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Jun ▶️ Sho

If we’re talking about 2016′s Sakurai-san’s, it should be Rio Olympics!

Even during arena tour, I’m sure there were many things that he had to study for, things he had to remember.

Once the live ended, he had to go to Rio to report… Just thinking about it, I know it’s really tough.

Of course I didn’t actually see him study.

Moreover, I’m not him so I probably don’t know the truth.

But because he’s Sakurai-san, he definitely enjoyed doing it, I think.

Oh and also, I have received souvenir from Rio (laughs).

Thanks so much for the beach sandals.

Also, thank you for the hard work!

Jun ◀️ Sho

When Matsujun came as a guest for Sakurai Ariyoshi The Yakai, he bought a bonsai.

When I heard that he really used it as a decoration, I was happy.

Even though it was planned for the TV program, the fact that he really bought it, I as well but I think the staff too, were happy.

Then, the concerts.

Including the meetings the rest of us didn’t see, and while shooting for a drama, creating the arena tour at the same time, it must have been very tough.

I thought it was very amazing.

anonymous asked:

Hi, I was wondering if you know what the new mini event is happening in the Diabolik lovers fandom right now? I saw that kino and ayato have upcoming drama CDs with covers of them in the uniforms but I'm still a little confused. I'm sorry if this is inappropriate, I know you tend to stay away from DL online for good reason. Thank you and sorry again for the inconvenience, hope you have a nice day.

Hey hey~ (*´∀`)ノ

The mini events that are happening right now for Diabolik Lovers are not CDs, but a Limited Time Shop called Diabolik Lovers Limited Shop BloodyFes.

The logo itself has it written underneath the words Diabolik Lovers “Limited Shop”, so that’s a really clear giveaway stating it’s a Shop not a CD series.

The shops are open at 2 places:

atré in Akihabara from 2nd of July to 15th of July 2016

VIVRE in Sannomiya from 30th of July to 21st of August 2016

The shop will have limited time only goods that has been illustrated especially for the shop, and will feature Limited Shop novelty goods.

Now, regarding the matter of Drama CDs, I can confirm that they are 100% fake and most likely is a joke made by someone, or some people to see the fandom going wild again. 

First of all, where are the sample jacket snippets Rejet shares on the Official Blog? Don’t they usually show a snippet on their blog with a huge SAMPLE watermark over the illustrations? Where is that sample post?

And also, why is the cover not a newly designed cover? Because the BLoodyFes illustrations are mentioned to be limited to the shops only. It doesn’t make sense, because why is it being “recycled” for a CD when it’s part of promoting the shops?

Secondly, wheres the source of their CD illustration? There is no source entered on to the Tumblr post,  just states the title and that’s it. That itself is a HUGE ALERT for me. I don’t trust anything without a source, it’s just a given for me, no source = not genuine and very sketchy, simple rule.

And lastly, Rejet is already busy producing the VERSUS III and the LOST EDEN CD series and also working on the LOST EDEN game itself. And it’s not just Diabolik Lovers that they producing, they have other series titles to work on as well.

And Diabolik Lovers is a big cash reeling series, I highly doubt that they would either “leak” info of a CD series that is currently work in progress, or squeeze in another series when the plate is already full.

Just to add another thing, if the CD was actually real, why aren’t the Japanese fans going wild over them? Because they’re probably busy trying to book their way into the Limited Shop.


CD is fake, there’s no source for it, and to me it clearly looks like it was made in Photoshop.

And there is no announcement officially made by Rejet themselves, so no point in going all out on it.

The illustrations are made for the shop only, if they wanted to do a CD series they would illustrated a new cover and shared a snipped on the official sites.

There is no source provided on the CD cover post on Tumblr.

Rejet is already full with their schedule of producing 2 series of CDs for Diabolik Lovers and a game, and this would of been in plan for a long while.

Being very honest I don’t mind if anyone asks me about Diabolik Lovers, I still enjoy the series and I am big fan of Reiji, and I really enjoy Satoi’s art. 

It’s just the whole translations being stolen is my issue, I don’t mind if anyone wants to pop in, say hi and talk about the series with me. I’m genuinely fine with just chatting about it.

And please don’t worry you weren’t being a bother or anything, and the question wasn’t inappropriate. I’m gradually getting over the Diabolik Lovers issues from the past, it’s healing in process.

Thanks for asking, and I hope my answer helped you out.

Have a wonder-tastic day~ ☆(ゝω・)