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ow guys & girls (not all) realizing they’re falling in love with their best friend (s/o // y/n)


He starts sighing a lot around you now. He wants to tell you immediately, like as soon as he realizes how he feels, he has this urge to find you and tell you. But since everyone has their doubts and fears, he feared you wouldn’t want to break your good friendship with him, or since you knew that he slaughtered his brother that you were only talking to him out of pity. 

Unrequited: He’d understand, of course, he’d still be sad, somewhat distancing himself from you. 

Mutual: Oh boi, he would smile so much from that day forward, he’d have something to look forward to ; having alone time with you, talking, drinking tea, and sweet kisses.


Haha, you and him have some great memories. Memories as good friends. He realized that he had fallen for your charming personality and looks while he was alone meditating, this caused him to think about you on a daily basis, Zenyatta almost kicked Genji in the face because he wouldn’t shut up about you. Genji wonders if you’d ever want to break this wonderful relationship as best friends and become more. He knows you didn’t mind his cyborg body, seeing as you two are close friends, but would you want to date him?

Unrequited: This child is so understanding, he’d try to scrap this unrequited love to make you feel comfortable around him again, he wouldn’t try to distant himself, he’d try to patch up this awkward hole and continue being the good friend he was to you.

Mutual: “I love you.” You’d hear that sentence everyday for the rest of your life. Cuddling with this green cyborg ninja dude is a must. There would be some very touching moments when he starts to break down and cry, but hey it strengthens your bond with him!


At first, she thought she was just TOO happy seeing you and laughing with you. Whenever she hung out with you she nervously laughed occasionally. She didn’t think you’d ever want to be tied down with someone like her. Lena’s also doubting her feelings, wanting it not to be awkward the next time you guys hangout.

Unrequited: She’d be down in the dumps for a couple days, she had her hopes up, a little too high. 

Mutual: “REALLY?” Lena would be so happy. She’d start to blink everywhere, after her little one man party, she looked you in the eye and gave you that determined look. She slung her arm over your shoulders and announced to everyone that you were taken by her.
(Tracer being that happy makes me happy)


Hana was never one to fall in love with someone, she was always busy with keeping her fans happy, gaming, and her acting career. Sure, she made quite a few friends, but they never sparked her as love interests. You met her through Overwatch, you somehow manage to keep up with her ever growing schedule and daily routines. Hana always though of you as her right-hand-man, Lately, you’ve been absent due to Winston putting you in more missions. Hana never realized how lonesome it was without you, more then that, how she wanted to be with you almost 24/7. She was too stubborn to say it, but she had fallen for your almost undying loyalty.

Unrequited: She’d probably play it off and said it was just a joke, but deep inside she’s so upset and mad at herself. She’d probably get her manager to get her more gigs and roles, trying to get away from you.

Mutual: Get ready to play co-op games with her in front of thousands of people. She immediately want you to play a lot of video games with her while she was streaming, almost like showing you off. Cuddling with Hana is almost necessary after every live-stream. 


You were probably one of the very few Reaper every trusted, it was dangerous enough for him to fall in love with you. The thought of falling in love for Reaper is like giving the enemy a head-start to kill him. He viewed the world differently after joining Talon, and falling in love with you, an Overwatch agent, is probably one of the most daring thing he’s ever done. Reaper would try to get away from you, telling you he had more important things to do than to sit around and talk all day. He would try to get that feeling of being closer to you out of his system. 

 Unrequited: You’ll never see him again. He’d purposely make himself busy to never run into you. 

 Mutual: Much won’t change he won’t give you kisses and hugs like a normal lover, unless your alone with him and he feels like it. ;w; But hey, you can call him your love now and he can get it on with ya.


 As one of the main support heroes Overwatch has, she wouldn’t want to burden you with her own feelings. You being you got yourself in the infirmary quite a while. Angela would talk to you while she patched you up. She was always fond of you because of your manners and behavior in-battle. Every time she’d heal you, you’d always say thank you. Conflicted by her personal feelings, she wanted to get them to you as quickly as possible, it’s not healthy to bottle up your feelings. 

 Unrequited: She’s understanding, it breaks her a little bit inside because she thinks that she has broken the friendship. Angela will always heal you in need, but it’s not as comfortable for you both of you anymore. 

 Mutual: Angela will always cater to your every need in the battle-field. Need healing? You got it. Want to ult? Powered up. You died in a Zarya ult mixed with a Genji ult? Don’t mind her as she revives the whole team. (The struggle of playing Mercy) None the less, you now has an angel as a lover. Almost literally. Get ready to help this angel as she doesn’t know how to stop herself from tweaking her suit in the middle of the night.

Blackwatch Genji x Mercy NSFW

A little side-note… feel free to scroll past all this if you want. This is my first publication on this blog, I am very shy about my work but figured I should give it a try. This story is just a small excerpt, if people like it maybe I’ll look into writing longer stories. I really hope whoever is reading this gets some kind of joy out of it… my blog is quite new but a follow or share would REALLY help. Thank you so much.


