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Small Tales from the Borderlands/Doctor Who crossover! :D

Basically… Yeah, I got inspired by Wikipedia xD

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kodydoesanything  asked:

How much will you be selling the comic at? I love your work so much i would like to get it when its done! If you don't know yet its ok

Hey there!

I don’t know yet because I’m not 100% sure I will actually selling it. There are way more chances that I’ll be using it as a reward in my upcoming patreon (still to set up) or making a free-to-read web comic of it, sooooo I’m really sorry for this mess. I’ll decide once it’s done.


Summary: Bucky x reader oc finally adopting a dog together

A/N: This is the same reader oc from My Peace of Mind. This one shot fits in somewhere between My Peace of Mind and its sequel (still a wip!). I wasn’t going to post this until after the sequel, but it’s taking a bit longer than expected and I wanted to share it with you!

p.s. I’m falling in love with this pairing so much I’m thinking of intermittently posting things like this about them and their story. Long story short, they’ll probably end up getting their own masterlist ♥

“How the fuck are we supposed to choose just one?” Bucky frowned. The black leather glove on his left hand began to catch and scuff as he trailed his fingers along the exterior brick wall of the shelter as we headed for the kennels.

I took Bucky’s idle arm that was stuffed in his coat pocket and looped my own through it, resting my head against his strong shoulder. His puffy winter coat made a soft cushion for me. Buck found it hard to stay warm these days. But on this biting cold day, he wasn’t alone in feeling it. Both of us were wrapped up tight in our coats, sweaters, beanies, scarves, gloves; anything we could layer on that might offer an advantage to us out in the unforgiving New York winter.

We’d talked about getting a dog together for a while now, deciding that now was the perfect time to give one a warm, loving home, and a family to call their own. I’d always believed in adopting pets from shelters instead of buying from a pet store, but I could tell that, for Bucky, giving something a second chance at a life worth living, meant more to him than I could ever know.
He knew what it was like to be hurt with deliberation, to be locked up, to be scared and lost and alone. And that’s why, as we entered the kennel and began to walk along the rows of pens, I made sure I held him a little bit tighter.

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I confess I don’t read as many fanfics as I’d like, because I don’t usually have much free time for reading and I alternate them with published books, but during the last year I’ve read some awesome stories that I’ve enjoyed even more than some tradicional books. Some of them are very popular and some not so, but I would give my right hand to write half as well their authors do.

So, these are some of my favourite Sansan fics so far (as usually, I’m sorry that my english doesn’t allow me to praise better their virtues). 

Close to canon, realistic and poetic at the same time, one of the best fanfics out there. It’s a Blackwater AU whose prose is above the average, though I know I’m not saying anything new, Sansa’s chapters are wonderful, but Sandor’s ones, from ch. 27, are perfect. I’ve re read it plenty of times and some of its images and scenes are still struck in my mind. It’s a shame the author doesn’t update since ages.

My new favourite. Modern Sansan set in the mafia world, it has little to do with Westeros but who cares! If you give me a great story, an interesting plot and a great dosis of our favourite characters, I buy it! The story is intriguing and has a very build up plot. The interesting original characters, the details the author puts in every chapter, the background of each character, the stories inside the story (so Paul Auster!) of course, the love story between a moss boss and a sweet (but strong) little bird makes G&M a very special work. I left apart one of my favourites series (Prince of Nothing) to read it in one sitting as if it were a novel, and didn’t regret it for a moment. I wrote a longer post here.

You show me, and I see. You reflect it back to me, and I see now in a way I couldn’t before.“

Redcandle has plenty of wonderful fics (I love her Gendry/Arya and Jaime/Brienne fics too), but these two are my favourite. With a very insightful knowledge of the characters she is writing about, she dares to go further than anyone. Songbird is the most realistic AU Blackwater I’ve ever read; austere, hard and certainly not romantic. I never get tired to read it. The same could be said for Proscript; what happens in it could be hard to read but it could perfectly be the next Alayne chapter of TWoW. Her fics are so true to canon that they look like a lost chaper GRRM left apart and didn’t published; any of them could perfectly be part of one of the Asoiaf books (published or to come)

A work of art. You can not define this beautiful and precious work any differently. A unique and outstanding work in the fandom that her author gives us all for our enjoyment. But not only the fan art is really wonderful, the text is delicious: sexy, sexual, intense … a delight to read and a Sansan wet dream come true. Besides, the writer has a very profound understanding of the psyche of the characters, specially Sansa’s, and so, throught their sexual encounters, she leads us into her thoughts and we learn more about Sansa’s thoughts and the dark corners of Sandor and The Hound. If you don’t like porn stories, don’t read it read it anyway or you’ll be missing some of the better hours of your week, because it is a must.

