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color palette for a medusa quartz and abilities related to the gorgons? thanks in advance.

Color Palette:

Abilities: Of course there’s Medusa’s famous petrification powers caused by staring at her. A similar ability could be a more entrancing stare making the opponent vulnerable to suggestions or have their mind be “zapped” temporary. Another way is that they could have a kind of Earth manipulation where they can seal opponents in hard rock or crystal which could be similar to petrification. Ice manipulation is another. According to Greek myths, if you take blood from the right side of of a gorgon it will bring back the dead. But if you take blood from the left side it will become fatal poison. Your Medusa Quartz could have healing abilities as well as poison. With poison, it won’t obviously kill a gem, but it could slowly zap away their energy and force them to “poof” (as well as make them feel ill). To humans, however, the poison could be fatal. 

I just had a thought

So you know how Bill was able to rearrange Preston Northwest’s face and how he deconstructed Ford’s body at the atomic level and rebuilt it at the other side of the room?

Well, after reading this horrifying post that explains just what effects a 500 volt shock would have on Ford’s body, I got to thinking of just how in the world the man managed to still stay alive and coherent - let alone able to stand and function relatively normally - by the time the Resistance staged their rescue mission. Adrenaline can only do so much after a certain point. Ford had to go through literal days of torture (building the Mystery Shack robot did not take mere hours, after all), and lbrh, this is Bill we’re talking about here. I’m sure he could get very creative when he put his mind to it. Being zapped with electricity was probably the least of Ford’s problems during that time.

So the more I think about it, the more I find it extremely plausible that any time Ford’s body was just about ready to give out and shut down from the sheer amount of damage it had taken… Bill just took a moment to patch up the worst of it and started right back in on him again. Heck, I’m sure he was powerful enough at that point to even resuscitate Ford if he wanted to. So even if he did end up dying, Bill could just bring him back like nothing ever happened.

So yeah. This might explain why Ford wasn’t in even worse shape by the time he was rescued, and why he was still strong enough to stay on his feet through the rest of the finale even though Bill still tortured him for literal days. (He should still go lie down and see a doctor ASAP, though, like damn son, you have had a very bad week.)

i wonder when peridot said “i read a few hundred years of reports” she means “i read reports for a few hundred years” or “i stuck my head in a system mainframe and got mind-zapped with hundred of thousands of documents and it took 12 seconds”