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“Said” is FINE! :)

There are several charts and lists making the rounds lately with alternatives to using “said.” Guys–I cannot stress this enough: THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH USING “SAID!” :) If you feel like you’re overusing “said,” it’s because you’re over tagging. That’s it. End of story.Which is not to say you should never use replacements for “said.” It’s just that you should use them sparingly and only when appropriate. Here are some things to keep in mind when using alternatives to “said”:

1) Beware of Non-Synonymous Words.

In other words, beware of words that aren’t synonyms of “said” or other speaking words.

Body Language Words:

Words like laughed, shrugged, frowned, trembled, and their synonyms are not words that have to do with speech. You can’t frown something. You can say something WHILE frowning. You can’t tremble something. You can say something WHILE trembling. You wouldn’t say: Ted stood in front of the class and trembled the alphabet. So, you shouldn’t say, “I’ll go in front of the class and recite the alphabet,” Ted trembled.

Speech hindering actions:

Words like smiled, gaped, bubbled, breathed, panted, sneezed–try saying a few sentences while doing any of these things. Bear in mind that “gape” means “open wide.” It’s pretty difficult, right? Not to mention it probably looks/sounds pretty silly.

Non-Speaking words:

Words like accepted, approved, brainstormed, puzzled, cross-examined, publicized, justified, beckoned, invited–are words that go hand-in-hand with talking, but they’re not words that relate to actually saying things. “We could go with a red one, a blue one, or one made of metal, or maybe wood?” Ted brainstormed. Or, “We’re remodeling our house,” Ted publicized. It just sounds weird.

2) Beware of Over-Complicated Words.

While it’s certainly fine to be ornate now and then, most of the time, simple and concise is much better. Words like asseverated, remonstrated, vociferated, equivocated, acknowledged, communicated, etc. are long and over-complicated. “We’re remodeling our house,” said Ted is a lot more concise than “We’re remodeling our house,” Ted vociferated. It’s fine once in a while, when the word choice really matters, but don’t get into the habit of it.

3) Beware of the “Instead of Said” Tennis Match

The only thing worse than: 

“We should go to the beach,” Denise said.

“I would love to,” said Laura.

“There’s a great beach in the next town,” Melissa said.

“I think I know the one you mean,” Denise said.


“We should go to the beach,” Denise announced.

“I would love to,” agreed Laura.

“There’s a great beach in the next town,” Melissa offered.

“I think I know the one you mean,” Denise stated.

4) Beware of Over Tagging

The problem with the examples in #3 isn’t the overuse of “said” or of alternatives to “said.” The problem is over tagging. When you’re writing dialogue, it isn’t necessary to put “he said” after every line that is spoken. Try using action instead:

Denise gazed out the window at the beautiful sunny day. “We should go to the beach.”

“I would love to,” Laura said, joining her at the window

Melissa picked up the travel guide from the dresser. “There’s a great beach in the next town.”

“I think I know the one you mean,” said Denise.

I hope that demystifies tagging a little bit for those of you who feel like you’re overusing “said” too much. :)

Have a writing question? I’d love to hear from you! Please be sure to read my ask rules and master list first or your question will not be answered. :)

You know, a lot of the issues concerning who McCree is shipped with probably wouldn’t be as bad if they just stuck with the original age they had him at, 38.

g o t 7 : meeting you

i’d thought i’d be more down with it and add gifs just so you can optimise the cuteness by looking at these sRSLY CUTE BOYS. dear parents, thanks for your bomb genetics. my masterist is here :)) enjoy

warnings: i mean the gifs are quite cute??
words: 1′231

재밤 J A E B U M
- Jaebum always had new makeup artists all the time at different events and it was just usual routine
- when he saw you enter the studio he was taken aback by your natural beauty and the positive vibe in the room 
- however you were selected to do BamBam’s look for the album promotion, and then Mark’s and then Jackson’s 
- he was desperate to talk to you and he thought he was going to lose his chance
- but when you came over to him with a brush in your hand, he instantly began to talk to you and make you chuckle
- he didn’t have long to impress you and ask you for your contacts since you kept hushing him so he’d be still for the makeup to be applied. but you were drawn to his hidden enthusiasm that made you want to know more about him

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마크 M A R K
- korean street markets are always such a crowded place where everyone just merges into a see of people trying to go about their day
- as soon as Mark would see you he’d be completely confused as to why he saw you among everyone else
- but then after he’s glimpsed at you Mark would know why. your aura and beauty to him was astounding
- he couldn’t care less about what’s on the stall you were buying from but he’d shuffle through the people to get close because he was so drawn to you 
- Mark would feel hypnotised until all he’d hear was “boong-uh-ppang?” he’s cheeks would heat up as he realised the store owner was offering him food but you tried to get his attention by saying it too
- from then on he’d still be flustered from hearing you laugh lightly at how spaced out Mark would be
- he’d buy two of whatever he saw first on the stall which was boong-uh-ppang so the stall owner would shut up. Mark would instantly be sweet to you and you bonded over Korean food with the business of Seoul’s streets beside you

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잭슨 J A C K S O N
- both jackson and you could never really explain how you started messaging, or how you found each other
- i feel like you’d have been talking long before debut and even when he was training heavily for fencing you’d be sure to support him
- Jackson would always feel this heaviness in the air when you video called because he’s never heard your laugh raw in person, he’s only seen you laugh in pixels ;( all you’d both want is to meet each other
- finally seeing him in person would be incredibly strange. all the boys would be there but Jackson and you would feel as if there was no one else in the room
- i don’t think everything would seem to move slowly, i’d think more the opposite. everything would happen so quickly as you sprang into his arms to finally feel his presence he’d probs smell really good too

