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So I reading chapter 90 and just WOW!!!! Is all I have to say. I love that Deku says it can't be anyone but Kirishima. But can you explain that a little more please! But only if you have time.

The timestamp on this ask tells me I’ve been thinking about it for eight hours and right this moment I just decided, fuck it, the day after the anniversary sounds like a perfect moment to lose my shit over chapter 90 again, let’s do this

So the short answer in case you don’t have time for a trip through ninety chapters of the bnha manga is, Kirishima has with Bakugou a relationship unlike nearly anyone else, based on mutual trust and faith in each other’s strength and the firm understanding that neither of them is putting themselves above the other ever, and that made it so that in the group of people present at the moment Kirishima was the only one Bakugou would have willingly accepted help from, so that’s why it had to be him 

That’s some great foundation for a mutually respectful relationship if I’ve ever seen one and my heart weeps a lot 

BUT I said I was gonna cry about this properly so let’s do this let’s just go back to the beginning of the manga anon my pal I need you to understand why everything about that chapter has me in tears still even though it’s been a year and probably a thousand read-through’s

(this is seriously image heavy I’m so sorry oops)

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got7 as fratboys: jaebum

a/n: ok so here’s the first one!!!!! it turned out waaaaay bigger than I expected but I hope y'all cope with me and read it all bc I think it’s worth it. as I said it, there’s a nsfw part at the end so skip it if you’re not comfortable with that. and please, hit me up with feedback!!!!!!!! those are very important so yeah


⇒ im jaebum: president

  • major: linguistics 
  • minor: philosophy 
  • ok so starting off with mr president himself: im jaebum!!!
  • ofc he was gonna be the president pls
  • so he majors in linguistics bc he wanted to do something different??? and like wanted to know the origins of words and its impacts etc etc LIKE DEEP STUFF
  • and he minors in philosophy bc well DEEP and he actually likes it a lot and he’s really good at it
  • you might think the guys don’t really respect him as a president but BITCH when jaebum is being serious they respect the hell out of him
  • he is the only one besides jinyoung that can actually put the place in order
  • a really good president???? like the university claims he’s an example even tho GOT had some complains in the past bc of it’s wild parties
  • he has this mysterious bad boy vibe all around him
  • but deep down he’s actually a softie
  • loves LOVES lOvEs his cat - her name is nora and she is the most precious thing to him
  • he wants to get more cats but he’s scared the guys will accidentally hurt them???? but getting more cats is totally on his plans
  • everyone on campus knows him - not just bc of GOT but well bc he’s that type of person that you just know who he is
  • he’s a MAJOR photography enthusiast
  • as you can see his instagram is totally aesthetic and with nice pictures
  • looks fucking good with a camera on his hands
  • actually looks fucking good doing anything
  • he’s also very passionate about music
  • like I told you he’s into deep stuff and he finds music quite deep
  • he’s actually a really good singer - youngjae said so himself
  • he also helps youngjae with his songs sometimes
  • they’re actually planning on recording jaebum a mixtape bc SURPRISE he’s really good at writing songs
  • has his earphones with him the whole time and don’t you dare touch them unless he offers to show you what he’s listening
  • yugyeom touched it without invitation once and well… it didn’t have a happy ending
  • his ipod is filled with pop punk songs and also rnb
  • reads a lot but not in public - no one actually knows why
  • maybe it has something to do with him wanting to keep this bad boy image around campus
  • has good grades bc he’s one of those people who are naturally smart and intelligent
  • he skips classes quite often
  • and when the guys wanna do it??? NO NO YOU BETTER GET YOUR ASS TO CLASS
  • bambam tried to argue once that “why can you skip classes and I can’t????”
  • jaebum dead ass played the president card and bambam just lowered his head and went to class
  • he usually skips it when he’s way too hangover or he didn’t get a good night of sleep
  • has some trouble sleeping at night sometimes so you’ll often find him taking short naps at his classes
  • when he’s at parties he’s very lowkey unless he’s REALLY drunk
  • then he turns into the most extra person on the planet?????
  • he once went down the stairs with nothing but wipped cream on his Parts™ bc he lost a bet he made when he was drunk
  • no need to say the girls went NUTS
  • talking about girls…. they all want him
  • they all wanna know what’s his deal like is he really intimidating is he a bad boy etc etc
  • he didn’t use to hook up a lot
  • actually he kinda fell in love with this one person but it didn’t end well
  • he got hurt and since then he only has sporadic one night stands and they are with girls from other universities so he won’t have to see them often
  • no one talks about this girl episode tho
  • actually he doesn’t actually talk about his problems openly at all
  • when he’s too bothered he goes to jinyoung bc they go way back and are truly best friends
  • jinyoung just gets him and isn’t scared to tell him when he’s wrong
  • BUT he has everything written down on his notebook: his lyrics, his feelings and everything that goes on his mind
  • it is black and it says “people I want to punch in the face” in the cover
  • he thought about putting a picture of nora but decided against it bc it was “too soft”
  • he carries this notebook with him at ALL TIMES like truly 24/07
  • and he doesn’t like anyone touching it in fact it is his most private thing and no one can read it
  • jinyoung almost read it once and jaebum caught him
  • jaebum didn’t speak to him for a few weeks and shit got serious but they got over it after jinyoung begged for his forgiveness for like 15 days straight
  • he goes to the same cafe every morning ever since his first year
  • everyone there knows him and his order
  • he usually stays there for quite a while just scribbling things on his notebook and drinking coffee
  • he likes his coffee dark and bitter and he says it’s just like his soul
  • no one buys this analogy tho
  • you must be wondering where do you fit in this
  • well you’re quite of a coffee enthusiast yourself and you love to go around on campus and discover new cafes etc
  • one day after your children’s psychology class you were wondering around campus near the philosophy building and there was this small cafe with a cat by the window and you thought oh cute
  • so you decided to come in and order your traditional caramel macchiato
  • from that day on you started going there almost every day
  • a few weeks later you noticed this handsome mysterious guy writing down on his notebook and you couldn’t stop looking???? and then you realized he was there everyday too
  • you sort of wanted to talk to him but he’s too intimidating
  • one day one of your friends went there with you and he told you about im jaebum and how everyone knows him and how intimidating he must be
  • so then you kinda dropped the idea of talking to him until
  • well one day he left the cafe in a huge rush babbling something about forgetting a test and he ended up leaving his notebook on his table
  • you decided to pick it up and save for him so you could give it back the next day
  • and so on the next day you’re drinking your coffee and he arrives and as soon as he sits you go there with the notebook in hands but things don’t go that well
  • “hm hey so you forgot this here yesterday and I-” “oh my god what are you doing with my notebook” “calm down greg I just picked it up for you bc you forgot it on the table” “DID YOU READ IT?” “no???” “tell me the truth did you read it” “I said I didn’t” “just give me my fucking notebook I’m leaving”
  • you stood there with this confused look but then you got mad???
  • “well here’s your fucking notebook. I didn’t read it. I wouldn’t invade your privacy like that. I just kept it bc I also come here everyday and I thought well I’ll be nice and save it so I can give him back tomorrow. I would’ve left it on the table if I knew you were gonna be this rude. here it is. have a nice day”
  • and you left bc you were angry????? who does he think he is????
  • so from that day on you kinda changed the time you used to go to the cafe bc you didn’t wanna see him
  • fast forward a few days and a friend from your children’s psychology class - choi youngjae himself - invites you to a party his frat is organizing and you decide to go like why not
  • then you remember im jaebum is the president of the frat
  • but then you think OH SCREW IT I’m going and I’m gonna have a good time
  • so you’re there and a few drinks have settled in already. you’re not drunk you’re just a bit tipsy and joyful
  • you finally see youngjae so you go there to say hi and you two start talking
  • then you notice that jaebum is coming your way and you can’t not roll your eyes
  • “you know her youngjae?” “yeah jae. she’s in one of my classes. wait you two know each other?” “unfortunately. jaebum was an asshole to me a few days ago so excuse me I have to go”
  • and youngjae is giving jaebum this look that says wtf did you do dude go apologize
  • jaebum rolls his eyes but he goes after you and he calls you “cafe girl”
  • you turn and you’re not in the mood so
  • “what do you want jaebum?” “I wanna know your name so I can apologize properly”
  • you debate on just leaving but you tell him your name and he just stares at you
  • “are you actually saying something or can I just leave?” “hm no! don’t leave.. I just.. I’m sorry. I was an asshole. I shouldn’t have acted like that, you know, like a stupid rude asshole.” “yup you shouldn’t” “so I’m really sorry. and grateful that you kept my notebook. it’s really important to me and very personal so that’s why I acted like that.” “ok noted” “can I get you a drink to earn your apology and then we can talk like two normal people?”
  • you thought about saying no. you did. but he had the prettiest and most genuine smile across his face and you couldn’t deny
  • and then you two talk all night long and you find out he’s actually a really nice and cool guy with a great talk
  • so it’s late and you have to go home and he offers to walk you to your dorm and you tell him there’s no need but he insists and you let him
  • you two keep on talking and walking and he grabs your hand and when you look at him he has the cutest smile and that makes you wanna kiss his face but you don’t
  • you get to your dorm and you two exchange numbers and as soon as your inside your room you get a text
  • [01:35] jaebum: I really wanted to kiss you tonight. but I’ll take you on a proper date before that. are you free tomorrow?
  • so from that day on you two start hanging out and getting to know each other and going on dates and cute cafes and holding hands across campus and kissing under trees like this huge walking cliche
  • at first girls kept staring at you like they were surprised that THE im jaebum has a girl
  • and it was funny bc he walked with his arm around you like you were the most precious thing on the campus and the girls also looked kinda jealous
  • he allowed you to read something on his notebook once: it was a bunch of scribbled notes about you and it was so sweet and loving and then he asked you to be his girlfriend so BOOM you two were official
  • the guys start teasing the hell out of him because WOW you’ve turned jaebum into this huge ball of fluff
  • he’s really this soft dork whenever your around and that’s really cute
  • you two have this ritual of going to That cafe every morning and when one of you can’t make it the other one picks up coffee for the go
  • you had to be approved by nora in order for this relationship to work and sometimes he regrets it bc he swears you and nora like each other more than you two like him
  • it took him a while to open up to you but he did eventually
  • he makes you cds in a very old fashion way every month with songs he wants to show you or that make him think of you
  • and you give him this list with book recommendations so you can discuss later
  • you spend a lot of time at the frat helping him out with his president duties
  • he walks you to his classes
  • loves LOVES seeing you in his jackets or with the frat’s shirt
  • takes a lot of pictures of you - really, a lot. you’re having dinner? his camera is up. you’re putting make up? his camera is up. you’re sitting on the couch? his camera is up. like literally he has a ton of pics of you in his camera roll
  • you can keep him in check when he’s too nervous or too stressed and that’s great
  • he’s a bit jealous sometimes but he’s getting better
  • sex is a very important thing for him bc he belives that sex is a way to express love
  • like honestly he is very very sexy and he basically exhales sex so
  • usually he’s a dom and into rough sex
  • but there are some days when he just wants to appreciate you so he goes in deep for passionate sex and those days are amazing
  • sex is always very intense and intimate
  • not much into trying new things but will do it for you
  • never steps over your boundaries when it comes to sex (actually over anything but especially in bed) and you trust him a lot so
  • has a huge oral kink and also likes hair pulling
  • doesn’t care about doing it when the guys are around the dorm
  • overall he’s not the typical frat boy and a very soft person and you two became the bossy royalty couple and everyone loves you two
Movies I recommend

