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Where’s That Melanin?

To all of you artists out there creating fan content of persons of color, it’s imperative that you avoid whitewashing as much as possible. And I say “as much as possible” because hey, sometimes it’s something you miss or gloss over without thinking about it. Your mind becomes mush after putting in many hours of work on a piece, I get it. I’m right there with you. And then sometimes you’ll have people who don’t give a flying fuck and will do it anyway. 

Before posting your work, give your eyes a rest, open up some references of the character, run it by a few folks you’re comfortable with (who obviously know what it is). I’m positive someone will mention that perhaps their skin should be a bit darker; maybe someone will do a quick color correction for you even!

We make mistakes and it’s alright as long as we learn from those mistakes, yeah? Take breaks, use references always, and ask for helpful feedback and criticism. That’s what it takes to improve your work. If it’s something you’ve spent hours on, may as well?

Love you fam, and take care.


(M and T-requested by Anonymous)

You were being strangled in your dream, lined by some unknown offender as their fat thick fingers dug deeper into your throat as their nails grew into talons. And drool dripped from their mouth and felt like a iced as it burned away the flesh in your face.
You screamed but no sound came out as you couldn’t move, couldn’t think, your mind was mush as everything started to turn back when you heard…


“Livestock! (Y/n)!” As your eyes suddenly open, Ruki was above you, and your throat burned like hellfire had seared it.
“I heard you scream, and when I came you were thrashing and choking yourself.” He said worried, his voice winded as if he had been breaking hard in panic.
Pulling you up to him, as he inspected your throat which had started to bruise as you trembled. As the he started to softly kiss the bruises that were starting to form.
“Livestock what happened?” He questioned as you just shook your head and wrapped your arms around him, while burying your face into his chest
“J-just s-stay wi-with me.” You stuttered as your ragged breath started to turn into soft gasp.
Ruki nodded as he laid down with you, intertwining himself with your body as the two of you became comfortable. And within the crazy and panic the two of you drifted off to sleep.


“M-neko-chan?!” He pulled goth hands off from your throat as he used his body to still you own trashing one.
“Kou!” You exclaimed as you eyes opened and you wrapped your arms around his neck as you hurried your face into the crook of his neck.
Tears splashing over his bare skin as you took comfort in his cold, hard and familiar chest.
“Someone was trying to k-kill me.” You sobbed as your body was racked with sobs.
“Anyone who tried will be ripped apart by me personally.” Kou growled lowly as he held you possessively.
The words were comforting, as he laid down and pulled you down with him. And with you laying on top of him as he rubbed his hand up your back and cupped the back of your neck. As he moved his other hand lower till he had a grip on your thigh as he pulled your leg up slightly and the two of you melted into each other as Kou softly sang you to sleep.


It was the sound of his fist colliding into the wall behind your bed that you heard that snaps of you away. As you bolted out of bed screaming blood murder, screaming out Yuma’s name.
Right away the moment you saw your giant boyfriend standing by your bed side. His fist clenched as well as his jaw while his eyes were wide with worry. You wrapped your arms around him ignoring everything else.
“Who the hell did this to ya neck?” He growled as the burning of your neck hit you as you took in ragged breaths.
“What?” You asked confused as you let go of him and moved back to touch your neck,
“Ya neck is bruised!” He growled as he looked around for whoever the offender was.
“No one was in here…I must have done it to myself.” You admitted as you remembered past accidents. “It used to happen often when I was a child, I wasn’t able to sleep alone because I had to be with someone so I didn’t kill myself on accident.” You told him, while Yuma picked you up with one arm and held you to himself.
“That’s it ya sleeping in my room from now on no complaints.” He grumbled as he walked to his room scared that if he teleported it would take too much out of you.
Climbing into bed with you as he snuggled you like you were his teddy bear, your arms held down by his thick and heavily bulky ones. As the two of you drifted off.