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진영 J I N Y O U N G
- you were there outside JYPs building glancing from your phone to the various streets and signs around you
- Jinyoung would watch you in confusion has he came out of the building. everyone is always moving and so alive in Seoul, it was strange to see someone stood still for so still for so long especially in the dark
- “do you need help finding somewhere?”
- instantly you appreciated his kindness, although he didn’t really know where you were wanting to go was also. you admired Jinyoung’s determination and jokes as he tried to help you find your way
- eventually he asked if you wanted to come in to JYP where it wasn’t so dark, and where it was safe
- you became a friendly from then on Jinyoung always loved it when you passed JYP or went into Seoul with him

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영재 Y O U N G J A E
- you’d catch Youngjae’s eyes before you got on the plane since he adored your style even for a long flight and the way you walked breezily around the airport
- as he saw you get on the plane he’d wonder where you were heading, what your story was and why did you seem so appealing
- as he made it to his seat Youngjae would do a little skip as he saw you were right next to him and you’d low key see it from the corner of your eye wHY SO CUTE YOUNGJAE
- at first the air would be a little awkward because you both wanted to talk to one another so bad. Youngjae would probably turn the air con on and off or something stupid because he’d be hella nervous
- “do you mind not doing that? it’s making me cold”
- he’d be so sure he fucked up everything straight away by messing with the air con but when you keep talking to him he stops panicking about trying to impressing you
- his cute charms would keep you from falling into boredom throughout the whole flight. and as you stepped off the plane there was another contact on your phone and a date planned :))

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뱀뱀 B A M  B A M
- BamBam’s never the on to act shy in front of anyone
- he’s been aware of you for quite awhile now, being in one of the hugest girls groups and attending all the same award shows as him. you would definitely already know about BamBam’s charms, but to him he was certain he’d be inexistent to you
- through this award evening, BamBam’s eyes wouldn’t just be on the stage, but you too and the camera would definitely pick him up looking at you ;)
- for the 2354th time in the show because BamBam is so hard not to look at you would have found BamBam’s cloudy hair
- when he’d notice you looking directly at him he would instantaneously cover his face from you. being BamBam he usually wouldn’t mind someone like you gaping at him but his huge grin on his face would make it obvious how fond he was of you
- at some point in the evening, he finds the time to congratulate you formally about the awards you’d won and you’re groups successful performance before goofing around with you

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유겸 Y U G Y E O M
- when Yugyeom found himself practising dancing intensely, it was hard for someone to distracting him
- sure his hyungs would make him laugh but when he saw you out of the dance studio Yugyeom would find that he actually lost his footing and couldn’t find the beat of the song
- a colleague was giving you a tour of the entertainment company since you were a new worker and you found it amusing that Yugyeom (a dancing king btw) couldn’t find his feet
- you being highly involved in the entertainment company meant that Yugyeom became a familiar face to you and one day he would find the courage to make conversation with you
- talks at the JYP building became so frequent, the boy even started bringing you a drink some mornings most mornings

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A dark, hulking creature sprang toward him and Hinata saw it illuminated in the split second the world was lit up: black with yellow eyes, long fangs bared in a snarling mouth, claws discolored by the blood of past victims.

Too startled even to scream, he flung himself out of its path, just in time. The beast missed him, barely, landing to wheel about in a murky mud puddle some ways away from him. Its gleaming eyes tracked him, intelligent in their glare. One of its eyes had an old, large scar cutting vertically across it, making it appear even more ferocious.

Terrified, Hinata stared at it, his feet unwilling to budge. He knew he was dead, knew he couldn’t fight this thing—but suddenly, someone appeared who could.

The jaguar, for Hinata could now see that was what it was, pounced again. But before it struck him, its massive paws stretched forward to take him down, something blocked its path, intercepted it. And then Hinata realized it was a man, who avoided its claws to grapple with it, until he had actually pushed it off, flung it back into the mud.

Hinata gaped, mind racing. Had someone from the camp found him? But that was a ridiculous thought. The expedition team were scientists, hardy enough to live in the jungle, but not to war with it.

This man, whoever he was, was a warrior.

What if they caught him dancing

Okay, so, what if the group, y'know, Jean, Scott, Peter, Ororo, Jubilee, and Warren, what if, they wondered where Kurt disappeared off to sometimes, confused.

But then, one day Jubilee hears music as she’s wandering around, and searches it out, peaking into a studio room, only to find Kurt, in sweats, with his shirt off, showing greatly defined, but lean muscles, and markings, and just screams for Jean in her head, telling her to grab the others, and get over to Jubilee. They’re all sorts of confused, and when they get there, Jubilee quickly silences them.

“What’s going on that we have to be quiet for?” Peter asks.

“It’s Kurt. I found out where he goes when he just vanishes like it’s nothing.” She whispered. That got their interest.

“Is he in that room with the music?” Scott asked. Jubilee nods, and they all peak in, and see Kurt just, THERE, and moving with such emotion, such intensity, such glory, that it boggles their minds. Warren and Peter just gape, and they decide to take Kurt out clubbing as many times as they can after that. None of them can believe just how fucking AMAZING he is at shaking those hips. Drives Peter and Warren mad.

Black eye - Bucky x Reader

AUTHORS NOTE: Another prompt from the ever wonderful @pickledmoon . thanks again, dear!!!

ORIFINAL PROMPT: how about the reader and bucky spar and bucky gets distracted by how beautiful they look (not in a nsfw way but just how they’re sweating and have this fierce healthy glow about them) and the reader actually manages to punch him in the face but rly hard cuz they thought he would dodge so they take care of his black eye and eventually tease him about getting distracted

NOTES/WARNINGS: Fighting, bleeding.

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 “Again!” Bucky shouted.

 You bit down hard on your mouth guard and forced your wrapped fist into the training gloves Bucky wore.

 Steve had assigned Bucky to be your hand-to-hand combat coach when you first joined the Avengers. Bucky needed a task to keep his mind from drifting to dark memories and you needed the training.

