mindless attack

I can’t be the only one that wants to see this pic turned into an OVA

Just look at them all. Ishi is getting all emotional because his team came in fourth. Fukawa’s wearing the biggest smile ever since she probably won first for her team or something. Owada patting Fujisaki on the head after he got third in a “ya did great, kid” sort of way. Celes not only taking off her drill-like clip-ons and gothic lolita wear, but willing being photographed in this state. Even the despair sisters seemed to have had as good a time as they ever could.

Not to mention… a bit of confirmation on either NaeGiri or NaeZono. Because that is one very cheerful, emotion-filled smile Kiri’s got there. It also semi-suggests Naegi and Kuwata might have been close, which, if true, throws some tragic weight on the first trial.

I’d like a lot of major events turned into an OVA at some point: I want more of Munakata, Yukizome and Sakakura’s school life expanded on along with Andou, Izayoi and Kimura getting the same. I want to see some Hope’s Peak politics with Kizakura and Headmaster dealing with the Steering Committee, and maybe Tengan too to see his thought process under a different light. I want an origin story for the Neo World Program that finally gives some characterization for the real Miaya Gekkogahara, that finally gives Matsuda a voice, and finally reveals Fujisaki’s connection with Nanami. I want some of the core scenes from DanganRonpa/0 to be fully animated, like Madarai’s fight with Ikusaba in front of the fountain and Ryouko’s later escape from him (and perhaps they decide to animate the first time Kirigiri dodged some furniture from her own encounter with the Madarais). I want some of Future Foundation’s day-to-day workings leading up The Final Killing so we can learn more about Bandai and Gozu, or see what each of the branch heads primarily do with their time. I want to see the first few chapters of Killer Killer animated to advertise that series coming to a close. And of course, I want DanganRonpa IF to be fully animated so that Ikusaba won’t have to suffer the same fate in front of the populace at large as she did in canon: being remembered by the people she cared about as just a mindless attack dog for her sister.

But of all those hypothetical OVA’s, I think we’ve waited long enough to see the original 15 happy and grown past their insecurities through their friendship with each other enough to enjoy a sports festival together (and it’d be fun to watch Enoshima seething with fury through this experience before begrudgingly giving in and deciding to smile over all the despair she’ll feel from destroying these happy memories one day). Just to give some context to the memories the final 6 may or may not have regained by now.

Can we have this? Please, Lerche and Kodaka?

Title: Have Mercy on Me

Genre: Romance, Friendship, future Smut

Pairing: Kwon Jiyong x Reader

part one | part two | part three


How exactly did I end up here? You couldn’t really recall the exact thoughts that led up to this moment. Sitting in a blacked out SUV, with a one Kwon Jiyong who had a ice pack pressed up against his now bruising face. What was I thinking! With your head in palm and your perfect bun now in a lopsided mess to the side and your lipstick smeared across your mouth you pressed your body as close to the door as possible.

    “…I don’t fucking bite.”

    The sudden sultry voice made you jump in the quiet car and it took everything in you to look straight at him. Your gaze met his and your breath caught. He had said it so smoothly as if you guys were casual friends. You nodded, “well I guess that’s a good thing.” Instantly you wanted to suck those words back in. However when you saw the little twitch at the corner of his mouth you made peace with your choice of words.

    Without a second thought you slid over and grabbed his wrist. The quick movement caused him to tense up and you could feel him try to pull away from your grasp. Giving him a brief threatening glare which he equally matched, you did not back down. Pulling the bag of ice away from his bloody nose, you hissed just imagining how it felt. It don’t look broken, but he was going to have to take some painkillers if he wanted some peace tonight.

“Well, it doesn’t look broken, but you might have some bruising around the eyes. I would head to the hospital if I were you. I’m pretty sure you can’t afford any kind of broken anything.” Sliding back over to your side of the car, you started to fix the mess on your head after fighting with the hair tie that was tangled beyond belief.

You continued to watch him from the corner of your eyes as he grabbed a couple wipes from the middle console and began cleaning up the blood that was beginning to dry on his face. Surprised when he offered you a few that you gladly accepted. You had almost a stroke when you a saw the makeup smeared against your face in the reflection of the car window.

“I wanna thank you for helping me back there, I know you didn’t have too.” Every Time he spoke it made you tense up. To say you were nervous was an understatement. He was famous. He was handsome. He was bloody and oddly you found that little fact to be a slight turn on which you kept brushing off. You trying to keep your composure calm and the exhaustion wasn’t helping. The only thing your wanted was your warm sheets and your canine friend. The events of this night however kept playing over and over in your head, knowing well that the adrenaline was gone by now after sitting in the car for over an hour. You would gladly do it again.

          * two hours ago

You weren’t sure exactly what was going on. It was two in the morning, but the club still had the ambiance as if it was still a young night. You had remembered getting a text from two friends to meet them at club Arena. After searching for what felt like forever you had settled for drinking instead. There was too much friction, bodies, sweat and sexual tension in this place to even try looking for two individuals.