When you open your eyes Azusa was holding onto you, and tears were seeping into your nightgown.
“A-Azusa what’s wrong?” You rasped as you tried to take in gulps of air greedily.
“You…were trying…to kill…yourself what’s wrong?” Azusa whimpered softly, “Why would…your try to leave me?” Pulling away you kissed away his tears,
“I was just having a nightmare. I never would want to leave you.” You whispered hoarsely, “I-I was so scared Azusa, thank you for waking me up…will you stay with me?” You questioned as you blushed.
“Of course…Eve.” He said as he pulled you down with himself, pulling you on top of him as softly kissed the bruise that was starting to form, from when you hand your hands wrapped around your throat. Before he softly nipped at your soft spot with his fangs, softly you whimpered as his fangs sunk slowly into your bruised neck.
You heard Azusa soft moans as your blood filled his mouth, as everything around you grew hazy.
Pulled away Azusa snuggled with you as nuzzled his head into the crook of your neck as the two of you fell asleep wrapped tightly around one another.


“Pet wake up pet.” You heard Carla’s deep voice as you woke up and you were in his arms, cradled like a child. As your head rested against his chest, as he rocked you back and forth.
“Carla?” You whimpered as your hand went to your throat and just as quickly he moved got hand back around.
“You were strangling yourself pet, your neck will be sore for a little while I sent a servant to bring you tea. He same kind my Mother would give to me when Shin and I would have a nightmare.” Just then the said servant walked in with a large cup of tea that they handed to you.
“Thank you Carla.” You whispered as you kissed him on his jaw before taking a small sip.
“Turn on the tv and hand me the remote, the two of us will be staying up for a while, cancel my meetings for the day I need to watch and observe my pet. So I can find out what possessed them to strangle themselves.”
After he servant did as told their walked out as Carla held you close as you finished your tea and he put on a romantic movie for the two of you to enjoy while you cuddled.


“(Y/n)?!” You body was being shook roughly as you stirred quickly, and the moment you saw him hovering over you. His eye wide with concern, as he took your hand in yours.
“You were hurting yourself.” Shin frowned as he kissed the palm of your hands.
“Please don’t hurt yourself.” He said softly as he blushed lightly. “Your trembling, come with me.” He said as he got off of you and off of the bed.
Standing up as he offered you his hand.
Taking his hand he pulled you out of bed and picked you up suddenly,
“Maybe I should carry you instead.” He smiled as he walked out onto the balcony with you and just held you, as the two of you watched the moon as it started to set, as the stars said goodbye and the tree danced with the wind.

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A sheepish ping. << So, uh, how's... Th' sparkling... Doing? >>

♔. }

        It took every ounce of strength in her to answer the incoming transmission. Though at the voice, lips couldn’t help but curve into a tired smile.

                                                           ¦ ¦  Fine, just fine…  ¦ ¦

A hoarse cough rattled through her vents, followed by a pained — almost deflating — wheeze.

                                  ¦ ¦  I myself have seen better days, unfortunately…  ¦ ¦
                                                            ¦ ¦  How are you?  ¦ ¦

Having had enough of socializing, at least for the time being (her mind slowly turning to mush), the redhead ventured past the area designated for the party toward a hallway that in her current line of vision seemed endless. When she’d tired of walking, she turned into one of the random rooms. It was an office. Or a fancy study. She didn’t know, she didn’t care. Edythe was preoccupied by the paintings that were on the wall, standing and peering at them. It took her a moment to realize that someone had opened the door behind her, she turned, looking at them. “Do you know what the fuck this painting is supposed to be?”

Can't Do This

Request: Can you make an Andy Biersack imagine where Y/N has an anxiety attack at school and Andy has to pick her up from school and he takes her home and makes her feel better? I love your writing btw!

A/N: I love this request, thank you lovely!

