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Your Move

A Criminal Minds Fan-fiction

Featuring: Spencer Reid x Female Reader

Setting: Season 5

A/N: This is my first time attempting to write Dom!Spencer so please give feedback. I tried to made it the right level of awkward upon bridging the subject. If this goes well, might have to follow up like my recent Hotch smuts. HAPPY SMUTURDAY! xoxo Stu

Dr. Spencer Reid stood frustrated, perched forlornly on his crutches, waiting to be picked up from work by Y/N. They had been dating for a few months, but since he was shot on the job she had been especially dutiful in caring for him. Spencer disliked exposing her to the raw reality of the danger he faced, but it came with the territory. Therefore he stood, impatiently reliving the day he had left behind the glass doors of the BAU.

“You’re my bitch now,” Penelope had taunted him before the case began. It hadn’t exactly been a demoralizing arrangement had he been able to truly help his team. Being physically restricted and therefore away from the heart of the case, made it more difficult to stomach. He was exhausted and annoyed, something he usually kept to himself at work. Finally, Y/N’s Jeep pulled to the curb outside of Headquarters.

You hopped easily out of the driver’s seat and bounded around the vehicle to help Spencer into the cab. You could tell he was in a mood, so you refrained from being extra talkative. “Hey, babe, how was the case?”

He grimaced and muttered, “How would I know? I wasn’t even there.”

You watched his face as he slid into the passenger seat, grateful you owned a vehicle that was an agreeable height to his predicament. His tiny car made it impossible for him to drive or ride in currently. His temperament had been getting worse the longer he was confined to his crutches, which surprised you as he wasn’t the most athletic of guys.

You changed the subject, “Well, I’m so glad it’s the weekend! Let’s get home and relax.” Spencer nodded, unenthusiastically. It appeared that you were going to have to double your cheer up efforts.

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Woman in Black (Part One)

Bucky Barnes X Reader

Full Story Summary: As the Avengers take down another Hydra base, they are greeted with a powerful, emotionless soldier being controlled by Hydra. Bucky vows to save her.

Word Count: 2031

Warnings: Injuries, fighting, angst? I guess, near death

A/N: Heyo! So this was originally gonna be a oneshot but as I started writing it, it turned into a lot bigger of a project than I imagined so I’m going to make it a little mini series of like two or three parts. Probs three. Well I hope you guys like it! And I’ll try to post the next part soon.

Originally posted by complete-fandom-trashhh

Bucky never expected to find a person so incredibly similar to him, ever. He thought he was the only person, the only one to have memories ripped from him by Hydra. The only one to have lost himself to the evils of brain washing, mind numbing torture, and impossible physical fitness that couldn’t be achieved without hours upon hours of constant training and beatings. But here he stood gazing at a woman very similar to himself when he was the Winter Soldier. Her eyes were a beautiful (E/C) but they were hooded and dark, dead and emotionless. She was truly stunning but years of abuse showed in the stoic set to her lips, the greasy and untamed nature of her hair and the jagged scar that spans across her jawline and down, disappearing under the collar of her tactical suit. The sight made him sick, sick that he wasn’t the only one, that this gorgeous creature was turned into a tainted weapon and could no longer be called an individual. And he knew that if she ever returned to her right mind, she would be forever haunted by the ghosts of her victims and be forever in regret, he knew this first hand. So as she approached he promised to himself that this girl would be saved, she wouldn’t be alone, he would help her no matter the cost, since he knew. He knew what being controlled like a puppet did to your sanity. He snaps back into action with a few members of his new family, all who noticed the new threat, the woman in black.

“Heavily armed target exiting the base, keep your eyes on her.” Bucky speaks through the coms even though he knows they’ve seen her.

“Steve… I think she’s… I think she’s being controlled.” He once again speaks through the coms though now his voice is barely whisper. Steve’s head snaps up to look at Bucky even while fighting the other enemies, and then snaps towards their new guest, most likely recognizing the look that Bucky wore when he was under the control of Hydra. The woman saunters towards the battlefield with a grace none of the present Avengers expect considering the heavy outfit she wore. This was just as shocking as the swiftness that she moved with when attacking.

“Guys, we need to try to capture her ali-” Steve is cut short. Natasha, Sam, Wanda, Bucky and even Clint in the quinjet are caught off guard when the woman decks the great Captain America with a high kick sending him crashing to the ground on his back. Though Steve shook off the surprise quickly enough to roll away from the deadly curb stomp sent towards his skull. He quickly recovers and snaps up from the ground to quickly dodge a flying punch. The woman’s attack were relentless and continuous leaving no room for Steve to counter or even get away from the flurry of attacks, all he could do was dodge and even then he would still get grazed. The others are unable to help him as they are busy with the hordes of lower ranked troops, though they are quickly diminishing. Natasha rapidly takes out the soldiers surrounding her with a spiral kick giving her just enough time and space to go and help the Captain. 

