising it.i feel the same with diagnosis sometimes,its strange how we put people in boxes and ignore the fact everyones mind works differently!(i understand its sometimes needed in treatment)

idk like i completely disagree

violence doesn’t mean the person is mentally ill- cause anyone who isn’t ND is mentally ill/disordered, by definition.

like people can hurt people for many reasons? teenagers bitching about over teenagers and casting them out is done by p much all teenagers, it doens’t make them ND, but thats hurting people

people get angry and punch people, doesn’t make them ND

people murder people, doesnt make them ND. it could be because the other did something wrong and they want revenge, doesn’t make them ND

It’s not just mentally ill people that hurt people, NTs do it to, even if you don’t like the word.

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Honestly I find American Christians yelling about persecution disgusting. There ARE Christians in other parts of the world that are being hunted down killed and jailed for their faith, but you look like an ass as an American Christian claiming persecution when there's a Christian majority & Christians run the country.

I don’t see too much of that really. Most American Christians know that they are safely in a majority. There are a few who cry foul when they are not permitted to discriminate based on their beliefs. Like a pharmacist that won’t sell birth control or a baker who won’t serve gay people. When I see that I can only shake my head and wonder how their minds work.

~With Love from St. Petersburg~
Super fluffy domestic life online colour Victuri fanbook 01

Don’t ever forget how hard you’ve worked to get to the point you’re at right now. All of those moments you chose to take the hard path over the easy path; it will all pay off.  It truly will.  Just be patient.
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  • MC: I'm really in love with you, Seven!
  • Seven: Good luck with that.