The people usually got to me, the crowds of people going from one class to the next. The careless bumps of passers by, and the stares people got for just looking at someone ‘the wrong way.’ I hated all of it, the anxiety of it all, though, was usually never too much. But today was different. Everyone seemed to send glares my way, bump into me harder, and slow down in front of me, making me late for my class. By 3rd hour my mind was mush, all I did was panic in the halls, eventually giving up and running to the closest closet, muttering, “I can’t do this, I can’t do this, I can’t do this” the whole way.
I fell into the corner of the closet hiding my head in my knees, close to crying, but not quite. I finally felt the tears rushing down my face after a moment of silence, I was having a full blown attack. My mind felt slow but then again was racing at a mile a minute, I was missing class, I heard the bell ring, or was that just the ringing in my ears? I had a paper due in my Music class, I hadn’t finished it…. I finally pulled out my phone and texted Andy, he would come get me. I hoped.
To: Andyy
I texted, a minute later I felt my phone vibrate, he had replied.
From: Andyy
On my way meet me outside
I locked my phone, not even bothering to reply. I got up and quickly shuffled out of the closet and walking out of the back doors of the school. I was going to regret this tomorrow.
Andy met me outside, maybe 10 minutes later, obviously driving like a maniac to reach me. He opened my door for me as I shakily climbed in, my mind still running on fumes.
He shuffled in and started driving, afraid to say anything, for fear of making me more anxious.
“Where do you want to go?” He finally asked.
“Home, where it’s safe, there are no people, and no classes that stress me out.” He nodded and drove us to the small house.
“What happened, baby?” He asked after settling me on the couch, sitting close to me.
“I-i don’t know!” I sobbed, finally snapping, the tears I held in the best I could running down my cheeks and choked sobs coming out of my mouth. I turned and hid my face in Andy’s chest, “one thing led to another, all the eyes, all the work I didn’t finish, all t-the people!”
Andy just rubbed my back, letting me get all my emotions out, after the crying died down he started singing. His melodic, deep voice vibrating in his chest and bouncing around the room calmed me, quiet and sweet. I found myself taking deep breaths as he sang.
‘Then I lost it all
Dead and broken.
My back’s against the wall.
Cut me open.
I’m just trying to breathe,
Just trying to figure it out
Because I built these walls to watch them crumbling down.
I said, “Then I lost it all.”
And who can save me now?’

I really just want to be someone’s favorite person. I want to feel like people are listening when I’m talking to them. I want to feel like what I have to say is important and valid. I want people to understand that I am so depressed that my mind is mush and my speech will come out as garble unless I truly concentrate on what I am saying. I want people to understand that talking is an strenuous task for me right now and it hurts to be constantly interrupted or talked over. 

Seashell Radio (a poem)

Written about Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury

I hear but don’t listen,

I watch but don’t see.

I laugh but don’t get it,

Because they’re talking to me,

Talking and talking

‘til my mind’s only mush.

They say faster and faster

And I rush and I rush.

But where am I rushing?

Do I even know?

I’ve lost myself here,

In this city’s brash glow.

I hear but don’t listen,

I watch but don’t see.

If I don’t wake up soon

I’ll never be free.

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[ ♛ ] send me a url and i’ll tell you the following;

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character in general: 

  • Okay, Crane- He is a horrible man. We all know this, he has ruined lives, spread fear and killed vastly. Now saying that, he is also a very interesting villain, and there isn’t a need to down play him, he is a villain that can be quite civil even with his enemies. He is a genius, and a well reknown man capable of rendering your mind to mush with just mere words. I love this Halloween themed, bet he drinks pumpkin spice villain!

how they play them:

*gets speaker, gets on pedestal and screeches* YOU ARE AN AMAZING CRANE. No let’s just get this out right here right now; I love how you right him. Every inch of your writing pours with emotions that you can actually feel. Like, hot damn I honestly wish I could praise you more.
the mun:

You are so sweet, so so sweet and you let me ramble and goodness you are an amazing person. Seriously, if you need anything- You let me know!

do i;

follow them: YES
rp with them: YES

want to rp with them: YES YES YES
ship their character with mine: *raises hand* Yes I want to ship, based on chemistry of course. If it fails it fails- I love a good try though ^^

what is my;

overall opinion:

Why are you guys not following them faster? GO FOLLOW LOVELIES!

