With a sigh, the Twilit Princess seated herself in her throne while staring down at the floor. Lifting her left hand, she stared at the back of it, eyes following the cerulean pattern of markings up her dark skin. For the most part, however, she stared at the back of her hand, as if she were just expecting the mundane mark of the triforce appear on her skin. It never would though, despite her raving imaginations – it was all too obvious she had stared at Link’s hand for far too long when they still were together.

           And then she took back her thoughts. She had been trying for the past month to not even think of his name. But yet it popped into her mind again. She broke her own rule. Silently, she shed a tear whilst staring down at her advisors. Luckily, none of them noticed. Quickly, the princess departed from the hall, escaping to her own room.

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anonymous asked:

Do you ship Xiuchen??

((Firstly; I literally ship everything and nothing when it comes to exo. I love seeing them all interact with each other and making each other happy. So the friendlier they are with each other, the more I focus on them, to thrive on their happiness. Their shared happiness makes me happy. The fics I read have nothing to do with how I feel about them as real people with real friend/love/whatever relationships. ))

I do love reading fics about XiuChen with the theme of friends/bffs that suddenly/gradually grow into “something more”. Because it’s very easy to imagine haha. They really have a very close friendly relationship irl and it’s the most precious thing.

Like think of how much Minseok must have doted on and taken care of Jongdae when he suddenly got pushed into exo-m, all new and unprepared

They do care a lot for each other

And enjoy each others’ company

And fool around

They’re really each others’ home and safety net, when they’re overseas with M, at least when they were all still rookies and everything was scary and new. They were always by each others’ side, trying to support as much as possible, because they were the only other person that truly must have known how it felt and what they were going through

Maybe they’ve grown past that now, but they’re still super close. They hang out a whole lot. I think people forget it because of the whole “XiuHan-date” thing. And I mean there’s a reason why they were like one of those ‘original exo-ships’.

And all in all they’re plain adorable and look so happy together, I love them so much ♡♡ So yes anony, I do ship them haha ♡♡