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How to know if an INTJ likes your company? I have an INTJ guy at school, we share same interest. I often catch him looking at me while I'm minding my own business. I really enjoy talking to him but sometimes he can be really harsh towards me. We chat online sometimes but I'm always the first to write, he says he doesn't do it unless he needs something. He told me several times that I don't annoy him, but I'm not sure.

That’s usual INTJ behavior, at least in my experience. Calling or sending a text to someone without a valid reason to do so, like a question or a premeditated conversation topic, would seem odd to me too. He’s probably harsh with everyone, don’t take it personally - we might come off like that (it takes effort and practice to be less harsh and, more importantly, a good motivation - and even then, we don’t always succeed). 

You can tell an INTJ likes you if they don’t do everything in their power to avoid you. That’s about all. If they didn’t like you they wouldn’t think twice about leaving the conversation because you’re wasting their precious time. Also, you two have the same interests… So unless your opinion on the topic is way too dumb, there is no reason he should’t like spending time with you.

Cheer up!, everything is going fine ^^

why do people continue to write imagines and au’s where one of the boys cheats on “y/n” and within like .7 of a second they forgive and forget. like in what world is the line “i was drunk” or “it was a mistake please take me back i bought you flowers and your favourite movie” actually going to work on a girl cheating on someone/being cheated on isn’t fun or cute stop !! writing !! about !! it !! like !! it !! is !!!!!