mind you he retweeted it

So just had back and forth with M. Raven Metzner on Twitter...

Dude was way caught up on how a fan had insulted a show he wrote for almost 20 years ago and he framed it as a “personal” attack on he and the other writers. Mind you he’s the one that reTweeted the comment calling us “haters” the day before and threw shade our way with his Tweet thanking a “real fan” that loved ‘The Weeping Lady.’ So yeah, he made it personal yet had the audacity to call out some one else and even made a “tone” comment. I noted that even after everythiing we’ve said in the tag about the treatment of WoC that’s what he says to a black woman.

He tried to downplay his actions re: the “haters” retweet and “real fans” shade by saying although he’s sorry he doesn’t even remember the retweet or we’re misinterpreting or that it was only aimed at people attacking him “personally,” the usual. I told him to just own it if he wants his apology viewed as sincere but of course he thought I was talking about his writing (he’s still on this) and said he has nothing to own, that he stands by it. I clarified and reiterated that he basically endorsed the comment and made that crack about “real fans” thus he was the one that made things personal but he said he’d already apologized, I can interpret things how I want, cheers and goodnight. Oh, and he says he has been reading #AbbieMillsDeservesBetter but it’s his choice to comment or not. I just said it speaks volumes he only commented to retweet that “hater” comment and to suggest we’re not real fans and then once again when he thought he was attacked personally.

Twitter exchanges are a mess because one person can be three thoughts ahead of the other who’s still replying to the original thought, etc. But, I brought up his comments about Jennie and mentioned a few times that Abbie fans do most of the fanart, fanfic, and get the show trending so it’s bullshit to call us “haters” and imply we’re not real fans but it all went either unaddressed or he missed the point entirely. I did say more than once I hope he reads the tag and educates himself about depictions and tropes regarding women of color. Don’t know if he actually will.

But anyway, that was that.