mindless march

“When trump won the election I was floored. Here is a man who has disrespected every minority and openly bragged about sexually assaulting women… he’s a reality tv star, a liar and a con artist with four bankruptcies and thousands of civil lawsuits. Fraud, tax evasion and collusion with Russia. He’s driven by a narcissist’s fragile ego with zero respect for democracy, and lacks the intellect, integrity and experience to hold public office. And yet, he won.

A majority of his votes came from people who had voted for Obama, and my initial reaction was, ‘Wow, Americans would literally vote for anything other than a woman.’ There was the laundry list of why Hillary was a ‘flawed’ candidate. Men are not scrutinised in the same way women are. And then a sad reality set in. Trump is president because 53% of white women voted for him.

I felt betrayed and ashamed, I started thinking about sexism and how sexism And misogyny are so normal that his bragging about ‘grabbing women by the pussy’ was easily dismissed as locker room talk. One in five women have or will be sexually assaulted, and I’m sure this horrific statistic will rise because our president just told the world that touching a woman without her consent is normal and acceptable.

So I marched for my daughter in solidarity with ALL women. I’m constantly aware of my privilege in the hope that I am be better and more aware so I can have better tools to teach my daughter to be better and more aware. The only way we will survive this is if women have each other’s backs. Completely and honestly.”

- Lindsey Way, 2017

I’ve been on this earth 18 years.
That shit is so crazy to think about.
I swear I feel like I just started kindergarten yesterday, I even remember exactly what I was wearing, 😂
18 may not be a big deal for whoever’s reading this, but I’ve been through so much shit. I’m surprised and grateful I even made it this far, honestly.

Happy Muh'Fuckin Birthday to me! 💕