MindEqualsBlown.net Album Review: Woe, Is Me: Number[s]

“Anyone who appreciates the scene will dive into Woe, Is Me quickly.  It’s everything you’ve ever asked for (and complained about) in post-hardcore.”

One of my old reviews from the Tyler Carter era.  Woe’s always been one of my guilty pleasures, though me thinks the path they’re headed down shant work.

Happy Body, Slow Tour

Happy Body Slow Brain (ex- Taking Back Sunday) will be headlining the #MEBTour this November. Supporting the tour will be likeZEBRA artist, Culprit, as well as The Paper Melody. Take a look at the dates and tour poster below.

Become a fan of Culprit at likeZEBRA.com.

11/2 Riverside, CA

11/3 Victorville, CA

11/4 Fresno, CA

11/5 Camarillo, CA

11/6 Phoenix, AZ

11/7 Mesa, AZ

11/8 Las Cruces, NM

11/9 Roswell, NM

11/10 El Paso, TX

11/11 Arlington, TX

11/12 Beaumont, TX

11/14 Canyon, TX

11/15 Boulder, CO

11/16 Provo, UT

11/17 Las Vegas, NV

11/18 Yuba City, CA

11/19 Los Angeles, CA

Pipe Dream: Visionaries in Rock

It is all about the music for Cleveland rockers Pipe Dream. Members Jack Ellis, Spencer Hendricks, Ross Newbauer, and Sam Welch use their collective talents to present a sound that changes with each song, because they change positions and instruments on each song.

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Letlive. - “Homeless Jazz” (Acoustic) for MindEqualsBlown.net