 He had been shy at first. Hesitant to get close to you or hit you too hard. For the first few weeks you only ran drills against the sand bag. But after a while of working with you and instructing you he began to loosen up. First, he started by carefully positioning your arms, making sure they were in the right spot for effective defense.

 Next, he became comfortable correcting your stance. Gripping your hips tightly to adjust your core. He, soon after, became more agressive with you, smacking your arms or stomach as a physical reminder of his past corrections. Sometimes he would even hit you on the back of the head when you messed up or became distracted.

 It wasn’t long after that when you felt as if you two had finally crossed the bridge of awkwardness and became friends.The two of you would crack jokes between punches or would playfully fistfight in the common rooms of the Avengers Facility. And now you two sparred together all the time.

 “Again! Harder!” He shouted with a grimace. Today was not one of the days where you two goofed off. Your first unsupervised mission was in three days and you needed to focus and train so you would be ready to prove your self.

 “Come on, (Y/N)!” Bucky swung a padded fist at your head and you quickly dodged it, taking the opportunity to jab at his ribs.  

 He winced and grunted. “Good!” He grinned at you now. “You’re getting stronger. I actually felt that one.” He winked and teased.

 “Oh yeah?” You huffed, as serious as ever. “Well, feel this!”

 You charged at Bucky and swung over and over landing hits to his arms and shoulders and kicks to his sides. Your attack on Bucky felt fluid, like the most violent of ballets. Your months of training was finally paying off. Then something changed. You saw something in Bucky’s eyes. A look you hadn’t seen before.

 You had backed him up against the glass walls of the training room and noticed Steve and Tony watching you from outside. You didn’t know what was wrong with Buck but you weren’t about to miss this shot. You ran at him, jumping in the air to meet his height, and your fist collided with his upper cheek. His head was forced to the side and he toppled over, collapsing onto the ground.

 “Oh my gosh, Buck!” You shouted. Never, in all of your training, had you ever knocked him to the floor.  You lifted his face and could already see the discoloration of his skin.

 “Wow…” He sighed and blood dripped from a cut right beneath his eye.

 “I’m so sorry Buck!” You apologized.

 “No,” He sat up and wiped the dripping wound. “It was a fair hit. Good job.” He smiled and you could see his eye socket already begining to swell.

 “I feel like crap. I can’t believe I made you bleed.” You covered your face with your hands and slouched, hanging your head in shame. You were worried that you had just ruined your friendship with him. It had, after all, taken him almost two months to open up to you.

 You lifted your head at the sound of his chuckle.

 “I’m fine.” He grinned.

 “I just don’t understand. You were looking right at me. Why didn’t you block my punch?” You crooked your head to the side desperate to understand how you were able to knock the Winter Soldier to the ground.

 “I, uh…” He huffed and smiled. He scratched the back of his head and scrunched his nose. “I got distracted.”

 You inhaled to ask him more but before your words could form Steve and Tony burst into the room.

 “Wooo!” Tony shouted. “Its a knock out by (Y/L/N) and the crowd goes wild!” Tony raised his arms like a wrestling champ and bounced on his toes.

 “I gotta say,” Steve started with a grin. “I’m kinda with Tony here. You should be celebrating, (Y/N). It takes a lot to knock Buck down.”

 “Yeah, I know, I-” You were cut off by a belowing laugh from Tony. He was practially doubled over in laughter.

 You looked back at Buck but he was already disappearing to the locker rooms.

 “Nice hit, kid.” Steve helped you up off the floor and patted your head. “I’m feeling more and more confident in you about this solo mission.”


 You hadn’t seen Bucky all day and you were drowning in curiosity.

What had distracted him?

What was that look in his eyes?

and Was he okay?

 Fed up with not knowing you made your way to his room. You didn’t even knock, you just stormed in.

 “Bucky Barnes, I nee-” You stopped short when the room was empty. Then out of the corner of your eye you saw him emerge from his bathroom, clad in nothing but some sweatpants. He was rubbing a towel over his damp hair in a crude attempt to dry it.

 His brows furrowed but he smiled at you. “You need something?”

 “I-I.. Yes,” You finally composed yourself and focused on the floor instead of his chiseled chest. “I just wanted to see if you were okay.”

 He chuckled at plopped down on his bed. He ran his ringers through his tousled hair and patted the bed for you to sit next to him. “Why don’t you see for yourself.”

 You hesitated before you sat down beside him but eventually made it over to the bed. You grabbed his chin and examined the cut that sat on top of his hard cheekbone. It was starting to scab and the skin around it was still inflamed. His whole eye was purple and bruised but thankfully the swelling had already gone away.

 “I’m so sorry, Buck.” You apologized again.

 He shook his head. “Really it’s fine.”

 “So what was it then?” You finally asked.

 “What was what?” He wondered.

 “The reason you were distracted.”

 “Oh,” He grinned and dropped his head hoping you wouldn’t see him blush. “Yeah, that.”

 “Well?” You nudged his metal arm with your shoulder.

 He gave an embarrassed laugh and his nose scrunched back up, just like it had earlier. “It- uh, it was you.”

 Half your face scrunched up in confusion.

 “I was distracted by you.” He blushed and you could clearly see it.

 “What?” You chuckled.

 “You came at me with this crazy, fierce, expression on your face and when you came into the sun the sweat on your face made you almost…” He searched for the right word. “Glow. I don’t know. You just… You looked really good and it threw me for a second.” He rubbed the back of his head in ebarassment.

 Your jaw went slack and you just stared at him.

 “Come on,” He pleaded. “Say something.”

 Your eyes were wide and you finally had enough mind to shut your gaping mouth. You stared at the floor for a second and Bucky couldn’t take the anticipation. He groaned and fell back on the bed his face in his hands.

 Finally, you busted out laughing and he sat up.

 “This is the reaction I get?” He grinned and asked, relived that you weren’t repulsed.

