I’m probably not the first person to realize this, but I think it’s important that I put this out there. 

The brain operates by sending electrical impulses to its different parts. Fire benders are able to bend lightning (a form of electricity). If a firebender utilizes his/her ability to bend electricity, he/she could control one’s thoughts/mental processes. Mindbending. Mind blown. 

However, it does not stop there. Electrical impulses are sent all over the body via the nervous system. If a firebender inhibits these electrical impulses from travelling to where they are needed, he/she could paralyze his/her enemy. 

Now, what I would like to see is a bloodbender go against an electricitybender, because that would be epic. 

Choose One

Imagine demon Dean possessing your boyfriend Sam. 

Author’s Note: I couldn’t decide if I wanted to write a Deanfic or a Samfic… so this is both! (: You guys requested this, so here it is. Reader x Demon!Dean pretending to be Sam, who is reader’s boyfriend. It’s pretty sexy, angsty, dark/creepy. I’m not sure if demon!dean can actually possess people (since he is the demon, not possessed by one) but I like entertaining this idea because it's really unique and I can see it happening. Inspired by when Meg possessed Sam and kidnapped Jo, because that whole thing was so weirdly sexy and Jared’s acting was A++. Warnings: language, demon!dean being demony, angst, deception, lies,

“You’re not him.” I watched as the man in the chair at my feet cackled and tugged at his restraints. His familiar green eyes had become completely black as they flicked back into his head.

“HAH. You’d like to think that wouldn’t you? Well suck it up buttercup, because this… it’s all Dean.” My skin crawled with discomfort as he barred his teeth in a hellish smile, but I couldn’t tear my gaze away. It pained me to see his body being inhabited by something so evil. I couldn’t bear the thought that this was all that was left of my hunting partner and friend. “All my memories are still swimming around right in here.” The dark shell of Dean tapped his finger over his forehead slowly. That was enough, Sam was right when he said I shouldn’t torture myself by visiting. I turned towards the heavily reinforced door to leave. A chilling voice echoed after me, words in time with my footsteps.

“And oh, the thoughts I had about you…”

I froze with my hand on the knob. My mind was screaming for me to just leave, but my body was completely numb to its commands. “That’s right, you know you’re curious.” I ground my teeth and heaved a sigh. I would be lying if I denied it. The brief silence was broken by a laugh that shook me to my bones.

“I always knew how you felt about me. Even when you started dating Sam, you really wanted me. Such a greedy little whore, couldn’t make up your mind could you?” I swallowed and pushed the door shut with a bang, I couldn’t risk Sam hearing this. I spun on my heel and nearly shook with anger.

“Shut up! That’s not true!” He yanked against the engraved shackles holding him down, his face lunging as far forward as they allowed.

“Don’t lie to a liar! You can’t deny that sweet-as-sex tension between us.” The snarling demon looked me over from head to toe, his eyes swimming with hunger and rage.  “But you chose him over me, too bad for you. I would have made you mine in a heartbeat.”

Dean's irises suddenly returned to their usual mossy shade and his twisted features softened, it was like watching him turn into a whole other person. "Please, Y/N. Just let me love you…“ That was the ‘real’ Dean’s face. That was his tongue running over his bottom lip. That was his jaw clenching in seemingly pained desire. I felt my heart pounding as I took in the scene with growing nausea. I never betrayed Sam, not in action or in thought, but I did have a soft spot for Dean. I cared about him like he was my brother. It took a moment for me to realize this wasn’t the same man. I grabbed the flask from my belt and sent a spray of holy water in the demon’s direction. He instantly broke character and returned to his writhing and screeching. I raced for the exit, my ears ringing with his manic laughter.

"That’s right! Run away to my baby of a brother!” I couldn’t fight the tears stinging my eyes as I slammed the door and leaned against it in exasperation. “Don’t forget to tell him how much you want me!”


I could smell freshly brewed coffee in the air when I rolled out of bed. The space beside me was empty, sheets still wrinkled in the shape of Sam’s body. He was probably already researching. I yawned and walked lazily in the direction of the smells and sounds floating down the hall. When I turned the corner into the kitchen I was met by a sight that I couldn’t help but smile at. Sam was bent over the stove, half cooked eggs and bacon in the skillet he was tossing. Things had been so intense lately, it was nice to enjoy a normal morning for once. I watched him for a moment before he saw me and grinned.

“Hey, lazy bones. You’re finally up.” I rolled my eyes and padded towards him, the cold floor stinging my bare feet.

“Eggs, bacon, and coffee? Wow you must really be stressed.” I wrapped my arms around Sam’s waist and snuggled into the soft fabric of his T-shirt. He still smelled like our bed. He lifted his arm to allow me closer, wrapping it tightly around my frame as he continued to cook.

“What do you mean, this is a breakfast of champions.” He lifted a piece of crisped bacon from the plate beside him and chewed it loudly. Something about the gesture seemed foreign, almost too eager. I shrugged off the uneasy feeling rising in my stomach. Ever since that confrontation with “Dean” I had been on edge, but Sam didn’t need to know that. He had enough to worry about. I ran my hand over the broad shoulders above me and into his still disheveled hair. I could feel a little sigh shake his chest as I did.

