140. In the Avatar Universe, the changes in seasons are impacted by the balance of these elements within the world, rather than the tilting of the world on an axis.

This is why the entire world experiences the same season at the same time, and why the Poles experience both day and night during the winter.

The Fire Nation’s genocide of the Air Nomads shortened Autumn and extended Summer. The decimation of the Southern Water Tribe led to winters being milder and shorter. The Fire Nation, by destroying these two cultures, caused Global Warming in their quest for world domination.

Yes. I am in love with this. This is some deep fucking shit. Mind if I use this in a future fic? It still works in canon because the seasons for each country would mean something different, eg in the poles, summers wouldn’t be tropical or anything but it’d be a little warmer than usual. Likewise, Fire Nation winters wouldn’t reach polar temperatures. My favourite part about this HC? So much easier to be consistent when writing fics 😂

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MindEqualsBlown.net Album Review: Woe, Is Me: Number[s]

“Anyone who appreciates the scene will dive into Woe, Is Me quickly.  It’s everything you’ve ever asked for (and complained about) in post-hardcore.”

One of my old reviews from the Tyler Carter era.  Woe’s always been one of my guilty pleasures, though me thinks the path they’re headed down shant work.