Hereby I would like to give you a list of movies I sincerely recommend you to watch, beside the ones that have already occurred in my other movie suggestion lists. They all have an impact on both psychological and philosophical levels and provoke a wide array of emotions and reactions that make you think and feel for real.

1. A Beautiful Mind

It was my favourite movie for long years and it is still high up. Shortly put it is the story of the discovery and evolution of the Nobel-prize winner mathematician John Nash’s mental illness, but it does it in such a mind-twisting manner and it contains so many lessons and models for how to deal with certain situations, how to fight and how to love.

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2. Requiem for a Dream

Shivers and mind-blown, that is what and how I felt after watching this movie. It presents the effects of intentional and non-intentional drug use and addiction in a way that certainly haunts you. Spoiler: it might make you feel afraid of your fridge.

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3. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

A beautiful, non-conventional, innovating love story that brings out the feels out of the viewer, even out of those that guard their feelings with skyscraping fences. You cannot let yourself not be invaded by deep emotions while watching it.

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4. The Shawshank Redemption

The tale of hope and dignity triumphing over inhumane conditions, through the story of an escape from prison. It is a movie transmitting the importance of high moral virtues - the norm for a dignified human life.

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5. (500) Days of Summer

I really appreciate the soundtrack of this movie. It is a love story which many can relate to, presented in a slightly unconventional manner which makes it stand out among similar themed movies. Listen to the music, sometimes it tells more than the lines of the characters.

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Jung Sewoon Enemies to Lovers Scenario!

I’ve sort of morphed together two anon requests to create my first Sewoon scenario, enjoy! (You + Jung Sewoon)