It wasn’t long before you found yourself crashing to the floor, you glass shattering and you could feel your knees throbbing. In spite of your calm mind there were times where your temper took control of your body. Swinging around, with rage blinding you and in more control over heels than you ever had before you lunged. Just as you jumped the man who had gripped your hair and pushed up down he had pulled back and punched one Kwon Jiyong square in the face. Ignoring completely that this was not your fight, for obvious reasons. Jiyong stumbled back, a friend of his catching him before he fell to the floor. Recovering quickly he jumped back in, blood pouring from his nose already. What in the hell is going on? Still on the assailants back you were dumbfounded after realizing who the bloody male was. The taller man grabbed your hair again trying to pry you from his back. The pain made you snap back to reality and your nails dug into his chest causing him yell. Falling forward just as Jiyong stepped back and swung. Narrowly dodging his mindless attack you moved off to the side, catching a few curses from him.

It would seem as if time had stood still, you noticed. The bouncers finally arrived, grabbing the tall man and one of Jiyong’s friend held him back. Shrugging off your jacket you threw it over his head and ducked him down just as flashes started going off. What are you doing, Y/N. Why are you getting involved? You cursed trying to find a way out and luckily this guy likes to travel with bodyguards. Oh, now they decide to show up. Just where the hell had they been?

You kept getting tangled in with him, just as you thought it was going to be over. They grabbed you by the shoulders and hid your face, keeping your jacket over Jiyong to avoid releasing his identity. They would later find their attempts in vain. It was a blur as your face was pressed against the chest of one of the bodyguards. It took everything in you not to gag at the scent of his musty sweat. Shoots could still be heard as everyone burst through the doors at the back of the club, they went around to the front where from what you could see were two black SUV.

And so, here they were two hours later.

“What’s your name?” His question falling on deaf ears as you were lost in your own thoughts.

He asked again. Still no answer.

Jiyong reached over gently touched your arm. The warmth from the graze of his fingers ran through your body like wildfire and your head snapped towards him with a wide gaze. “What?” You questioned, placing your hand over where the mark of his touch still tingled.

He chuckled with a small grin plastered on his face.

“I asked what your name was.”

“Ah, Sorry, I was just thinking. My name is Y/N and you’re G-dragon, right?”

“Jiyong,” he corrected you.

“Hm, Jiyong-ssi.”

Just as his name rolled off your lips the driver side door opened and one of the men that were in hired help for the celebrity. Jiyong’s ripped his eyes from you and nodded to the man.

“The hounds are coming. Haesoo reports that your house is surrounded. No doubt something got leaked out after all the silence we put out there. I don’t think it would be wise for you to go home tonight. Not looking like that. Thanks to you Miss, pictures haven’t surfaced yet. All the reporters have at this point is the speculation that you were involved.”

Jiyong rubbed his temple and pulled a cigarette from the pack with his lips and sighed.

“I guess, the apartment in Hongdae is gonna have to do,” he muttered, taking a long drag from his cigarette and exhaled from the small crack in the window.

“You can take me home,” you rose your hand and smiled. Pointing to the time on the radio, strongly indicating that it was four in the morning. Thankfully it was Sunday and you would be able to sleep in before work on Monday and hopefully you would be able to forget or at least pretend that this was dream.

Joon, the driver looked to Jiyong and back to you and frowned deeply.

“Let me guess, no can do.” Jiyong looked almost apologetic and you almost forgot that he was the reason you were this mess, partially. Then it was your temper. That was your story and you were sticking with it.

“Possible pictures will link you with Jiyong.”

“Oh well, my bad for trying to be a good samaritan,” you snapped. Not only were you tired and hungry, but not they weren’t letting you go home. Was this technically kidnapping?

Your temper was causing Jiyong to find his hard not to smile so he settled for resting his mouth behind his hand. “You can stay with me tonight and I will drop you off at your place tomorrow morning and we will scope out the place,” the rapper suggested as he put out his cigarette.

The driver agreed vigorously.

Morning. It was already fucking morning. Groaning at the forming headache and the concern for your canine companion you reluctantly agreed.

It was a long hour drive from Gangnam to Hongdae, a very quiet one.

By the time you arrived there was only two hours until daylight. Like a slug you pulled yourself from the car, taking careful steps. It was only now that you realized your ass was asleep.

“I bought this place a couple years ago as a place to lay low,” pushing open the door and flipping on the lights. You took your heels off and your ankles popped in relief. Now you just needed a bed.

“It’s nice, do you come here often?”


Well that answered that. You slipped on the slippers that he handed you and you began look around. Everything was so neatly placed, right down to the white couches. Pieces of art littered the walls and equally elegant vases on shelves.

“I’ll be right back, I’m gonna wash up real quick,” he pointed to his messy, tired face and you smiled.

You didn’t feel comfortable enough sit so you remained you browsing. Looking at the various pictures of his younger days as the water ran. You were completely lost in his life scattered along the walls that you hadn’t realized he was standing there now. Jiyong watched you quietly as he leaned against the door frame. You made your round to him and he smiled.

“Here, it should fit.” He lent you a over sized gray sweater. Hell yes, it will fit. It was probably two sizes bigger on him.

He showed you to the room that was opposite his which you gladly followed. There was bathroom and a bed and that was all you wanted at this very moment.

“I’m turning in, I’ll see you when you wake up.” With that he left you alone, the door clicked behind him as he shut it. You flipped on the bathroom light and washed up. Slipping out of your dress and threw his sweater over your head. You let the warmth develop around you and it instantly made you ten times drowsy. You don’t even remember falling to bed, but sleep had consumed you.

To be continued. 