 You grabbed your stomach, which was already starting to get stitches from laughing so hard. “I’m- I’m sorry.” You managed to squeeze out between cackles. “You’re just.. such a romantic… I never would have guessed.”

 Bucky chuckled at himself and then shoved you off of the bed. You screeched as you fell to the floor and then laid there and continued to laugh.

 “I hate you.” He grinned, unable to keep a straight face while he listened to your laugh.

 “You love me and you know it.” You finally managed to stop laughing long enough to get out a full sentence. “Do you like long walks on the beach, too?

 “Shut up.” He beamed and threw a pillow directly at your head.

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(Another note :3 this was so much fun thanks again @pickledmoon )

@tatortot2701 For you my dear.  :)


The Painfully Obvious // Sherlock Holmes

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I’m running out of gifs for oneshots like these… but the requests are dwindling down which means more Part 2 is coming for the ones who have asked for them. Here’s 1 out of 2 oneshots for the night!

Requested By Anon: Ever since you were a child, you’ve always been much more observant and intuitive to what was going on around you. You’re not a person who cares to have the spotlight on them, unlike your best friend, Sherlock Holmes. Little does he realize the painfully obvious, you’re the opposite side of the same coin. 

If this gets more then twenty notes, I’m going to be surprised because it’s actual trash…. xD

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

You see, but you do not observe. 

For you, it was quite the opposite. All you had ever done since you were old enough was observe. It was how you got to read people, to truly know who lurked beneath the skin and bones that made up human beings. 

You had become best friends with Sherlock Holmes in a matter of five minutes. He had deduced you right off the bat, but you didn’t care. You were far more interested in who he had been before taking the title of Consulting Detective. When he wasn’t home, you snuck through his bedroom and read some of his old journals from before he began working with John Watson. 

The heart inside Sherlock Holmes still was invisible to the all seeing eye, but you were more then prepared to eventually dig deep into it and figure out the real person it belonged to. 

There was one instance during a case after Sherlock came back from Europe that your observing skills were more of a necessity then a desire. They’d spent the majority of the night trying to crack the cipher the suspect had left, and for the first time in all the time you’d known him, Sherlock was stumped. 

  “Yes, that may be a hint- What are you doing, y/n?” John inquired, trying to peer over your shoulder as you furiously scribbled in your black notebook, hiding it beneath your hands. 

  “None of your business, Sir Hedgehog.” John harrumphed much to Sherlocks amusement, his blue eyes intently watching your every move from the living room of his flat. “Do me all a favor and shut up. I could hear your thoughts from a bloody mile away, mind you.” 

John gaped as Sherlock began to snort hysterically, covering his mouth with his hands as you straightened your spine and shut your eyes. He’d given up on the case over an hour ago due to the inferiority compared to the others in his inbox, but you were hellbent on cracking it. 

It took him a fraction of a second to realize what you were actually doing; your fingers moved as if you were going through files, your eyes darting back and forth beneath your eyelids as you dove deeper into your mind palace. “Oh good lord. I should’ve deduced that about her on the spot.” Sherlock muttered, oblivious to Johns confusion. “You were right.” 

  “Sherlock, I said shut up!” 

John huffed angrily and threw his hands up in the air. “I was right about what? And why is she being so bloody ignorant? She’s not you! She’s the opposite of you!” Your eyes flashed open as the last part of your translation was scrawled in your notebook. 

  “I got it!” You cried out victoriously. “They locked the son in a airless casket in the mausoleum at the grave sight of his grandfather!” Sherlocks eyes twinkled as he turned back to John, taking the notebook from your hand as you began to dance victoriously around the room. 

  “Just as I’ve always told you, John.” Sherlock remarked. “You see, but you do not observe. Our dear friend here has always been able to deduce but has never made it obvious. She is literally the opposite side of my same coin. And she managed to crack a case that even I myself couldn’t crack. Wasn’t it painfully obvious?”

  ‘’You-” John leaned forward and poked your chest, gasping as you began to dance with him around the flat. His anger turned into full guttural laughter as you twirled out of his embrace and landed on the sofa. “You have a mind palace too?! Are you kidding me?” 

  “You can just call me the female Sherlock Holmes.” You dusted off your clothes and jumped to your feet, wiggling your eyebrows at the two men. “The better looking, more clever, and far more people friendly version of Sherlock Holmes.” 

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Pairing: Taehyung x Reader
◊ Summary: He never felt that he would enjoy living again, until he met you.
◊ Genre: angst/fluff
◊ Word Count: 1,205  

Vision: an enormous part of almost every person’s life. Without it, everyone you meet is faceless, every sound you hear lacks a source, and every day that goes by only seems to become darker.

Taehyung lost his dignity the day he lost his eye.

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  • Raphael: *shows up at Simon's house and Elaine invites him to stay for dinner*
  • Elaine: Okay, I have to ask, are you two...?
  • Simon: Wha--Mom, no! No! I'm not--he's not--we're not!!!
  • Raphael: *smirking and deciding to be a little shit* Would that bother you Mrs. Lewis?
  • Elaine: Of course not! I just want my boy to be happy.
  • Simon: Mom, seriously, no. Raphael is an asshole, I wouldn't--
  • Raphael: *reaches over and puts a hand over Simon's* Simon, it's okay. You heard her. She doesn't mind.
  • Simon: B-but! *gapes, kind of horrified but also really fascinated by this turn of events* *looks between Raphael and his mother* But, what?
  • Raphael: I'm sorry we kept this from you, Mrs. Lewis.
  • *After dinner, Simon and Raphael are alone in his room*
  • Simon: WTF Raph????
  • Raphael: Now you have no excuse not to be out searching for Camille. You either 'have a gig', *gets into Simon's personal space like always* or you're with me.
  • Simon: *sweats nervously*
  • Elaine: *knocks on the door and opens it* Will you be staying the night, Raphael? *smiles and winks at Simon*
  • Simon: *facepalms*
  • Raphael: I'm afraid not, Mrs. Lewis. But thank you for having me. *Turns to Simon with a shit-eating grin on his face* I'll see you later, baby. *Kisses him on the cheek and then just leaves like nothing happened*
  • Simon: *frozen in shock thinking WTF???*
  • Elaine: I knew it!
  • Simon: *Puts a hand on his cheek that is just barely tinged red and somehow manages to die a little from embarrassment* *mumbles* Well, that makes one of us...
Lewd Thoughts

A/n: Butch-centric.