  • You and Sewoon were both music majors in college at a competitive music college that accepted very few students
  • You were majoring in piano performance, Sewoon was majoring in music composition
  • Sewoon was your senior at the school, and he was relatively famous at the school for being in a band and composing songs for others at the school and artists
  • In the band, he played guitar and sang, making him the “face” of the group, leading to widespread popularity
  • Because of this, you already knew exactly who he was before even getting accepted to the school
  • However, you (and pretty much everyone else) didn’t have any actual information on his personality outside of his music skills and band persona
  • He was relatively quiet in the classroom, only seen talking with his best friends Jaehwan, Youngmin, and Donghyun
  • (Sewoon and Jaehwan were actually caught wildly giggling together in class once, a rumor that had spread around the school earlier that year)
  • Basically anything that Sewoon did was talked about, but he didn’t really do anything about the attention
  •  You had gone through your freshman year without many problems, it was a pretty normal year
  • So when you returned to school for sophomore year, the last thing you expected was to find that your dorm room assignment was right across the hall from Sewoon and Jaehwan
  • Like you open your door and bAM thats their room ! ! 
  • You were pretty nervous at first about this situation, because lets be real who wouldn’t be… the two were practically celebrities at the school (Jaehwan was highly regarded by the students because of his stellar performance on a singing variety show)
  • It was really cool at first, being so close to Sewoon and Jaehwan on a daily basis, even though you never talked to them lol (I mean, they were practically celebrities at this point)
  • You would always greet them politely, though, at least at the beginning of the school year
  • But that got old FAST
  • The long nights of singing and guitar strumming quickly turned from interesting to heLLISH
  • Like how are you supposed to sleep if the two decide to sing the Jurassic Park theme on repeat at 3 in the morning
  • Soon, you were absolutely tired of the both of them (physically and mentally), and after holding back for weeks, you finally ended up bursting one night when they just wouldn’t stop singing: this time it was Sewoon doing impressions and Jaehwan maniacally laughing in response
  • So in a matter of seconds, you immediately switched from being some harmless neighbor to psYCHO BITCH and gave the two roommates a piece of your mind
  • It really was a frightening sight: you screaming at the top of your lungs in a ginormous t-shirt, your hair going every which way, a consequence of rolling around in bed for hours
  • Jaehwan immediately apologized, but you didn’t hear Sewoon mutter under his breath “this is a music school, what do you expect”
  • (good thing you didn’t hear that, or who knows what would have happened)
  • Anyway you thought it would be all fine and dandy after that, as you headed into your room, but as you closed your door you heard Jaehwan being the idiot he is, claiming that your hair looked like Chewbacca if he “walked straight into a hurricane”
  • You whipped the door back open to scream some more, only to come face to face with Sehwan’s closed door
  • You sighed and gave up, climbing up to your bed to attempt to save the last hours of sleep you had left
  • The next morning, before heading to classes, you met Sewoon in the hall outside your door coincidentally
  • Not the best timing; you were still pissed at the whole Chewbacca thing
  • “Ah, (Y/N), good morning… I see you’ve… improved your hairstyle”, he greeted you, unable to hold back a mischievous smile at his own “joke”
  • It was the first time he had ever called you by your name, but you weren’t starstruck at all; if anything this comment worsened your mood
  • You didn’t have it in you to respond, and just blankly stared at him before walking away
  • Your anger subsided throughout the day, but when you returned back to your dorm in the evening, you were greeted with the undeniably pleasant but to you, angering sounds of a strumming guitar and a quiet voice
  • You dumped your backpack in your room and immediately walked over to Sehwan’s room, banging on the door
  • “It hasn’t even been one day, can y’all just stop fucking playing for one second??” you screamed at the closed door, once again looking like a crazy person
  • “Or can you just go play in a practice room or a common room or literally anywhere el–” you continued, your rant suddenly coming to a stop when the door opened, revealing a calm-looking Sewoon, his soft eyes meeting your gaze
  • You were taken aback: based on looks alone, he really could be a rockstar or a boyband member or a solo artist or a CEO or a male model the possibilities are endless
  • Just like that, your anger was drifting away (Sewoon is Powerful), and it took all your might to keep a stern face
  • But that didn’t last long, when Sewoon finally spoke
  • “(Y/N). You realize this is a music school, right? Am I not allowed to practice in my room? This is for my career as well. Think about that,” he calmly said, closing the door
  • You were unable to respond to that, but still angry: just because it’s a music school doesn’t mean they have to play at night every day… right?
  • Your mind ran wild with insults and angry justifications for his behavior: He really let the “fame” get to his head, didn’t he. His band’s songs are lame anyways, whatever… 
  • But for the next month or so, your sleep was interrupted every day in the wee hours of the morning, after a few quiet hours from 10pm to then
  • Jaehwan and Sewoon thought you would be asleep by then, and resumed their practicing/singing/screaming
  • At first, you would confront the two every day, but after seeing absolutely no change (“we thought you were asleep sorry”), you just bought a pair of noise-cancelling headphones, which seemed to do the job (despite how uncomfortable it was sleeping with them on)
  • Other than those few meetings, you never met with Sewoon – the two of you just mutually and individually decided that talking with the other would not result in anything good
  • Jaehwan seemed politer though, and you always met him with a smile
  • But one night at the end of the first semester, you were surprised to hear a knock on your door – a switch from the times when you always used to bang on Sehwan’s door
  • You were getting ready to sleep, and opened your door… who was disturbing your nighttime routine?
  • It was Sewoon, looking like he hadn’t slept in days, looking like a crazy musician, and your expression immediately turned unpleasant
  • You were prepared to argue with him about whatever he had to say but fighting was apparently the last thing on his mind
  • “(Y/N), Jaehwan’s not here and I really need someone to run this piano verse by for an assignment due tomorrow; I need to experiment with the guitar while I hear it in the background, can you please help me I really urgently need this or I wouldn’t be asking” he rambled, some of his words completely incoherent
  • And how could you be angry at that? For the first time he looked not like this star of the school but instead like a normal college sleep-deprived kid, and you had to admit that was adorable
  • “Yeah, sure, let’s make it quick though,” you said, as he lead you into his room
  • “Sorry about the mess, I’ve kind of been busy lately,” Sewoon muttered as the two of you stepped around his strewn-about clothes and cans of energy drinks
  • You sat at the piano, where Sewoon set a piece of handwritten sheet music on its stand
  • Sewoon grabbed his guitar and sat on the bench, right next to you, your knees meeting under the piano
  • “Sorry about that (Y/N), I’d like to see the music as well,”
  • “It… it’s fine,” you mumbled, the words tumbling out of your mouth as a blush coated your cheeks: the position you two were in was… innocent but intimate
  • “Okay, you can start now,” Sewoon’s soft voice snapping you out of your daze
  • You began to sightread the music, and Sewoon’s guitar jumped out with random notes and chords, melting the sounds of both into a beautiful mixture that satisfied your ears
  • “Oh (Y/N), stop there hold on one second,” Sewoon breathed, grabbing a nearby pen and paper before he started furiously writing notes and rhythms
  • You were shocked at the sight: he really was a true musician, a genius even, and you didn’t understand the amount of effort he put into his songwriting until now
  • He asked you to play again suddenly, and he would pluck out the tune again in perfect harmony
  • At times he made you play a part over and over again before deciding if it was good enough, shocking you with how caring he was about a single measure, a perfectionist indeed
  • This pattern kept on going for hours: Sewoon asking you to play and then telling you to stop when inspiration hit him
  • Time flew by, and you had no idea how much fun you were having – sometimes you added in your own little flairs to the piece, causing Sewoon to add the bits he liked into the music permanently
  • Despite how much you two had despised one another, you made a good team 
  • Sometimes your arms would bang on one another’s while playing, causing the both of you to laugh when wrong notes were hit as a result
  • You really felt yourself enjoying the time you spent with him: as a performer, you practiced a lot, but you had never experienced how much creativity it took to write music
  • He wasn’t just this incredibly beautiful and popular guy: he was talented and hardworking as well, and you felt the respect for him welling up inside of you
  • In the middle of the morning, Sewoon was finally finished with his writing
  • “Thanks so much for your help (Y/N), I would’ve been up all night if it weren’t for you… it’s so much more time efficient when I don’t have to play both parts,”
  • “It’s no problem,” you mumbled back, glancing shyly at Sewoon in response
  • You two stared at each other for a moment, still right next to each other on the bench, before Sewoon’s gaze snapped away and broke the silence
  • “It’s already 2, you should get back to your room,”
  • What?? 2??? Already?? I haven’t even been here that long, you thought, before checking your phone and gasping in shock, making Sewoon laugh
  • You had given up your precious sleep to be with him, and for some reason you weren’t mad at all about that
  • You stood up, ready to leave, but the thoughts you’d been having escaped your mind and out your mouth
  • “That was actually kinda fun, sorry I stayed so late… if you need help in the future just let me know,” you said, immediately getting embarrassed at your own words
  • Sewoon hit you with that charming smile, replying that “it was fun, nighttime is actually when I write best, so this isn’t late for me, no worries”
  • “Oh that’s why you–” you began, realizing that all those noises at the middle of the night were literally Sewoon composing like he had been today
  • You felt like an asshole and quickly bid him goodnight before escaping his room and jumping on your bed to attempt to sleep
  • But even though it was the middle of the night, much past your bedtime, you couldn’t seem to stop your mind from racing and your heart from beating about what had just happened
  • From then on, instead of meeting Sewoon with a glare or ignoring him completely when you saw him, you would subconsciously sneak glances at him or smile or blush and get all fluffy inside
  • You two would actually talk sometimes now, making Jaehwan completely confused on what changed the relationship between the two of you so dramatically
  • You suddenly didn’t mind the nighttime music sessions, and you actually found yourself falling asleep to the sounds of Sewoon and Jaehwan’s voices singing together
  • You weren’t sure if you two were friends now and didn’t know if you should approach him again or what
  • But about a week later, Sewoon approached you himself, thanking you for your help and letting you know that he had aced the assignment
  • You envied his being able to come talk to you like it was nothing (but little did you know that Sewoon had been looking for an excuse to talk to you again after that night
  • “Oh, I’m glad everything worked out, you really worked very hard on that”
  • “Thanks, I couldn’t have done it without your help, (Y/N),”
  • *cue awkward silence of twiddling fingers and stealing glances at one another
  • “Uh, so to repay you for that, if you want I can help you learn some guitar, it seemed like you were really interested that night,” Sewoon coughed out, nervously glancing at you (looking like a complete 180 (or 360 as ong would say) from his confidence-exuding stage presence)
  • “Oh, y-yeah sure that sounds fine, I mean I’d really like that,” you replied, this whole situation not making it any easier for you to focus
  • “Okay, Jaehwan won’t be here again tonight so just pop in when you’re free?”
  • “Sure, yeah, will do,” you replied, the both of you standing there for another second before waving goodbye and walking in different directions
  • For the rest of that day you couldn’t stop thinking about your meeting/lesson/date thing with Sewoon (what was it??) and zoomed back to your dorm after classes, stressing about what to wear and how you looked before giving up and settling for your normal sleep outfit
  • Don’t get ahead of yourself, (Y/N)
  • You had no idea how you had gone from hating this guy to now… whatever you felt about him, but either way you weren’t thinking about it
  • That evening, you knocked on Sewoon’s door, and he opened it for your eyes to be greeted with a completely cleaned room
  • “Wow, Sewoon, you clean up well,”
  • “I assume you mean the room, not me,” Sewoon laughed back at you, as you finally looked at him, wearing a t-shirt and sweatpants lol
  • “You look really good too,” you let out accidentally, mentally kicking yourself as you caught Sewoon’s smile at your response, teasingly raising his eyebrows
  • The two of you walked into his room, Sewoon telling you to take a seat on his bed because that’d be the most comfortable place for you two to sit
  • He grabbed his guitar and sat next to you on the bed, immediately placing his guitar into your hands
  • “Uh, Sewoon, isn’t this your guitar,” you whispered nervously: it must be incredibly expensive, Sewoon was known for being extremely attached to and taking perfect care of his instruments
  • “It’s fine, (Y/N), I trust you, for now…” he replied, poking you
  • He started by teaching you the strings of the guitar and how to hold it, his fingers occasionally brushing yours, and his arm purposefully holding yours to demonstrate how to carry it
  • You felt his chest softly pressing against your shoulder and part of your back, and you thought that there was no way you would be focusing on the actual lesson
  • After that though, Sewoon let you play by yourself, you quickly picking up easy tunes like twinkle twinkle little star and hot cross buns (aw)
  • Your “lesson” thing lasted about an hour, and you actually started learning well – Sewoon was a great teacher
  • The lessons became a regular occurrence, happening most nights if not all, at the same time every day: Sewoon claimed that Jaehwan had an activity every night during that time anyway, so it’d be fine for you to come over
  • (what you didn’t know was Jaehwan was banished to a practice room or Youngmin/Donghyun’s room every night per instruction of Sewoon SLKDFJ LOL)
  • Sometimes your meetings would morph into a jam session, with you either playing like a n00b on the guitar or like a virtuoso on the piano, the both of you having a lot of fun together
  • One day Jaehwan got tired of having to wait forever to leave you two alone, and crashed your party, screaming “JUST DATE ALREADY WHY SHOULD I HAVE TO SUFFER FOR THIS”
  • “Wait, why are you suffering, Jaehwan,” you asked, unknowing of the situation
  • “SEWOON KEEPS KICKING ME OUT SO THAT HE CAN BE WITH YOU BECAUSE HE WON’T JUST TELL YOU ALREADY THAT HE–” Jaehwan exploded before Sewoon tackled him out of the room, slapping a hand over Jaehwan’s mouth, closing and hardlocking the door so that Jaehwan couldn’t even get in with his key LOL
  • “Sorry about that, (Y/N), I was going to tell you eventually but I guess he pretty much did the job for me,” Sewoon mumbled, sheepishly scratching the back of his neck
  • “I am honestly so confused right now, I barely could hear what was going on, Jaehwan honestly just seems psychotic,” you replied
  • “Oh, well…” Sewoon started, grasping one of your hands, “it’s pretty obvious but we’ve been spending a lot of time together and you’re a really good musician and really cute and I like you a lot,” Sewoon spewed out, as you stared in awe at his blushing face
  • He looks… adorable.
  • “UGH FINALLY!” Jaehwan screamed from outside the door (he must be listening lol), but the both of you ignored him (hah take that psycho)
  • “oh- oh? You do?” was all you managed to get out
  • “I mean, if you don’t like me that’s completely fine, I don’t have a problem with continuing to teach you guitar, I’ll just have to charge you now,” Sewoon laughed out, attempting at a joke as he let go of your hand
  • But instinctively you grabbed his hand with the both of yours
  • “No– no! That’s totally not it I mean I really like you too you’re practically a musical genius and you’re really nice to me even though I treated you like an asshole at first and–,” you awkwardly rambled, Sewoon cutting your words off by pulling you tightly into a hug
  • You expected him to say something, but all Sewoon was giggle like a fool and unlock the door for Jaehwan with one of his hands
  • “Hyung you can come in now,” letting Jaehwan fling open the door to find the two of you all cuddled up on one another
  • “EW I’M LEAVING THAT’S SO GROSS GET AWAY FROM ME” Jaehwan screamed, leaving the two of you alone again, laughing at whatever the hell just happened in the past 10 minutes
  • And that was that: you and Sewoon had somehow transformed from enemies to lovers
  • Lots of music dates, you willingly compromised your sleeping schedule to play music with Sewoon, sometimes writing your own
  • Guitar lessons continued, but… they became less innocent than before (I’ll let you decide what that should mean heh)
  • Nighttime karaoke was not unusual, and Jaehwan couldn’t resist participating
  • The two of you learned from one another, and brought different perspectives to writing and playing
  • You supported him at his concerts #1 fan lol and he always came to your piano performances 
  • so darn cuTe yay
  • Music truly does bring people together :’)))

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A/N: OMG this ended up way longer than I thought it would. Must be because I tried to incorporate both requests LOL whooops

also ahHH I feel so bad for not posting more in the past few days – I had to finish up exit presentations for my job but NOW I’M FREE for the most part so I promise to be a good admin and finish up all these requests! Thanks for your patience once again!!

Imagine Jared Leto is Your Best Friend’s Dad - Chapter 9

The song On My Mind by Ellie Goulding inspired this chapter. Totally suggest to listen while reading!

Chapter 9 - On My Mind

It was fun while it lasted, but all things must come to an end. We gathered our belongings and placed them by the door. Dasha and Sydney’s parents picked them up. And it was just Allegra and I.

“Allegra!” Mr. Leto called from the kitchen. “These clothes need to be washed.”

“Yeah, but who’s going to walk Kerri home?” she asked.

“Oh, that’s right.” He crept around the corner as he dried a bowl with a paper towel.

His head rested against the wall as he looked at me. His grin stretching from ear to ear like the Cheshire Cat himself. “I’ll walk her home,” he said.

