So, last night, I was casually driving and minding my own business when – in the middle of the road – I see some debris. (In)Conveniently, this debris was right in front of a stop sign. I casually dodge it, then realizing what I’d seen, throw it in park and jump out. Laying there was this knife.

Now, I’m well aware that this was probably a discarded murder weapon, but the magpie in me said: Now it’s YOUR discarded murder weapon.

And there it is. Oiled, sharpened and basking.

why cant they just let ziams alone? im here, minding my own business… if you hate us so much, our opinion shouldnt be that important to you, unless you’re afraid? :)

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What about to wait for the end of the arc to say if you like Purin or not since she appeared in like four chapters? I know I should mind my own business but I can't stand people who wish for some character's death. It's wrong and sad to wish for someone to commit suicide (and I'm sure the author won't let it happen like when during the Baratie arc Luffy stopped Sanji from getting killed or during Enies Lobby with Robin). So please, you can hare her as much as you want but be respectful to life.

We’re talking about a story here with a character involved, so I’m going to say I want Pudding dead as much as I want. Looking at it from a tacticians point of view here are the main points of this situation in simple English;

+ the Mugiwaras are more than just my allies. As a reader, we follow them as closely as anyone could ever get, reading into thoughts and points of view they don’t eve give each other sometimes. These make them MY NAKAMA. That means everything I hope and wish for is for to ensure the safety and well-being (physical, emotional, psychological) of these people.

+ Big Mom at first of course is an obstacle to my captains wishes. If it were any other situation where she or any of her ilk simply stood in the way, we’d like to conquer them in the quickest and most effective way possible. Of course…she had to make things…less pleasant than that and by threatening the unity and therefore security of the crew BY FORCING THE COOK TO MARRY HER DAUGHTER, she has become undesirable enemy number one.

With these taken into consideration, it’s only logical that (if I were in this situation):
1) I want to get our cook back, that is the first and most important priority,
2) I need to do everything we can in order to accomplish this goal while still keeping the rest of the crew safe and sound
3) There’s a time limit (the wedding), the quicker it’s done, the better, the faster everyone is out of harms way

Now, let’s look at the main problem: SANJI IS BEING FORCED TO MARRY.
That’s what caused the entire situation to happen. The fact that the Germa and the BM pirates both gain something from this which would make our Captain’s quest to become Pirate King is already bad enough on it’s own. Take that and add to it the fact that they’re threatening the unity and structure of the crew by sticking their noses in and taking away our cook makes this very urgent. (And dare I say a very personal matter).

Think about it this way, feelings aside: The main problem is the marriage. What do you need for a marriage to exist…two parties about to be wed. Two fiances. One of them is our cook, so obviously we don’t take him out, he’s the one we’re trying to save at ANY COST. So we look at the targets:
1) The one initiating the marriage Party A - Big Mom.
2) The one initiating the marriage Party B - Vinsmoke Jaji
3) The one that will seal our cook’s fate by merely existing as his fiance - Charlotte Pudding

Big Mom: She’s huge! She’s got an entire army! She’s strong and we don’t even know where her power ends. She’s the highest risk target in this wedding. There’s no guarantee that we’ll be her. There’s no time to even challenge her because she could easily call in for help to distract us during the ceremony! No. She is not a prime target option. Even if Luffy was free, which he isn’t.

Vinsmoke Jaji: He’s also a heavy-hitter! Of course, we can safely assume someone of Sanji’s level can take him on, so Luffy’ll have him out no problem! But the thing is: Luffy’s STUCK. He’s got his three damn evil kids (plus one daughter who might be a pacifist, but we’re not sure yet so we can’t rely on her at all) around him too! He’s also too much of a high-risk target. There’s too much that can go wrong with this. He is not a prime target option.

Charlotte Pudding: She’s on the fence. She’s been lying. She hasn’t even listened to Sanji asking her to help him find the key for the cuffs. She’s completely focused on the marriage. However…she’s also considerably the weakest of all targets. She can walk around unaccompanied as she pleases and can even talk to prisoners in enough privacy and trust that she can whisper secrets to them. She’s the fiance that is holding this entire issue together. This is our prime target. Not only that, but she’s also careless enough to have Pedro almost kill her when he had the chance.

Kill the fiance:

+ Causes confusion (how is this wedding supposed to work now?!? Who did this?! How did they do this?!?)
+ Causes delay (and a chance to escape)
+ Ends the problem altogether (no fiance, no wedding, Sanji is ours)
+ If it’s a suicide (as suggested by Oda in the last chapter), this causes even more confusion and chaos!! Win-win!

So in conclusion: CHARLOTTE PUDDING MUST DIE. It’s what’s best for everyone I personally care about. From a logical strategic point of view; if they were to take her out without killing her, such as kidnap or whatever, then good! But that also doesn’t change the fact she’s the fiance and that she exists. In order to free Sanji ASAP, she needs to be gone. Permanently.

No rescue can be mounted. No delay until everything is okay again. She’s dead. Show’s over. Time to cry BM (if you even have a soul).

I haven’t even gotten to the ‘emotional’ bit of this whole thing where her very existence is causing Sanji anxiety and grief to the point where he has to ‘pretend’ and deny everything in order to keep from completely breaking down and probably thinking even darker thoughts himself. Also, he doesn’t prioritize her like he does Luffy and Nami. I don’t give a shit what anyone says about the ‘only hope’ thing, he STILL said that Luffy and Nami’s safety is “THE MOST IMPORTANT THING”. Sanji doesn’t want Pudding as much as he wants to be with his nakama. She’s not important enough for me to give a shit enough about her damn life over any of them.

why do people continue to write imagines and au’s where one of the boys cheats on “y/n” and within like .7 of a second they forgive and forget. like in what world is the line “i was drunk” or “it was a mistake please take me back i bought you flowers and your favourite movie” actually going to work on a girl cheating on someone/being cheated on isn’t fun or cute stop !! writing !! about !! it !! like !! it !! is !!!!!