She runs towards the duelers and launches herself into the black clad woman, swinging around her body and locking her legs around the threats neck, using her weight to drop the girl to the ground. The ambush seemed to barely phase the woman because even as she fell towards the ground she was prepared. Her arms shot out to catch herself before pulling herself into a ball to perform a somersault, dislodging Natasha’s from their place around her neck. She rolls forward and recovers before driving her foot behind her quickly, catching Natasha in the jaw. The pure force of the kick sends Natasha tumbling away from the (blonde, brunette, etc.). Thankfully though Nat had given Steve enough time to recover from his battle with the girl and he was quickly on top of her in Nat’s place. Before the woman was able to turn to face him again, Steve slams into her with his shield as his battering ram, so to speak. He can hear the sound of the woman’s ribs cracking under the force he used and mentally cringes. He is astounded when the woman doesn’t even flinch, no reaction, no scream, nothing. She is forced forward and stumbles over her feet before regaining her balance and charging back towards her previous attacker. Steve expects another barrage of punches but is startled when launches herself at him and swings herself around him to wrap her legs around his neck and pulls him toward the ground.

“Holy shit! She learned that after it getting used on her once?!” Sam sounds as bewildered as Steve feels. Steve is unable to recover like the woman in black did after she was taken down with the same move. Steve hits the ground hard, face first and the girl shifts so she is digging her knee in between his shoulder blades. He lets out a groan of pain and tries to push up but she grabs his arms and pulls his arms far behind his back and he feels one of his shoulders pop out of place. He lets out a yell at the sudden pain. With one of his arms disabled he knows he won’t be able to get free without help but just as he thinks this he feels a belt wrap around his neck, the woman had pulled a belt off her uniform just to strangle him. She starts to pull up on the belt and Steve struggles, scratching at the belt with his non-injured arm to try to get at least so relief. And then the pressure is gone and the belt falls, the girl is sent tumbling with Bucky after he tackled her off of Steve. They roll for a second, both of them fighting to get the upper hand. Bucky ends up on top of her leaning his weight down on top of her, metal arm pressing down hard, trying to push her shoulders to the ground. He is unsuccessful though because she snaps her head up and head buts him, breaking his nose. He rears back in pain and she takes the chance to switch the rolls and tosses him to the side and comes up on top, straddling him. She wastes no time and starts bashing his face with punches, right hook, left hook, right hook, left hook, right hook. Luckily this doesn’t last long before she is wrenched away from Bucky and two arms wrap under her arms and pin her to a chest.

“Got her!” Sam yells before the girl throws her body weight forward, throwing Falcon over her back and onto Bucky. The shock and impact make both men groan, but the girl lifts Sam off of his teammate before throwing him away. Clint watches the whole thing from above in utter bewilderment, the heroes of the world getting there asses handed to them by one person. How was this even happening?

Natasha is once again in action and fighting the nearly unstoppable enemy, her broken jaw throbbing. She is dancing around the woman in black, bending and folding, dodging all of the powerful attacks. After a few more missed attacks, the woman takes a step back before yanking  a Sig P320 pistol and fires a shot at Black Widow, though it was not a deadly shot, the bullet pierces through Nat’s shoulder. A scream is ripped from Nat’s throat as she collapses to the ground. The woman stalks toward the injured Black Widow with gun hanging limply in her (right/ left) hand. She reaches Nat and hovers above her, raising the gun to point it at her head. Nat looks up into her eyes defiantly, not cowering away from her death. The woman’s finger twitches at the trigger but she hesitates and lowers the gun, Nat noticing something flash in her eyes, something looking like pain and regret before the woman is torn away by Bucky. He grabs her wrists pulling them behind her back before snaps industrial looking handcuffs onto her wrists. The woman just struggles, still no sounds leaving her mouth. She pulls and kicks and thrashes but Bucky doesn’t let go, arms holding tight around her middle. As this happens Clint has landed the quinjet running to help Natasha and Sam has helped Steve up from the ground, all of the other assailants taken care of much earlier. The girl keeps thrashing, trying to get away and Bucky stares into her eyes, trying to anchor her down.Then in a flash, she stiffens unnaturally and Bucky swears he sees a look of pure terror form on her face before her eyes dull and she slumps over in his arms. Her sudden dead weight makes him nearly drop her, but he recovers. He doesn’t know what happened.

Did she pass out? Did she hit her head on something and knocked herself out? But I thought I saw her expression change. And she stiffened, is that a normal thing that happens before you pass out? His thoughts run wild, not knowing what to think.

