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Terrans Will Integrate Us All!!!

What if Earth is the only planet with multicellular life? What if all alien life is unicellular and aliens are giant intelligent cells?

Then they encounter us humans, which, by alien standards, are a society of hive-minded societies of mindless cells. It would be as if all the hive-minded societies in sci-fi united into a super society.

Imagine their horror at the thought that cells are treated as mindless slaves. Having to obey orders blindly. I remember in my biology class that cells are sometimes ordered to kill themselves.

We would not be given the chance to interact with them. The moment they discover us, they will exterminate us in order to prevent multicellular life from spreading across the universe.

We would be worse than the Borg of Star Trek. We would be the megaborg.

Part Three: You Can’t Cheat Death. (Two Minutes to Midnight S05E21)

Episode Summary: Sam, Dean and the reader confront Pestilence, but when he unleashes a deadly virus upon them, a very weak Castiel must intervene on their behalf. When reader has a meeting with Death to discuss Lucifer, an unholy alliance is formed at a very high price for the reader and her chances of saving herself from becoming a demon.
Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader
Word Count: 6,785.

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Idk i just dont like TF canon in general. But especially TFP or IDW Transformers bc the Decepticons have extremely legitimate reasons to fight against the gov (that being the society they are in is extremely messed up violence and edge geez) but…the narrative always makes the ‘cons be the bad ones and going bananas, FORCES Megatron to be “evil” (TFP Megs got jealous of OP, IDW Megs was tortured and attacked or somethin ), describes all cons being evil and mindless and the society after war eventually just reverts to how it was to some degree

And even when the Autobots are shown to be bad people too, alwAYS emphasized to either be ONLY SOME PPL or shown in a positive light, it never measures up to the cons given actions

its fine if yall like it im just venting a bit

damn okay so I’m listening to poto again and right after Raoul leaves to go get  his hat after “Little Lotte,” the Phantom immediately comes for his fashion sense and it’s so rude like???

“Insolent boy, this slave of fashion,” like wow okay Erik way to go being an asshole there like you could criticise legitimate things but instead you go after how Raoul’s dressed like??? he’s just doing his thing?? wearing his hats?? maybe Raoul likes being fashionable instead of being some mindless society drone or something

anyways, like there was no need for that, Erik, damn

Class Feature Friday: Necromancy School (Wizard Arcane School)

Here we go, the big bad of arcane magic, the classic villain school, necromancy. Where do all the undead come from in a dungeon that isn’t the site of some tragic event or negative energy nexus? Now you know.

However, there’s a lot more to necromancy that just animating the dead as servitors, and necromancers are not necessarily evil, even those that do create undead creatures.

Boiled down to its basic essence, necromancy is a school all about manipulating the forces of both life and death. While this does indeed include making corpses move and spirits linger, as well as controlling their behavior, it also includes channeling large amounts of negative energy to debilitate others (some would argue this should include positive energy manipulation too), undermining biological processes to weaken foes, minor alterations to unliving and dead bodies, and even inducing primal fear in others. Necromancy is also the home of most death effects, channeling powerful amounts of negative energy to slay foes in an instant if they fail to resist.

So from an outsider’s view, it’s easy to see why most assume that it is a wholly evil school of magic. However, one must remember that destructive, killing spells can be found in every school, not just necromancy. Furthermore, the evil nature of creating undead varies by culture and setting. Most see it as desecration of the dead, or taking away the will of a sapient being by enslaving them with magic (either by binding the will of sapient undead, or by binding the soul of a person back into their body). There’s also the matter of the souls of the dead having a final reward to go to, that being undead keeps them from.

How your non-evil necromancer reconciles this is their decision. They may never create the undead on principle, only control them to stave off their attack and turn them against any dark master they have. There are indeed white necromancers who devote themselves to destroying the undead and protecting the living from the wicked.

Of course, others choose to embrace the evil, raising up a personal retinue of servitors both mindless and sapient.