Backstory:(Time-Period: Uprising in King’s Row) A few days ago Genji had pleasured Mercy in secret in the locker room after a training session with Tracer, this was a random act and Mercy had no idea Genji had such feelings for her. 

It had been two days since the incident with Genji in the locker room… It plagued Angela’s thoughts every waking- and sleeping moment. She could hardly focus at work, and while adrift in sleep she could only think of those glowing red eyes and expertly skilled fingers. She had admittedly tried to touch herself in the privacy of her own room several times, but they could never satisfy her or bring her to the climax like Genji could. Her inner devil begged her to go back and satisfy her wild fantasies.

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Tired of Dealing with Humans?

Worry not Space faring folk for I have the solution! Get yourself a Cyborg! For all the indestructibility of a human without the annoying rule-breaking and disregard for general safety! (Please bear in mind Cyborgs are humans who have willingly gone through the procedure, not all cyborgs have behavior inhibitor chips installed and lose the benefits of adrenaline boosts".

Gency’s Valentines Night (Extra)

A continuation from my Gency’s Valentines series. Best if read along with the rest of the story but not required. 

Luscious Lovers [NSFW]

The angel stepped back and stood next to the bed, a sultry smirk on her lips as she calmly met the eyes of the man standing in front of her. Angela had a hazy yet seductive gaze in her eyes, her breaths heated and heavy in anticipation for what was to come next. Once the door had closed behind the cyborg whom she had successfully seduced into her room, his eyes seemed to light up as his gaze travel over her alluring body. The dress that she so daringly dropped to the ground, the one which laid in a neat circular shape on the ground with the open center indicative of where her body had once been, in the way of the cyborg. However, he was considerate enough to step past it, even if it meant walking a small circle around it as to not trample over it in his blind path. While this was a much less direct route than stepping over and past the cloth, he seemed to not have wanted to break his gaze from her.

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Headcanon #2

Genji could get away with almost anything during his time in the original Overwatch. Not only was he a sneaky, robot cyborg with mind blowing physical capability, when anyone asked him what he was up to, he’d make a comment that was far too real for any of the other agent. 

One day, Jack caught him with a cat in his room, something not allowed on base. When he questioned him, Genji responded, “Well, having a fuzzy buddy around takes my mind off of my crippling depression, deep-seated self hatred, and the feeling of inadequacy that permeates absolutely everything I do because my own brother decided I was too much of a fuck up to live.”

He got to keep the cat. 

honestly i dont really ship saitama w genos too much bc i have this headcanon that he is aro ace and also wouldnt really care about romance in the first place


You know what I find even more devastating than the fact that Bucky was manipulated and used as a weapon for 70+ years against his will? well, the way how these years went by in his controlled and ignored point of view.

There are two painful, painful things to take in to consideration

First of - he wasn’t alive (or conscious at least) for most of these years. Hydra kept him in the frozen state, cryostasis, whenever he wasn’t on a mission. He was alive and breathing only during missions. Think about this - he was only alive when he was supposed to kill. Imagine him being woken up from a dreamless sleep and being thrown right in to a shootout, when it’s done, he gets a little bit of damage control and then he suddenly wakes up again and has to kill again. The pauses between the assassinations are small, the killing are why he is conscious and they make up most (if not all) of his memories. Since he has aged only a few years, he should have only a few years worth of memories and they’re all of murder, car chases, sniper lenses, knife fights and violence, or being strapped to a chair and abused. And since he didn’t know a world before this, these few year were his whole life. 

If life was like a roller coaster, he’d only remember going down at a high speed, towards a stop that’ll never come.

Second - since his brain was constantly tempered with via electrical surge and who knows what else, certain brain functions were to be damaged, like the ability to think and reason on his own, outside the battlefield. His brain should have been gush right now, gush that had been frozen, thawed and baked over and over again. And all the dehumanizing manipulations that may have happened and disorders he may have developed… His mental level was bound to reach that of a small child, and this childlike, confused and scared personality was the only thing he had to hold on to when he wasn’t an assassin, when he was faced by his manipulators, when he was naked and strapped to a chair at gunpoint. And you could see it in Bucky’s eyes - the emptiness, the lack of clarity and the childlike helplessness. 
And that was all he had - only a few years of violence, processed by his controlled and corrupted mind.

A few years might seem like nothing compared to 70 whole years, but remember that these few years are made of all the horror, which could fill up seven decades, all showed up a mind that had been tempered with and grown unstable. Just concentrated violence, confusion and nothing else.

  • Beast Boy: [bursts into the living room] GOOD MORNING TITANS!
  • Beast Boy: YEAH! IT’S GONNA ROCK!
  • Cyborg: ARE YOU READY TO -
one punch man au where everything is the same except genos is really bitter and sarcastic and he's constantly gossiping about the other S class heroes and saitama loves it