“Buck, we have to go now! Nat needs medical attention and she needs it soon!” Steve calls to him, holding his dislocated shoulder as he stands by the quinjet, Clint carrying Nat inside to set her on one of the benches before instructing Sam to keep pressure on her wound as he runs to the cockpit to call the compound, telling them that they would need immediate medical attention when they arrived. Bucky gently picks up the woman in black, cradling her gently against his chest as he runs to the jet. When he gets inside the jet, he gently places her on the bench across from Nat but not before he undoes her cuffs and switches them to the front of her body and chains her to a bar on the wall of the jet above her head. He sits down next to her looking over her finding her gaze unfocused and body completely limp. He raises his arms up and props his elbows on his knees, placing his head in his hands as the quinjet lifts off.

“What happened to her?” Steve asks as he comes up to him and sits next to him.

“… I don’t know, she just kind of stiffened before going completely limp… Steve she was emotionless the whole time she fought us but before she became like this she looked absolutely terrified. Why would she be so scared?….” He questions more to himself than to Steve.

“I don’t know Buck.” Steve whispers back. 

“Buck, she is so beat up… and the whole time she didn’t let out a peep, nothing. She should have been screaming in pain but she was so quiet. I know I broke some of her ribs but she didn’t even react.” He says feeling sick. What could have been done to her to make her so… dead? Bucky doesn’t answer, but just stares down at the small but strong body lying beside him.

“She wasn’t completely emotionless.” Natasha’s scratchy voice draws their attention to her. 

“Nat, don’t talk, it’ll just make it worse.” Steve says standing up to walk to her side.

“She wasn’t, she was going to kill me but she didn’t. Her gun was pointed at my head and finger on the trigger but she didn’t, she lowered her gun and she looked so pained. So sorry.” Nat stops, taking heavy breaths, trying to get the rest out through her pain. 

“She could have killed all of us but she never went for the immediate kill, always one that would take longer. She was stalling so we could stop her. But she knew the consequences if she didn’t fight to kill so she did.” She finishes breathily settling down onto the bench finally relaxing. Sam, Steve and Bucky all look back towards the limp woman surprised.

“Wow… I didn’t even notice. I couldn’t even believe you wanted to capture in the first place.” Sam says, and Bucky looks towards him. 

“I thought she was being controlled but I have no idea how. And now she’s like this…” He said once again placing his head in his hands. 

“How many people’s lives do they have to ruin?” Sam asks sadly, meant more as a statement then as a question. Bucky just shakes his head.

Mike: What’s wrong with you? What is wrong with you?

Eleven: well, for starters. I was kept in a lab underground for the entirety of my life. Taken from my mother straight out of the womb and experimented on by a government run military laboratory that develops weapons to fight these communists- I don’t even know whom they are. I escaped last Sunday and I’ve killed a couple of men in between. The first ever person to show me genuine kindness was shot in the head by agents hired by my captor. You took me in and fed me, which is great but you kind of treated me badly when you thought j mislead you and your friends but I didn’t. Now I’m here protecting you with the utmost loyalty and you’re going off on me again and honestly I feel really attached rn.


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Anakin Skywalker - Little Sisters

You and your padawan have as strange a dynamic between you as Anakin and Ahsoka do - and when you’re together, they call you ‘mom and dad’ because of the obvious tension. All joking aside, though, you consider Ahsoka your sister - and you’d gladly die to protect your family….

Notes: I changed it a little so Reader replaces Master Luminara and your padawan (oc) replaces Barriss, but also the other way around? You’re the one on the ship with Ahsoka.

Warnings: Parasitic brain-controlling worms (mind control/posession), torture, captivity. Seriously, it’s actually kinda scary, so be careful!

Wordcount: 2000

You’re not quite sure what to do.

The battle’s over; you’ve won. You stand perched on an outcrop of sandstone overlooking the ruins of the droid foundry. Anakin, Ree, and Ahsoka are safe, and the bug queen’s temple is destroyed. But you’re still on high alert, blood roaring through your veins so your hands don’t want to leave the hilts of your sabers. You close your eyes, turning your face to the Geonosian sun, and breathe. You are safe, you tell yourself. Nothing is wrong. We won. But still in your head, all you see is the unnatural movements and blind eyes of dead Geonosians, reanimated like puppets by that vile queen.

“Hey, Master!” Ree yells out as she approaches, her head-tails swinging behind her. You glare down at her, forcing your hands to relax. There are no more zombies. They’re buried.

“Don’t scare me like that.”

“Sorry, Mom.” Ree doesn’t look all that repentant, brown eyes sparkling in her rosy pink face. The twi’lek padawan tilts her head back, looking mischievous.  “Dad sent me to find you.”

“Master Skywalker,” you correct. “And is he now?” You set your hands on your hips and hop down from the rock to land beside your padawan. “Where is he?”