In societies that can accept them, necromancers can find work as experts in undead affairs, both hostile and even sometimes friendly. If the local area is accepting of undead, they may very well be taskmasters of an untiring work force, or they might use their power to weaken the living to work in prisons, sapping the strength of rebellious prisoners, (or slaves) without killing them. Regardless, necromancers likely spend much of their time in research, pursuing the mysteries of death and how to utilize them in their magic.

In the Golarion setting, Necromancy is associated with the virtue of temperance, mirroring how the undead have no actual needs, and how one could theoretically sustain themselves purely by manipulating life magics. However, in its corrupted form, it is associated with the sin of gluttony, as the undead are consumed with hungers and desires that do them no good, consuming without benefit.

The first thing necromancers learn is that getting control of the undead is the first step to not dying in their presence and so they learn to channel a pulse of negatively aligned energy, not unlike that of an evil cleric, for the express purpose of either binding the undead to your will, or causing them to flee from your presence. Both versions are good, but have very different utility.

As an additional layer of self-defense, they also learn how to induce fear with a touch, conducting a fearful chill into them that elevates their fear, even increasing it from another stage.

Positive and negative energy are both the purview of necromancers, and they learn to sense it, able to sense the living and the dead with pinpoint accuracy within a short range, very useful when fighting invisible foes, as well as telling who is alive and who isn’t.

Necromancers can fulfill the role of debuffer and damage-dealer pretty easily, with a few random utility spells and control spells thrown in for good measure. If you choose to build with undead creation in mind, you also share the conjurer’s role of being able to provide meat shields at a moment’s notice. However, unless they are very lucky, their minions are likely to be nowhere near as versatile as summoned creatures. Templates for skeletons and zombies will be your best friend for early levels.

Regardless of how good or evil they are, necromancers are not likely to be trusted in most societies, who see them as practitioners of dark magic. Overcoming, or pressing on in spite of, that distrust will be one of the biggest challenges for these mages, be they wizard or arcanist.


Ostensibly, Oparo Mage Academy only teaches white necromancy. However, rumors persist of dark dealings at the school. Some claim that the conjuration students make dark pacts for power, but others believe that secret lessons on the reanimation of the dead occur, either with or without the blessing of the faculty.

With reports of a horrible, undead bat thing terrorizing the city, and the temple district at a loss to find or even explain its nature, the magister has called upon a necromancer to look into it. However, many wonder if this mage the solution to their problem, or the cause of it. Only time will tell, unless a party of investigators hired privately by one of the churches finds out first.

Wearing a ring that, if rumors are to be believed, is bound with lost souls, Earl Nahandir rules over his land with an firm hand. The only visitors he sees are those on business, and he hires no servants, creating his own from the bodies of the condemned. As far as his people can tell, he has never done much harm with his dark magic, but still, it unnerves them seeing corpses arrive to repair the levee, or swarm over bandits and attacking monsters.

A Lesson From Binah בִּינָה

 Emotions are a difficult thing to understand if you do not know what they are to begin with. We are taught from a young age at what they are, but it is up to us to decipher what they are when we do feel them. What is one for one is never the same for another. Remorse for one might be weakness for another, what might be uplifting to one might be repulsive to anothers feelings. What if you do not know how to feel? What if you have suppressed them so deeply that to even remotely feel them means a shuddering of sudden unbearable pain or the loss of all control of what your mind is doing. What if to feel means that your whole being shuts down to the point of implosion upon itself? Is this wrong? Is this normal or is this something that should be chain and locked away out of fear and misunderstanding?

 I this day and age we see the mindless automatons of society fill the voids of space as we go about our days. Some oblivious to the world around them, void of all emotions, thoughts and recognition of ones self. Desensitized to all that is around and the shell they call a body reflects this image grossly. Chasms can be see within their eyes, and worlds empty of all life breed in their minds. Is this a fault of their own making? No, society has breed them to become this and they walk the path they are shown, not the one they are destined to. As emotions turn, twist and entwine we become a mess in the spiral of them and sometimes we are exactly like them when we become so numb to the world around us that we are as void of meaning as a pebble within the limitless reaches of the ocean.