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Do you also find it hilarious when people put prong collars on "inside out" to make a dog look tough?


i think they saw the spike collars on livestock dogs and did not realize that there was a difference

yall wanna say “all muslims are mindless savages who attack for no reason”

but then shout “we should nuke all the middle east and kill all muslims” like what??

For those living with abusers

I don’t know if this would work for everyone but here’s one thing I was able to do to stop a narcissistic/psychopathic father from attacking me verbally

It takes some nerve to do this and I wasn’t able to do it until I was holding him responsible for his shit and was very very pissed at him

I learned to shower him with attacks as soon as he would intrude into my space. Mindless attacks. Nothing real, if I had confronted him on something he had done he would start raging and gaslighting and insisting that I’m delusional and insane, but if I attacked something that’s really hard to be angry about it would work. If I criticized his shirt, his voice, his hair, his hearing, he would get very confused and completely diverted from his original intent to attack me. And the key is, don’t stop attacking them, no matter what, keep finding new things to throw mindless criticism on, until they feel confused and leave.

“What the fuck do you look like, what’s up with that shirt, whens the last time you brushed your hair, do you ever even hear what i’m saying? do you pay attention to my words, do you have hearing, it’s so frustrating to speak to you when you don’t even listen, how am i expected to deal with this bullshit, your shirt is annoying me, go fix it, don’t come at me looking like that” - this is not something an abusive parent would expect to hear from their kid, and it’s kinda hard to get enraged over someone criticizing your shirt, especially since they did it to you at least a thousand times. I think this wouldn’t work with the victim playing narcissist who would immediately start to cry “how could you say a mean thing to me” but it worked with a dictator-type psychopath narcissist who would never allow anything that affects him to show on his face.

Also this is not you stepping down on their level, you cannot abuse them, you’re literally just diverting their attention to themselves so they can’t focus on abusing you, it’s diversion tactics, they can’t feed on your fear and pain if they’re busy defending their lame ass shirt. They wont get hurt, remember they came in there to hurt you. 

Also one thing that helped me stop them intruding into my private life was to keep replying to them in this manner “I don’t feel obliged to answer that question.” and I kept repeating that no matter how much they would pressure me, so they don’t get information about my private life. And when they would start threatening to me I would say “Unless you’re going to threaten me with death or prison, get the fuck out of my room.” It’s a bit hard to give your child death threats and prison threats over them unwilling to do as you say or unwilling to give you information, so this would actually get them out of my room. I did get numerous death threats in other occasions but they were never classified as such so they didn’t register as doing something bad in abuser’s mind.

In order to be able to defend from constant abuse you have to not care what they think, feel, want or need, you can’t care about your abusers, you can’t value their input, you have to know they don’t get hurt from your attacks, and it doesn’t even matter because they’re here to hurt you, they’re the enemies, it’s okay to attack them and to use all you’ve got to stop them from hurting you, you’re not abuser if you refuse to give them information and if you refuse to give them an opening to attack you. Also I understand in some situations it would be incredibly dangerous to attack them in any way because they would take disproportionate revenge against you, so the point is to make them realize THEY’re the one doing something intrusive, inappropriate, annoying, unwelcome, they’re the one being a nuisance and they should start feeling ashamed of themselves. Of course they wont, but hey, one can hope. You keep putting the focus back on them no matter what they accuse you of, if they start attacking you and instead of defending you attack back, they’ll realize that particular attack has no effect on you and wont use it anymore, they’re literally learning how to attack you based on how you react, they’re not attacking you because you deserved it but because they’re enjoying your reactions, your distress and pain is like food to them, they’re consuming it like energy and enjoying it and will attack you more to get it. There’s nothing humane about this behaviour and it’s perfectly okay to attack them instead until they go away, you’re not feeding on their pain, you’re protecting yourself.


Chapter 1: Yet Another Starting Line

Rating: T

Pairing: Akatani Mikumo/Bakugou Katsuki

Notes:  This work is, by and large, inspired by the @ask-protoheroes blog and is set in the same AU. Checking it out before, after, or during the reading of this fic is highly recommended.

Also read on Ao3

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This is from recent tv show (April 23, 2016) when Daisuke Takahashi talked about Yuzuru Hanyu :

Q: When Hanyu-kun became the upcoming new star at Sochi, what did you think, Takahashi-san?
Daisuke Takahashi (DT) : He was always very talented, and I thought: I can’t win.
Q: What’s so different/outstanding about him?
DT: His technique. I love his jumps and spins.
Q: You like his jumps and spins?
DT: Yes I do.
Q: I thought that maybe you didn’t want to see his face?
DT: No! It’s very beautiful and it’s artistic. He’s able to engage the audience and when I watch him skate, I am engrossed too.
Q. Yes he can bring tears to your eyes.
DT: Yes.
Q. Does he make you cry?
DT: If he skates well, I do cry.
Q. Really. When you watch other people skate…
DT: Yes. If someone skates really well, it moves me (to tears)…
(Translation by Ayako Nakamura)

Infinity Part 8

Part 1  2  3  4  5  6  7  9   10  11  12

Characters:  Mark Tuan (GOT7), You (Reader/OC), Park Jinyoung (Junior, GOT7), GOT7 members, Mark’s parents, Marika (Your friend)

Genre:  AU, Angst, Fluff, Smut (in previous and future chapters), Suggestive

Warning/s:  Super Angsty and slightly suggestive

Length:   4,247 words

Plot:  You have always believed the line from your favorite book that some infinities are larger or smaller than other infinities.  You always wonder if you even have an infinity that you get to spend with someone or you will be forever alone?