This is my take on SBJ’s More than Human fanfic during the time Butch and Buttercup were playing volleyball. Every single guy in that beach - who got balls - were drooling at our green Powerpuff. Surely, her male counterpart would also have some thoughts about it, right? ;)

He didn’t notice when his mind had suddenly stopped working, though to be honest, he didn’t used it that much. But as Butch literally stared at the girl in front of him, wringing her wet clothes and wiping off the remaining droplets of water on her face; somehow behind the old, dark, musky part of his fucking brain - he knew he was in deep shit. And as that annoyingly unfamiliar feeling continued to grow even stronger, his eyes suddenly followed an even more irritating water droplet slowly trickle down Buttercup’s slim neck, and down that  small valley, deceptively covered for a sorry excuse of a swimwear. His fucking world seemed to work in complete slow motion.

Shit. Was this even fucking happening?

Butch could feel all the other guys drooling at her and he so wanted to fucking trample each, and every single one of them. He even heard their fearless leader, his own fucked up brother, clear his throat and stare at the girl’s well-toned body. He felt an immense amount of anger boiling at the very pit of his stomach. And he tried to fight the overwhelming feeling.

The green-eyed Powerpuff quirked a questioning brow at him.

He mentally stomped his foot on the annoying chills, which were now running up and down his spine, and further shoved it at the back of his stupid head. Then, the green Rowdyruff blurted out the first stupid thing that passed through his currently brain-dead mind.

Dude,” Butch gaped. “Buttercup, your arms are so cut, I’m not even staring at your tits.”

Butch already anticipated the girl’s reaction, but still, getting hit straight in the face with a volleyball hurt as fuck. And he allowed himself to lose consciousness, if only to allow himself to block out the memory of Buttercup looking so fucking hot and sexy as hell, with her wet dark locks and sweaty body.

Fuck,’ he thought grimly. ’Just fuck it to goddamn hell.’

This was fucking Buttercup he was thinking lewd thoughts about. Such thoughts should be absolutely impossible for the said girl, but as for her redhead of a sister, it was already a given. Blossom was the pure divine image of a fucking sex goddess, with those long lovely dancer legs and those wide swaying hips that were just ugh. Yes, just thinking about these thoughts were quite natural if it were the latter Powerpuff girl and not the former one.

But even as his nostrils got filled up with sand, Butch still could not remove the sizzling image of the furious, but sexy as hell, green-eyed Powerpuff girl.

This is my first fanfic for a fanfic and I’m quite happy to torture Butch more, which didn’t surprised me. XD


Gif source:  Digger

Imagine dying so the Squad could beat Enchantress and Captain Boomerang grieving you harder than anyone because he was secretly in love with you and never had the chance to tell you.

——— Request for anon ———

He was going crazy in that cell.

He was stuck right back where he’d started, the only difference being that he felt a thousand times worse this go around. You were dead, and he was having to handle it completely sober, which was the last thing he wanted to be at the moment. At least drunk he could try and forget the fact that you died thinking he didn’t love you like he did.

“Yeah,” Digger scoffs to himself, throwing the standard pillow that came with the bed to his cell across the room in a fit of anger at his situation. He needed something to break. Something to take his mind off the horrid gaping hole of pain in his chest, “I need a drink alright.”

Maybe he’d light his bed on fire again, just to piss off the guards that had sent you out there to die.

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I have a headcannon that Terushima really likes maxi skirts but hes very nervous when it comes to wearing them out in public so what if Kuroo and Bokuto wore skirts as well to make him feel better about it!

“Teru!!” Bokuto smiles, peeping in from the bedroom, “You look adorable!”

Terushima jumps, hands waving about, and nearly loosing balance. He about steps on the back of the black skirt, and has to pause to right himself. He swallows, nervously, “Oh, hi Bo.”

Bokuto steps into the closet, filling more of the empty space, “Are you going to wear that tonight?”

“Er…” Terushima sniffs, and dips his fingers into the elastic, “No, no. Haha. I was just…um…”  trying it on.

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Unexpected Mutant (Steve Rogers x Reader)

Chapter 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7

Word Count (3,114)

My computer is lagging so hard rn but this is a super long chapter so be happy mkay? :)

“The news is loving you guys,” Maria Hill stated over the com to the team. Everyone was fairly quiet while Clint piloted the Quinjet, “nobody else is. There’s been no official call for Banner’s arrest – but it’s in the air.”

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long live the king


michael and y/n


he was dead. his eyes were never to be opened again. his chest will never rise and fall with each breath. his heart will never best in time with the woman he loves and calls his queen.

michael was dead as well. maybe not in the same way as his father, but michael was surely dead. his eyes were dull, and probably will never be full of life again. it hurt to breath. the weight of his father’s death was pressing down on his lungs. his heart beats, but michael surely wished it didn’t.

it was time for him to marry a woman he most likely will never love. he needed to find his rightful bride so he could finally step up to the throne and live out his full potential. but was anyone good enough to satisfy michael’s needs? he needed someone to save him from his own mind—someone to fill the gaping hole inside his heart.

but it was hard.

queen karen has found many girls who fit the profile of the next queen. michael was bitter though, never liking the girls and always finding some type of flaw to point out. if he was going to rule a kingdom with a woman who would always be by his side, he should at least like her as a friend, maybe even an acquaintance.

the realm of a far away kingdom that was surrounded by a forest of enchantment intrigued michael. villages were full of people who were so kind to one another. the weather always seemed to be happy and bright. all of the optimism and positivity convinced michael that something had to be up. someone must be as sad as he was inside.