Kindred is also a Blackwater AU and in a way it reminds me to Into the Wood but keeping its own style and personality. What I really like about this story is how the author keeps Sansa and Sandor always IC. Her descriptions are precious and they make you feel inside the story with them. The text is perfect; not even need to spare it a single word or sentence. And it has magic. Maybe the plot so far isn’t too original, but the realism of the story mixed with a veil of fairytale that surrounds it thrills me and makes me shiver in equal measure. There isn’t a chapter without a sentence of the protagonists, a description or a single line that doesn’t get me goosebumps. There is always something that leave me breathless in her writing and I think this is very difficult to achieve. 

The story of Sansa Stark told as the chronicles of Westeros would tell it a thousand years after her death. I don’t agree with all the assumptions on which the story departs, but I admit that the tone in which it’s told, original and different, has conquered me. And If you don’t shed a tear in the end is because you’re made of stone.

I’d never seen this fic recommended before but I do like it a lot. Sandor doesn’t leave Kingslanding after the BW and Sansa stays as a hostage for Joffrey to punished her as his wish. But at least she has Sandor to give her come comfort among all her suffering. I like a lot the style in which is written, melancholic and kind of sad. Doesn’t really have a happy ending but it leaves an open window through which we can dream about them having some hope in the future.

A short Sansan tale through Gregor’s eyes. Strange, different and unique. I haven’t read something similar in the fandom. Don’t miss it.

  • Pas de deux, once beautiful and brave / amplifyme (COMPLETE)

Maybe it isn’t her most popular fic but as I have a soft spot for one shots, this has been one of my favorite for long and I guess it’s one of the first fics I ever read. I don’t know what cheers me up the most: the fact that Winterfell is full of life again, seeing Sansa happy, drinking and dancing or that lovely and happy ending. It’s short, but it doesn’t need any other word to be perfect, like a small jewl. I have read it more than 12 times and I’ve enjoyed every one of them as if it was the first.

What I like about Littlefeather it’s that she knows very well the characters and the books she is writting about. She has a lot of great stories (i’d sell my soul to the devil to have so many great ideas to write). Maybe Meet the Starks isn’t her most popular and I don’t really know why I like it above others; it isn’t very true to canon and a priori it shouldn’t be of my liking but, as I said before, if you write a good story I buy it. I guess I cann’t help to love seeing all the Starks together again (even if it’s in a fic) and some scenes between Ned, Cat and their new son in law made me laugh out loud, and that, ladies, is unpayable!

There are a lot of other stories I have enjoyed / I’m enjoying a lot (A chance encounter, Marching song, All the things she never said, Winds of change, Beggar’s banquet…), though I’ll leave them for a second post ;) Please, feel free to tell me some recommendations too, I’d love to read them!

Hot and Cold


The snow had fallen during the night. The gardens were all white and soft, the bushes and trees bending under the heavy white burden.

Children were released to enjoy the first snow. In furs and wool capes, they soon messed the perfect whiteness, and after a while things escalated into a snow fight.

Sif got soon bored with the other children, most of them complaining about her being too rough, and she slipped away to search for company that would appreciate her better. Soon she found herself on her way to the royal gardens. The snow there was still untouched, and it muffled the sound of her footsteps.

Her silent steps stopped when she noticed Loki. The younger Prince was watching scenery, his head turned away from Sif. He looked so different from the other children, standing still, just a dark and slender silhouette against the white. Loki was so graceful and posed, Sif couldn’t help herself. She crouched to scoop a handful of snow, patting it into a ball, and flung it straight at his head.