 How can one understand what they do not know? How do you learn what you have very little of to work with, and what you do work with pains you to touch. To touch a emotion within is the testing of the wires within you. Do you play Russian roulette with a raw emotional nerve or do you simply observe at the time of feeling? Can you withstand the pain of feeling long enough to observe or do you simply let it go and follow the flow of this now free running power? To test is to learn, to learn is to gleam the knowledge and understanding from what once was occult within your own sacred temple. No longer profane, it is now a part of you so deeply you seek it out to taste it’s wisdom and grow. But as with each new emotion, each new touch, taste and lesson the new lessons of keeping them separate and individualistic soon beckons you and now you must begin again. The spiral of emotions turns yet again upon you and within you.


I try not to pay attention to these people, but the kardashians seem like the kind of people who simultaneously shit on the way black girls look and just who they are in general, yet steal their features while getting paid for it and fetishize black men and degrade black culture too. On another note, Why are people so devoid of substance famous? Well really because society is mindless and is easily entertained by that, and its so disheartening to know that little girls look up to them. Yeah, I guess their true businesswomen but honestly, they’ve had everything handed to them, & why dont they express the business savvy sides of themselves? I wish we saw more people like zendaya and amandla because they’re so bright and talented and the role models girls should have. I would never let my daughter’s (if I had children) be swayed by such trash.

How River Phoenix Inspired a Generation

By Patrick Range McDonald, Oct 30, 2013 posted on L.A Weekly

Twenty years ago in the early hours of October 31, River Phoenix, the brooding, talented actor who seemed more interested in creating great art than scoring a box office blockbuster, died at the age of 23. When I heard the news about his death in 1993, I was angry, shocked, and sad, although I never knew him.

For me, and I suspect many others, Phoenix (…) stood for something. He was one of those figures - like Kurt Cobain, who died only a few months later in April 1994 at the age of 27 - who was a righteous rebel for a generation.

Phoenix had movie star good looks and a strong screen presence. He first showed up on TV in the early 1980s and his first movie was 1985’s Explorers, in which he played a nerdy genius and best friend to a young Ethan Hawke.

But the film that got him noticed was 1986’s Stand By Me, in which he was a tough, stand-up kid who was also quite vulnerable. Phoenix’s performance was so nuanced and spot on that it was hard to believe so much talent resided in one teenager.

From there, Phoenix made such films as the little known yet superb The Mosquito Coastwith Harrison Ford, A Night in the Life of Jimmy ReardonLittle Nikita with Sidney Poitier and Running on Empty. His sensitive performance in that last film earned him an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor.

In addition to other films, such as playing a young Indiana Jones/Harrison Ford in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Phoenix also starred in director Gus Van Sant’s masterpiece My Own Private Idaho with Keanu Reeves.

But the actor never made a Titanic like Leonardo DiCaprio, and his film choices were not based on making him a world-famous movie star.

That’s exactly what endeared Phoenix to Generation X, a generation of so-called slackers and “Do It Yourself” types during the late 1980s and early 1990s when independent film and music scenes were alive, combative, and real. He was skeptical of celebrity and mainstream society, and he appeared to be searching for something with meaning and substance.

After all, Phoenix played a gay hustler in My Own Private Idaho in 1991, during the AIDS crisis, when being gay was most definitely not cool or accepted like it is today. And that character was not only searching for his mother, but for his own identity and place in the world – just like many of us in our twenties.


My Own Private Idaho remains relevant for anyone who’s confused and looking for answers.

The beauty about Phoenix was that his performances and film choices confirmed to me that being thoughtful, sensitive, and vulnerable was perfectly legitimate, even preferred to the macho mindlessness that society and pop culture tend to champion.

And here was a guy who was succeeding in his career and with his art by not being a muscle-bound movie star who stars in an over-the-top action thriller. Even when he did co-star in the political thriller Sneakers with Robert Redford, he was again playing a geek.

Whatever personal problems Phoenix may have had, he did stand for artistic integrity, which the new book about Phoenix, Last Night at the Viper Room, goes into. Those kinds of artists are rare, and what makes for a great artist. That integrity was on full display in every one of his films.