**Note: Mun’s answer are all to be completely honest. Don’t send url if you don’t want brutal honesty.


(Sakamaki-requested by Anonymous)

You were being strangled in your dream, lined by some unknown offender as their fat thick fingers dug deeper into your throat as their nails grew into talons. And drool dripped from their mouth and felt like a iced as it burned away the flesh in your face.
You screamed but no sound came out as you couldn’t move, couldn’t think, your mind was mush as everything started to turn black when you heard…


“Tsk why are you being so troublesome?” He growled as he shook your body softly. “Come on don’t leave me.” You heard, his voice nearly breaking
“S-Shuu?” You groaned softly as it felt as if there was something wrapped around your throat.
“You were hurting yourself.” He hissed his blue eyes wide with worry that you rarely saw.
“Shh don’t speak.” He told you next as a servant walked in with an ice pack.
Taking the ice pack from the servant he pressed it gently against your neck.
“Don’t be so troublesome.” He grumbled. As he laid back down with you cuddled against him.
Cupping your cheek as your eyes started to close, the sluggishness of sleep claiming you quickly.
“Please don’t be so troublesome.” He said softer this time, worry that one day you could just take yourself away from him. After all you were only human and your life is so fragile and short.


The clack of a tea cup onto its plate, it was a bit harsh hinting that Reiji was distracted and worried. But was it about you? You didn’t think so. But it was the moment he walked into your bedroom after he heard you scream, he expected to see one of his imbecile younger brothers or worse that good for nothing attacking you.
He didn’t expect to see you attaching yourself, as your hands were clamped around your throat. As your trashed, the blanket wrapped around your body. While your legs kick and strangled screams filled the bedroom.
The image as burned into his mind.
Finally you opened your eyes,
“Take it easy, I gave you a shot too relax yourself and keep you from trying to kill yourself. Your limbs should be quite heavy and your body numb as a side effect. Though I brought you some tea to warm your body up so that your not uncomfortable. It appears I’ll have to give it to you.” He sighed but was relieved that you were finally awake. As he pulled you up and sat down, pulling you into his lap as he lifted the tea cup up to your lips.


“(Y/n!” Followed by a sharp sting that rivaled the agony of your burning throat.
Sitting up with a gasp, you were disoriented and you didn’t recognize the voice as you shoved with all your might the person hovering over you.
“Oi!” You heard the complain from the offender, and that’s when it clicked as Ayato. As everything became clear and your eyes adjusted and you were able to see Ayato at the foot of bed looking rather upset and worried.
“Oh I didn’t know it was you. I-I’m sorry.” You looked down ashamed.
“Tsk what the hell is wrong with you melons, first you try to strangle yourself and now you shoved me!” Ayato growled as you pulled your legs up to your chest and roughly swallowed. While ignoring the burning in your throat,
“I-I’m sorry I was having a nightmare.” You admitted as your cheeks burned with embarrassment. As you waited for him to mock you, which you knew would be followed by comfort.
“Yours Truly isn’t in the mood, so I’m staying here but using your breast as a pillow got it!” He didn’t want to admit that he had been having a nightmare too, and was grateful for your scream which woke him up.

So I wanted to get something out tonight so here is half of nightmare. I tried…

Lately I’ve been feeling super depressed. I’m not normally depressed, but a multitude of quite personal things have come up that have resulted in my mind melting into mush. The only thing in my life keeping me sane is my incredible pal @skullkitty (thank you so much dude!) However, even though he’s keeping me from becoming an antisocial depressed little shit who doesn’t leave his bed/bedroom for any reason other than to shit and eat, I still feel horrible and useless and miserable. I really hate to make a post like this because my blog isn’t supposed to be serious, but it’s true. I have no friends or family to vent this shit to aside from like two close friends and one boyfriend, and even then I feel as though I’m a constant burden or bother. I cannot get a grip on myself, no matter how hard I’ve tried. I’m usually happy, I really am! However, right now, I just feel useless and worthless and a constant burden to every single person I know and love and I feel like I honestly should just shut myself up in a room somewhere and pretend I don’t exist to make the lives of those I love better.