“But Dad!-” Allegra whined in protest.

“Sorry honey.” He cut her off, still drying the bowl. “You need to hit those clothes. They’re a mile high!”

“Fine.” She fumed.

“Besides… it be nice to see Ms. Sanders and Nico – it’s been a while,” his eyes lit up as he thought.

Apparently, I had no say in this matter. I stared back at Mr. Leto, trying to see what lurked behind his eyes. Was there another trick up his sleeve?

“Just give me 5 minutes Kerri and we can head over.” He told me before quickly shuffling away.

After Allegra and I said our goodbyes, I fetched my things, making sure everything was packed. I didn’t live far away at all, like 2 ½ blocks down, but I guess no neighborhood not matter how nice is safe to travel alone in the evening.

Butt up and head down, I bent over, trying to squeeze everything in my bag. There was this one section that just wouldn’t zip. It was stuffed to the max. I thought I heard something behind me but I was too focused on this. If Allegra wants to make a joke about how silly I look, so be it. I placed the bag between my legs as I pushed down with one hand and tried to zip with the other. Once it finally fit, I stood up straight, and flung my hair back. I turned around and to my surprise, I saw Mr. Leto there leaning against the wall.

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No Promises: A Kol Mikaelson Imagine

Song based imagine (they seem to be my thing at the moment), this time based on No Promises by Shawn Mendes. Again, hope you guys like it, it’s a little fluffy (I’m so bad at author’s notes omg) x 

Staring out my hotel window
Too much on my mind

It was the night after one too many drinks at the Grill. 

When you’d arrived, you had one plan: to get as drunk as possible. And you’d succeeded in that, really, you had. You just hadn’t planned on waking up the next morning next to Kol Mikaelson.

That had been a bit of a shock when you’d opened your eyes, your head on his bare chest, his arm wrapped around you. 

You’d figured from the lavish decor of the bedroom that you were at his house, well rather, his family’s mansion. Not quite knowing what to do next, you got up, being careful not to wake him, pulled on one of his shirts and made your way over to the window. 

Shit. Shit, shit, shit. 

You’d always thought the youngest Mikaelson brother was attractive, I mean, who wouldn’t? But he had a reputation. This was bad. This was so bad. 

“If it’s so bad, why are you still here?”

You closed your eyes at the sound of Kol’s voice. So obviously, you’d said that out loud. 

“Better off keeping your thoughts to yourself, darling, if you don’t want anyone to hear them.”

You turned to face him, never taking your eyes off that smirk that adorned his face. 

“Are you going to speak, Y/N? Or am I going to have to for you?”

You kept your mouth shut, a clear act of defiance.

He rolled his eyes, clearly enjoying your irritation. Bastard. 

“Fine. I’ll ask it. What do you want to do now?”

Oh no we don’t need to over-complicate it
Cause I’ve been here once before don’t even say it

You flipped. 

“What do I want to do? We had sex, Kol. I’d rather just forget about it.”

And then the bastard started laughing. Laughing. 

“Why are you laughing? There’s nothing funny about this.”

“I’m sorry, love. You’re just not overly intimidating when you’re angry. And besides, why do you want to forget about it? Was I really that bad?”

“I wouldn’t know. I can’t exactly remember.”

“Well then maybe I should jog your memory,” Kol moved from his position on the bed, wrapping the sheet around his waist before walking over to you. You stepped back. 

“Don’t touch me.”

“Not what you were saying last night.”

His finger brushed your cheek, sending your heart into overdrive. Why did he have to be attractive? 

“Would you believe me, Y/N, if I said I actually quite like you?”

“Depends. Do you?”

And then he kissed you. 

Baby please no promises
Cause we won’t keep our promises
And I know the consequences
So baby please, baby please no promises

You liked Kol. You knew that. You also knew that that night was just the beginning. 

You’d both agreed that nothing serious would come of your weekly meetings, where things would happen.

But as time went on, your feelings for him developed into something else. However, you knew that if you told him, you’d ruin a perfectly good thing. 

You thought about all this as you lay in his arms one night. He was asleep, his chest rising and falling, his face nuzzled into your neck. 

The silence was perfect. And you’d both agreed no promises. No attachments. 

What you didn’t know is that he wanted more too.


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Hi! I have a headcanon request- how would Sincerely Three interact with their soulmates in the AU where whatever one person writes on themselves would show up on the other's skin? Thanks so much! <3

omg this is cute and u said soulmate au and im automatically in love

gonna put this under a readmore

also im assuming u mean x reader but if u want like, actual ship Sincerely Three (because i love them a lot tbh), just ask again and be like ‘tris ur dumb’

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soulmate! au (bae jinyoung)

summary: soulmate! au with baejin in which he’s still an idol who’s part of wanna one
a/n: requested

  • so how it works is that soulmates share emotions
  • kind of
  • whenever your soulmate is feeling any type of extreme emotion, you feel it too
  • and vice versa
  • and apparently, according to everyone around you who had already met their own soulmates, you’ll just know when you meet yours?
  • apparently you’re supposed to feel like a rush of a range of emotions when you meet them for the first time, and you just know in your heart that you’ve met them
  • or whatever
  • sounds kinda sketchy to you but ok
  • anyways the one thing you’re thankful for is that whoever your soulmate was seemed to be relatively emotionless lol
  • he seemed to rarely feel any type of way extremely enough that you felt it too
  • most of the time growing up, you’d just feel a random sense of joy now and then
  • of course there were times when he got sad and angry too but those times were rare
  • but tbh you kind of felt bad for him bc although you were generally an optimistic and happy person, you’re also super short-tempered
  • so there must have been times when your soulmate who was having a perfectly good and happy day must have gotten fricking irritated out of nowhere
  • so you always make a mental note to yourself to apologise to him when you two finally meet lol
  • ok anyways things were going smoothly for about the first 15 years of your life
  • until suddenly you started to feel super down all the time?
  • like on some days you’d be going to school, doing your work, hanging out with your friends, doing whatever you usually do but there’d always be this dull ache and sort of.. hopelessness? at the back of your mind
  • it started out with you feeling this way for like 1 or 2 days in a few weeks but the frequency started increasing to the point where you were feeling like this almost every other day
  • the reason why you were feeling this way should have been obvious to you but for some reason you just couldn’t figure it out
  • guess it’s like how people sometimes miss what’s right under their nose
  • you try to think of reasons why you were feeling this way because honestly everything in your life was going relatively fine and you weren’t particularly having any big problems
  • you were having a particularly bad day once when you were hanging out with your friends and they notice
  • so they start asking you about it and once you confess that you have no idea why you’re so lost
  • they’re like “omg y/n… it’s obvious isn’t it? it’s your soulmate”
  • and it suddenly hits you and you’re like oh wtf….
  • and you get a little overwhelmed bc for some reason you’re thinking about how if you were already feeling so low all the time, your soulmate who was the actual person feeling the full force of the emotions must be going through such a hard time
  • what’s he going through that makes almost every other day so confusing and hard for him? assuming he’s around your age, he’s kinda young to have gone through anything too horrible
  • the thought breaks your heart
  • in fact you somehow feel so bad for him that you start tearing up
  • your friends are like oh y/n :((((
  • one thing you hate about all this though is that sometimes your own emotions get buried under your soulmates’
  • like now and then you feel sad or down because of your own life but because your soulmate was feeling that way pretty often you don’t even know whether you’re the one who’s sad or if it’s your soulmate
  • and this means you can’t even take care of yourself properly
  • the inherent flaw in the system tskkk
  • anyways after a few days one of your friends invites all of you over to her house to like hang out
  • and one of your friends is having a super bad day bc of her soulmate
  • wtf this kind of thing makes you hate the soulmate system so much because if one person is already sad then why does the universe have to double the feeling and increase the negativity index in the world? smh
  • in fact you’re so angry about it that you tell yourself to calm down bc if not your soulmate’s gonna feel it lol
  • so in order to cheer up your friend your other friend suggests you guys watch the second season of produce 101 which had started airing a while ago
  • and you’re all eager to agree bc y’all loved the first season
  • so you guys marathon the first few episodes of broduce and even from the first episode you have your eyes set on the mmo boys
  • i mean how could you not they are literally talking every five seconds
  • and their performance of A is not too bad and you’re especially interested in the guy with the pink hair like you think he dances super well
  • so this means that while watching the show you should be most affected by daniel right since you’re the most impressed by him?
  • wronggg
  • there’s this other trainee called baejin who looks super shy and anxious throughout the first few episodes and for some reason your heart breaks every time they show him struggling
  • like you empathise with him so much that you feel like you almost know exactly how he must feel?
  • you don’t even know much about this guy but you can tell how unsure and hesitant he is
  • as the weeks pass it becomes a tradition for you and your friends to come together every friday night and watch broduce together (where can i get friends like these lol)
  • you’re kind of surprised because in the episode where daniel gets ranked last in his sorry sorry team and the disappointment shines through in his eyes despite his smile
  • you’re more concerned and curious about what’s gonna happen to baejin
  • so like although you claim to your friends that daniel is your one pick they all know that it’s baejin lmao
  • as the episodes pass you are sooo glad and proud to see him gaining confidence
  • when you guys are watching the final episode and baejin is the center for hands on me you actually cRY because of how happy and proud you are
  • and when it’s announced that he’s going to debut? there are no words to explain how happy and relieved you are bc ur FAV MADE IT!!!
  • but as you’re watching the ending moments of the last episode and it’s late into the night and all your friends including yourself are sobbing messes
  • suddenly there’s a thought that sneaks its way into your mind
  • tbh you weren’t really feeling all sad and low recently? especially in the past few weeks
  • and it’s just that of course all of you guys were pretty emo about broduce but you were so particularly invested and focused on baejin
  • and considering the fact that you weren’t one to get so emotional about stuff like survival shows
  • you feel like it’s almost as if,,,,,,
  • never mind, you shut yourself up before you can even entertain the thought because it’s a ridiculous one and your friends would probably laugh at you if you voiced it out loud
  • so you just let it go and cry happy tears for baejin that night and a little bit more for your original fav daniel who has risen to the status of a king and a little more sad tears for jonghyun & the rest
  • anyways so yeah the days go on as usual after that and you get so busy with school stuff that you don’t really have time to pay too much attention to wanna one stuff
  • so like around a month later you’re with your friends as always hanging out when one of your friends is like
  • “hey guys i think wanna one just released their debut mv wanna watch”
  • and you guys are like hell yeah
  • so you watch
  • and the thing is??? you haven’t seen baejin for so long despite being so attached to him bc you’re so busy but the moment he appears on the screen again you’re so overwhelmed bc wtHECK you love this boy
  • you’re so happy watching them at their debut showcon
  • and you’re like wow i’m gonna be this boy’s fan forever he’s so talented and amazing and handsome and funny etc etc etc the list goes on 4ever
  • but as you’re thinking that there’s the other thought creeping into your mind again and you’re troubled
  • you think about it for a while
  • and decide that the only way to understand it is if you could meet him
  • which is nearly impossible because he’s a fricking superstar
  • but,,, they’re having their first fansign soon and although you don’t have enough money to like buy hundreds of albums to guarantee yourself a spot in it
  • you decide that maybe you could apply with just one album
  • if you got in, then it was the universe trying to make something happen
  • sounds kinda stupid and highly unlikely even to you but you have nothing to lose so you buy that album
  • ((you get daehwi’s photocard lmao))
  • when the announcement for who got in is up you’re super anxious and you open the website and ???!!!!!
  • !?!?!!??!
  • your name is there??!!
  • you have to rub your eyes and squint a little to make sure that you’re not hallucinating but yes, your name is right there
  • you are overwhelmed to say the least
  • like you had no idea what to make of this because??? you literally bought ONE album?????? this has to be a joke
  • you know you should be grateful and thanking the lords for the miracle because that’s what this was - a damn miracle
  • and beyond that you’d never actually expected to make it this far but now that you’re here you have no idea what to do next
  • like you’re Actually gonna be meeting baejin (at the back of ur mind you’re kinda feeling lightheaded at the thought of daniel up close but mmm yeah)
  • and you want time to slow down so you can slowly plan everything out but of course not
  • time moves the fastest when you want it to pause
  • so when the day comes you spend like 3 whole hours getting ready with the help of your friends who are screaming at you because they can’t believe your luck
  • you don’t dare to tell them the actual reason behind why you applied bc you’re embarrassed lol
  • but anyways everything else passes in a blur and before you know it you’re inside the tiny fansign venue and the 11 members are right there in front of you
  • you purposely avoid looking at baejin bc it makes you super anxious and you’re afraid to do it but you do get a little distracted from your original intentions by the other members lol
  • after all you were a fan of them all
  • soon you’re queuing up to go talk to them and baejin is towards the middle of the members
  • you don’t even remember what you talked about with the first few members but once you get to baejin
  • and look at him
  • and he looks up at you and says hi?
  • you
  • are
  • floored
  • for a fleeting second you wonder if this was the feeling of being starstruck
  • but you look at him and..,,
  • why does he look starstruck too
  • “hi! what’s your name?”
  • he manages out after a second but his voice is kinda shaky and his wide eyes stay on yours
  • and you try to reply him but you can’t because your voice has run away
  • and after a second he just puts down the marker and looks at you with his eyes full of so many different emotions
  • and as cliched as it sounds, in that moment you know
  • after a few moments of silence you somehow manage to choke out your name
  • and baejin somehow manages to write it out and sign your album
  • just as he finishes signing and opens his mouth as if to finally say something, the security behind him looks over and gestures for you to move on to the next member
  • and your mind is telling your feet to move but somehow you stay rooted to the spot looking at baejin who looks like he has so many things to say
  • but in the end the security ends up asking you to move again and this time you do
  • you can’t say anything to the rest of the members because you are sooo conflicted like first of all??? baejin
  • second of all?? was this the end? you hadn’t even managed to say anything to him
  • so the rest of the time is a daze and the reality only hits you when you’re back at your seat
  • and you see him looking at your direction several times
  • you’re panicking though because you’ve missed your only chance to talk to him so how is anything gonna work out after this?
  • but suddenly you remember what your mother always told you about these things
  • if it’s meant to happen, it’ll happen. the universe will find a way to make it happen
  • surely enough, when the fansign wraps up and everyone leaves
  • you’ve just stepped out of the door when a burly big man comes towards you
  • “excuse me, is this y/n?”
  • one second you’re lowkey scared but you nod anyway
  • “i’m sorry, could you come back in for a second? bae jinyoung asked for you. i believe it’s something important”

