mindless attack

For those living with abusers

I don’t know if this would work for everyone but here’s one thing I was able to do to stop a narcissistic/psychopathic father from attacking me verbally

It takes some nerve to do this and I wasn’t able to do it until I was holding him responsible for his shit and was very very pissed at him

I learned to shower him with attacks as soon as he would intrude into my space. Mindless attacks. Nothing real, if I had confronted him on something he had done he would start raging and gaslighting and insisting that I’m delusional and insane, but if I attacked something that’s really hard to be angry about it would work. If I criticized his shirt, his voice, his hair, his hearing, he would get very confused and completely diverted from his original intent to attack me. And the key is, don’t stop attacking them, no matter what, keep finding new things to throw mindless criticism on, until they feel confused and leave.

“What the fuck do you look like, what’s up with that shirt, whens the last time you brushed your hair, do you ever even hear what i’m saying? do you pay attention to my words, do you have hearing, it’s so frustrating to speak to you when you don’t even listen, how am i expected to deal with this bullshit, your shirt is annoying me, go fix it, don’t come at me looking like that” - this is not something an abusive parent would expect to hear from their kid, and it’s kinda hard to get enraged over someone criticizing your shirt, especially since they did it to you at least a thousand times. I think this wouldn’t work with the victim playing narcissist who would immediately start to cry “how could you say a mean thing to me” but it worked with a dictator-type psychopath narcissist who would never allow anything that affects him to show on his face.

Also this is not you stepping down on their level, you cannot abuse them, you’re literally just diverting their attention to themselves so they can’t focus on abusing you, it’s diversion tactics, they can’t feed on your fear and pain if they’re busy defending their lame ass shirt. They wont get hurt, remember they came in there to hurt you. 

Also one thing that helped me stop them intruding into my private life was to keep replying to them in this manner “I don’t feel obliged to answer that question.” and I kept repeating that no matter how much they would pressure me, so they don’t get information about my private life. And when they would start threatening to me I would say “Unless you’re going to threaten me with death or prison, get the fuck out of my room.” It’s a bit hard to give your child death threats and prison threats over them unwilling to do as you say or unwilling to give you information, so this would actually get them out of my room. I did get numerous death threats in other occasions but they were never classified as such so they didn’t register as doing something bad in abuser’s mind.

In order to be able to defend from constant abuse you have to not care what they think, feel, want or need, you can’t care about your abusers, you can’t value their input, you have to know they don’t get hurt from your attacks, and it doesn’t even matter because they’re here to hurt you, they’re the enemies, it’s okay to attack them and to use all you’ve got to stop them from hurting you, you’re not abuser if you refuse to give them information and if you refuse to give them an opening to attack you. Also I understand in some situations it would be incredibly dangerous to attack them in any way because they would take disproportionate revenge against you, so the point is to make them realize THEY’re the one doing something intrusive, inappropriate, annoying, unwelcome, they’re the one being a nuisance and they should start feeling ashamed of themselves. Of course they wont, but hey, one can hope. You keep putting the focus back on them no matter what they accuse you of, if they start attacking you and instead of defending you attack back, they’ll realize that particular attack has no effect on you and wont use it anymore, they’re literally learning how to attack you based on how you react, they’re not attacking you because you deserved it but because they’re enjoying your reactions, your distress and pain is like food to them, they’re consuming it like energy and enjoying it and will attack you more to get it. There’s nothing humane about this behaviour and it’s perfectly okay to attack them instead until they go away, you’re not feeding on their pain, you’re protecting yourself.

Snk Theories: Falcon’s Dark Headcanons

AKA Falcon’s Prophecy of what would happen after the Battle of Shiganshina.

Enjoy~I’ll make it brief by beginning with the words in the last panel of Snk 71:

Look. Isayama may have already implied the Survey Corps will lose this battle when he was drawing Snk 71.

