Sweet Owls Online store is open!! A collab shop between me and my twin sister @MindlessFrappe

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We’ve added alot of different pics and all the recent mug designs we’ve posted! We decided to go with Society 6 since shipping anything from Australia internationally costs about 20 buckaroos, So I didn’t want you guys to have to pay that much for shipping + the cost of the mugs themselves, so we decided to not produce them ourselves, that being said the society 6 ones may look different to the prototypes up there! if anything they will be better! Please signal boost if you don’t want any!


My first 3D model ever! We had to remodel an environment or room from a popular 3D film, I chose Wreck-It Ralph! Sorry for the flickering, Maya didint like my big file.. Had to do modelling, texturing, lighting and camera animation.

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