Kastanir commented on Volume 2 of Tales of the Crook and the Assassin asking for more of the one where Barry screws up the timeline so that Leonard ends up a hero and Sara becomes a villain. So I’m doing a bit of a prequel to that timeline. 


“They want you to report on the particle accelerator?” Leonard Snart asked his fiancee after she’d told him the news.

Sara Lance nodded eagerly. “I thought Iris was going to get the assignment, but she got sent over to Starling City to take another story. So they gave me it instead.”

Leonard grinned and kissed her. “That’s great news.”

“What’s great news?” Eddie asked as he arrived at his desk beside Leonard’s. “You two finally set a date or something?”

“No, but we’ve got it narrowed down to two possible ones,” the journalist replied with a smirk. “But I was telling Leonard that I was assigned to do a piece on the particle accelerator turning on tonight.”

“Nice,” Eddie nodded.

“Detectives,” the voice of Captain Singh said behind Leonard, making him turn around. “I need you two to head out. There’s been a robbery at the bank on Fifth Street. They’re saying it was the Mardons.”

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