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Prettier When You’re Broken: Part 2 [Darkiplier x Reader]

[ <<< Previous chapter ] [ Next chapter >>> ]

A/N: I didn’t actually intend to write a second part to this, but I guess my brain had ideas. Whoops. I wasn’t too sure about posting it though, because it might be a little disappointing after the first chapter if the psychological horror aspect was what people enjoyed most in that?? 

This one is a little different - it still has some of those elements, especially at the start, but then kind of just becomes more about the (light-ish??) physical torture throughout. I mean, I dig both, but that might not be the same for everyone. Still, hopefully it’s just as fun to read!

And then part three just goes completely fuckin’ downhill because I got so ridiculously self-indulgent on that one, whoops.

RATING: SFW, contains gore and violence

CONTENT WARNINGS: Mind control, knives, blood, whipping (in a non-sexual, non-kinky way; think more like a corporal punishment situation), branding (ditto), general Dark being an asshole

It’s not been long since the weather turned, but long enough to remind you why winter sucks balls. You’d rather be anywhere other than outside right now. Home would be ideal; home with your bed and a nest of blankets and stupid shit to laugh at on the internet. Unfortunately, braving the cold is the price you have to pay to get there.

Which is why there really should be no reason for you to stop. And yet your footsteps begin to slow of their own accord.

For a moment you don’t understand why, until your stomach twists as well. It’s the way your pulse quickens, the ringing in your ears, the hairs on the back of your neck standing on end. The way you feel around his presence.

Your heart catches in your throat, even as you scowl and remind yourself it’s not fucking real. This has gone on for months; the better part of a year, almost. Feeling your skin crawl, feeling watched, called, controlled. Jumping at shadows, hearing the echoes of his voice in your head. Seeing his reflection out of the corner of your eye when you glance at the mirror.

None of it is ever real, and it never will be.

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I just love, the power that cartoons have onto the mind of the viewers. You discorvered your hypnosis-fetish with a cartoon am I right?

Of course you did. And you know why? They programmed you. From such a young age. Those colorful cartoons looked so relaxed,so…so happy.

And now, each time you see a cartoon getting hypnotized, you get exciteded don’t you?

You are programmed. Your brain is hardwired now, like a pavlovian reflex.

Or, to say it in a cartoony way….”Boing! You are totally hypnotized”

Good Little Whore (Part 13)

Ghost x reader
​Warnings : Language, Smut, Violence ​​

A/N: I want to give a huge shoutout to @adele22-1 for making this cover for me, and the ones on my wattpad! They’re so awesome and I appreciate them so much, you have no idea! Unfortunately, this is the last chapter of Good Little Whore! It’s been a crazy ride with Serena and Ghost but it’s been a fun one! I’ve enjoyed writing this series, and I hope all of you guys have enjoyed reading it too! Until next time!

​​​​​You nuzzle close to Ghost, content in his arms. His fingers are playing with your hair, letting the blonde lockes waterfall from his grasp over and over.
His brothers are going to have coronaries when they learn what he’s done, but he doesn’t care. The past week has proven to him how worth it it was.

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How Civil War Could Have Gone If You Were In It (StevexReader)

Summary: You’re on Team Cap, you can control minds (and see the future?) and you are not pleased with the fact that everyone wants to fight.
(She is You in this case but I want you to put in whichever Pronouns you prefer in case I got the wrong one. I might actually do a Preferred Pronoun (P/P) kind of thing in the future when I’m not writing (Y/N). )

Warnings: None?

Content: Reader x Steve, Civil War, Avengers, Married Reader & Steve

”Yes I understand you’re angry, but tell me, how is any of this my husband’s fault?”, she said, eyes piercing into him.
”For starters? He wouldn’t sign the contract and his friend killed my parents. See how all this is connected?”, Tony snapped back, standing in front of (Y/N) in full body armor. ”Now. Where are they?”
”I am not obliged to tell you anything. Not as long as you want to hurt them. No one should have to answer for his words with their life, Tony. Steve didn’t sign the contract because he believes in the Avengers, the ones who are here to help with whatever they can whenever they can for whomever. If the government takes control, they’ll point out our enemies for us and what if they at some point don’t even let us handle a big crisis? What if at some point killer aliens roll in and the government says nah this is fine don’t do anything? And Bucky was brainwashed by HYDRA for the biggest part of his life, he tried to fight back and remember everything he has been before but even that was taken away from him when they erased all of his memories over and over again. He was made into a human machine only programmed to kill and hurt people, without his say so! He never chose this, he never wanted to become this. Please just leave them alone and stop the fighting, Stark.”, (Y/N) told him.
”Everyone has a choice, (Y/N). And apparently you made the wrong one.”
”If you believe that, Tony, you are naive and wrapped up in yourself.”
”Then so be it.”
”Tony, you have one last chance to leave them alone. If you don’t, I’m gonna have to stop you.”
”You won’t though, I know you, (Y/N).”
”Are you sure?”, (Y/N) said as she pointed her gun at him.
”(Y/N). That’s enough.”, Steve said as he came up behind her. ” This is between Tony and I.”
”But he thinks all of this was on Bucky and you! That’s not right!”
”Doll, we don’t get to decide how he feels. We can’t tell him that our point of you is the only one that’s right. He has to do that himself.”, Steve held his shield by his side and looked at her, his blue eyes piercing into her (Y/E/C) ones.
”The old man is right.”, Tony said. ”You don’t get to decide how I feel.”
”But I get to decide if I get hurt. And if I chose to get hurt, people I love and care about will get hurt. That’s why I don’t want anyone to fight.”, she argued. ”I can’t decide how others feel. But I can decide what happens next.”
”And what’s that?”
”I will not let you fight. I’m going to have to erase all of your memories from the previous two days.”