“You didn’t shave?” His usually smooth jaw was peppered with light stubble, and I stepped up on my tiptoes to plant a small kiss there. I secretly liked it when his facial hair got rugged and framed his dimpled chin. A hand moved from the frying pan to squeeze my side and ran downwards. His fingers clenched my hip with painful slowness, deep-set eyes closing with satisfaction.

“You like it?” His touch almost made me forget that we were taking about his stubble. I nodded and gave him another quick caress over his back before moving several plates to the kitchen table. It wasn’t till I was finished setting the places that I realized I had instinctively set three plates out. I cringed at my mistake and thought back to the other Winchester sitting alone in his confinement. The sooner we figured out how to get Dean back, the better.

Once we were sitting down, I was surprised by the way Sam devoured his food. He ate like a man starved, stopping only to gulp down more black coffee. “Good grief Sam, slow down. You’re giving me indigestion just watching you.” He scoffed and wiped the back of his hand over his mouth in a challenging manner. I couldn’t shake the chills on the nape of my neck

“And since when do you take your coffee black?” He paused for a moment, gaze narrowing at me with consideration. I could see he was weighing options in his mind, only this wasn’t the concerned pondering that usually lit his features. This was altogether more mechanical in nature. His lips suddenly tugged upwards.

“It’s healthier.” The statement didn’t make much sense considering the heaping plate he had just demolished, and his tone of voice was nearly flat. As if he could sense my suspicion, he reached across the space between us to grab my hand. “Are you okay? It seems like something’s bothering you.” I shifted in my seat and picked at my plate. I wasn’t expecting the questioning to be sent back in my direction. A unlikely fear played over and over in the back of my mind, a worry that maybe Sam had spoken to Dean since our meeting. “Is there something you need to tell me?” Sam rubbed my hand with loving care, fingers glancing over every patch of exposed skin. I could still hear Dean’s accusations ringing in my ears. The watery, wide eyes across from me made my heart ache with shame.

“No, of course not.” I squeezed his hand back in reassurance and returned to my meal. I was so lost in thought, that I almost didn’t notice Sam rising up and circling to stand behind my chair. He brushed the uncombed hair off my neck and leaned to whisper in my ear.

“Let’s go get showered?” I shivered under his grip on my shoulders that eased into a back rub. Maybe some down time was just what I needed to clear my head. I didn’t hesitate to leave my breakfast on the table since my appetite was completely absent, besides Sam would be more than happy to finish it at this rate. I followed him down the hallway towards our room, my eyes flicking towards the barred door that I knew Dean was behind. I felt guilt wash over me. How could we just live like things were normal? Sam saw me pause and pulled my hand in the other direction with more effort.

“Come on, he’s fine. Trust me.” I couldn’t help but feel like something was wrong as we continued down the hall. I brushed it off as a guilty conscience and did my best to smile back at my boyfriend.


It didn’t seem like our research was getting anywhere. Every time I lifted my head from my book, Sam’s eyes were all over me. I never protested his gaze but this was different. Something in the way he looked at me gave me goose bumps. Maybe Dean’s demonic lies had done more to rattle me than I originally thought. Every time Sam kissed me I felt the bitter taste of guilt filling my mouth. I couldn’t understand why his touch suddenly made me want to shrink away, it wasn’t right. It was like I was bearing the shame of an act I hadn’t yet commit.

“I’m, uh, going to get some air.” I closed the library door behind me and took a deep breath. I had to get away from whatever this feeling was. I paced down the corridors of the bunker, not concerned with where I ended up, as long as it was far from Sam. I let my feet wandered for several minutes until I stopped to rest and cradle my pounding head. It shouldn’t have been a surprise when I realized which door I had landed in front of. “Dammit, I can’t get away from anything.” I turned to distance myself from the entrance to Dean’s prison, but not before noticing something out of place. The door was slightly ajar, its many locks hanging open and gaping like my slack jaw. Panic rose in my chest as I considered every possible explanation. I almost called for Sam, but decided it was better to examine the scene silently. I crept forward and pushed through the already unsecured opening.

To my absolute horror, I found the room to be empty. The chair in the middle of the large demon-trap was uninhabited, and two unlocked shackles laid splayed across the floor. There was no air in my lungs to produce a scream as I turned to run for help. My movement sent me straight into a tall, hard chest.

“Oh, thank goodness. Sam, he’s gone! We have to go find him before…” The face towering over me was that of my boyfriend, but his expression was perfectly calm. There was no anxiety in the way he smiled, just pride. “Sam! What the hell’s gotten into you?” Nothing felt safe anymore and my muscles burned with fear as my grip on the plaid shirt lessened. He began to usher me backwards with a strong grip till the crease of my knees hit the chair and I was forced into an abrupt sitting position. The seat was cold against my legs, proof it had been unoccupied for some time.

“It’s not ’what’s gotten into me’, baby. It’s ’who.”


