The Filipino [Fr]eethinkers Sponsor Francium for the Mind Museum’s Periodic Table Exhibit

From the Filipino Freethinkers website:

Carl Sagan once had to argue for the inclusion of visible light cameras on the Voyager spacecraft. It was deemed by NASA as wasteful since they’d only be able to record that narrow band of light visible to humans. But Sagan insisted on it. He knew that the images it would take would inspire a new generation of scientists to make even greater discoveries.

The endeavor of popularizing science is definitely a daunting one. Our culture has made science look cold and unromantic. Even science undergrads regularly call out any application of scientific reasoning to everyday events as nosebleed-inducing.

It is this sad culture of anti-intellectualism that projects like the Mind Museum aim to correct.

Finishing construction at Bonifacio Global City early next year, the Mind Museum will have 250 exhibits and five galleries, each specializing in a field of science—from the origins of the universe to the technology of one of its inhabitants.

We at Filipino Freethinkers support the vision of the Mind Museum to promote science among the general public. Because of this, we have sponsored an element on their Periodic Table Exhibit—element 87, Francium.  Like a freethinker in a Catholic country, Francium is one of the rarest naturally-occurring elements and, like the Filipino Freethinkers, has virtually no commercial application. Plus, we [Fr]eethinkers liked having [Fr] to ourselves, Breaking Bad style.

Help build The Mind Museum and sponsor some of the exhibits. Apart from the Periodic Table Exhibit, donors can also sponsor stars and even galaxies. Help inspire the next generation of scientists and freethinkers.

(Images from Mind Museum and Wikipedia)

For a couple of hours, I was a wide-eyed child again. Last Saturday, I made my visit to The Mind Museum in The Fort (scratching that off my invisible bucket list now) and well, I was impressed. From the dazzling colors of The Light Bridge to the Mars Rover in The Majestic Universe, I couldn’t help but feel the joy of discovery and rediscovery.

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The Mind Museum

My final assignment for The GUIDON this year was to shoot a feature on the newly opened Mind Museum at The Fort. Saved the best photos for print of course, but below are some of my more favorite things about the museum. 

Slightly unprofessional confession: I had a little too much to drink the night before so it made touring the exhibits extra trippy. Those planetarium ones in particular- I felt like I was literally seeing stars even afterwards. Excellent way to end my stint as photo editor for the year though, and I highly recommend you visit the museum for a scientifically enriching and aesthetically pleasing experience! 

I love dinosaurs. I do not know anyone who doesn’t. 

They have the slowest escalator you will ever ride. There are plasma screens that play video clips about endangered animals on your way up and down, and I’ve never wanted to be a NatGeo photographer more than on that slow three minute ride. 

There is a giant melting chocolate bar, with an equally giant fly on it. 

The signs are witty. Plus points to the curators for thinking this up. 

I loved how you would see families (and a hundred teenagers with SLRs too) everywhere. Hopefully this will motivate the country to build more museums! Like a decent historical one.

the Philippine Treasures

I always make it a point to go home on weekends after a week of working. It is during these days that I feel I am more of myself and trying to loosen up a bit.

Lately, I have been looking forward to weekends because of several projects to do.=)

Aside from working on my pet projects at home at my humble workstation, I am also looking forward to watching television programs. Yeah, you read it right! The kind of work I do during the weekdays does not permit me to even just have a sneak peek of tv!crap!=( That is why weekends are also couch potato days and visual stimulating days!yey!

While waiting for the 24 oras to resume programming, GMA-7 flashed a clip about a documentary to be aired this Sunday. It is called Philippine Treasures hosted by Ms. Mel Tiangco.

It gave a preview on what is to be expected to watch:

The Golden Tara found at the province of Agusan during the year 1917, but now is at the care of the Field Museum in Chicago.

Last June 2011, an excavation was done at Boljoon, Cebu, and they found a gold earring which said maybe owned by Lapu–Lapu.

Other important artifacts such as the Maitum Jars which was discovered at the caves of Saranggani Province instead of being housed in museums are found in black markets.