drop me an ask or message me to tell me what u think! thank uuuu for reading <3

ps requests are open

Sour Cherry
The Kills
Sour Cherry

Made my blood thump 7-8-9.
Make my heart beat double time
Now I’m only sour cherry on the fruit stand, right?
Am I the only sour cherry on the fruit stand?

Shout when you wanna get off the ride
Shout when you wanna get off the ride
‘cos it crossed my mind
It crossed my mind
I’m a penny in a diamond mine
We could be movers,
We could be shakers
If we could just shake something out of the blue
and get off the ride

episode7ofyoi  asked:

RFA + Sae-Sae and V headcanon reacting to a deaf MC? You don't have to do it if it's too hard!


  • Zen noticed that there some things were a bit off in your typing
  • Sometimes you would miss an article or two in a sentence
  • It wasn’t your fault though
  • In sign language, there were no articles
  • Another thing that confused him was that you never answered his calls
  • But you always responded to his texts??
  • What was up with that?
  • He just figured you didn’t like talking to people over the phone
  • One time he asked you about it over private chat and you told him that you were deaf
  • And boi was he shook
  • Not because he was put off by it
  • Nothing like that could make him not want to talk to you
  • But he had never met a deaf person before
  • And he didn’t want you to feel bad if you couldn’t really talk face to face
  • So, he tried his best to learn sign language to talk to you
  • He was a little clumsy at first
  • With practice, though, he was able to get out a few full sentences
  • Bless YouTube TBH
  • So, the first time you met in person he was able to say a few things to you in sign language for the first time
  • As soon as he said to you in sign language, “Hello, (MC).” he couldn’t even get though “Nice to meet you.” before you gasped and hugged him
  • You were about to cry; your eyes were tearing up
  • It was just so nice of him to do that for you
  • You didn’t expect anyone, especially someone as busy as him, to even think of doing something like that all just to make things easier for you
  • Thinking you wouldn’t be able to talk to him you brought a pad of paper and a pen to talk
  • And, while you did have to use that a lot, your heart melted because of his effort to be able to talk to you in your language
  • You two would hang out at each other’s houses every so often and you would help him learn more
  • Sometimes he would make blunders and you would have to correct his hands
  • You could see that every time you did that it would make him blush ever so slightly
  • He had no idea how much your heart was racing
  • One time you tried to tell him to change his facial expression
  • He didn’t understand you
  • So you carefully adjusted the corners of his mouth until they formed a smile
  • Once you did that, his smile dropped almost immediately and you tried to adjust it again but he caught your hands in his
  • Looking at him with a confused expression you tried to ask him what was wrong but he cut you off
  • Looking into your eyes he signed, “Can I kiss you?”
  • Perfectly might I add
  • You were at a loss for words and all you could do was nod your head
  • Almost instantly he responded, crashing his lips into yours and embracing you
  • Every time your lips parted you took in breaths that were almost immediately taken away again
  • When the kiss ended, you grabbed a paper and wrote on it, “How long have you been practicing that for?” to which he responded,
  • Longer than you know.”


  • Yoosung was over the moon that he had someone new to talk to
  • Someone who wouldn’t tease him endlessly like everyone else
  • You talked so often that it would get to be 3AM and he would realize he had an 8AM class in a few hours, so he would have to say good night
  • He would probably have to pour a red bull or two into his coffee in the morning
  • After talking for a few months, you two had started to talk about meeting up
  • It’s not that you didn’t want to
  • You absolutely did!
  • But you didn’t know how he would react when he found out that you couldn’t talk
  • Or more importantly, that you couldn’t hear
  • The thought that maybe he wouldn’t want to talk anymore when he found out made your stomach churn
  • Never did you even consider that he might be that sort of person
  • But there was always that tiny thought in the back of your mind
  • Sometimes, people just changed once they were faced with a challenge
  • Yoosung also just seemed so excited to meet you in person
  • You didn’t want to be the one to burst his bubble
  • Like an elephant in the room, it had to be addressed, though
  • You could only imagine how he would feel if you two met up and he was completely clueless to everything that was going on
  • Having experienced that enough in your own lifetime, you couldn’t do that to him
  • That’s why you learned to read lips, after all
  • You were tired of not knowing what was happening in the world around you
  • The next time you talked, you resolved that you would talk about it with him
  • It turns out, that time would only be a few hours away
  • You were nervous out of your mind
  • It almost felt like you could barely breathe
  • How would he react?
  • When he texted you, you let him go on about his day
  • How school turned out, the newest item how got in his favorite game, what he ate for breakfast and lunch, the works
  • Then, he brought up meeting in person again, wanting to plan it out better, see what you could do and where you guys wanted to go
  • Hesitatingly, you said that you had to tell him something
  • It took him a few minutes to text back, but he inquired with a little concern; you could tell from his choice of words
  • Better late than never, you thought, typing out what should’ve been said a long time ago
  • “I’m deaf.” You wrote to him
  • He texted back immediately, “Why didn’t you tell me?”
  • Was he mad? Did he think you didn’t trust him? Did he not want to talk any more?
  • You started to type out a long-winded apology but he wrote again before you could send it
  • “All this time I’ve been looking for a movie to go see but now I know I need to find one with subtitles for you~” He said with his signature smiling emote
  • You tried as you might, but you couldn’t help letting the laugh you were trying to suppress bubble from your chest, even if you didn’t know how it sounded
  • When the time came to meet up, you arrived with a notebook tucked under your arm and a pen tucked in your ponytail
  • You looked around for Yoosung and it took a while, but eventually you found him with his nose stuck in a book
  • A textbook to be precise
  • A textbook on sign language