Few hours later, after the memory-wipe

”Man it really feels like I have forgotten to do something really important today.”, Tony said.
”Did you eat breakfast?”, you asked, sipping your coffee,.
”No I’m sure I’ve done that.”, he said unsure, trailing off in his thoughts.
”Didn’t you mention you did want to do something important in the lab today? That’s what you said yesterday?”, you said as you took another sip of the hot drink.
”Yeah…”, Tony said and left the kitchen.
”(Y/N) darling why did you skip training today?”, Steve asked as he entered the kitchen.
”Well, we could say I had my hands full. I had to babysit.”
”Oh. Your nieces again?”, he asked with a small grin.
”Something like that, yeah.”, you smiled.
”Okay.”, he smiled and kissed you softly.
”How’s Bucky?”, you asked.
”He is in his new room. Trying to adjust to all this new stuff. You know?”, Steve smiled.
”It’s good that you asked because he wanted some coffee and I promised to get him a cup.”
”Well then. I’ll be on my way to do some things.”, you smiled.
”Good girl.”, he said and pecked your lips before you walked out of the kitchen, smiling to yourself.

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Already Seen

[Repost] Original post date: 15/01/16

CH3: Pretzel Courage

The rusty springs of your cheap bed let out a scream as you move to turn away from the sunlight leaking in through your curtains. Just five more minutes. Your eyes are still closed but as much as you resist opening them, your body is well rested. In your frustration you snap them open. 11:30am. You slink from the warmth of your bed and throw on some clothes you found in your duffel bag. A soft grey hoodie, some black skinny jeans and an old pair of converses. You run a brush through your hair, shove your mp3 player and headphones in the pocket of your hoodie and some cash into the pocket of your skinnies.  After locking up, you turn and double take the bathmat slumped up against the wall. You decide to deal with it later as your stomach was crying for sustenance. You’re walking head down trying your hardest to get your headphones to stop being tangled, before bumping into someone and being knocked back more than usual.

“Hey watch it” You look up to where the voice was coming from. It was Jessica. Jesus she was so beautiful, even the small bags under her eyes were pretty…What?

“Sorry. My fault, I wasn’t looking where I was going. My brain gets a bit slow when I haven’t had food.” You laugh and try your best to be sincere. You had a feeling you really didn’t want to get on this woman’s bad side. Jessica was still frowning at you, analysing you.

“It’s fine. Just look where you’re walking in future. You could bump into someone who isn’t as understanding.” You weren’t sure if this was sarcasm or some advice. She also seemed distracted. Before walking away she pulled her hood up like she was on a mission.

You followed her down the corridor and stairs. She slipped on her fingerless gloves before placing her hands into her hoodie pocket. Do fingerless gloves keep your hands warm? You didn’t want her thinking you were following her, you weren’t. This is just the only way out of the building. You try to distance yourself, before realising you were both heading to the same location; Central Park. You enjoyed your walk listening to your music. You arrived and remembered a friend of yours once told you about these warm pretzels he’d got from a street vendor in Central Park. You were hunting for pretzels and so lost sight of Jessica. After finding one you bought your warm pretzel and hot chocolate and sat on the bench opposite to people-watch. You chomped on the pretzel and watched this shifty looking guy. He kept glancing in a certain direction you weren’t sure of. He would advance every so often so it wasn’t noticeable unless you were discreetly watching his every twitchy move. You often try not to judge people until you get to know them, but this man didn’t look healthy. His face was washed out, had no colour in it and he would scratch at his head, face and neck every so often. This irritable man was making you anxious. What was he going to do? He was edging closer to a tall man with dark hair who was reaching for a magazine from a stand. Is he going to steal his wallet? You removed your headphones and watched. The magazine merchant began to raise his voice.

“Hey! This isn’t a library pal.” The merchant was shorter but stockier than the taller man but that didn’t stop him tugging rather aggressively on the taller man’s coat. The junkie had stopped. It looked like he was waiting for the taller man.