The also did pay visit at the National Museum and check out the measures they have been doing to preserve our heritage. (Are we doing good?)

Those mentioned above are only part of the puzzles to be quilted to somehow unravel how rich Philippines is.

I frequently pass by the National Museum, but I haven’t been there! I have been to museums outside the country, but never been to us. I am not proud, I feel embarrassed and ill for this confession.=(

I am slowly making up for this, to patronize the museums we do have in the Philippines. First stop, the Light and Sound Museum in Intramuros. Hopefully, I could cruise in all the museums within this belt. I like museums, I do not find them boring. I had observed foreign audience with their reception on museum tours, I must say they are more enthusiastic and appreciative of these static displays and take time to read and note the information about the pieces than typical Filipino audience.

I have read on the internet about a state - of - the - art, world - class science museum that will rise at Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City. I read from the article the rationale for this ambitious project; that the Philippines is one of the few countries in Asia that does not have a world - class science museum, and so the project. It is funded by corporations and different individuals.

External image

(picture taken from:www.themindmuseum.org)

I am one of the persons who is so much excited for this one! Are you not tired of the malls? haha! Right now, we are flooded with malls, in every corner!yay!=) It became a tourist spot when a balikbayan or a foreign friend visits the country.=) (As if there were no malls from their place of origin!haha)

And so, why not the museums as one of the tourist spots for the locals and foreigners here at the metropolis?

But before coming up with this humongous mind museum, could the appropriate agencies take a look first on what we have, our existing museums. This houses our distinction from other races. It has the key to where we came from. I hope we will not lose it before it’s too late.

A lot maybe going to other part of the world to seek the gold, but it is actually here. 

Philippine Treasures, Septermber 11, 2011

GMA-7, SNBO 10:30 PM

External image

(photo taken: www.gamnews.tv)

(I hope somebody will record this for me because I have duty early in the morning the next day! huhuhu=( Youtube users please be good to me, I wanna watch this!)

Mind Museum double date!!!

And I finally went to the Mind Museum after a long long long time of waiting and telling all my friends to come with me. Hahaha! I was with Paolo, Isaiah, and Cha. Medyo double date ang peg namin kaya walang may balak maki-thirdwheel. Haha!

Of course, hindi magpapatalo ang aking baby at sinama ko siya. I brought her to this pet shop in Market Market (and it’s not Animal House cause they won’t accept her since she’s just a cute little pup huhu) and the boarding there costs like P50 and additional 25 per hour!!! Super cheap and aircon pa! Haha. Unlike ’yung iba na P50 or P100 per hour… sobra lang.

So we decided to eat in Pizza Hut first before heading to Mind Museum. Super laughtrip lang yung photo ng waitress kaya ginaya rin nila w/o knowing katabi lang pala nila yung waitress…. HAHAHA which is funnier.

Pizza!!!! But I prefer Shakey’s pizza more than Pizza Hut. (No hate hehe)

And finally!!!! It looks so big and futuristic. Mukha nga akong nasa ibang bansa kasi hindi mukhang Pinas eh. Haha!

This is one of my most favorite spots in Mind Museum. I’ve been seeing photos of my friends with this big melting chocolate bar!! Hehehe

Our favorite spot…. HAHAHA Selfie time. I like the fact that they have like a number of screens w/ cameras wala lang pampaselfie lang pampadagdag gastos kuryente. Haha!

The Van de Graaff generator!!!!! I’ve encountered this ’ball’ before in Meralco museum but theirs sucked because my hair didn’t really go up that much unlike this one.

The whale that I’ve been seeing in Mind Museum posts!!! Haha, finally!

They finally met their long lost family. Hay, salamat! Hahaha.

Selfie time!!! Hahaha.

I met this cutie little robot who didn’t stop speaking and I couldn’t even understand a single word he’s saying. Haha!


Picture muna pag may time.

Pagod na ang boys!!! Hahaha.

We went around High Street and Serendra before heading back to the south. Our favorite stop was Hobbes and Landes & ROX hehehe <3

See that small blue thing inside? Mga isda yan!!!! Hahaha ok aliw lang sorry na. Super liit eh!