fake AH crew mumbles

+ geoff is pretty sure his boys are trying to give him a heart attack and he honestly doesn’t mind

+ on a heist geoff gets a cut on his arm just deep enough to sting so he whines like a little bitch but ryan comes up to him and kisses his cut saying “all better” when he’s done and geoff realizes ryan isn’t even joking he honestly did it to help and geoffs mind turns to mush because wow the sugar sweetness is drowning him

+ geoff loves his suit to death he never wears anything else to heists and everyone knows it but one day geoffs suit is at the dry cleaners and Timmys Dryclean is robbed, geoffs extremely pissed but michael shows up hours later with his suit and a jar filled with robbers ashes and suddenly geoff is so overjoyed he squeaks

+ geoff goes to have lunch with an old friend who he’s pretty sure won’t kill him but you never know so he lets jack circle in a helicopter as backup and of course things go bad and the guy and his wife try to take out geoff but suddenly the two are flattened by several tons of helicopter and geoff watches as it squishes them again and again and again, when jack finally stops Geoff raises an eyebrow and jack says coolly “he had a knife” geoffs grin is wider than the ocean

+ geoff had a glass ceiling in his last house and he constantly mutters about not being able to watch the stars at night anymore but one day the bedrooms ceiling is suddenly replaced by light sensing self tinting glass and all eyes go to money bags gavin and he just beams but Geoff feels his heart squeeze almost painfully

+ ray is the real kicker though because he doesn’t even go out of his way to please geoff instead the small puerto rican just begins to wear geoffs shirts and Geoff decides that he is now dead inside the love has killed him, ray just smirks and let’s one sleeve slide off his right shoulder

+ geoff can’t handle this seriously wtf his boys are sending to an early grave


(Sakamaki-requested by Anonymous)

You were being strangled in your dream, lined by some unknown offender as their fat thick fingers dug deeper into your throat as their nails grew into talons. And drool dripped from their mouth and felt like a iced as it burned away the flesh in your face.
You screamed but no sound came out as you couldn’t move, couldn’t think, your mind was mush as everything started to turn black when you heard…


“(Y/N)!” You heard him shouting loudly as he shook your shoulders. And with a sharp gasp you open your eyes as you say up suddenly only to bump heads with Kanato. Who narrowed his eyes in a glare but decided to let it pass,
“I’ll forget that since you were having a nightmare.” He growled, since he understood what it was like to have mind shattering nightmares. But what really scared him what that you were strangling yourself .
“Ne~ from now on you are sleeping in the room with me.” He said without reason as he suddenly picked you up and teleported into his bedroom where he tossed you onto the bed.
“Now your not allowed to have anymore nightmares while I’m here!” He growled as he got into the bed as he wrapped his arms around you and held you close.
“Ne~ now sleep, only tonight will I sing you to sleep.”


Nothing, the sound of silence, but it was what you felt that calmed you down was the scent of Laito surrounding you. When you realized you were in his bedroom with his arms around you. And his face nuzzled into the crook of your neck. And his wild red hair tickling you slightly.
“Are you awake little bitch? I tried to help you the best I could. I put some cream on your neck that should numb it.” Laito said softly the chuckled,
“I didn’t know you were that kinky little bitch but you shouldn’t strangled yourself that hard.” With that you hit him lightly with the back of your hand as you pouted.
“I was having a nightmare!” You tried to justify yourself,
“Fufuf~ don’t worry Latio-chan will keep you safe.”


The wall nearly crumbling, you say up suddenly and bolted out of bed to see Subaru had punched a whole through your wall. And you could see straight into Laito bedroom who just stared back at you confused.
“Subaru!” You rasped as you hands shot up to your throat which burned.
“Tsk what the hell were you trying to do! You were killing yourself am I that intolerable that you try to kill yourself while your sleeping!” He nearly screaming as you eyes widen.
“N-No that’s not it. It’s a strange condition that I have where I attack myself. I thought I outgrew it so I didn’t say anything.” You said embarrassed as Subaru calmed down.
“Tsk your moving in the room with me. Not that I care.” He said as he stomped out of the room blushing.