“I said this isn’t a library.” Repeated the merchant whilst the taller man rotated slowly and looked at him expressionless.  It was that guy, Kilgrave or something who Jessica threw through her door. She should probably get that fixed.

“Pick up that coffee. Throw it in your face.” You couldn’t believe what you’d just witnessed. It was so sudden and you’re shocked at Kilgrave’s lack of remorse. He just told that man to do it and began to walk away like it was nothing. You gasp as the merchant’s face started to blister as he clutched at his steaming face. You leave your pretzel and hot chocolate on the bench and stomp over to the scene.

“What is wrong with you?!” You demand. You’re confused as to why every passerby is ignoring the situation. Maybe it’s because you’re new to the city and probably should have done the same. You try to help the scolded man but he just bats away your hands and staggers off. Kilgrave is surprised at this act of courage (or stupidity) and turns to face you. The junkie is at his side and is already staring at you.

“Well, hello. Good afternoon. _____ was it?” He raised his eyebrows and was towering over you. Greeting you like nothing had happened. You couldn’t believe his lack of empathy.

“Why did you make that man do that to himself?” You stammered. You were questioning whether you’d made the right choice here.

“Because he was rude. Not the best attitude for a salesman.”

“Making someone throw coffee in their face isn’t the “best attitude” for a stable human being, but no one’s doing anything about that.” You can hear the tiny voice in your head telling you to GTFO and asking you why the heck are you still speaking.

“I liked you better as wet-tshirt-girl. Nice colour bra by the way”

“Are you even listening to what I’m saying?” You watch Kilgrave flick through one of the magazines he stole. A bunch of his thick chocolate hair flopped down.

“Not really. You have pretzel on your face.” His reply was one he remarked before walking away. Your frustration soon curdled into embarrassment as you franticly wipe your mouth.

“Don’t change the subject. I know you’re the one who “commands people”” You blurt out your words without thinking. The junkie standing next to him was just as surprised as Kilgrave. Except the junkie was a bit more jumpy at every movement. Kilgrave was quick to turn around and was closer to you now. You could smell his expensive cologne. It hit the back of your throat it was so strong. His firm grasp on your arm was beginning to hurt.

“Who told you?” He growled. “Was it Jones? She can’t keep her bloody mouth shut can she.”

“No one told me. Who’s Jones? I don’t know a Jones. Let go of my arm, you’re hurting me.” You try to peel his large hand off of you but it doesn’t budge. For a lanky looking guy, Kilgrave did have some strength.

“How do you know about me? Tell me now.” He was looking you straight in the eye. You didn’t want to tell him anything, you didn’t owe this man anything but your lips deceived you.

“I know about you because I had a vision about you commanding me and we had sex so I put two and two together by what you said when I first met you to what I saw in my vision-” Your voice was monosyllabic and almost robotic. You didn’t want to say the things that were spilling out of your mouth before Kilgrave’s command relieved you of your word vomit.

“Stop.” He let go of your arm and raised his hand.  “You have visions?… Can you predict the future?… WELL?” He was doubtful but intrigued. He was waiting for an answer and showed his impatience with a rise from his eyebrows which made his eyeballs protrude slightly.

“Not that it’s any of your business but yes. I have weird visions. Ok?” You fold your arms and sigh.

“Interesting… “ Kilgrave lowered his eyebrows and tapped his pursed lips with his index finger.  Some time had passed before you, the junkie or Kilgrave had said anything.

“and do all these “visions” include you having sex with handsome strangers?”  Kilgrave said with an arched brow. You didn’t give him the satisfaction of an answer, but the look you flashed him gave him enough.

“We’re not so different _____. You and I… Walk with me. You can tell me more about this gift of yours.” Kilgrave dumps the magazines onto the junkie and continues walking as the junkie almost drops the pile. You try to help him but Kilgrave calls to you.

“Leave him. Come here _____. You’re coming with me. Walk next to me.” You increase your speed to catch up with Kilgrave so you’re right by his side. You feel horrible leaving the junkie after he dropped the magazines.

“Who is he? One of your slaves or something?”

“Malcolm. You should recognise him. He lives in that same decrepit building as you and Jessica.” Kilgrave didn’t face you when he replied. He looked like he was taking in his surroundings.

“I’ve never seen him, I only moved in yesterday.”

“I knew you weren’t from around here. “ Kilgrave was exhaling deeply, enjoying the afternoon’s fresh air.

“Look. Tell me what you want me to tell you so I can leave.” This romantic stroll through the park with some sociopathic stranger was making you uncomfortable.

“Now, now. Don’t be short with me _____. We have enough time. We’ll discuss it over dinner. Right now we’ll try to enjoy this peaceful stroll through the park.”


