Be the messenger of positivity, the bringer of kindness, and the bearer of humility. In other words, be the best person that you can possibly be, each and every day.
When most people hear the word “meditation,” they think of sitting meditation. There are many different kinds of meditation. Mindfulness meditation can be practiced anywhere and in whatever position the body is in—whether we are sitting, walking, standing, or lying down. Whenever we perform our daily activities with mindful awareness, we’re practicing meditation.
—  Thich Nhat Hanh

Depression is a disease which suffocates the senses.

It seeps into your eyes so that your vision is tainted.

It vibrates through your ears and you hear nothing but sad songs and meaningless rabble.

It lingers on your tongue and lips.  What is sweet tastes bland and a lover’s kiss becomes lifeless.

Depression is a warm bath of sadness.

It sticks your your skin and drives you to madness.

It soothes you, like morphine does a dying man.

It haunts you, as regret torments a sinful man.

To be overcome, it must be undone.

But to this end, you will never come.

You must learn to breath under water and grapple life with numb fingers.

You must strive to live and not just linger.

Once it has touched you it stains your soul forever.

It will try to stall your every endeavour.

Take control of your own survival.

Do not wait for contentment’s arrival.

A better existence you must desire.

One cannot navigate through the night without a fire.

A few things that made me smile today...
(and yesterday because I forgot to post this last night)
  • meeting my lovely for breakfast
  • a good therapy session
  • warmth!!!
  • and sunshine!!!! 
  • TWO DAYS IN A ROW!!!!!
  • meeting Henry (my new little hedgehog mint planter)
  • treats from LUSH
  • a yummy salad
  • spending time with my sister
  • going for a run
  • enjoying the sunshine with my lovely
  • meditation and yoga
  • Millie from Starbucks remembering my order :)
  • finishing my essay early!
  • enjoying the weather and exercising outside!
  • the return of smoothies
  • wearing dresses again
  • making it to Friday
  • a light workload for the weekend
  • feeling happy
  • and strong!
You have so much knowledge inside of that head of yours. Whether you realize it or not, it’s true. It may not be the same as the person next to you, although it is still valuable knowledge that you yourself have gained, regardless. Be proud of what you know.

anonymous asked:

for anons who want to slow down and be mindful with eating!!- get rid of distractions, light some candles, maybe go outside if its your kinda weather, and chill the heck out and enjoy every bite of food. put your fork/spoon down in between bites and chew more than normal. breathe more. and take this time for yourself :) its honestly awesome. food is so much more enjoyable and delicious.


Love this :)


one of the best trips i’ve ever been on.

this was our first sunset in Sedona, AZ, which is about a 2 hour drive away from where i live, and to say it was magical is an understatement. 

we hiked about half a mile up a giant rock formation and snapped these shots just before being surprised by the Milky Way as the sun set. 

we later cuddled with blankets and tea and it was bliss.

i miss you so much already jaim ( @plvntstrong)

Sometimes the hardest is not being better than or getting even with someone, but choosing to love even through the darkness.
witchy thing to do right now

pick a colour

close your eyes

take a slow deep breath in

breathe in white light coming in through your skull, face, forehead, nostrils, mouth, eyes, ears

the white light is filling your lungs like a cup being filled with crystal clear water

hold it there for a second and feel it’s power

now breathe out a misty cloud of your colour. feel it surround your head and then shoulders and then body. breathe it out into your aura or energy field.

do this as many times as you need to feel awesome + charged

<3 u all

What we perceive about ourselves is greatly a reflection of how we will end up living our lives.
—  Steven Richards

“We can’t manipulate time or space in the way that someone like Doctor Strange can, with his powers in this film and beyond - but we can definitely practice mindfulness, we can practice the ability to be present, kind, considerate, and strong and resilient, true to what we believe - and I think we all need to find what that is these days, but I wouldn’t want to escape what’s going on in the world now by going forward or backwards.” - Benedict Cumberbatch (x)

Fall in love with yourself more and more with each passing day. Have so much respect for yourself that you automatically reject anyone that doesn’t.

Honor your own light,‬
‪before you expect someone else to.‬

‪Love your own self,‬
‪before you expect someone else to.‬

‪Vibrate higher your own self,‬
‪before you expect someone else to.‬

‪Be a better person your own self,‬
‪before you expect someone else to.‬

‪May what you desire to see in‬ others,
‪start within you—first. ‬

– Lalah Delia