  • He never really suspected anything leading to you not being able to hear
  • He just figured you were busy as well, articles missing and all
  • Never putting much thought into it, when you asked him to video call instead of voice call, he wondered why
  • Complying anyways, he understood when you didn’t start to talk
  • Instead you held up a paper that had a few words written on it
  • The paper read “Hello Jumin~^^ I need to tell you something.”
  • You flipped the paper to show another. “I’m deaf.
  • It took a lot to shock him however
  • And we already know that he’s learned many languages to get by during his business ventures
  • So why not sign language, too?
  • That being said, he didn’t know much, just enough for simple introductions and most of his vocabulary was business related
  • When you moved in to his penthouse, you noticed that there were mirrors in almost every room
  • You never questioned it
  • Just thinking it was a rich person thing, you brushed it off as such
  • But Jumin actually did that for you
  • He knew very well that to tell that someone was coming towards you when you were turned around that most people relied on their sense of sound
  • But knowing you didn’t have that, he understood how he might end up scaring you unintentionally more often than not
  • Most people would think that Jumin is cold and unfeeling, but the opposite is true
  • You noticed how much his sign language had improved between the first time you used video chat and the first time you met in person
  • When you asked about it, he told you that he took classes and studied on his own
  • He just wanted you to feel comfortable with him
  • He wanted to be able to communicate with him in the language you knew best
  • Some people would criticize him for having a girlfriend who was ‘handicapped’ and he tried his best to shield you from that
  • Even though, sometimes, it didn’t go all that well
  • Especially at parties
  • You saw the looks you got from others
  • Like the mere thought of one of the most powerful men being with someone that was deaf was ridiculous
  • Having rough knowledge of reading lips you caught words here and there
  • Words like “not good enough”, “he’s crazy” and “stupid”
  • When you told him everything you’d seen he’d pull you in close and then sign to you one of the first things you told him how to say, “I love you
  • He would go on to say that the opposite of what they had said was true
  • He was in fact not good enough for you
  • You had such a pure heart and such good intentions
  • Plus, Elizabeth the 3rd loved you so you had to be a good person


  • He already knew you were deaf, having already done a background check on you
  • What you didn’t know is that this boy was fluent, or as fluent as a hearing person without knowledge of the Deaf community could be, in sign language
  • He used it with Saeran when he was too anxious or overwhelmed to talk
  • When their mom would abuse and speak cruelly to Saeran and Saeyoung, reducing them to nothing
  • Saeran would get so shocked and scared that he wouldn’t be able to talk
  • Plus, gave them a way to talk without their mother yelling at them to be quiet
  • So, when you met for the first time he signed to you his reason for being there, to protect you while the bomb situation was taken care of
  • But that’s it
  • You were surprised that he knew sign language but he never really signed to you unless it was something vital for you to know
  • That didn’t mean that he didn’t voice his true feelings for you aloud when he knew that you couldn’t read his lips either
  • He felt bad that he was kinda using your deafness to his advantage
  • But it was a way for him to vent his frustrations to no one and you didn’t have to concern yourself with them
  • Once the elephant in the room, known as Saeyoung’s feelings for you, was addressed, things were a lot more easygoing between you guys
  • He realized that he could go days without speaking a word aloud since everyone at home spoke sign language
  • Not that Saeran minded
  • It was easier for him to voice his feelings in sign language since it was pretty much his prime way of talking since he was young
  • And he enjoyed hearing the absence of Saeyoung’s voice even more
  • Something that really surprised Saeyoung was how much you loved music
  • You had almost a sixth sense for what style of music was playing, provided you could feel the vibration
  • You listened to a lot of music with a heavy bass mostly
  • Which meant that there was a lot of heavy rap music playing in the house
  • Not that Saeyoung minded
  • He actually found it pretty hilarious
  • You were so sweet and innocent looking
  • But at home you were constantly blaring heavy metal and rap music
  • Being the only member of the RFA that was as fluent in sign language as you were, he was pretty much your interpreter
  • Sometimes he would speak verbally to everyone else in the group but sign silently when it came to addressing and talking to you
  • He had to be reminded on several occasions that he wasn’t speaking orally
  • This lead to the rest of the RFA members picking up sign language
  • Of course, they weren’t as able to learn it due to their busy lives and work but they tried and made the effort to do so
  • And that’s all that mattered to you
  • He would totally use sign language to talk trash about people that they passed on the street or in the store
  • Mostly judging their sense of style or something along those lines
  • He would also tell the corniest jokes and puns, some of which didn’t translate the easiest
  • But that was besides the fact.
  • You often ended up being easily scared by him because he would forget that you couldn’t hear him walk up.
  • That lead to several mirrors being installed
  • As well as devices to help you see when someone was ringing the doorbell, calling the phone, and things of that nature
  • You really appreciated his gesture and his actions
  • But he would never truly know how much
  • You never wanted him to go this all out for you, but that didn’t mean that it wasn’t nice to have
  • It sure made your life a lot easier being able to visually see things that were usually heard

V (Spoiler Free! Don’t worry bbys I gotchu)

  • Seven had told him you were deaf
  • And he knew that it was going to be hard to talk to you
  • Considering, ya know,
  • He couldn’t see
  • But that didn’t mean he didn’t try
  • You wouldn’t believe how hard this precious boy tried
  • He had never gotten surgery because he believed that he shouldn’t be allowed to move on from Rika
  • That the blindness was what he deserved for what he did
  • My poor bby no you didn’t do anything wrong ;0;
  • But you kept encouraging him through text messages that he wasn’t in the wrong
  • Text-to-Speech was a blessing for him
  • And that Rika had problems that she didn’t want to help
  • You promised him that he couldn’t have done anything to prevent it
  • Rika was simply just beyond help
  • And she didn’t accept any help to begin with
  • So, within time, he moved on
  • If not for his own benefit, for you
  • Because he couldn’t stand not being able to see you and talk to you
  • He vowed that he would learn your language as soon as he could
  • Jumin actually picked you up once V was already in surgery
  • And you waited for him to be cleared to visit
  • He waited until you were there to be able to take off his bandages
  • You were the first thing he wanted to see
  • Jumin felt a little betrayed but whatever
  • And when he saw you for the first time he was speechless
  • And he tried to talk to you before he realized you couldn’t hear him
  • You could read lips moderately well, so you understood most of what he was saying but he had to look to Jumin for help on this one
  • So he served as your interpreter using his limited knowledge of sign language that he used for business
  • From then on, though, he tried his best to learn sign language for you
  • Even just something here and there, a sign or a word or anything
  • He tried his best because he knew that his doing that would help you
  • Because he couldn’t help Rika when she needed it
  • Eventually he was pretty fluent
  • Sometimes, though, he would forget that you couldn’t hear him when he was walking around the house
  • So he would think you were ignoring him
  • And this pure boy would panic wondering what he did wrong
  • And then it would hit him
  • He loved to take photos of you when you least expected it
  • Especially because it had been so long since he was able to properly photograph
  • Well
  • Anything
  • So he would often catch you when you were staring off into space
  • Or even when you were talking to him
  • Sometimes he would catch you signing to yourself because
  • hey,
  • Deaf people talk to themselves too
  • And he wanted to capture every minute of it


  • He didn’t care that you were deaf
  • Not in an, “I’m rude and I don’t care” kind of way
  • In a way that he didn’t see you any differently because of it.
  • And due to his past, he already knew sign language
  • In most cases, he actually preferred to talk to you in sign language
  • It felt like talking could just be a bit too much effort sometimes so he didn’t mind
  • More often than not, it was quiet in the house
  • Which was a blessing to Saeran’s ears
  • Everyone spoke sign language so no one really needed to talk
  • Unless Vanderwood was there
  • But he didn’t really care much either way
  • Sometimes he would be having a bad day and one of you would ask him what was wrong and he would be so frustrated because sometimes it was just everything and nothing at once
  • And the only way he could fully express himself was in sign language
  • One day, he realized he loved you and how thankful he was to you
  • So one day when there was no one but you two home
  • Which was rare since Saeyoung never freaking leaves the house
  • He went to his room and practiced telling you in sign and verbally.
  • He wanted you to know just how much you meant to him
  • But it wasn’t a cheesy ‘you saw him the whole time’ kind of thing
  • When the time came down to it he wasn’t able to say it
  • And he seemed off
  • You saw how mad he was at himself but it was so hard to figure out why
  • So he excused himself, fuming
  • You felt bad for doing so but you followed him
  • Mostly because you were concerned for him
  • What could’ve caused him to be this mad?
  • You saw that he went into another room and just ranted aloud to himself signing ever few words or so
  • You guessed it became instinct or second nature for him at this point
  • And thanks to that, and small instances when you could see his face, though from odd angles, you got the gist of what he was saying
  • Though just barely
  • So you approached him, placing one hand on his shoulder
  • “Do you really feel like that?” You asked him
  • His first instinct was to deny that he had said anything at all
  • But he knew it would’ve hurt you and that was the last thing he wanted to do
  • So he replied with a simple ‘yes’
  • You could tell he was shutting down
  • Well, the “I” was right next to the “U” so I made that mistake once
  • Do with that information what you will
  • So you forced him to look you in the eyes as you signed to him
  • “I do too. I love you so much. You have no idea”

anonymous asked:

hello dear person! how about an hc for rfa +v+saeran+vanderwood with an always exhausted mc? they are always yelled at for 'being lazy' but they notice after mc explains that mc is actually tired. but weirdly, all tests always come normal :) thank you! ~love, sugar anon

hey, sugar anon! Sorry for taking so long with your requests(⌣̩̩́_⌣̩̩̀) but thanks a bunch for being patient!

hope you like it💛 [its,,,kinda short,,,]


  • he probably noticed mc’s slightly laziness right away
  • it was impossible to get them to work out with him
  • he even pulled the puppy dog eyes and everything
  • “but zenny..I’m too tired..” 
  • dang, can’t argue with that. not with that look 
  • so he lets it go for a bit
  • until even his director kind of started complaining about mc’s laziness
  • now he really has to ask them about it
  • mc explains that they’re actually tired. They really want to do things, but,,,
  • so now zen pays extra attention to them(even i didn’t think that was possible)
  • and he notices that mc is actually..really tired all the time
  • but is it a problem? nope! he’ll gladly carry them!
  • bridal style, piggy back, over the shoulder
  • he thinks its cute omg
  • “I’ll be your chariot, sweet pea!” 