Many readers have suggested it is the time for Eren to use his Coordinate power to control the mindless/wall titans to attack Zeke/Reiner and Bertholdt, or Reiner has switched back to his “soldier” persona to fight Bertholdt.

What if the SCs have successfully defeated all of the titan shifters and go back?

In fact, I can’t picture a scene of the Survey Corps return to Wall Rose after sealing the hole and killed the enemies, cheered by people in the Trost District WITH THAT HEAVY CASUALTIES—I mean, there are more than a hundred SCs go out, and less than 10 people return.

@momtaku’s post has inspired me to write this down.

What would the citizens think about it?

This is Eren’s thought in Snk 73:

And here are Mikasa’s words in Snk 72:

Up to now, most part of the Shingashina has been destroyed by the Colossal Titan and the Beast Titan already. Reconstruction would take a long time, and besides this, the Survey Corps need to clear those mindless titans wandering outside Wall Rose. With only few soldiers left and that new titan cutting weapons near the gates, I wonder if the citizens can return to Wall Maria within a few months.

Go back to snk 70:

One of the MP talked to Erwin that “failure is not an option”.

It is not difficult to make a guess, that the aristocrats and those who offer funds to the Survey Corps for this operation would be a big problem——and those normal citizens are worse——they will loss hope in the SCs (also the current military government) and may start a riot. 

Hmm. Let me think of a worse situation: The survivors of the SC are abducted to the Hometown together with Eren, that the SC dare not (and CANNOT) return to Wall Rose, and they must find out the truth and the lost history outside the Walls.
The people living inside the Walls are heart-broken as the SC do not come back. Zackly may try lying to the citizens that the SC are staying in Wall Maria to clear those mindless titans, but then someone realized his act and reveal it to the others. The angry citizens united with the aristocrats and overthrow the military government and eventually riots occur inside the Walls as people of different classes try to achieve power and status in the chaos.

Here here is the worst headcanon/prediction.

Those titan shifters are normal humans, while people living inside the Walls are actually some sort of genetically modified humanoids which can be turned into mindless titans and manipulated as weapons in wars.

It also echoes with Eren’s words that people are living inside the Walls peacefully, but it makes them no difference with the livestocks.

What if the people living inside the Walls are the “titan weapon livestocks” of some countries outside the Walls?

Perhaps it is the reason why all of the titan shifters of the Reiss family choose not to fight titans—-the Reiss family (together with minority groups like the Ackermans and the Asians) are the “livestock keepers” of the Walls and only want the “livestocks” live happily before they’re turned into mindless titans and placed in battlefield in the future.

I am really not ok after writing my dark headcanons.

And well, for the Yeager’s basement, I have a creepy feeling that Isayama may continue to troll all of us that we can know nothing about it until the ending of the story.

The SC is so fucked right now

What´s the situation now for the SC? Lets take a look. The three vet squads fighting the small titans are dead. Three squads of experiened, titan killing soldiers, in one strike. Thats a pretty big loss of combat power. Squad Hanji, another vet squad, is either dead or incapaciated. The 104th squad is stuck against the colossal titan, with limited battle supplies. Eren has proven ineffective and was kicked on top of the wall, and is likely unconscious. The colossal titan is slowly burning the inside of shiganshina down, and prepares to do the same with The recruits, horses, Levi and Erwin. Those are thus stuck between the bombardment of Zeke, his titans, and the colossal approching from behind. They have nowhere to run. The armored titan isnt dead either. It looks really fucking bad right now tbh.

What options are left?

1- Levi´s titan serum. It would turn any soldier into a mindless titan, presumably attacking both humans or shifters. His size, power and abilities are unknown. Not a reliable method, but used correctly it could defeat Zeke or his titans.

2- Reiner turning good. His soldier persona might take over for a while and he might attack the colossal. It´s unlikely that his titan would be any more effective than Eren on the ground, but he could definitely distract Bert.

3- The coordinate. Eren deus ex machinas all the enemys to oblivion?