With Jinyoung surprisingly showing up and with Mark knowing the real reason why his parents cannot take you with them 10 years ago, things can take a bit more complicated than what both of you had expected.

A/N:  You have been warned.

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Mordeadus - this is one of several campaign settings I run






The region is mostly dark pine forest.

The area is often dense with fog, that can rise from nowhere and often stays for days.

Within the woods, howls and groans can often be heard but rarely a source can be found.
Note: The sounds are usually magical in nature, deriving from old curses and often emanate from nothing.

The sky is stuck in perpetual twilight and night, and the sun has not risen in known memory.
Note: Again, this is magical in nature, and outside the borders of the nation the sun will still rise. Most likely a curse from a God or ancient demon.


Few cities exist as the region is mostly small towns and villages.

The roads within the settlements are lined with jack-o-lanterns as well as the outskirts of the towns and villages.

The faces on the jack-o-lanterns are believed to ward off spirits, the twisted faces of flames bringing fear to the supernatural. Because of this, jack-o-lanterns are carved daily and replaced as needed, each family unit responsible for the area around where they live. It is also not uncommon for homes built within he woods to line their property with  jack-o-lanterns.

Architecture Style:

Homes are built with black stone.

Buildings are never built with windows as the people of Mordak believe leaving holes in a building will invite evil spirits and the fact that there is no sunlight leaves little point.

Shelves are cut into the outside walls and lined with candles. Due to the constant dark, the light is meant to scare away the dark. The people of Mordak believe once true darkness descends on them, it will never leave.

The walls on the outside of the houses will often be thick with old wax left on as the people Mordak believe it is good luck since the wax has been blessed with light.

Iinside, the homes are covered in candles, dozens filling every room, and fires roaring at all times in the hearth. The people of Mordak never for a moment let the dark overtake them.
Note 1: Consider most inhabitants having a phobia of the dark.
Note 2: If at anytime a player is caught in true darkness, consider having ghosts or undead start manifesting.

Clothing Style:

The people wear mostly black wolf or rabbit furs gathered from the woods.

Because of the dangers of the dark, every citizen of Mordak travels with a bandolier of candles across their chest and many more in pockets, belts or sacks throughout their body


There is no central religion as the people are more into superstition than Gods.

Black cats are bad luck. Mirrors can trap and release souls and most keep trinkets of cold iron in their pockets or as necklaces.


Lead by a monarchy that has little control outside their city, each town or village is instead controlled by an elder or a powerful baron.

The leadership is indifferent and usually bands together for survival than for anything benevolent.


The region is mostly poor and struggling with little in the way of nobles and powerful merchants.

They use standard coin as their currency.

Their main import is animal fat to make candle wax; being such a necessity it is not uncommon for towns to sell off loved ones or even give up their remaining food for wax, preferring to starve than face the dark. Because of this, merchants across the borders will often overcharge for animal fat with Mordak having little option other than to pay.


The hags

They are more spirit than physical, capable of flying, passing through solid surfaces and materializing at will.
Wearing tattered flowing rags, they are gangly female forms with long black hair, white faces and large black eyes.
Standing 8 feet tall, they have oversized fingers and toes.
They feast on the souls of the living, flying through the pine forests far from the light of candles and jack-o-lanterns.
They will often wait underground and drag their victims into the dirt, suffocating them before absorbing their essence, leaving only a dry withered corpse.
Note: When figuring out the hags’ stats, they are considered ghosts or wraiths.

The witch covens

Deep in the pine woods, living within overgrown cottages are covens of witches from 1 or 2 to dozens.
They are female, their bodies aged and twisted, their faces wrinkled with crooked noses and skin patches with hairy moles.
Being spellcasters, they mostly use illusion and charm spells to lure victims to their layer with a disguise of a good looking man or women in distress, then using their charm to seduce the victim.
Once brought to their lair, the witches descend upon the victims like wilds dogs, eating their flesh while the person is still alive, then boil down their fats and organs into spells or wine.
Their cottages are often decorated with bones, their walls layered with dried skins and stinks of rot.
In the center of every cottage is the iron cauldron where the witches cook, create potions and wine.
Some using their disguise will wander into towns and sell their potions or wine – healing, flight, etc, - in exchange for things they may need or to eye new victims. Unfortunately for the buyer, it isn’t till too late do they realize what they have been drinking.
Note 1: The drinks or potion will work as described -healing, flight, etc, despite its disgusting and macabre ingredients.
Note 2: When figuring out the witches’ stats, they are considered undead human spellcasters.

Pumpkin heads

Roaming the pine woods are packs of leathery humanoid creature with jack-o-lanterns heads.
They can run on all fours and will often do so howling and growling form their pumpkin heads.
They are always hostile, almost mindless,  attacking with sharp claws, breathing fire from their pumpkin head or biting with bone like teeth growing within its pumpkin head mouth.
Considered demons, their numbers are small, from only a couple to now more than a dozen, but increase as it gets closer to a full moon till the countryside can be filled with 1000s.
During the full moon, most people in settlements hide barricaded within their homes and all life stops while the moon begins to wane.
No one knows where they come from or why the moon plays an effect, they just know the saying, “When the sky is bright, get out of sight, when the woods groan, hide in your home.
Note 1: The pumpkin heads are demons and come from deep in the earth, drawn to the magical nature of the moon only to return back to the earth to slumber during the darker nights.
Note 2: When figuring out stats for a pumpkin head, they are considered demons. With the more powerful ones being larger and older than the ones with lesser stats.

