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Can Senet beasts learn? They're static in their condition, aren't they? Given that, I understand how Uaid was coded to recognize Quiggs and Matty (because he has the body of a Senet beast, but his mind is a pymaric); but others like Water Women, sentient snakes or Tittybird shouldn't be able to form memories if they're Senet beasts, correct?

Mostly incorrect. Senet beasts don’t age but they’re not physically static. They can learn. They have minds and physical systems but they are not systems subject to the biological and physical properties common to the rest of current reality. They are worlds unto themselves, with their own isolated kherts that arbitrate their own, often utterly unique sets of laws. Some senet beasts have to eat or they starve. Others don’t have to eat at all. Some die if they spend too much time out of water. Some senet beasts, like stormbringers, actually cannot form long term memories as their minds weren’t set up to do so. Their female counterparts the waterwomen, on the other hand, have excellent memories and assume the role of looking after the flighty males. Some senet beasts are little more than very sparkly bugs. Others are easily mistaken for gods. And still others can vomit red human forms out of their bills and chat existentialism with you. They are pretty diverse!

But the senet beasts that are still alive now are the last, and a vast crowd of creatures did not make it this far. They were killed by humans or they killed themselves in despair or insanity, unable or unwilling to adapt to entropy and time.

Do you understand how much Sherlock wants to impress John? That man didn’t give any fuck about knowing the solar system. But then John expressed his amusement over the fact.

And then Sherlock is learning The obliquity of the ecliptic in his Mind palace.

Keith's room
  • Lance: *walks in*
  • Keith: Lance what are you doing here it's 3 am
  • Lance: Listen here tubby, we are gonna fuck okay and it's gonna be fucking lit
  • Keith: Lance what the fuck just go back to bed
  • Lance: ...
  • Keith: ...
  • Lance: ...
  • Keith: Wait did you just call me tubby
Chamomile, Rose or Lavender tea all reset the nervous system to {calm/chill mode}.
—  Lalah Delia

But what about Levi and Eren being neighbors who are totally crushing on each other hardcore but neither of them is brave enough to ask the other out so the thing is they both do their laundry on the same day and well Eren might have accidentally grabbed the wrong basket because hey he is a grad student who isn’t getting enough sleep okay and Levi being the insomniac he is didn’t really notice anything wrong considering their laundry baskets are both the same color but oh ohhhhh shit so eren is the first to notice because waitttt he doesn’t own iron man boxers (he’s more of a captain america guy himself) and waaaAAAIITTTT HE DEF DOESNT OWN ANY LINGERIE ESPECIALLY SILK PANTIES and right when eren starts to panic about who could possibly have his laundry AND WHOSE LAUNDRY DOES HE HAVE FUU he notices an old worn out graphic tee that he /always/ sees Levi lounging in whenever he is invited for tea on the weekends and he is immediately relieved but then WAAAAITTTTTTT and he looks down again to the lingerie in the basket… meanwhile Levi is grinning because godddd he totally expected eren to be the type to have a fucking pink floyd shirt and he really should go over and give this back to the kid because he knows this white stripes tour shirt is erens favorite not because he has been told a million times before but he’s been told a million times before but WAITTTTTRTTTTTTTT his eyes widen pulse starts to race because fucking shit on a stick today was delicates day

Sherlock needed Greg’s help to write his best man speech, probably the most important speech he’s had to make in his life, up to this point.

Imagine Sherlock calling Greg once again, only this time it’s not a best man speech for John…it’s how to talk to Molly to prove to her that he’s a good man.  Greg now thinks Sherlock IS that good man, but Sherlock just can’t trust in himself…he needs someone else to tell him how to tell Molly that he’s a man worthy of her love.

Knock knock hello it is I

S̵̢̧̘̹͇̩͍̞̖̜̙̊́̈́̈̉ ̶̨̨̫͍̘͎̗̰̣̟̘̐̚É̶͍̫̘ ̶͚̣̹͉̳͈̺̗̭̹̹̈́̎̌̾̀͂̈̄̕͜Ņ̷̣͕̞͌̔͌̊̑̒ ̷͉͈̹̲͓̳͕͐̆̉̋̎̎̀̌͐̆ͅP̸̢̣͕̟̤͇̖̳̬̜̪͗͠ ̴̯͍̗̯̭̠̽͠ͅA̸̧͕̱̜̘͍̽͊͆͆̂̒̋͘͠͝ ̵͇̯͇̱̥͍̓̌I̶͕̖̭͔͚͊̿̇̿̕