It’s the moment I’m curled up on his chest monitoring his heart beat every second or so. The warmth of his fingertips touching my neck and mouth. The amount of force he puts in to bring me close to his face. The way his eyes look at every part of my face as if it were illuminating stars. He tilts his head and supports my face with his one hand. The way his lips tighten up to meet mine, opening to reach other parts of my mouth. His hands grabbing on to my waist and pulling me closer to his body, to feel each others presence. The way he stops in the middle of a kiss to tell me in the most gentle way that he loves me while inches apart. Feel my cheeks blushing up and eyes fall to say I love you too. The way I rise to get closer and press my lips again on his. The warmth of his makes me want more and more by the second. It’s impossible to get enough of him, his touch, his warmth, his voice, eyes, body, every detail in face. All something from him to love even more. The deep affection we both feel for each other makes everything in the room stop for just a little bit and focus everything on us.
—  Little things you make me think of -Jarissa