Map Your Mind While Cycling with MindRider

Riding your bike in the city can be a stressful experience. Avoiding traffic, pedestrians and dogs off their leash requires a tremendous amount of focus and courage. Imagine being able to map your bike routes to show not just where you’ve travelled but your state of mind getting there. This is the intent of a wearable project called MindRider.

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The Helmet That Saves (and Reads) Your Brain

Image via Kickstarter

There’s a mind-reading helmet developed by some eggheads at MIT Media Labs that is designed to signal the inner thoughts of a cyclist to the drivers he’s sharing the road with.

The helmet, called the MindReader, monitors the wearer’s mental state and signals a corresponding color – green for calm, yellow for agitated, red for stressed, flashing for panic. I’m not a huge bike commuter, but judging from my experience there’s really just one setting needed when riding through Manhattan traffic. Just a thought.

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