  • they have lazy days quite often
  • but even when yoosung really wants to go somewhere, mc is so tired
  • and they feel bad cause it makes him sad, but they cant help it
  • so they tell him before it gets out of hand
  • he’s a little confused, so he starts observing
  • and they really do look tired all the time
  • it makes him a bit sad tbh
  • soooo he tries his best to keep them awake! and moving!!
  • doesn’t mind the yawning at all
  • defends them from anyone who calls them “lazy”
  • they work real hard when they work, so its fine to be lazy!!
  • and tired!!


  • somehow even coffee cant keep mc from being tired
  • and jaehee is kind of confused??
  • mc please dont yawn at a customer;;
  • they have to have a talk about it, but jaehee understands
  • she knows they aren’t lazy, they run a cafe together 
  • mc doesnt run the cash register now thank
  • also because of this - jaehee gets to take naps
  • mc literally forces her to
  • at first, she kinda just lays there with them
  • but then she starts actually sleeping
  • power naps!
  • for a power couple!


  • jumin han? take naps?
  • its more likely than you think
  • because mc makes him too
  • any one of his staff calls mc ‘lazy’ and they are Gone 
  • but really, mc always helps behind the scenes
  • so what if they’re tired
  • does not really like when mc yawns in business meeting though
  • but they’re easily forgiven
  • jumin doesnt usually take naps
  • but mc claims they sleep better with his cuddles 
  • so he lays down with them 
  • and sometimes he drifts off too
  • these naps really help him ease stress
  • so he’s kind of grateful  

707 / luciel / saeyoung

  • honestly same? 
  • he’s always tired too, but he powers through
  • and so does mc
  • no one knows how they’re awake, please let them sleep
  • for more than 5 minutes, thank you
  • oh no the amount of PhD Pepper they consume
  • no one calls them lazy though because they know how hard they work
  • when they do fall asleep, its in weird positions
  • like, they’re sitting on top of each other at 7′s computer
  • or they’re tangled up on the couch
  • honestly who knows how they sleep comfortably

v / jihyun

  • thinks its pretty funny tbh
  • doesnt call mc lazy at all 
  • but like, finds their yawn adorable
  • can’t carry them, but they’ll make it work
  • since v travels a lot, there’s a lot of opportunities for airplane naps!
  • mc lays on v’s shoulder and v just smiles and kisses their head
  • they’re so enthusiastic one second and the next they’re yawning lol
  • but v understands and doesn’t mind
  • it just means extra naps!
  • which also means cuddling and he is Down


  • this one doesn’t mind just laying in bed all day
  • and they barely go out so he doesn’t notice at first
  • until mc keeps yawning - even when they were just going to the kitchen for a snack
  • doesnt mind it at all
  • takes them by their hand and drags them around when they do go out
  • or just around the house tbh 
  • they have more lazy days and naps than saeran expects
  • but he really likes cuddling with mc so its ok
  • they just,, are wrapped in blankets and saeran doesn’t mind playing with their hair
  • both of them end up falling asleep like this
  • too many times to count, actually
  • but they’re cute


  • oh, vanderwood noticed. 
  • sometimes it was a bit annoying
  • “we got things to do, mc!” 
  • but mc is,,so tired
  • vanderwood starts to think its a problem
  • so they sit down and discuss
  • mc tells them that they’re just,,,So Tired. 
  • “is it, like? a sleep problem?” vandy asks
  • “no, nothing’s wrong with me, I’m just..low on energy.”
  • “all the time?” “yeah”
  • “is there anything that helps get you motivated??” 
  • mc shakes their head
  • vanderwood sighs
  • there are a lot of piggyback rides after this
  • vanderwood learns to like it
  • especially when mc kisses the back of their ear

melantha91  asked:

Have you seen the theories about the color of Evak's shirts in S3. They wear white when things are good but black when things aren't. Well in the last clip they were both still wearing white but Even had a black (what I thought looked like denim) jacket. Could this mean that things are about to be bad again for Even???

Hey lovely, I don’t really think I believe this theory

although this might have applied for season 3, 

this is now Sana’s season

and I think the meaning behind black and white is different now. 

during the first few episodes of season 4 Sana wore black, but with white underneath, or grey or orange or something…almost like a more balanced wardrobe and what everyone around her wore was pretty balanced to I believe

but then episode 5 happened 

when we see Sana again in the first clip of episode 6 Sana is wearing head to toe black while everyone around her are dressed in white

Pepsi Max


Girl Squad

Boy Squad

and then when Sana is home, it’s the opposite, 

majority is in dark colours while Yousef stands out in white.

So I feel like evak being in white isn’t an evak thing, it is a Sana POV thing

The girl has gone from trying to be in two worlds at the same time, to losing faih in being able to be a part of that world 

so now she is segregating the two in her mind

it is like her own dichotomy happening in her head

she’s lost faith in the two worlds coinciding together so now all she can see is US vs. THEM

so because Yousef isn’t muslim, he is the one who stands out in Sana’s world 

and because Sana is the only one muslim when she went to school, she was the one who stood out in that world. 

She’s decided the worlds can’t mix after all so her POV right now can only see how they obviously don’t fit in anymore. 

it’s so sad but it reflects how Sana feels right now

she is no longer standing in doorways and walking through different worlds….

she is staying inside hers and trying to keep them out of her world. 

it’s really devastating :( 

‘I feel like i’m out of my mind’ E.D

Request: Yes

SummaryThe reader and Ethan are at an all time low with their relationship, constantly fighting, their relationship going nowhere. The reader has constant flashbacks of their happier memories, which always ends in a new argument but this time she’s had enough.

Warnings: Suicide and Language

Word Count: 2,178

Ethan Dolan x Reader

A/N: THIS IS PART 2 OF ‘Why aren’t you dead yet?’ This imagine is kind of based off 1-800-273-8255 By Logic ft. Alessia Cara and Khalid

I’ve been on the low
I been taking my time
I feel like I’m out of my mind
It feel like my life ain’t mine
Who can relate?

I sobbed into my hands, my body shaking, and no one is here to help me. It’s been the worst five fucking months of my life. The worst decision I ever made was letting the love of my life just walk out of the door, I should’ve stopped him. I miss him so much, at the time I didn’t realize how much I needed him but now, it shines in my face brighter than ever. 

I stood up, my body aching. I walked to the bathroom with my head hung low. I shut the door behind me, locking it. I looked at myself in the mirror; my cheeks hollow, bags under my eyes, my face paler than ever, my eyes dull. I opened a drawer, pulling out the one thing who has been my best friend. I sobbed out, sliding the cold razor against my skin, blood slowly oozing out. One after another, cuts were lined up on my arm, scars already forming and some getting reopened. 

I dropped the razor in the decorated sink, my vision slowly going in and out. 

“Ethan..”I whispered before falling into a deep sleep.


I pulled into the driveway I once called my home but now, it’s just another memory, a great one actually. I turned off the ignition, thinking twice about going in there. I had extra clothes here that I had to get but I just wish Grayson could’ve got them besides me. What can I say, I moved on. 

I opened the car door, locking the door behind me. I walked up the stairs, knocking on the door - no answer. I scrunched my eyebrows, knocking once more but still getting no answer. I pushed one of her plants over, grabbing the key from the concrete. I unlocked the door, taking a deep breath in. 

“Y/n?” I yelled out, shutting the door behind me but receiving no answer. “Weird.” I mumbled dropping my keys on the table. 

I walked into the living room, not seeing her in there but the tv was on. I walked down the hallway, glancing over at the bathroom door, the light was glowing in the dark hallway. I knocked on the door, not hearing anything once again. 

“Y/n?” I jiggled the doorknob, locked. “Dammit, y/n are you okay?” 

Still no answer. I breathed out, taking a couple of steps out, throwing myself against the door. 

There she was, blood covering the floor.

“No, no, no.” I yelled.

I grabbed a towel, wrapping her delicate wrist. I grabbed her phone off the counter, dialing 911.

“911, what’s your emergency?”

“M-My friend harmed herself and sh-she’s passed on the floor.” I applied pressure to her wrist, afraid I could break them.

“What’s your address sir?” 

I quickly told the lady my address, hanging up on her afterwards. 


My head shot up, looking over my shoulder to the hallway.

“Y/f/n we’re in the bathroom!” I looked back down at y/n, her body was different. 

“Wha- Oh my god!” She dropped down beside me, covering her mouth with her hands. “What happened Ethan?!” She screamed.

“I-I don’t know! I came to g-get clothes and she was here.” I sobbed. 

Y/f/n grabbed her wrist from me, dabbing the blood before wrapping a new towel around her wrist. I stood up, my fingers getting tangled in my hair. Tears were falling down my face. I can’t believe she was in this state of mind. She was so happy. I walked out the bathroom, opening the front door, waiting for the ambulance to arrive. 


I slowly opened my eyes, getting blinded by the light pouring into my room. I rubbed my eyes, scrunching my nose at how heavy my arm was. I looked over and saw machines hooked up to me. 

“What the?” I mumbled looking over seeing y/f/n sleeping in the chair beside me. 

“Y/f/n.” I went to go shake her but pain shot up my arm making me wince. 

Memories of the other night flooded my thoughts. Tears started falling down my face.

“Why me?” I cried.

The sound of the door opening made my head shoot up, my heart dropping. Ethan looked over at me, immediately looking back down. I felt embarrassed and stupid and just completely lost. 

“Why’d you do it?” He croaked out. 

“Do what?” Because of you. 

“You know what I’m talking about, y/n.” 

I looked up, his eyes were staring right at me. I just shook my head, I didn’t have the balls to tell him. How would he react if I told him that I’ve been suicidal ever since out breakup? He’d hate himself even more. He hasn’t even spoken to me the whole five months that we’ve separated. I thought maybe one of us would cave in but obviously not. 

