Epic Thing, the Second

Some of you may know of my love of The Mindy Project, and its lead ship (not that they’re canon yet): Mindy/Danny, or as I tag them, mindanny.

I can’t really explain how much I love this ship, but I can try.  It’s been a while since I’ve had a ship on television that a) has been clearly destined as the main pairing since the very start (unambiguously), b) is so snarky I could die.  Mindy and Danny are the funniest, sometimes meanest, always most hilarious couple I currently ship.  And a lot of fanvideos try to capture that dynamic, but this is the first I’ve seen that not only captures some of their best scenes but also frames their relationship using canon symbolism and the chosen song. 

There’s nothing about this vid that doesn’t thrill me.  So four for you, catou121.

anonymous asked:

why isn't the mindy-danny ship called minny? (or dandy, that's pretty cute) it seems easier than mindanny


……..goddamnit. Dandy is adorable.  So is Minny.  

Minny is cute like Minnie Mouse which Mindy would love, and Dandy is cute and would totally annoy Danny so that’s perfect too.  Where were you months ago, anon!?? :P

I actually don’t know if “mindanny” is a fandom-wide shipname, it’s just what I used at the very beginning because I needed something to tag with and I’m horrible at naming ships (with one beautiful exception anyway).  

*sigh* Do we have the tools to mass-rename tags yet, Tumblr?