The dark farmsteads

A large region Mordak’s is covered by an area known as the dark farmstead.
This was a region of rich farmland long ago before an unknown ancient blight cursed the grounds.
Now the farms long since abandoned are in a state of perpetual decay. Old corn is always withered and dry, never growing, never dying. Undead pigs, cows, horses still graze the fields and live within dilapidated stables.
Homes and windmills have fallen into disrepair but never collapsing. The wood has turned black and rotting, doors are rusted closed and vines and moss often net entire buildings.
Animated scarecrows wonder the fields, killing anyone who enters, then uses the dead as feed for the undead livestock.
Note 1: When figuring out stats for an animated scarecrow, they are considered golems with only two orders: kill all who enter, feed the remains to the animals.
Note2: When figuring out stats for the undead animals, they are considered zombies.
No one is sure why the area is in a state of decay or when it happened, but some believe it is an undead God slumbering beneath the once fertile fields or that the Gods have forsaken the place all together with the very lands itself being cursed to be undead.

The grave fields

Near the northern borders of the country exist long stretches of graveyards some centuries old.
10s to 100s or 1000s of graves dot the area and are rumored to be from a massive war once fought on the continent, although little record can be found in history.
Note: The graves are from a massive war with most records being destroyed long ago.
Many graves are worn and long since pillaged of their valuables with others still unopened, holding enormous tombs consisting of entire dungeons going deep into the earth.
The area is extremely magical, flowing with natural necromatic energies and anything that dies in the region, soon comes back as undead.
Because of the energies, massive amounts zombies are always rising from the graves, from a few dozens to hordes in the upper 1000s.
Usually the zombie mingle mindless in the northern border, seldom leaving their gravesite, but when a horde forms, they begin to wander. Some make their way across the border, becoming someone else’s problem, while others go south, wiping out entire settlements of Mordak with every thrust.
Although effort has been put in place to dug up the graves and burn the dead, little has changed and every few months to years hordes continue to rise.
Every horde has been dealt with so far, but at a cost and every generation of Mordak is smaller than the one before it with some believing there is only a generation or 2 left before they can no longer stem the tide.
In addition to the zombie swarms, necromancy cults have come to the area, taking advantage of the natural necromantic energies that linger within the graves.
Hoping to gain favor with their particular Gods, some come for power, some to cause chaos, but all have exacerbated the problem by enriching and strengthening the necromantic energies in the area, causing the undead to rise in accelerated numbers. Now what was once a rare occurrence has become common with some necromancers reporting that certain cemeteries have an almost unstoppable flow of undead rising from graves.
Note: While the hordes will not be the only problem a character may face while in Mordak, the zombie swarms should always be at the forefront of their survival, a dark cloud always looming.

hbomb just said the opening cinematic to dark souls 2, a video that serves no purpose and tells you nothing about the universe other than a basic summary of what the undead curse is, is a better way of explaining the lore of the world than literally every description of every item in the entire game

he also keeps going on about how great the story is but all he can talk about is how fucked up the undead curse is and comparatively how little he cares about dark souls 1′s story

yknow the undead curse was in that one too

he also praises the fact that king vendrick just wanders around in the tomb with no clothes and his sword out because he’s gone SO CRAZY he doesn’t even think about fighting you

which is somehow objectively better than gwyn residing in the kiln reflecting two states of his mind, the conscious decision before hollowing that he would stay there to test whoever would light the first flame, and the twisting of that intent into his role as a mindless guardian, attacking anything that gets close enough to him without knowing how or why

i could go on for days about how horrible this video is and honestly i wish more people in critical circles knew about it. it’s almost laughably infuriating. he constantly presents contradicting opinions- talking about how much he loves summoning and having friends around before praising how lonely the game can make you feel, talking about how people who critique the way ds2 plays are only doing that because they played ds1 first while also ridiculing people who use shields because it was taught to him when he played bloodborne (i didn’t mention this because it happened right after the bit where he childishly mocked matthewmatosis, but immediately after, he praises joseph anderson’s critique of the game…because he didn’t use a shield)- it’s almost at a dsp level of “this isn’t what she would aspire to be as a gaming community” mixed with no self awareness at all. it’s an hour and twenty minutes of a man desperately trying to convince everyone of the same bullshit he convinced himself of

Show vs. Tell & Actions vs. Words: Musings on Misconceptions of the Winchester Brothers

One thing that I kind of tend to come back to every now and then is how Supernatural utilizes the aspect of telling the audience one thing, but showing another. Not only could you say “actions speak louder than words”“, but it’s often that the importance lies in what is seen rather than what is said. So much that imo it has become an integral part of the show and how it is structured and how it tries to achieve certain things.

