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Since Diana’s character arc in Wonder Woman is all about how she should save people because of what she believes, even if they may or may not deserve it, can we all acknowledge that Diana saying ‘Man made a world where standing together is impossible‘ in BvS to explain why she stopped helped people at some point after the events of Wonder Woman is a complete contradiction of that message?

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So I've been trying to convince my mom to take me to see a psychologist for my anxiety issues. She then went and told me that doing so is against the bible? Where on earth does she get that idea? I have a feeling she has no idea what an anxiety disorder actually is.

Wtf? I’m so sorry. I absolutely hate that mentality among Christians. There’s absolutely nothing “against the Bible” about getting treatment for mental health. When I first struggled with depression/anxiety my mother had me going to this “Christian counselor” who thought Bible study books and memory verses were all I needed and mental illness was some liberal myth. Mind you this woman’s HUSBAND had committed SUICIDE and she still thought this. Needless to say I didn’t go to her for very long.

This is such a small thing in the sea of things I loved about Wonder Woman, but I would just like to point out that they fucking referenced the genocide of native Americans by white people as an example of all humans beings doing terrible things, even the “good guys” and I was honestly just blown away by that. Too often in World War I or II movies there’s a line in the sand drawn with the good and the evil and war is just never that simple. Americans came into World War I as “heroes” but they had literally just finished destroying an entire race. Too often War films forget that, especially superhero ones. I love Captain America to bits, but the cartoonish oversimplification of all Germans as evil and the Allied forces as all good is a dangerous one. It makes people forget that all humans have a capacity for evil. So it kind of blew my mind to see Wonder Woman touching on that in such a simple, elegant way.

I’ll respect your opinion as long as you’re educated and as long as you know what you’re talking about, and your opinion doesn’t infringe on the rights of other human beings. Because if your opinion infringes on the rights of human beings, it doesn’t deserve respect. It just doesn’t. If you don’t respect other people’s existence, how can you possibly expect for someone to respect your opinion?
—  Lauren Jauregui
Last time I read Howl's Moving Castle I made a list of all of the things Howl calls Sophie and here they are

Outspoken old woman

Nosy old woman

Dreadfully nosy, horribly bossy, appallingly clean old woman

A terror

You overactive old thing

That one-woman force of chaos

Dear Sophie

My good Sophie

Rude as well as a bully

Sophie dear

Dear Sophie

Mrs Nose

Sophie dear

Busy old fool, unruly Sophie

Mrs Nose

Mrs Moralizer

Mrs Longnose

Mrs Snoop

That fool Sophie

so steve said “i wish we had more time.” and diana was so confused and not just because she couldnt hear him properly but because, remember, she was also confused about how the world of men interpret time and how time dictates one’s actions and so when she asked “what? what are you saying?” i’d like to think that steve had more to say, but since there was no more time, he went with “i love you.” because he knows and sees that if there’s any thing that diana would understand the most, it’s love.

  • me: *staring absentmindedly*
  • mum: what are you thinking about?
  • my brain: i am diana of themyscira, daughter of hippolyta. what i do is not up to you. it's our sacred duty to defend the world and it's what i'm going to do. it's not about what they deserve, it's about what you believe, and i believe in love. no, but it's what i'm gonna do. i will fight for those who cannot fight for themselves. i cannot stand by while innocent lives are lost. who will i be if i stay?
  • me: uhh.. nothing?