Sadly my health is getting worse and no one will give me medicine. I keep asking my parents to bring some home because we have none and they keep forgetting so sorry for the small update.

anonymous asked:

Okay vsmodel!steve and photgrapher!bucky h/c I'm pretty sure this line of work can lead to bouts of intense anxiety for steve especially in the face of douchebag photgraphers and he's p. sure this big shot is gonna be so demanding and rude (2)

(2) so he’s worked himself up into overthinking and arrives on the set extremely nervous and maybe bucky seems intense and that leads to lots of squirming and forced poses and bb’s trying so hard can you imagine his frustration

(3) someone (maybe nat?) Decides to take a 10 min break and steve’s super upset now like he’s a professional has to get his stuff together and he’s berating himself and bucky’s concerned so he idk steps up and touches steve’s shoulder

(4) Bucky asks if he’s okay. If there’s anything that can be done to make him feel more comfortable and steve’s mind is mush rn bc that single line of contact is amazing. Hot, calloused palm. Right amount of pressure. It’s so calming

(5) And he’s so preoccupied with that he doesn’t really catch Bucky’s questions just kinda stares/floats and bucky ends up taking his hand away bc wow he just realised that’s unprofessional and steve kinda leans into the touch and

I never got the rest of these messages! But tbh, I love what there is :D

As it is New Year’s Eve, the day on which far too many people lose their wits, let’s have Dazzling Day. In this picture from 1955, Edward has inadvertently dazzled this poor girl’s mind into mush. He’ll realize it in a second and walk away, pinching the bridge of his nose, torn between self-castigation (what a loathsome monster he is! Everything about him draws humans in!) and disdain at the weakness and predictability of humans. Oh, Edward. LOL

My headcanon actually is that the Cullen “kids” used to be friendlier to their classmates than they were in Twilight, but that over the decades, for a variety of reasons, they became more standoffish.

20. “Will you marry me?” 29. “Why can’t you see that I’m in love with you?!” 36. “No one can love you like I can...” Hayes Grier

Requested by @abbyanne03

Hope you don’t mind that I mushed them into one :)

Full Drabble List


Its been years since magcon ended, years since vine was the coolest new app, and by now Hayes and yourself have grown up, and were currently finishing your last year of college. At the moment you were arguing. 

“Hayes, it was no big deal!” You exclaim, frustrated. 

“Why were you with him?” He asks, “That’s all I wanna know.” 

“We were hanging out and he asked me out.” You roll your eyes as Hayes looked like he was ready to kill someone. 

“You call that no big deal?! No one can love you like I can.” 

“I know that, Hayes. Do you not trust me? I turned him down, just like we always do.” 

Why can’t you see that I’m in love with you?!” 

 “Why can’t you see how ridiculous you’re being?” You cup his cheeks. “Am I dating him? Have I ever given you a reason to not trust me? I love you, Hayes. Since day one, no one’s gonna ruin that.” 


“Yes, Hayes?” 

Will you marry me?

PLL Plot Twist

Jessica (DiLaurentis) and Marion (Cavanaugh) are the twins but their maiden name is Campbell (hence why they are on the Campbell Apple Farm). One of the two blonde boys was Jason and the other was Toby (there is clearly a slight age difference). The baby is Alison and Jason is the boy that kissed her. Andrew’s dad is Marion and Jessica’s brother, making him Toby and Alison (and Jason’s) cousin. I have no idea how this would tie into the Charles is A theory or even who the hell he is. All I know is that this finale had my mind scrambled and I’ve read WAY too many theories tonight. I AM convinced that we haven’t seen a twin reveal yet though and refuse to believe that some new made up character is A or that Andrew is Charles or A. I do believe that the Campbell family and the DiLaurentis family are connected though. This is way out there but then again, so are a lot of theories I am reading.