Which may be why Brad Pitt said soon after Phoenix’s death, “I think he was the best. Is. Was. Is the best of the young [actors in Hollywood]. I’m not just saying that now – I said that before he died. He had something I don’t understand.”

This Halloween, rather than watch a horror movie, check out River Phoenix’s films.

vex-at-your-own-risk  asked:

You should look into the satire of starship troopers, cause I don't think you get it.

I have actually, and instead of swallowing it whole I looked at it objectively. Since you have opened this can of worms we can walk down memory lane.

It is a great tragedy that Starship Troopers was turned over to the director who wished to turn it into a satyr, yet his attempts are just that, his attempts. With often little or no relevance to the book or the culture. And often so thinly veiled that nobody with out it being very specifically interpreted for them understands the satyr involved. So the good news is that his false flags don’t often get in the way of the truths and positives.

Im just going to go point by point…

“Verhoeven brilliantly inverts this, drawing the principles of military government espoused in the book to their logical conclusion: a mindless, violent, overtly masculine dictatorship.” Except that none of the above is true, know your foe? Hardly mindless, studying your opponent in depth and dispensing it to the appropriate channels, this speaks of science and intelligence. Violence, during the war, yet in neither the book or the movie does it show any civil violence (unless you count the football game) so far from implementing a hyper mindless violent society it has done the exact opposite… Overtly Masculine? Yet their is gender equality, with men and women filling all positions as they qualify for them, hell in the movies you see a Female Sky Martial (Highest mentioned position), Female Admirals, and Female Captains, and female members of gov… so much for Overtly Masculine, since females hold positions of power equally if not in greater number in this future than in the present. Dictatorship? They spend huge amounts of time in both the book and the movie talking about the rights of the Citizen, which include Voting, and we see actual shifts of power during the course from one to another due to a recall. A man who failed to plan, for a woman who didn’t make the same mistake…

The man who they put in charge of the movies used Updated Nazi Propaganda in the film, yet that is his attempt to discredit the book, not any form of realism.

Its suggested that Men are the humans and that women are the bugs by the Directors design in some attempt to point out how male hyper aggression is about abusing women, yet again if you look at the book, and what actually happens in the movie, or hell the real world (where violence of EVERY KIND against women is in decline…) it just isn’t so…

They sight several “meat head” quotes throughout the movie as proof of its stupidity, apparently being unaware that the quotes were actually from American Hero’s like Dan Daily (two time Medal of Honor recipient, USMC) “Do you want to live forever?”

They sight that the actors physical fitness was proof of how inaccurate the society is, yet in a highly motivated, service oriented society it makes perfect sense, and also since the vast majority of people you see are either sports jocks, or military personnel, again… fitness is to be expected. They state that Ricco is the perfect Fascist soldier because he does what he is told, is physically fit and lacks the intelligence for independent thought… Except that Ricco while perhaps not book smart was highly intelligent, as shown multiple times in the book. Lets just take the movies though since you are unlikely to have read the book. He was the captain of the “football” team where football has become more of a combat ball than what we understand it to be today. He shows intuition, and out of the box thinking many times, like when his entire unit is being wiped out and he essentially single handedly destroys the tank bug, or when he disobeys direct orders to save a friend (rather against being stupid or a good fascist soldier). 

Other attempts to defend the satire include pretending that the bugs are the victims of the Terran Federations(who aren’t fascists) Fascist aggression. Calling the bugs benign, and their acts defensive. Which since as they show later in the movies they can communicate with humans their was no need to slaughter the Mormon settlers, or to slingshot comets at Earth killing millions… yet they did… without any (to my knowledge or remembrance) attempts at diplomacy. So when you have an enemy capable of pulping the planet til your entire species  CEASES TO EXIST you fight back… with everything you have, because it has become a battle for your entire existence.

The director admittedly didn’t even finish reading the book… so all in all the satyr is their if you wish to read way to deeply into things, but it is pointing out problems that are either false, not in the actual book, or that have been misinterpreted, or misconstrued….

