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So I notice when it comes to human au’s, Jasper’s often written as that dumb, incompetent jock stereotype who sucks at school and is really only good at sports and bullying people around.

Now I have nothing against Jasper being written as jock but can we please have hella smart AND hella athletic Jasper? Especially since, in a lot of schools, most students aren’t allowed to continue participating in extracurricular activities (like football for example) unless their grades are good.

In canon Jasper’s a warrior which obviously means she has to be very disciplined. So consider that translating to her being serious as fuck about her grades, not just sports.

Things to think about:

• Jasper loves to challenge herself, so she’s always taking up extra credit assignments that aren’t even necessary.

• Jasper being super competitive with her grades. Because if that nerd over there got 98% there’s not fucking way she’s settling for a 95%. She can totally do better.

• all her peers freak out when a teacher/professor announces a random pop quiz, and Jasper’s just sits there smug and so ready because she always takes it upon herself to be prepared for any situation.

• Jasper studying in conditions that literally anyone else would find ridiculous. Like shes trying to find the sum of ‘X’ while simultaneously bench pressing something or someone that’s most liked more than half her weight adjk.

• Then lastly, at the end of a long ass school day, she completely destroys the other team at whatever sport she’s playing without so much as smudging her eyeliner.


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M.U (Mindless University rpg) Acknowledging the struggle

A video I made earlier to just speak my mind on some topics on a role play that I’m in and literally love to the ends of the world.. <3 So yeah …I will say some stupid shit so don’t take  EVERYTHING that seriously


Nastia Dana Green|17|Freshman (In College) |Major: Neurology|FC: Zoe Soul/kianalynnaeee(IG)|Closed

Ms. Green is funny, sweet, kind hearted and free spirited girl. She might seem shy at first but when you get to know her she’s a whole different person. Nastia has a smart mouth, a sharp tongue, she’s quite..different in both style and personality and doesn’t give a fuck what people think about it. Nastia often goes by Tia and was born and raised in Queens, New York. She lost her parents at the age of 5 and was sent to live with her nana. As she moved on into her high school years she had her first boyfriend, who nearly raped her. People began to pick on her, calling her a slut, and a whore, she had no one to call her friend. She then fell into a deep depression which caused her nana to send her to Mindless Academy for her Senior year. Now she is doing very well, an actress on the uprising TV Sitcom Reed Between the Lines, a new boyfriend and close friends. With her longtime boyfriend, new show, and various other obstacles on the way, will she be able to endure the College Life?

Why did you come to MU?

I wanted to continue on to the sister school of MA. I heard they had a great medical and theatre program


I was uh..sexually assaulted by my ex boyfriend…and I’m sort of a workaholic…

Connections: Damien; ex-boyfriend who she was sexually assaulted by.

Changing my face sophomore year, that’s why it’s both.


     Why are there so many choices? Why do I have to decide on just one? Can’t I just get them all?

 I guess I brought this upon myself. I should have known what I was getting into before I started. But it’s too late to turn back. And now I have to choose. But there’s all great in their own way, each with their own style and personality. 

     Why can’t you just pick one already? Then you can get the others ones later. But I can’t just pick one can I? I’ve been through too much with each of them for me not to pick them. But again, I can only pick one. So which do I choose?

I sighed, I know what I’m going to do. Is this going to be the right choice? I won’t know if I don’t do anything. 

“Excuse me sir. You'e holding up the line.” She said.

I snapped out of my thoughts, “Oh. Sorry bout that. Lemme just get a burger with chili cheese fries and a vanilla milkshake.”

“Okay. That’ll be $7.65 at the next window.”

“Alright. Thanks." 

I drove up to the next window to pick up my food and drove back to the school. It’s always nice to have some In N Out after school.

All I did was order my food, what did you think I was talking about?


Olivia Kiyomi Hale|17| Freshman (In College)|Major: Photography|Closed

Ms. Hale was  shy, quiet and soft spoken, and tended to keep her thoughts and opinions to herself…well up until her senior year at MA. She’s still a very private about her life, and doesn’t like drama or putting her business out there. Coming from a traditional Japanese family in the city of Baltimore, her parents expected her to be a star student, and were very strict on her. Little did they know their little girl was a wild child. Olivia hung around the wrong crowd, her boyfriend was in a gang and she was always getting in to trouble, then the summer following her junior year, she became with child. Everything was fine until the night she and her boyfriend went to tell the great news to his parents…a group of girls jumped her and Olivia ended up with a miscarriage. She was never the same since, her and her boyfriend broke up, and she was sent to MA because her parents couldn’t handle her, she was out of control. Now, here she is, entering the college life, will she strive like her parents think she will…or crack under the pressure?

“I’m just the Japanese girl from the streets, how much more do you need to know?”

Connections: Sylvia; girl who jumped her from back home, Nastia; Childhood friend

Bad Boy

Anytime something like this happens I’m always the bad guy right? Always the reason for everyone’s problem. When something goes wrong that I was apart of, it’s automatically Rashad Moss’s fault.

But nobody ever sees it from my point of view do they? No, they only see it from the outside. And from the outside, all they see is this troubled 18 year old that can never do anything right. He’ll never make anything of himself and stick to being a typical gang member.

But is that what I really am? No. I’m not just some gang member, or some troubled teen. But nobody ever takes the time to figure out what else there is to me.

Yeah I’ve fucked up a couple times, made some mistakes in the past, but this one… This one wasn’t mine, I was just caught in the middle of it.

But because of my past, it’s obviously my fault for everything.


Keon “Kee” Sanders|18|Freshman (In College)| Major: Photography & Minor: Creative Writing|FC: daofficialyoungnew (IG)|Open

Keon, or “Kee” as Olivia Hale called him back when they were dating, was in a gang back in Baltimore. Besides having the gang mentality and being an asshole from time to time, Keon is very sweet, and has a very strong soft spot for Olivia. They were two peas in a pod, well…before the incident happened. After Olivia lost their child, she moved down to Cali due to her parents. Keon became very reckless, barely passed school, drank often, and was abusive towards his girlfriends in later relationships. The only reason why he stayed sane was in hope that he would see Olivia again. Coming to Mindless University, both Keon and Olivia do not know that they will cross each other’s paths again. Will Keon get his life together, or drown in a pool of insanity?

Why did you come to Mindless University?

“Uh..I like taking pictures and shit..and I need something to do to get my mind of things..heh”


“I’m…still in love with Olivia..”


Olivia Hale: Ex Girlfriend, still has strong feelings for her.

Khalia Canty: Wants to help take pictures for her clothing line.

James Delon'e: Eh..went to school with him..doesn’t fuck with rich kids..too uppity for him.


“Awww, are you lost? Are you looking for your big brother or something?”

This was probably the tenth comment about my height that I’ve gotten since I started MU. I didn’t care as much about it until I got here. Everywhere I go, people ask me if I’m lost or something like that. It gets annoying after awhile!

“Look at him. He’s so short and cute.” another girl said. 

This was irritating. People I’ve never seen or talked to before were coming up to me asking about my height. Yeah I’m only 5'3 and 18, yeah I’m short, but is it really that big of a deal? It’s like these people have never seen a short person before. And I’ve seen people shorter than me before. 

This girl walked away from her group of friends and approached me. 

“Hi. Umm, my friends wanted me to ask you something. Umm, how tall are you?” the girl asked. 

“Fuck you.” I said before I walked away.

I’m done. Next person to ask me about my height is gonna get it.