What’s the point of telling him? Why has everyone literally abandoned me and just randomly decided to show up? What’s the point? I need a sign or I might just give up. These past couple of months has made me realize how much I needed Ethan in my life, just being alive in general hurts too much. Why can’t God or someone give me a sign? Just one simple sign. 

“Nice to see you’re finally awake.” I looked up and saw my doctor who smiled at me. 

“I guess.” I whispered, my hands becoming more interesting. 

“Now, we have a counselor coming to talk to you at three, is that okay with you?” 

“I don’t need anyone to talk to.” I snapped.

“What?!” Ethan yelled, making me jump. “You almost fucking died, y/n! You fucking cut yourself so fucking deep! You obviously did it for a fucking reason! You need someone to talk to before you actually commit-”

“Sir, you need to leave.” The doctor grabbed Ethan by his shoulders, leading him out the door.

“Think about others before yourself y/n.” He snapped before the doctor closed the door. 

I heard y/f/n yawn, making my heart slow down a little bit. 

“Miss.y/l/n, you really need to take this counseling into consideration.” 

“Fine, whatever.”

He wrote down on his clipboard, telling me that the counselor would be here in a couple of hours. I rubbed my face, letting out a huge sigh. 

I don’t wanna be alive
I don’t wanna be alive
I just wanna die
And let me tell you why

“So, y/n, can you exactly tell me why you chose to harm yourself?” 

This girl has been talking to me for over an hour, trying to get shit from me but I honestly don’t want to tell her anything, it’s none of her business. 

“I just,” I breathed out, rubbing my temples, “this is so fucking stupid. Why do I have to talk to you? It’s complete bullshit.” I glared at her, earning a low sigh. 

“You almost died from harming yourself. We have all the rights in the world to ask and you agreed to tell me so, the quicker you tell me the quicker i’m out of here.”

“It happened five months ago. My boyfriend of three years was abusing alcohol, verbally abusing me, assuming I was cheating, just being plain awful.”

“You’re just going out and being a fucking slut!” Every word that left his mouth was a complete slur.

“Ethan you don’t know what the hell you’re talking about!” I screamed back.

“You’re friend fucking told me that you went to dinner with another guy while I was busy filming with Grayson, how fucking rude of you.” 

“My friend’s don’t even talk to you!” 

“Fuck you!” He threw the beer bottle at the wall behind me, barely missing my head. 

I wiped the tears off my cheeks, the lady handing me a few tissues. 

“He would always come to my apartment sober, saying that he missed me and that he was alone and after he got sex he would, he would get drunk and I-I would have to take care of him like nothing happened.”

“Do you think your relationship drove him into drinking?”

“I mean, I didn’t think I did anything to trigger that.”

“You’re so fucking annoying. Just leave me alone.” Ethan pushed me away, motioning me to leave the editing room. 

“Fuck you.” I whispered, slamming the door behind me.

“Do you think there were other things that stressed him out?”

I nodded my head, wiping underneath my eyes. 

“He’s famous. He always had something to do and when we had something planned for our relationship he would always be grumpy or he would simply forget about our plans and promise me that he would make them up but he never did.” 

“Do you think the fame got to his head, maybe letting the stress come out onto you?” 

“Of course.”

“Has he physically abused you?”

“No, I don’t think he could even get his drunk self to abuse me.”

“So, what made you harm yourself?”

“Him. Because of him I loved to hard, because of him I finally saw myself happy. Because of him I realized that not everything can last. I learned that being happy doesn’t mean anything. Because of him I realized how beautiful I was. Because of him I truly realized how worthless I was. Because of him I learned that my self confidence wasn’t as high as I thought it was. Because of him I learned that loving someone more than yourself is a price you’ll have to take if you truly want them and I truly loved Ethan.”

I bit my lip, sobbing into my tissue. 

“What made you think that harming yourself was the answer?” She whispered.

“I just wanted to die and I’ll tell you why. I felt that a piece of me was gone the day he walked out. He kissed me, but I couldn’t kiss back. At the time I thought it was the most beautiful decision I ever made because I was getting away from the alcohol. When I watched him walk out and not return until five months later where he so happened to find me passed out on the floor with blood surrounding me.”

I waited as she finished writing on her clipboard, my heart racing when she sat the board down on my bed. 

“Sweetie, you are absolutely beautiful, but I want you to talk to him. You need to know what happened in your relationship that both drove you to a point where yo both didn’t care.”

“What if I’m scared to talk to him?” I whispered biting my fingernail. 

“Don’t be scared. You have a nurse button by your bed, they’ll arrive and take him out if you get scared. I’ll bring him in.”

I just nodded my head, my eyes never leaving the white duvet that covered my body. I heard the door open, then slowly shutting. 

“Hey..” I looked up, immediately looking back down. “You need to talk to me, y/n.”

“What is there to talk about? I harmed myself, I’m here, and you awkwardly found me passed out. There’s nothing else to talk about.” 

I immediately regretted my decision on allowing him to come in here to talk. I wasn’t in the mood to argue at all. 

“I still love you, y/n.”

My head shot up, locking eyes with the brown headed boy I used to love. My heart was beating so fast, my eyes beginning to water. 

“No, no you don’t. You can’t stand there and tell me you love me when you didn’t even come back to talk about what happened. I needed you Ethan and you weren’t there.” 

Ethan walked over to my bed, taking a seat down beside me, wrapping my fragile hands into his large ones. 

“I know but i’m here now. You don’t understand how much it hurt me when I saw you lying there, lifeless, with blood surrounding your fragile body. How long have you been cutting?” 

“Three months.” I whispered, a tear dropping down onto his hand. 

They say every life precious but nobody care about mine

“You never came back Ethan! I sat there, wondering if I was ever going to get a text. I didn’t care if you were to busy to come see me, I just wanted a text knowing that you were sorry. I sat there, my thoughts taking over my head. I haven’t ate in so long because I couldn’t pull myself into eating, I just didn’t have the strength to get out of bed and eat. All I wanted was you there to run your fingers through my hair and tell me everything was going to be ok but you weren’t there. It’s like no one cared that I was slowly falling apart. Y/f/n came every so often but never stayed long enough to know that I was slowly giving up. Now, i’m in here, spilling my guts out to someone who could give two shits, i’m hooked up, have eyes on me 24/7, it’s fucking ridiculous. All because you didn’t care.”

Ethan didn’t say anything, making me scoff.

“Exactly what I thought, just leave.” 

“I’m not leaving you again.” He mumbled. 

“What’s gonna happen?”

“You could end up killing yourself.”

“I don’t want to be alive.”

Serpent | Sweet pea imagine

Request: Can you do a Sweet Pea imagine wherein the reader is going through the final test of being a serpent, and SP had to throw in the punches? (Ends in smut pls)

A/N: I didn’t end it with smut cause it seemed weir to me as the reader would proabbly be very hurt after the beating process. I hope you don’t mind

It was the day of your last task, finally. You had been looking forward for this day for years, your parents were serpents and so were your siblings. You wanted to keep the family tradition going so when the time was right, you joined.

You had completed the first tasks with ease, you loved dogs and you’d known the serpent rules by heart since you were a little girl. The knife grabbing was a little scarier but you had done it and now it was time for the last task. You weren’t excited for it cause you knew what happened.

Your friends had prepared you for it already, Toni and Fangs had told you all about their initiations and had tried to scare you. You had laughed it off but it had kind off scared you. Sweet pea had assured you it wasn’t that bad and that the reward would be great, it had calmed you a little, becoming a serpent is all you’ve ever wanted anyway.

You were sitting in front of Sweet pea the afternoon of the last task, it would happen tonight and your boyfriend wanted to walk you through it one more time. ‘’Tall boy has assigned me to deliver the last punch’’ You looked at him in shock ‘’You’re going to deliver the worst punch?’’ He rubbed your back to comfort  you ‘’I’m sorry babe but Tall boy ordered I can’t jsut say no’’ You understood, Sweet pea wanted to become leader of the serpents one day so he wanted to do everythnig right and obliged to every request.

‘’I just don’t like the idea of you punching me into my face’’ He pulled you into his chest ‘’Me neither baby but you’ll get your jacket afterwards and you’ll be officially a serpent, and i’ll promise to kiss it better’’ You chuckled and kissed him ‘’You have to it’s kind of your duty as boyfriend’’ He laughed. You were nervous but you knew it had to happen, you were loyal to the serpents and if you needed to shot it this way than you would.

It was the night time. You were surrounded by your serpent friends, neither of them wanted to hurt you but it was part of the initiation and everyone had to go through it. You took a deep breath and nodded, signaling that you were ready. Someone threw the first punch and it started, you were getting beaten left and right. And it hurt.

You hit the ground after a few punches. You coughed a few times, took another seep breath and rose again. You faced your boyfriend, he looked at you with sympathy, he hated seeing this and if he could he would’ve stayed home and patched you up after but being a serpent meant having to do things you didn’t like. He knew you were tough and would make it through easily but it made him upset to see you get hurt and him having to hurt you made his stomach turn. ‘’Do it, finish it’’ He closed his eye and swung. He hit you hard.

You fell to the ground, you were bruised and bleeding and you felt awful. It took a lot of strenght for you to stand up again but you did. Sweet pea looked at you proudly and you smiled at him through the pain. Toni stepped up from behind him holding a serpent jacket ‘’Welcome to the serpents babe’’ You thanked Toni for the jacket and put it on. It made you feel stronger already. You were filled with pride and happiness. You were finally a serpent. You made it!

Sweet pea took you back to his trailer and took care of you. ‘’I’m so sorry again babe, I never wanted to hurt you’’ you nodded understandingly ‘’I know sweets and it’s fine. You did what you had to do’’ He patched you up and grinned ‘’So where are you going to place your tattoo?’’ You hadn’t even thought of that yet, a new wave of excitement filling you. The famous serpent tattoo that your boyfriend had on his neck. ‘’Maybe my wrist or my ribcage’’ ‘’No matter where you get it, I’ll be kissing that snake a lot’’ You laughed and kissed him ‘’Ouch my lip’’ you had forgotten all about your injuries. He chuckled. You fell asleep in his arms that night, never taking of your proudly earned serpent jacket.