“queen karen, prince michael, we have arrived,” a man said through the partition of michael’s carriage.

the door opened and with that, it revealed a kingdom of such beauty and grace that took michael’s breath away. the vibes from this place seemed off. everyone had smiles on their faces and it just didn’t seem right. michael’s scowl most likely did not fit in a world like this.

as the michael and his mother were escorted to the doors of the palace, commoners were scattered around to get a glimpse of the mysterious prince no one ever sees. he was beautiful, and everyone seemed to notice. girls were smiling stupidly and swooning. michael didn’t like the feel of the attention.

“mother, what is the name of this princess?” michael whispered, leaning closer to his mother’s ear. he didn’t want to seem uneducated, but michael truly was. he could barely speak english correctly, let alone run a kingdom. michael couldn’t even remember this princess’s name.

karen laughed quietly. “there are two. the eldest goes by the name cora and the younger one is y/n. you are here for cora,” his mother explained.

michael and karen entered the entrance hall and michael had to conceal the small gasp that escaped his lips momentarily. the mural on the walls were extravagant and the chandelier swinging above was pulchritudinous. this place was more beautiful than the palace back in michael’s realm. he was jealous.

now, as they walked farther and farther into the edifice, four figures stood at the top of the stairs. as the four walked down altogether, michael was smothered by a cloud of confusion.

there stood the king and queen. their clothes were made from satin and wore the royal crest on the right side of their chests. colors that represent the kingdom adorned their body, and of course, they had that sickening smile everyone seemed to have in this place.

beside them was a pair of two siblings. one of a male and the other a female. the brother had eyes that seemed cynical, as if he was not to be trusted. the girl beside him seemed just as wicked with a smile that could kill. they looked happy, but they seemed off.

there wasn’t a second sister. that’s what threw michael off. where was this y/n? sure, cora looked gorgeous with the red lips that looked so sinister and lustful,yet she didn’t seem like someone michael could love. she looked wicked and evil beneath her layers of pretty looks and inviting lips.

“prince michael,” cora welcomed, curtseying slightly at michael’s feet.

“princess cora,” michael replied. he bowed and she smiled even wider. all of the smiles were starting to rub michael the wrong way.

extending her arm out to michael’s she said, “would you do the honors of leading me towards the dining room?”

after allowing her to wrap her cold hands around his arm, he escorted her towards the dining room. he followed the path his mother and the rest of cora’s family—excluding the unknown y/n—towards the dining room.

michael pulled out cora’s chair, and then took a seat himself. the meal was nice but michael was bored. so instead of staying with the annoyingly positive family, michael promised to walk cora back to her chambers and then he promised himself to get the hell away from any other human.

while the two walked back to the chamber, cora attempted to strike up some sort of conversation. he didn’t want to be rude, so he did force a smile that felt wrong in every way and nodded along to each word she said.

“michael, you’re awfully quiet,” cora said. they reached the chamber doors. michael nodded again and she frowned. it was the first frown besides his own he’s seen all day. cora’s bitter look looked more like a playful pout. “i mean, i could help you be a little loud. i’m good at that.”

her nimble and cold as ice fingers trailed up michael’s blazer and he felt his breath catch in his throat. “i’m tired from today’s journey, princess. i must rest for tomorrow’s events,” michael lied, bowing once more in the presence of cora. “good night.”

and with that, michael was speedily walking down the corridors to find safety in his bedroom. cora was gorgeous, he thought. but there’s something off about her. it seemed as if there was something off about everyone here. michael just couldn’t place his finger on it.

soon, he was wandering about, not knowing where he was heading or where he was in that moment. after turning a corner quickly in hopes of running into a guard, he did run into someone, or run over someone. her body was on the floor in one of those pretty, patriotic dresses everyone was wearing tonight. michael didn’t remember seeing this woman from dinner. it was a high possibility that she was a maid who wasn’t present during dinner.

“shit, shit, shit,” she mumbled. michael’s forest green eyes widened in shock, confused as to why someone would use such a language in front of royalty. he hasn’t heard words like that ever since the king passed away. now, the king was a great and respectful man, but when he stubbed his toe on the corners of every piece of furniture on the planet, curses would just spew from his lips like a volcano.

“i’m so sorry, miss. i wasn’t looking—” michael said while extending his hand out to her. when their skin made contact, michael felt tingles in his hand and an unsettling feeling in his stomach. hopefully, the mysterious lady felt it to.

as he hoisted her up and gripped her hand tighter, he looked straight into her eyes. “oh fuck,” she whispered. she ripped her hand out of his grip and frowned. the girl actually frowned and michael was amazed by her unfiltered vocabulary and nonexistent aura of positivity.

“look, miss—”

“you don’t have to be so formal. it’s just me.”

“but who are you exactly?” michael asked. she twisted the ends of her hair between the pads of her fingers.

then, she frowned again. “i really can’t say.”

“and why is that?”

“i have to go.”

with that, she was running down the halls again, her feet slipping on the slippery, smooth surface. “wait!” michael shouted and she stopped running to pivot her head to look over her shoulder. “will i see you again?”

the girl wanted to frown again, knowing that she probably will never see the handsome boy in the fancy clothes, but she instead smiled at him. michael realized that this was an off smile, but it wasn’t like the others’. this smile was sad and forced, but michael already adored her smile, her vulgarity, clumsiness, and her.


“do you have a sister?” michael asked right when he saw cora enter one of the many rooms in this building.