I suppose this whole post may be considered an unpopular opinion, because it will discuss Sam and Dean and the way they have been characterized throughout the seasons and will treat certain “accepted ground rules for core characteristics of the brothers” very critical. Therefore, if that’s not your cup of tea, please keep that in mind or just skip the rest. :)

Supernatural uses the “show vs. tell” in various instances, but I’m going to focus solely on the brothers here, because sometimes I feel there is a misconception of how their characters have been “set up” for lack of a better word from the beginning. Mainly I am going to voice “MY“ - and I repeat to emphasize this: just my - impressions here and I’m not trying to make a case about who is better or worse or put one on a pedestal while shooting down the other. This really is just some loose thoughts on where I personally see people mostly sticking to what once was told about a character or what a character says about him/herself instead of actually taking into consideration the whole set of expressions, because after all there’s not just something to be drawn from how things are said, but also taking into account body language and facial expressions.

In this regard probably the biggest misconception I feel can be found in the fandom is that “Sam is the emotional one who wants to talk and openly work through his issues” while “Dean is the less emotional one, the “no chick flick”-moments kind of guy”, because I think the show may have been saying that but never truly shown. Now, this is up to each and every single one and how you want to work with what you’re told or if you take into account also what you see - I’d say it’s vital to do both to be able to get the full picture. After all this is what makes online communication so difficult, you only get a fraction of the whole thing - you can read a sentence in a pissed off voice but you can also read it sounding very level headed and emojis may help a little in this regard, but really cannot solve the problem entirely, because you need the melody of the speaker as well as his facial expressions and his body language to better determine and form a complete understanding of how you treat what someone tells you.

The above description of the brothers is of course a gross oversimplification and is to be treated merely as a try to give an example to a complex thing just to better illustrate the point rather than a true description of the brothers. That being said, especially casual viewers would probably when asked to describe Dean and Sam lean towards a rather stereotypical description of the brothers as one being the “sensitive one” while the other on is the “cool guy”.

I think such oversimplified descriptions don’t do the characters justice, but in the end when watching the show and following it and the characters around for seasons, are proven to be not just incomplete but even downright wrong.

Going to say it again here, this is neither character hate, nor am I trying to have an argument. This is just something that occurred to me and I felt like typing out without placing judgment.

So with that out of the way, I think what it boils down to for me is that the show has both told and shown us that Dean doesn’t like to talk while Sam is considered and widely understood to be the emotional one and an open book. I don’t think what we have seen play out over seasons can be summed up this simple, nor do I find it very fitting. It is true that Dean has struggle verbalizing his thoughts and opening up about them, but he surely isn’t the only brother who keeps things bottled up.

Sam does talk a whole lot about wishing for Dean to open up and unload to him, making it sound - and sound is the important part here - like this is his usual modus operandi himself. If you have watched 11 seasons however you can see that Sam by saying a lot in this regard actually shares preciously little about himself. While Dean, considered to be the one to never open up, says and reveals everything about himself without even saying a word. It’s an interesting technique of projection, because while demanding for someone else to confide in him - and I fully believe Sam means this in honesty and without any ill intent, in fact I think he doesn’t even realize he is just as afraid to be vulnerable as is Dean - he himself is a closed book and subconsciously uses this technique to direct attention away from himself on to someone else, which fits perfectly to his fear of “being a freak and standing out”.

The thing however is: While Dean says he does not want “chick flick”-moments, acts all cocky and he discards and often times denies needing to talk (which is also partially due to the role he adopted as a kid in which he considered himself having to be strong for his family while ignoring and suppressing his own hurt which is directly part of the narrative with the MoC) the way Jensen portrays Dean tells a different story. Where Sam appears to share all his thoughts and be the “open one” to casual viewers and Dean doesn’t, in text, the performance says something else.

Because Dean tells everything through actions, gestures, facial expressions. And in this regard he is actually the one you can decipher a whole lot more about than Sam, who appears to share and talk much more but really keeps his emotions safely tucked away. Because you see, just because Sam asks if Dean needs to talk, doesn’t mean he himself shares a great deal. I however feel, this season has been slowly changing that dynamic between the brothers. They grow more open and as they undo past wrongs they build their way to a healthier, more mature and much stabler relationship.

So while Dean definitely can be considered to show how he cares through actions rather than long conversations, the past seasons imo have been working on breaking this pattern between the brothers. Dean absolutely is a man of his word also, while he’s showing concern, etc. still rather through actions. But he is finding the words to express himself verbally too slowly.

But just as Dean is considered to be the one to turn himself into a weapon (It is all kinds of tragic how Dean has learnt to do that over the years and has been framed as a “thing” not a “person”. Just think of “Daddy’s blunt little instrument”, the “mindless and obedient attack dog” or “Michael’s sword” - and Dean thus lacking self worth. And yes, I find it even more tragic given how this season is shaping up for Dean to him possibly either being used as a weapon by Amara and making him do something he does not want to do, while he can just be a “witness” to his own actions or how we may see him willingly - much like Castiel volunteered for possession - let himself be weaponized possibly by a divine force), so is Sam. Sam ain’t just a man of words, of “ask first, shoot later”, he certainly is prone to make bold gestures, especially sacrificial ones.

So yes, that’s been something I kept pondering after waking up. God knows why thoughts on this matter invaded my brain first thing in the morning. Lol. As always just my personal impressions, not asking anyone to agree with me and I’m also not looking to stirr wank or spread hate.

Sebaciel in ch. 65 gets gets my heart every time...

So here is another long break down of another favorite chap of mine where the connection between Sebastian and Ciel is just soo… you tell me.

Let’s begin. Remember when Sebastian was being the ‘Jack’ to Ciel’s ‘Rose’ and all? Look at his concerned face for the small freezing boy..