My suggestion is to look at it logically, with perspective, to take it for what it is, but most especially to READ THE BOOK. In each conversation I end up having about Starship troopers the issue is that people have been told its bad and satirical and facist and so they take it as that, yet they are wrong, and miss out on some very real truths… If you or anyone else would like to discuss specific scenes or bits I am more than happy to… let me know.

Rolling Stones Rant (5sos)

Reposting this because it is important.

You don’t care that he’s fucking girls, but don’t like that he’s objectifying them? What could he do to make it better? Seriously? Please tell me how he objectified women. If anyone is objectifying women , it’s the women themselves for giving up their body for a night of fun. These girls were not tricked into sleeping with him, they wanted it. Many people would jump at the chance to sleep with him and the other boys, including myself. They’re only human. I think most men would act the same way. Not to mention, they said they were most wild in their early years. They didn’t know they could have that effect on women, it’s only natural that they explore the possibilities. They were and still are teenage boys, very hormonal teenage boys just trying to get by. It’s nobody’s business anyhow..it should only matter to the people involved. If they wanna fuck who are you to tell them no? Would you want people hating on you for giving in to basic human instincts?
Feminists are acting like girls never want guys purely for the physical aspect of it. Lots of girls throw themselves at men. And what about fan-fiction and smut? Is that not objectifying? A lot of the time..the boys aren’t even realistically portrayed as themselves. All the fan has done is take the boy’s physical appearance and turned them into what they want…to please themselves and other fans. It has nothing to do with the boys’ personalities and their love for music, it’s just about the physical desire for the band member. Their sex life has nothing to do with how we should perceive them as a band. They’re humble grateful talented men who work hard to produce great music for their fans, the fans they genuinely care about. That should be enough. They represent the “outcasts” and have created a family of the broken. Giving people something to believe in and somewhere to feel safe and accepted. Somewhere where it’s okay to be yourself, unfortunately fans can’t seem to return the same amount of acceptance to the boys. They shouldn’t have to feel the need to be what we want. We are supposed to love them for who they are, not what we want them to be. Nobody is perfect, it’s ridiculous for people to expect them to be.
And for the people who say that 5sos don’t appreciate us because we are females and that they need to quit “basing their success on their amount of male fans” you need to stop. 5sos want more male fans, they want more people to hear and enjoy their music, they want to be heard by the world. Just because they would like more male fans doesn’t mean they don’t appreciate us. They constantly thank us for our love and support, there is nothing wrong with them striving to expand their listening audience. 5sos has not labeled us “mindless boy crazed girls”. Society has labeled us as that, just like they tend to label 5sos as a boyband, which is also false. Don’t you understand why it’s frustrating for 5sos as musicians to see that nobody will give them a chance simply because they have a large female fan base? They are grateful for us as fans, they’ve made that very clear telling us time and time again how much we mean to them. We shouldn’t be upset with them now for wanting a larger variety of fans..that’s like being mad at them for trying to succeed.

I would just like to point out that I said IF anyone is objectifying women, it’s the women themselves and my reasoning for this is because people are assuming that simply because a man was honest about sleeping around that means he doesn’t value women, and if that were true then it’s only fair that it works both ways meaning that women allowing men to degrade them are objectifying themselves, or objectifying the men as well. My point wasn’t to slut shame, just show that it’s is possible for women to degrade themselves the same way men degrade women. Maybe it’s not intentional but society views it that way. I don’t actually believe somebody’s sex life has anything to do with their self worth. But don’t think it’s fair that people are making the boys’ sex life represent their worth but not the women. I don’t think I’m better than anyone else, which is why I haven’t started judging and hating the boys for what they said. Nobody can be certain of everything that was said or how it was meant to be interpreted so it’s unfair to assume things without giving them a chance to explain. I’m not blaming the women or trying take away their worth but show how unfairly the boys have been treated in this situation. They don’t deserve all the blame. And I have a hard time understanding what people mean by saying they put us down when they literally thank us for our love and support constantly and always do so much to give back to the fans. I should have been more clear about that in my original post and I’m sorry for any confusion. I hope this helps people understand what I was originally trying to say. If not then that’s okay too, I can respect your opinion.