“um, we used to. princess y/n hasn’t been seen for ages, and we surely do miss her.” cora looked down at her hands as she spoke and walked to the garden. “how was your sleep, prince?” cora inquired, attempting to change the subject. she plucked a leaf off of a bush in the royal garden. this place never ceased to amaze michael. the garden was colorful and full of life and he would love to sit in this garden and just be. “michael?”

michael snapped out of his daze and looked deep into cora’s eyes. they seemed as dull as everyone’s did in this area, but he remembered that the girl’s from last night were absolutely full of wonder.

“i’m sorry, princess, but my mind has been racing all night.”

cora smirked. “is there a reason as to why?”

over cora’s shoulder was a figure sitting among the flowers. her hair was the same color as the maiden’s from last night.

“princess, i must escort you back to the castle. there are things i must do.”

michael quickly ushered her towards the palace, lightly shoving her inside with a guard. once he was sure that cora was inside and no one else was around, he began to slowly stride over to the girl among the daisies.

when michael was finally close enough, he saw her plucking each individual petal from the center of the daisy.

“why hello,” michael said, catching her attention instantly.

as if it were a reflex, she shot up from the grown and dusted the nonexistant dirt off of her dress. her attire was different—a dress of white adorning her body. it made her seem more angelic, which matched her fair features.

“um, hi?” she replied. it was awkward and michael found it endearing. “i gotta go.”

before she could escape michael again, he swiftly gripped her forearm, preventing her from leaving. “please don’t go. sit back down and we can talk.”

confused, she slowly sat back down in the flowers and michael sat beside her, crossing his legs like a child would at school. it was odd seeing a boy in such fine clothing sitting on the ground.

“talk about what?”

“i don’t know. maybe we can start off with names?” michael suggested.

her expression remained stoic and her breathing ceased. “y/n.”

“y/n? as in the y/n?”

“i’m guessing you’ve heard of me,” she frowned. “what have you heard?”

“not much really. i kinda thought you were dead,” michael mumbled.

“hm, so my family’s still going with that lie?” michael’s eyes furrowed in confusion and y/n’s face fell. “they’re ashamed of me. i know they are. i’m not even supposed to be out here, like, i always have to stay in my room and it’s all because i’m not the queen’s child. i’m a child of an affair, a-and i’ve said too much. i’m sorry.”

with that, michael watched her get up and run away twice in the span of twenty four hours.


now that michael knew why y/n was never present for any events that went on in the castle, he was even more restless. he truly wanted to spend time with her instead of cora who always had to be touching him in some type of way and her brother who sat around and moped all day. it seemed as if he didn’t have a vocabulary and it bothered michael. he thought that cora and y/n’s brother would get along better with him.

the past two days were hell. he hated how peppy and cheery the banquet hall was. because it was the brother’s birthday. everyone was running about and michael wanted to just slam himself into one of brick buildings to avoid everyone. still, queen karen insisted that he must spend time with cora. michael never even agreed to marrying cora. it was just a big no in his mind.

yet, here he was, walking around the castle for what felt like the thousandth time with her hand wrapped around his bicep. they stopped for a break because cora had to go to the bathroom, so michael walked farther away and waited for her at the end of the hall. as soon as his back hit the chill of the stone, he heard voices.

“father, i am literally on my hands and knees begging you to let y/n come to this party,” michael recognized as the prince’s voice said. after hearing this, michael wanted to rush over and beg as well, but he stayed in place with clammy hands and quiet breathing.

the sound footsteps drew nearer but then the sound stopped. “you know how your mother feels about her. we mustn’t upset her.”

the prince groaned. “but, my goodness she is literally always in that room. just please, let her out to come join the banquet as a mere commoner.”

“i’ll see what i can do.”


the banquet was normal. there were fancy dresses and expensive suits and endless tables of every food imaginable. michael watched cora greet her guests whilst chewing on a cookie he found lying around on a plate with others. it was chewy and michael liked it.

when michael grabbed a glass of champagne from a tray a servant was holding. he almost choked on the liquid he was drinking when he spotted y/n a few feet away with the prince, looking extremely awkward. y/n saw him too and her eyes widened in shock.

she mouthed some words to her half brother before making her way across the room to michael. when she reached the spot in front of him, she greeted him softly. y/n mumbled a, “so i heard you’re a prince who’s planning to marry cora. interesting choice i must say.”

michael immediately shook his head. “i’m not marrying her. she’s not someone i’d like to marry.”

“well that probably sucks for her because she’s kinda glaring at me. i feel her hatred for me from across the room,” y/n laughed as her and michael turned towards cora at the same time. it gave away that they were obviously talking about her.

cora’s heels began to click against the floor, a mean look on her face. “oh shit,” y/n said, her heart falling into the pit of her stomach. “fuck, i gotta go.”

michael quickly grasped her hand, intertwining their fingers so they interlocked. y/n looked up at him, extremely confused and slightly nervous. “c’mon, let’s get out of here before we’re brutally murdered,” michael suggested before tugging her along towards the doors.

she smiled at him, and then afterwards, they ran away from the banquet and an infuriated cora.

both of them ran fast through the halls. y/n tugged him along, make a sharp left turn into a stairwell. after giggling and stumbling upstairs, y/n smiled at the view from the balcony. the tall boy beside her was amazed at the lights and the music and laughter he heard below him. cora was yelling at her brother who was yelling right back at her.

“you look really happy right now,” michael stated as y/n stopped looking at the crowd and turned towards him. “it’s really cute.” he stepped closer to her. “can i do something?” he asked.

she nodded her head slowly before michael continued to walk over to her. once his hand reached up to caress her cheek, y/n’s breathing slowed. “are you about to do what i think you’re about to do?” michael nodded leaning his head forward so their foreheads are touching. “fuck, michael. you’re making me nervous.”

“don’t be.”

michael crashed his lips into her and she instantly captured his lips with hers. her lower back was pressed against the edge of the balcony as michael softened the kiss. it was light and less eager than before, but it still had the two of them gasping for air.

y/n pulled away. “okay, what the fuck?”