And then he freaks because Ciel starts falling asleep?

Mkay now how about when the mindless corpses attack Sebastian and Ciel freaks out for his butler’s sake..

(Couldn’t not add in this awesome spread by Toboso sensei with everyone’s favorite little Lord giving an order..)

mm..moving on.. So then Sebastian’s injury gets the best of him and we get to witness a worried Ciel hysterically calling out for his butler.. 

just..look at Ciel’s face..

Then we have the handsome demon, wounded as he is, disappointed and genuinely apologizing for not being a good butler… apologizing for showing weakness after saving Ciel’s life..

And then Ciel is like… and bashful Sebastian is like…

And then my heart is like…

sigh <3

London Bridge: Family of terrorist Khuram Butt are 'shocked and appalled' by his 'mindless' attack

The family of London Bridge terrorist Khuram Butt have condemned the “mindless” attack on innocent Londoners and said they are “shocked and appalled” by his actions.

Butt, 27, was one of three men who killed eight people, and injured dozens more as they drove into pedestrians on London Bridge and embarked on a stabbing rampage through Borough Market on Saturday night.

In a statement Butt’s family said: “As a family we are shocked and appalled by the actions of Khuram and his associates.

"We strongly condemn these actions.

"Our heartfelt thoughts and prayers are with the victims and families at this time.

"Now more than ever we need to work together to stop the actions of the mindless few who claim to be acting in the name of Islam.”

The family’s words add to a chorus of condemnation from the relatives of the murderous trio, as the fall-out from the atrocity continued.

Eight people are now known to have died in the attack, all of whom have been identified, while 10 further victims remain in critical condition.

The ex-partner of Rachid Redouane earlier spoke of her shock at discovering he had inflicted the outrage on the capital.

Charisse O'Leary said she has “shed many tears for the people caught up in this horrific incident”.

In a statement released to the Press Association, she said her “heartfelt thoughts go out to all those murdered or injured” in the events of Saturday night.

“I am deeply shocked, saddened and numbed by the actions of my ex-partner who has killed and injured so many innocent people,” Miss O'Leary said.

She said she had been separated from Redouane for six months.

“We have a beautiful young daughter, that for the last six months has been our only bond and reason for contact,” she continued.

“My thoughts and efforts now are with trying to bring up my daughter with the knowledge that some day I will have to try and explain to her why her father did what he did.

"I wish to make it absolutely clear, so there can be no doubt, I condemn his actions and do not support the beliefs he held that led to him committing this atrocity.”

Youssef Zaghba, Pakistan-born British citizen Butt and Redouane, 30, who claimed to be Moroccan-Libyan, launched a rampage around London Bridge and Borough Market just after 10pm.

The rampage was brought to an end when the trio were shot dead by armed police eight minutes after the first emergency call.

The death toll reached eight after a body was recovered near Limehouse, downstream from London Bridge, at around 7.45pm on Tuesday.

Xavier Thomas, 45, is thought to have been struck by the terrorists’ van on the bridge

The other seven victims killed have been named as: Canadian Christine Archibald, 30, James McMullan, 32, from Hackney, east London, Alexandre Pigeard, 27 and Sebastien Belanger, 36, both from France, Australians Kirsty Boden, 28, and Sara Zelenak, and Spaniard Ignacio Echeverria, 39.

Snk Theories: Falcon’s Dark Headcanons

AKA Falcon’s Prophecy of what would happen after the Battle of Shiganshina.

Enjoy~I’ll make it brief by beginning with the words in the last panel of Snk 71:

Look. Isayama may have already implied the Survey Corps will lose this battle when he was drawing Snk 71.

Many readers have suggested it is the time for Eren to use his Coordinate power to control the mindless/wall titans to attack Zeke/Reiner and Bertholdt, or Reiner has switched back to his “soldier” persona to fight Bertholdt.

What if the SCs have successfully defeated all of the titan shifters and go back?

In fact, I can’t picture a scene of the Survey Corps return to Wall Rose after sealing the hole and killed the enemies, cheered by people in the Trost District WITH THAT HEAVY CASUALTIES—I mean, there are more than a hundred SCs go out, and less than 10 people return.

@momtaku’s post has inspired me to write this down.

What would the citizens think about it?

This is Eren’s thought in Snk 73:

And here are Mikasa’s words in Snk 72:

Up to now, most part of the Shingashina has been destroyed by the Colossal Titan and the Beast Titan already. Reconstruction would take a long time, and besides this, the Survey Corps need to clear those mindless titans wandering outside Wall Rose. With only few soldiers left and that new titan cutting weapons near the gates, I wonder if the citizens can return to Wall Maria within a few months.

Go back to snk 70:

One of the MP talked to Erwin that “failure is not an option”.

It is not difficult to make a guess, that the aristocrats and those who offer funds to the Survey Corps for this operation would be a big problem——and those normal citizens are worse——they will loss hope in the SCs (also the current military government) and may start a riot. 

Hmm. Let me think of a worse situation: The survivors of the SC are abducted to the Hometown together with Eren, that the SC dare not (and CANNOT) return to Wall Rose, and they must find out the truth and the lost history outside the Walls.
The people living inside the Walls are heart-broken as the SC do not come back. Zackly may try lying to the citizens that the SC are staying in Wall Maria to clear those mindless titans, but then someone realized his act and reveal it to the others. The angry citizens united with the aristocrats and overthrow the military government and eventually riots occur inside the Walls as people of different classes try to achieve power and status in the chaos.