Kilgrave inhaled deeply and exhaled. “Yes. I have dinner reservations at one of Hell’s Kitchen finest establishments. I could probably persuade them to squeeze you in.” You didn’t like the way he said persuade. “We’ll have to get you out of those clothes-“ Kilgrave said fishing for a reaction. You snap your head in his direction. You were about to reprimand his flirtatious suggestion before being cut off. “Don’t speak. You don’t have to react to everything. I was referring to the restaurant attire. You can’t go to this kind of restaurant dressed in a hoodie, skinny jeans and some baseball boots. It would be absurd.” Yes. Of all the things. That’s the most absurd thing. You try your best to interrupt his many ramblings of how this restaurant has a great view of something. You weren’t really listening. Your voice box had stopped working for the time being so you decide to just continue walking. As it was now your turn to take in your surroundings.

I can admit I’m lowkey slacking on the last chapter of Cry Baby because I love the story so much and I don’t want it to end lol. I’m not a fan of writing sequels cause I usually lose steam on them so….ugh. I just love Cry Baby ya’ll lol. But it’s almost done. Maybe five more pages to write. 

TFT - Chapter 6 - A Shattered Mind

You step outside the marble museum to look on the screaming, scrambling people.

Loki’s tall figure becomes shrouded in his emerald magic as his earthly clothes return to his princely regalia. His golden, horned helm decorates his head, and the cane returns to its original scepter form. The blue gem glows eerily bright.

Blaring sirens and alarms disrupt the calm, night air as police cars drive up.

Loki lifts the gleaming scepter and a bolt of striking, blue energy blasts through the air. It bashes the cars and sends them tumbling and crashing.

People scramble back in their rising hysterics.

“Kneel before me!” the prince exclaims over the ruckus. But the order goes unheard and unfollowed. Suddenly, in a flash of green, copies of the Emerald Prince appear, encircling the crowd. They each wield a scepter of their own.

“I. Said. Kneel!” rings the thunderous command.

At first this brings a fearful hush from the guests. Then slowly they drop to their knees, all eyes upon the speaking prince, who is decorated in emerald and gold, helm and scepter demanding their compliance. Regal and powerful.

You step up to Loki’s side and let your electric-blue eyes roam over the crowd. You’re prepared to catch anyone that decides to leave.

“Is this not simpler?” Loki begins with great revelry in his voice, taking a step closer. “The natural state for your kind, the unspoken truth of humanity, to have your knees bent and heads bowed low before another.” He pauses to survey those below him. “Life’s greatest lie, the illusion of freedom that sits before you while you all scramble for power, for identity. When in reality, you are simply a people made to be ruled. And in the end, you will always kneel.”

Humans have such little power, you think quietly to yourself. You watch how they all stay on their knees before the smiling prince. They submit. They don’t fight.

And in that glorious moment for Loki, an older gentleman rises from the ground. He meets the prince’s eyes with proud dignity and simply states, “Not to you.”

Something resonates in your heart. There’s a flutter there. But it’s quickly snuffed out by Loki’s mocking laughter. And you remember what you do. “Should I take care of him?” you ask.

“Hardly worth it,” he replies coolly. Loki sets his eyes on the man, a dangerous glint making them brighter than normal. “If you wish to volunteer as an example, so be it.” Loki lifts the scepter, blue energy building. “Look to your elder, mortals!”

Suddenly a loud, chopping noise interrupts the night air, sending your eyes to the skies above. An aircraft flies into the vicinity garnering the people’s attention, shedding a spotlight on the scene.

But in that moment, Loki releases the blast of fiery blue, eyes alight.

Suddenly a figure drops from above and deflects the energy. And it’s coming straight back.

You immediately send up a shield to protect Loki and yourself. After the blue explosion ends, you call it off and peer upon the culprit. And your heart stammers.

A man dressed in a dark-blue uniform with a white star on its chest stands among the crowd. He wears a helmet and dark-brown combat boots. But most noticeably, he bears a round shield of red, white, and blue.

The Quinjet’s cocking of its guns at Loki draws your attention away for a split second. You hardly notice how you’re gripping your skirt.

“The soldier,” Loki announces.

Steve, your heart breathes.

“The man out of time.” Loki’s copies return to their master, emphasizing his presence before the soldier. “Delightful to officially make your acquaintance.”

Sharp prickling assaults the back of your mind as memories threaten to push through, of a day when the prince watched you give a grand celebration. Your mind blocks the images to stop the pain.

“Can’t say I share the sentiment,” Captain Steven Rogers replies shortly. His sky-blue eyes find your own for a second, sending a ripple through your heart. “Doesn’t sit well, seeing a man standing above everyone else,” the captain continues. “Didn’t sit well last time I was in Germany, either. Let her go. We’re not going to let you hurt these people, or anyone else.”

“Loki, drop the weapon and stand down,” comes a female voice from the Quinjet above. She is projected through a com system. “This ends now,” she commands.

“Demanding, aren’t they?” Loki asks amused as he glances over at you.