“i’m sorry. was that weird?” michael asked, tucking a loose strand of hair behind her ear.

“no. actually, it was okay.”

“how would you feel about being my queen?” michael asked.

y/n’s jaw dropped. “michael—”

“i’m going to be a king and i want you to be my queen. it just wouldn’t be the same if there was somebody else by my side. so what do you say?” he questioned as the sound of laughter and music seemed to still in that moment.

“i say, long live the king.”

I’ll Make You Love Me Pt. 12

***Author Note***

So sorry it’s been so long friends! But it’s back :D Thank you all so much for your support and patience!

***End Note***



Your eyes burn as the wind picks up, freezing your tears. You scrub them away furiously, scolding yourself for getting so upset. Of course things would end this way. He had made it very clear since the beginning the only thing he’d ever want from you was your soul.

Flowey looked at you, concerned, “Human…are you sure you’re ok? You’ve been quiet for so long.” He looked down at your feet trudging through the snow, “I’m sorry…I’m not much help. I can’t carry you and my roots will freeze here…”

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anonymous asked:

What if, for whatever reason Mikoto and Reishi started hearing each other's thoughts? Embarassing situations occours xD

You know, I’m going to base this on my own internal monologue because it’s the only one that I have access to. And I have to say that I’m either thinking about fucking, food, or fighting. Seriously. 

I think Reisi probably thinks a lot about fucking and fighting. Mostly fighting all those people that he’s super nice to throughout the day. Like, maybe he’s smiling all politely at Yata or something and Mikoto’s right next to him and Mikoto can hear him thinking, I don’t know what Fushimi-kun sees in this brainless fool. I ought to eviscerate him where he stands. Perhaps then he might demonstrate the respect that ought to be accorded to a King. Mikoto’s dumbfounded, but he thinks he probably has a nap hangover or something and so doesn’t really say anything about it until Fushimi comes by and starts arguing with Yata and for a moment, just a blink, really, Munakata gets a little pouty that his third-in-command isn’t paying attention. 

And that’s when Mikoto’s all like, “Hah?! Why do you care who he’s paying attention to?” 

Reisi, being Reisi, figures out that Mikoto can read his mind. He sort of gapes and then it dawns on him that his lover is jealous. And that’s sort of cute, really, so he says something like, “There’s no need to be jealous, Suoh. I’m fond of Fushimi-kun, yes, but not in a romantic sense.”

“Who said anything about being jealous?” Suoh says, but in his head he’s thinking, I’m going to incinerate that skinny little punk. 

Munakata raises his brow and is like, “I can’t allow harm to come to my clansmen because you’re being a possessive oaf, Suoh.” He draws his saber, of course. And in his head, he’s like, I’d hoped this would escalate into a fight. Now things won’t be so boring. 

Mikoto smirks; he’s got the game now. Fuck, he’s sexy when he’s violent, he thinks. I’d like to push him up against an alley wall and pound him into oblivion. 

Reisi adjusts his glasses. You’d have to win first. 

So they proceed to beat the shit out of each other. Munakata wins that one because Suoh’s fighting style is instinctive and since the former’s relies on planning, having access to his enemy’s thoughts makes him doubly dangerous. Since Reisi wins, there’s no fucking in abandoned alleys. He makes them go home and wash up because he’s not a barbarian, thank you very much. He may have won the fight in the battlefield, but Suoh having access to his thoughts means that all those reactions, all those betrayals of pleasure that he usually tries to hide are all laid out for the redhead. So when Reisi climaxes, the only thing Mikoto hears is a repeating refrain of, Oh God. Fuck. Yes. Please. He thinks getting his ass kicked in the street was well worth that. 

Sentence Meme: Broken Iris Lyrics

“Just keep my mind burning strong…”
“Into the gaping emptiness I’ll go”
“The honor brought by those has faded slowly”
“What if we’re all insane?”
“If there was a colour created for me, it consists in shades of three”
“It’s worthless… it fuels my gain”
“I see you enjoy this while I exploit this brief insanity of mine”
“Perceive and understand you is far more than I can do”
“I’m feeling so damn hollow”
“I’m feeling much better, my friend”
“I’m sorry you must attend to your little white room again”
“Maybe we’re all insane, the way that we live”
“Never again will I give in”
“Fight unless you’re willing to die”
“Heroes will rise, enemies fall”
“Pay no more mind to the agony from the burn”
“Let yourself climb to a height never reached before”
“In a world of tragedy I search for release so I may leave”
“All this time I’ve been waiting to find a way to reach inside”
“The higher I am the better view I find”
“No doubt or fear, my view is now clear”
“I’ll never forget those beautiful eyes”
“I still remember the way you said goodbye”
“Don’t fall down because an angel should never touch ground”
“Emptiness settles in as I awake”
“It’s all the same for the dreamers”
“It’s all the same for us”
“Float on to the painted sky where butterflies never die”
“Sterilize your mentality”
“Hold on the painted sky where we will be unified”
“Until the end of me, you’ll be the death of me”
“I dare you to cross the line again”
“Deep down inside there’s something that waits to be broken”
“The thinning line between you and my sanity is quickly fading”
“It takes just a breeze to cause a storm”
“It takes me to cause a tragedy”
“Watch as the worlds collide”
“Madness starts from where this story ends”
“I never expected that I’d underestimated my love for you”
“And I never expected that I would take for granted our precious time”
“I spent a lifetime of holding on just to let go”
“I guess I’ll spend another life time searching for a new hope”
“We’re not alone”
“As out of control as this world seems to be, we’re not alone”
“I’m astonished by your absolute beauty”
“Set all your fears aside”
“Will this be another day of night?”
“The knife’s not sharp enough to fear”
“Now our world’s full of nightmares left from you”
“Welcome to the one track minded age”
“Some have to see to believe it”
“Is this the part where we start our lives?”
“What a sight for the sore eyes?”