Here here is the worst headcanon/prediction.

Those titan shifters are normal humans, while people living inside the Walls are actually some sort of genetically modified humanoids which can be turned into mindless titans and manipulated as weapons in wars.

It also echoes with Eren’s words that people are living inside the Walls peacefully, but it makes them no difference with the livestocks.

What if the people living inside the Walls are the “titan weapon livestocks” of some countries outside the Walls?

Perhaps it is the reason why all of the titan shifters of the Reiss family choose not to fight titans—-the Reiss family (together with minority groups like the Ackermans and the Asians) are the “livestock keepers” of the Walls and only want the “livestocks” live happily before they’re turned into mindless titans and placed in battlefield in the future.

I am really not ok after writing my dark headcanons.

And well, for the Yeager’s basement, I have a creepy feeling that Isayama may continue to troll all of us that we can know nothing about it until the ending of the story.

anonymous asked:

Biphobia doesn't exist as an axis of oppression. "Biphobia" is a combination of lateral aggression from other members of the lgbt community, and homophobia from the straights. Also: erasure is far from the worst thing that can happen to a member of the lgbt community, and hyper visibility is not a privilege. Anyone who claims it is is doing so in the face of innumerable murdered trans women.

You must be new here.

I have already written at length about every single one of your claims when this current wave of “discourse” started, so if you actually give a damn and didn’t just go into my inbox to do some pointless concern trolling, you can look through my “biphobia” and “sga discourse” tags. I’m honestly not retyping all that on the whims of an anon spouting the same oversimplified logic I’ve heard and reacted to a thousand times previously.

But in a nutshell, no. The mere fact that people like you refuse to acknowledge biphobia and bisexuality as their own issues shows that it’s almost impossible to even talk about them, let alone do something about them. Bi people face oppression for not being straight, and on top of that intracommunity aggression for not being gay or lesbian and not fitting the “either-or” principle those communities have nurtured for decades (and that also explains the higher incidence of transphobia there as opposed to bi/pan communities). Again, all this is documented, there are links in the tags, do the work yourself if you care and otherwise don’t bother.

Erasure may not be immediate violence, but its effects in the long term – no recognition either in the media or when resources are distributed, constant invalidation and bullying from people whose identities are recognized while yours isn’t, internalized bigotry and shame, to name but a few – are real and matter. In claiming that nothing is “bad enough” unless you’re straight up getting attacked, SGA gatekeepers regurgitate conservative rhetoric that told LGBTQ+ people that the current state of their rights is good enough because after all, they’re not being murdered right this very second and technically can get married, right?

Which is what reactionaries always do: take the tactics that have been used against them by the dominant society, and weaponize them against marginalized people even less validated than themselves.

You have one thing right: hypervisibility isn’t a privilege, and trans women face the highest rates of violence in the LGBTQ+ community, particularly trans women of colour. That has jackshit to do with cis gay men (and to a lesser extent cis lesbians) having the most positive visibility, the most material resources, the most media representation, and the most status quo warriors who are just fine with that, relative to every other LGBTQ+ subgroup. Positive visibility is important and necessary, and the only reason you’d ignore this fact is because you already have it and so you have no idea what other people are missing compared to you.

The fact that you have the audacity to use trans women as a rhetorical device in your complete misunderstanding of what hypervisibility is and your transparent attempts to discredit other LGBTQ+ people speaks volumes.

I assume you have no idea why so many anti-gatekeepers are precisely trans women, and why so many trans and bi people in general are sick of being reduced to “SGA” and then told like mindless attack dogs to drive out aces and aros in order to finally get on the cisgays’ good side.

And if you keep going like this, you never will.

@s1detosky look I don’t know what makes you think accusing a CSA survivor of “supporting pedophilia” is anywhere in the realm of fucking okay, but at least gather the proper goddamn facts rather than taking the word of people who have and do gladly manipulate the words of other discoursers.

This is horrifying to actually do. So far the two quotes I’ve offered that you seem to have drawn from are, contextually, “I was sexual as a child and that’s what caused my CSA, and it was natural. There are other children like me, and its natural for children to be sexual, which is why they need to be educated and doubly protected from their own natural curiosity, so more cases like mine don’t exist.”

And in the case of my mutual, I was offered screenshots of them saying “treating pedophilia like a mental illness might cause fewer children to be harmed so its probably the best course of action,” and them quoting the historical roots of kink culture being in the queer community (which had nothing to even do with pedophilia, but the anti attacking them seemed to think all kink was inherently wrong.)

And I said, when asked, basically: “I may not agree 100% (on the first thing,) but every CSA survivor has a right to support the course of action that they think will stop CSA the most. That is perfectly within their rights to have, and rather than jumping on and viciously targeting other abuse survivors (like the anti who started this was doing, because she hated the fact that other CSA survivors had different coping methods and opinions,) there should be DISCUSSIONS rather than mindless attacks on victims where they get accused of supporting their abusers.

So again, do your goddamn research. It is a violent thing (ignorantly done or not) to accuse victims of pedophilia as being pedophilia supporters. Trying to spread that without even providing sources reeks of reputation assassination without regard to the horrific results inflicted upon CSA victims.