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Name: stars

Nicknames: stars/doors/yay

Zodiac sign: gemeni

Height: 5′7″

Orientation: pan ace

Ethnicity:  super mixed latinx

Favourite fruit: fruit and food in general can FIGHT ME

Favourite season: spring has baby plants and animals but winter has snow but fall has cool colors…any but summer tbh

Favourite book: good omens by terry pratchett

Favourite flower: not to be That Bitch but roses

Favourite color: blue/silver/purple depending on the day

Favourite animal: hedgehogs probably

Coffee, tea or hot cocoa: I can’t drink any of these but love tea and hot cocoa anyway

Average sleep hours: like 10+ and yet am always falling asleep during the day??

Cat or dog person: both!

Favourite fictional characters: keladry of mindelen. leonard snart. kellen whose last name I’m blanking on but who was my hero as a child. percy jackson. luna lovegood. rayseline torquill.

Dream trip: away from responsibilities and my body. an astral trip to the stars, to explore the galaxy. or to the depths of the ocean. both’d be cool.

When did you make this blog: a while ago not sure when tbh. a few years?

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