“They are,” you reply as your mind fortifies itself.

The captain’s jaw ticks. “Star, I know you’re in there,” Steve beckons carefully. His legs spread into a ready position as he brings his shield up.

Your heart patters rapidly in your chest, and it makes your stomach flutter.

And then Loki points his scepter at the soldier and releases another blast.

The energy calls you back into action as you summon your staff.

So much happens all at once. Steve deflects the blast. People scream and run away. And the female agent shoots at Loki.

You send up a shield and let the bullets ricochet back at them. Agent Romanoff attempts to maneuver the jet out of your trajectory, but you simply adjust your shield to frustrate her and keep her from getting closer.

A blast of blue catches your attention. You turn just in time to see Steve throwing his shield at Loki. The prince bashes it in your direction with his scepter. You manage to catch the disc before it breaks your ribs.

Steve calls your name but is quickly engaged in hand-to-hand with Loki to follow through. You take the spangled shield, remove your own from the air, and throw it at the Quinjet. With remarkable accuracy, you knock out their right set of guns, completely throwing them off.

The shield bounces off, only to be caught by Steve again. Loki finishes the job and takes out the left set of guns with a blast of energy. Agent Romanoff backs the jet away to keep from being shot down.

You whip around and face the captain, staff at the ready.

He meets your glowing eyes, concern in his own. He speaks your name gently, and it tears something within your heart with a painful sting. And it escapes through your lips. “Steve,” you choke out, pain slamming into the back of your head. “You need to get out of here.”

Loki strides in. “Oh, come now, healer,” he chides, “he’s just arrived.” The glow of the scepter lights the prince’s face eerily.

“Let her go, Loki,” Steve demands.

“What if I refuse to?”

“I’m not leaving without her.”

There’s another searing tear at your heart, and pain floods through your head.

“Such a hero,” Loki mocks. “Healer!”

You launch forward, staff spinning.

Steve blocks each blow as he steps backwards. “Come on, Star, this isn’t you,” Steve calls. “Come back. Come home.”

Images beat the blue walls of your mind. You let out a whimper as your heart further breaks. “Please stop,” you plead as you jam the butt of your staff between his feet and yank back hard.

Loki’s laughter reverberates in your mind as he watches the captain fall back. “You can’t win her back, Captain,” the prince smugly informs Steve. He continues the fight personally.

You grip the sides of your head as two wills battle inside. Shimmering light grows around your heart. Sapphire fire burns your thoughts.

Steve yells out your name. “Listen to me, Starlight! You’re stronger than his control.”

Your bleeding heart rebels, throbbing, pounding, demanding release. A scream escapes your lips as you grasp the left side of your head.

After throwing Loki off, Steve calls for you, but immediately stops as he gazes upon your face. The beautiful face he’s come to love, it’s now contorted in pain and… illuminated.

The electric-blue still decorates your right eye, but your left eye now shines with the shimmering gold of your light.

“Starlight,” he whispers.

A dark chuckle rumbles in Loki’s chest. “You are snuffing out your darling star, Captain,” the prince presses. “Finish him.”

Against your heart’s screaming will, you summon throwing knives and unleash them upon Steve – volley after volley after volley.

Steve knocks them away and ducks from the head attack you rush at him. He catches your knee with his foot and takes you down. You stop his shield from crushing you by barring it with your staff. “I’m not leaving here without you,” he promises.

Another wave of light bursts through you. It courses angrily through your bloodstream. Your hands begin to glow. A shimmer gleams from your chest.

“Stop listening to him. Get him out of your mind. Come back to me.”

The hammering pain in your head makes you scream. You shift your feet onto his stomach and kick him off then roll away.

Loki laughs, watching the spectacle. “You cannot win,” he declares. The prince knows of the depth the scepter has imbedded itself into your mind. Even as he sees how your strange light emanates from your hands, your feet, and your heart, you will obey him.

Steve stands back up and sees how your light radiates from your body. But it’s your blue eye that concerns him, not this unnatural display of your power.

Loki sends a blast at the captain, which very nearly gets him. You block the deflected energy with your light. The prince continues to press on.

Steve cries your name. “Sweetheart,” he pleads. “Starlight, please!”

Your wretched heart weeps another wave of light that rattles your mind. Screaming, you grip your head.

Suddenly, an earth-shuddering shriek pierces through the fog of it all. It’s a sound that can make buildings crumble.

Three pairs of eyes turn to the source.

And that’s all you can take.


No. No. No. NO!

Pain rips a shriek from your throat. Your heart swells, ready to explode, but in that moment, one of the worst things happens – your mind


And you scream.

The dome of sapphire flames that’s entrapped your mind this entire time breaks into a million pieces.

And then it is sucked out – light, images, sounds, dread and all.


Then all at once, your world vanishes into the deepest depths of darkness.