It was all coming together in my buzzing mind. The unusual mannerisms, the passiveness towards his brother, the excessive affection… Oh god the affection. I gagged at the thought of who I had really been kissing that whole morning. It was still Sam’s hands that were carrying out each action, but they were directed by someone far darker.

“Dean?!” The man in front of me grinned wide and threw his arms out in a gesture of success.

“Ding ding ding! Give the little lady a prize.” He cackled at his own humor and ran a hand through the mane that shook when he tossed his head back. It was bad enough to have to see Dean as a completely different person, but now inside of Sam? It just kept getting worse. I don’t think I had the strength to get out of that chair, even if two heavy hands weren’t weighing down my shoulders.

“Oh it’s been loads of fun living a day in the life of Sammy, guess I’m a natural born actor.” Dean, or Sam, or whoever he was, pulled his lips into a pout and drew close to my face. I could see how he had so easily tricked me, even now I was conflicted by his touch and his voice. Part of me wanted to lean into him and part of me wanted to stab him.

“As soon as I broke out of those chains, thanks to a little help from something you so-carelessly dropped…” He pretending to produce a bobby pin from behind my ear and waved it infront of me with flourish. I cursed myself for wearing those damned things, it was just too easy to lose them everywhere I went. Sam’s hands moved from my shoulders to the arms of the chair so he could lean even closer to my body. He dropped to a squatting position to loom over my lap and stare up into my eyes.

“I couldn’t wait to try out my little idea. See, I want you and you want me, but I knew you wouldn’t be up for that.” He ran his fingers down the pantleg of my jeans slowly. “You're far too stubborn." My struggle to move out of his reach only antagonized him to press in closer around me.

"So, I just smoked out of my usual, handsome body and used Sammy as a skinsuit. Bet you didn’t know I could do that. I can do a lot you don’t know about…” My heart was pounding, but the more he encroached upon my face, his breath hot on my neck, the less my quickened pulse was a result of fear and the more of attraction. I couldn’t stop myself from feeling enticed by his overly sweet words. It was so conflicting, he was Dean but he wasn’t Dean, he was Sam but he wasn’t Sam. I tried to close my eyes in denial but I felt lips grazing my cheek.

“Sam is still in here you know. He wants you like I do. That’s one thing we always agreed on and still do… Wanting you.”

I opened my eyes again just in time to see the man suck his lower lip into his mouth gently. That was something I had seen Dean do a thousand times.

 "Come on, Y/N. Who do you want, me or Sam?

Because right now, I’m both.“



No-one alive today has met either Abraham Lincoln or Luke Skywalker. Both Luke and Abraham have wikipedia pages, but Luke’s is 4200 words longer. We can see Luke and Lincoln portrayed in movies and written about in books, but how do we know that Luke isn’t real and Abraham is?

All you are is a thought, and all you will ever be once you’re dead is a memory.


MR. ROBOT: Red Wheelbarrow: (eps1.91_redwheelbarr0w.txt)

MR. ROBOT: Red Wheelbarrow: (eps1.91_redwheelbarr0w.txt)
by Sam Esmail, Courtney Looney
Harry N. Abrams
2016, 160 pages, 7.7 x 0.5 x 9.8 inches, Hardcover
$20 Buy on Amazon

This is without question one of the strangest books I’ve ever purchased. I feel like Amazon just shipped me the handwritten journal of a complete lunatic, at the same time I’ve never felt more connected to a fictional character. If you haven’t seen it, Mr. Robot is an amazing counter culture, techno thriller that I highly recommend. If you’re not a fan, this book will mean nothing to you. If you are a fan, this book is something special.

The book, much like the show, is a total mindbender. It’s a journal that’s actually featured in Season 2 of the series, and the entries follow the plot of the season. It’s written from the show’s main character Elliot’s point of view, in his own handwriting, and features his many…demons. There are also notes added from a secondary character, seen briefly throughout the season, who’s trying to piece together Elliot’s story. Just like reading someone’s actual journal, this offers a lot of perspective and insight into Elliot’s character, and what his motivations are moving forwards.

The printing is amazing. The handwriting in pencil looks like you could smudge it with a wet finger. There’s also a plethora of collected scraps like envelopes, a cigarette package, and a newspaper clipping, all which add to the eerie feeling that this book was ripped from the TV. I haven’t spent nearly enough time uncovering all that it’s pages have to offer. I found a number chart imprinted on the second to last page, I know that’s got to be related to something. If you’re a fan who wants to go further down the rabbit hole, you’re going to enjoy this.

– JP LeRoux

March 22, 2017

WAREZ: Sets Your Floppy Disks On Fire
01 - Doom
02 - Doom 2
03 - Castlevania: Bloody tears
04 - Duke Nukem
05 - Dune: Spice Opera
06 - Dune II: The Building of A Dynasty
07 - Flashback
08 - Another World
09 - System Shock
10 - Syndicate
11 - Ufo / X-com
12 - Turrican
13 - Shadow Of The Beast
14 - Ultima
15 - HeroQuest
16 - Alone In The Dark
17 - Loom
18 - Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders