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You know, a lot of the issues concerning who McCree is shipped with probably wouldn’t be as bad if they just stuck with the original age they had him at, 38.

Mermaid In The Water

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A/N: i don’t do smut, so don’t ask || enjoy ♥

Fandom: Disney Descendants

Boy: Carlos De vil

Word Count: 1,677

Warning(s): Fluff

‘‘This is blowing my mind right now!!’‘

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Eren was never late to school. His father never allowed it. Unless it was a doctor’s appointment, but that was especially hard seeing that his father was one of the head doctors at the hospital. 

Jean slumped in his seat, eyebrows pulled together in concern over the other boy. He twirled his pencil between his fingers, staring blankly at the math worksheet his teacher had given him. He had been worried all morning, not that he knew why. Eren always got on his nerves, pushing buttons in a way no one had before. But there was still a stupid, confusing feeling in his stomach and his chest whenever he heard Eren laugh. 

“Stupid fucker,” Jean muttered to himself, scowling at Eren in his mind. 

“What’s your problem?”

He looked up, Connie leaning back on his chair and rested his elbow on Jean’s desk. 

“Yeah, you look constipated,” Mikasa added and Jean rolled his eyes. “Eren wasn’t even here this morning so I don’t see why you’d have a reason to look so pissed.”

“Exactly.” Connie nodded in agreement, noticing the way Jean’s head dipped lower to hide his eyes with his bangs. 

He could feel his friends’ eyes on him but he didn’t say anything, shifting awkwardly in his seat knowing that he had been caught. 

“Aww,” Mikasa cooed, “you’re worried about him.”

“Am not.” Jean bit back and looked up at her. They held eye contact for a moment and he finally sighed in defeat because he knew that he wouldn’t win a stare down with her and those knowing eyes. “Fuck you.”

“Kirchstien, language.” Mr. Ackerman warned from a couple desks in front of them as he helped a student. He didn’t even need to look up to know that it was Jean. “Springer. Ackerman, do your work.”

Jean’s friends exchanged looks before turning back to their desks. He watched as their teacher stood up and made his way back to his desk, everyone looking up as the door opened. 

Eren walked through the door, keeping his head down as he trudged his way to Mr. Ackerman’s desk. The older man looked up, taking the note from Eren’s hand and they exchanged a few words. It was a rare moment that Jean saw concern over their usually emotionless math teacher. Eren gave a shrug and a wave of his hand before making his way to his seat. 

Connie and Mikasa looked just as offended as Jean felt inside. He didn’t even look their way, pulling his stuff out before getting to work. A girl in front of him turned around and handed him the worksheet, pausing for a moment before smiling at him and turned back around. 

“Is it just me or is Eren acting… different?” Connie whispered. 

“No, it’s definitely not you,” Mikasa agreed and sat back in her seat, raising an eyebrow as he looked at Connie and then Jean. 

There was a strange feeling in Jean’s gut and his chest. Eren was never this quiet and he didn’t like it. He liked the fact that Eren could never shut up, that he livened up the room with his stupid jokes and he loved the fact that only Eren could crack a joke that got a reaction out of Mr. Ackerman. 

Throughout the rest of the period, Jean couldn’t stop glancing over at Eren, watching as he kept a hand on his jaw or his mouth or his cheek, as if he was holding it carefully. He winced in pain every so often and it made Jean all the more worried. 

He couldn’t jump out of his seat fast enough when the bell rang, Connie and Mikasa right behind him as they walked up to Eren’s desk. 

“Hey, where’ve you been all morning?” Mikasa asked. “We missed you in homeroom. Mr. Smith did the whip because Connie aced his biology test.”

“Fuck yes I did.” Connie beamed proudly, high fiving Jean.

Eren didn’t answer, shrugging lamely as he stood up and finally looked at them. There was something different. But none of them could place what it was. Jean hated such a pained looked frown on Eren’s face and it made him determined to get whatever was bugging him out of his big mouth.

But when Jean opened his mouth, nothing came out. Words caught in his throat and when Eren met his eyes, Eren was the first to look away with a slight tint on his cheeks and he turned on his heels and grabbed Mikasa’s hand to pull her out of the classroom with him. 

“What did you do to him?” Connie asked and Jean scoffed. 

“Nothing. For once.” 

Lunch was quieter, a strange aura filling the space at their lunch table as Sasha and Connie scrambled to fill the awkward silence that was often easily filled with Jean and Eren’s bickering and stupid jokes that ended in loud laughter. 

Last period was when Jean finally figured out what was Eren’s problem the whole day. He was thankful to every God imaginable that he got to see Eren strip shirtless everyday. It was a blessing. Not that he told anyone but himself. 

As usual, Eren was avoiding Jean. He avoided Jean in the locker room and when they did their stretches and a lap around the gym for warm up. But that didn’t stop Jean from staring at him, admiring the look of determination on his face as they played volleyball or dodgeball or whatever game it was. Jean wasn’t paying attention. 

But he should have been.

“Jean! Look out!” 

It was too late for Jean to duck, the ball hitting him in the side of the head, sending him tumbling backwards. He rolled a little, landing on his back. All the wind had been knocked out of his lungs from shock for a moment, the ceiling above him spinning and he heard multiple whistles and footsteps running towards him. 

The first person that popped into his vision as he sat up was Eren. 

Eren and his bright smile as he laughed, clutching his stomach and nearly doubling over as he did. It entranced Jean and he stared stupidly, watching as the other jogged over, holding out his hand to help pull Jean up from the ground. He lead him over to the bleachers, the coach checking up on them before going back to the game.

“Are you okay?” He asked through his laughs but Jean was having a hard time hearing him due to the fuzzy feeling in his head from Eren’s laugh. 

“I, uh, yeah—hey,” he held up a finger, “you got braces.”

Eren’s smile immediately fell and he looked away, clearing his throat. “Yeah.”

“Wait, no, Eren, wait, it’s not a bad thing.” Jean grabbed his arm as he tried walking away. “I like it.” He blurted, both tensing at the words that hung in the air between them. 

“Huh?” Eren was blushing and it caused Jean’s heart to flip in his chest. 

“I said I like it,” he repeated, more for himself than for Eren. “It fits you. You look really…”

“Bad?” Eren snorted, arms folding across his chest as he flipped his hair out of his eyes. 

Jean blurted out the first word that came to his mind. 


Eren gaped at him, blush reaching to the tips of his ears and Jean wished that stupid ball that Zeke had thrown knocked him out. He stared at his feet, shifting awkwardly on the bench as he waited for a reply from the other boy. 

“You know, if I didn’t know any better, I’d say you’re hitting on me.”

Jean looked up, a grin coming to his face as he noticed Eren’s, lips revealing his new braces with green and blue rubberbands on them.

It gave Jean a small dose of confidence. “And if I am?” 

Eren stood up, giving him a wink. “Then I should be late to school more often.”

week four : friendship

For the first time ever, Alec walked into the Hunter’s Moon without Magnus by his side. He swallowed a groan when he didn’t catch sight of his warlock of a boyfriend,the latter having been the one who decided on where and when they should meet. Letting out a breath, Alec walked further into the venue, trying to convey both of Isabelle’s confidence and Jace’s nonchalance while matching it to his own indifference. He was aware of the sudden silence that had followed his arrival. Alec noticed the glowing glares of the wolves and heard the vampires hiss. Alec was aware that the faeries’ whispers were about him and rolled his eyes at the oblivious - and obvious - mundanes, staring at his unglamoured runes in awe. Alec allowed himself a sigh of relief when he reached the bar counter and caught sight of Maia’s curls. The young werewolf was busy tending to others patrons and had yet to notice him. A few steps away stood Bat, the newest - unfortunate - addition to Luke’s pack.

Alec found himself holding his breath when Bat looked away from the glass he was drying and in his direction. Bat’s eyes widened in recognition, his Apple Adam bobbing up and down before he decided to make his way to him, towel slung over his shoulder. Alec went to meet him, crossing both arms over the counter.

“Can I get you anything, sir?”

Biting back a laugh at the honorific, Alec cleaned his throats and, ignoring the curious eyes tracing the rune on his neck, leaned forward.

“I was supposed to meet Magnus here, I was wondering if you had seen him around tonight.”

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The Blind Audience

I’m going to be honest – I hade NO idea Faith and Eurus weren’t the same person.

You know, Sherlock thinks Faith Smith is the same woman that came to his flat.

I had no clue they weren’t the same person.

Even when explained, I was like… “Huh? What? Are you sure they’re not the same person?” when clearly they weren’t.

I believed they were the same person because everything in the show told me they were, except for the obvious fact that they weren’t.  Sherlock thought they were the same person… and he continued from there. They look similar. The story continued the way I thought it would, but then out of nowhere they reveal that the two women were different.

Of course they were different, they look different – THEY ARE DIFFERENT.

So I had the truth RIGHT in front of me but because the scenery made sense and the character insisted they were the same person, I didn’t question it.

This is EXACTLY what is happening with series 4 as a whole. The actors, writers, everyone is insisting what you’re watching makes sense – that it picks up perfectly where you left off. That we saw series 3 and this must be what comes after, because they look similar and function in similar ways.

In “The Lying Detective” they fed us a blatant lie and MOST of us fell for it.

So when people ask me, “What are your reasons for thinking series 4 is fake/mind palace” I gape and say “have you seen series 4? It just *is*… it’s like trying to describe what color the sky is… it’s blue… it just is… I can’t write a 10 page analysis on whether or not the sky is blue”.

If someone had asked me in the middle of The Lying Detective if I knew the two women playing “Faith” were different, I’d have said “That’s not true, where’s the proof?” and people would’ve been like…. “ummm you idiot they are clearly two different people…” and I wouldn’t have believed them until the characters stopped treating them as the same person.

So it seems they are repeating themselves.

The world turns, nothing is ever new.

What if they caught him dancing

Okay, so, what if the group, y'know, Jean, Scott, Peter, Ororo, Jubilee, and Warren, what if, they wondered where Kurt disappeared off to sometimes, confused.

But then, one day Jubilee hears music as she’s wandering around, and searches it out, peaking into a studio room, only to find Kurt, in sweats, with his shirt off, showing greatly defined, but lean muscles, and markings, and just screams for Jean in her head, telling her to grab the others, and get over to Jubilee. They’re all sorts of confused, and when they get there, Jubilee quickly silences them.

“What’s going on that we have to be quiet for?” Peter asks.

“It’s Kurt. I found out where he goes when he just vanishes like it’s nothing.” She whispered. That got their interest.

“Is he in that room with the music?” Scott asked. Jubilee nods, and they all peak in, and see Kurt just, THERE, and moving with such emotion, such intensity, such glory, that it boggles their minds. Warren and Peter just gape, and they decide to take Kurt out clubbing as many times as they can after that. None of them can believe just how fucking AMAZING he is at shaking those hips. Drives Peter and Warren mad.

Black eye - Bucky x Reader

AUTHORS NOTE: Another prompt from the ever wonderful @pickledmoon . thanks again, dear!!!

ORIFINAL PROMPT: how about the reader and bucky spar and bucky gets distracted by how beautiful they look (not in a nsfw way but just how they’re sweating and have this fierce healthy glow about them) and the reader actually manages to punch him in the face but rly hard cuz they thought he would dodge so they take care of his black eye and eventually tease him about getting distracted

NOTES/WARNINGS: Fighting, bleeding.

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 “Again!” Bucky shouted.

 You bit down hard on your mouth guard and forced your wrapped fist into the training gloves Bucky wore.

 Steve had assigned Bucky to be your hand-to-hand combat coach when you first joined the Avengers. Bucky needed a task to keep his mind from drifting to dark memories and you needed the training.

 He had been shy at first. Hesitant to get close to you or hit you too hard. For the first few weeks you only ran drills against the sand bag. But after a while of working with you and instructing you he began to loosen up. First, he started by carefully positioning your arms, making sure they were in the right spot for effective defense.

 Next, he became comfortable correcting your stance. Gripping your hips tightly to adjust your core. He, soon after, became more agressive with you, smacking your arms or stomach as a physical reminder of his past corrections. Sometimes he would even hit you on the back of the head when you messed up or became distracted.

 It wasn’t long after that when you felt as if you two had finally crossed the bridge of awkwardness and became friends.The two of you would crack jokes between punches or would playfully fistfight in the common rooms of the Avengers Facility. And now you two sparred together all the time.

 “Again! Harder!” He shouted with a grimace. Today was not one of the days where you two goofed off. Your first unsupervised mission was in three days and you needed to focus and train so you would be ready to prove your self.

 “Come on, (Y/N)!” Bucky swung a padded fist at your head and you quickly dodged it, taking the opportunity to jab at his ribs.  

 He winced and grunted. “Good!” He grinned at you now. “You’re getting stronger. I actually felt that one.” He winked and teased.

 “Oh yeah?” You huffed, as serious as ever. “Well, feel this!”

 You charged at Bucky and swung over and over landing hits to his arms and shoulders and kicks to his sides. Your attack on Bucky felt fluid, like the most violent of ballets. Your months of training was finally paying off. Then something changed. You saw something in Bucky’s eyes. A look you hadn’t seen before.

 You had backed him up against the glass walls of the training room and noticed Steve and Tony watching you from outside. You didn’t know what was wrong with Buck but you weren’t about to miss this shot. You ran at him, jumping in the air to meet his height, and your fist collided with his upper cheek. His head was forced to the side and he toppled over, collapsing onto the ground.

 “Oh my gosh, Buck!” You shouted. Never, in all of your training, had you ever knocked him to the floor.  You lifted his face and could already see the discoloration of his skin.

 “Wow…” He sighed and blood dripped from a cut right beneath his eye.

 “I’m so sorry Buck!” You apologized.

 “No,” He sat up and wiped the dripping wound. “It was a fair hit. Good job.” He smiled and you could see his eye socket already begining to swell.

 “I feel like crap. I can’t believe I made you bleed.” You covered your face with your hands and slouched, hanging your head in shame. You were worried that you had just ruined your friendship with him. It had, after all, taken him almost two months to open up to you.

 You lifted your head at the sound of his chuckle.

 “I’m fine.” He grinned.

 “I just don’t understand. You were looking right at me. Why didn’t you block my punch?” You crooked your head to the side desperate to understand how you were able to knock the Winter Soldier to the ground.

 “I, uh…” He huffed and smiled. He scratched the back of his head and scrunched his nose. “I got distracted.”

 You inhaled to ask him more but before your words could form Steve and Tony burst into the room.

 “Wooo!” Tony shouted. “Its a knock out by (Y/L/N) and the crowd goes wild!” Tony raised his arms like a wrestling champ and bounced on his toes.

 “I gotta say,” Steve started with a grin. “I’m kinda with Tony here. You should be celebrating, (Y/N). It takes a lot to knock Buck down.”

 “Yeah, I know, I-” You were cut off by a belowing laugh from Tony. He was practially doubled over in laughter.

 You looked back at Buck but he was already disappearing to the locker rooms.

 “Nice hit, kid.” Steve helped you up off the floor and patted your head. “I’m feeling more and more confident in you about this solo mission.”


 You hadn’t seen Bucky all day and you were drowning in curiosity.

What had distracted him?

What was that look in his eyes?

and Was he okay?

 Fed up with not knowing you made your way to his room. You didn’t even knock, you just stormed in.

 “Bucky Barnes, I nee-” You stopped short when the room was empty. Then out of the corner of your eye you saw him emerge from his bathroom, clad in nothing but some sweatpants. He was rubbing a towel over his damp hair in a crude attempt to dry it.

 His brows furrowed but he smiled at you. “You need something?”

 “I-I.. Yes,” You finally composed yourself and focused on the floor instead of his chiseled chest. “I just wanted to see if you were okay.”

 He chuckled at plopped down on his bed. He ran his ringers through his tousled hair and patted the bed for you to sit next to him. “Why don’t you see for yourself.”

 You hesitated before you sat down beside him but eventually made it over to the bed. You grabbed his chin and examined the cut that sat on top of his hard cheekbone. It was starting to scab and the skin around it was still inflamed. His whole eye was purple and bruised but thankfully the swelling had already gone away.

 “I’m so sorry, Buck.” You apologized again.

 He shook his head. “Really it’s fine.”

 “So what was it then?” You finally asked.

 “What was what?” He wondered.

 “The reason you were distracted.”

 “Oh,” He grinned and dropped his head hoping you wouldn’t see him blush. “Yeah, that.”

 “Well?” You nudged his metal arm with your shoulder.

 He gave an embarrassed laugh and his nose scrunched back up, just like it had earlier. “It- uh, it was you.”

 Half your face scrunched up in confusion.

 “I was distracted by you.” He blushed and you could clearly see it.

 “What?” You chuckled.

 “You came at me with this crazy, fierce, expression on your face and when you came into the sun the sweat on your face made you almost…” He searched for the right word. “Glow. I don’t know. You just… You looked really good and it threw me for a second.” He rubbed the back of his head in ebarassment.

 Your jaw went slack and you just stared at him.

 “Come on,” He pleaded. “Say something.”

 Your eyes were wide and you finally had enough mind to shut your gaping mouth. You stared at the floor for a second and Bucky couldn’t take the anticipation. He groaned and fell back on the bed his face in his hands.

 Finally, you busted out laughing and he sat up.

 “This is the reaction I get?” He grinned and asked, relived that you weren’t repulsed.

 You grabbed your stomach, which was already starting to get stitches from laughing so hard. “I’m- I’m sorry.” You managed to squeeze out between cackles. “You’re just.. such a romantic… I never would have guessed.”

 Bucky chuckled at himself and then shoved you off of the bed. You screeched as you fell to the floor and then laid there and continued to laugh.

 “I hate you.” He grinned, unable to keep a straight face while he listened to your laugh.

 “You love me and you know it.” You finally managed to stop laughing long enough to get out a full sentence. “Do you like long walks on the beach, too?

 “Shut up.” He beamed and threw a pillow directly at your head.

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g o t 7 : meeting you

i’d thought i’d be more down with it and add gifs just so you can optimise the cuteness by looking at these sRSLY CUTE BOYS. dear parents, thanks for your bomb genetics. my masterist is here :)) enjoy

warnings: i mean the gifs are quite cute??
words: 1′231

재밤 J A E B U M
- Jaebum always had new makeup artists all the time at different events and it was just usual routine
- when he saw you enter the studio he was taken aback by your natural beauty and the positive vibe in the room 
- however you were selected to do BamBam’s look for the album promotion, and then Mark’s and then Jackson’s 
- he was desperate to talk to you and he thought he was going to lose his chance
- but when you came over to him with a brush in your hand, he instantly began to talk to you and make you chuckle
- he didn’t have long to impress you and ask you for your contacts since you kept hushing him so he’d be still for the makeup to be applied. but you were drawn to his hidden enthusiasm that made you want to know more about him

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마크 M A R K
- korean street markets are always such a crowded place where everyone just merges into a see of people trying to go about their day
- as soon as Mark would see you he’d be completely confused as to why he saw you among everyone else
- but then after he’s glimpsed at you Mark would know why. your aura and beauty to him was astounding
- he couldn’t care less about what’s on the stall you were buying from but he’d shuffle through the people to get close because he was so drawn to you 
- Mark would feel hypnotised until all he’d hear was “boong-uh-ppang?” he’s cheeks would heat up as he realised the store owner was offering him food but you tried to get his attention by saying it too
- from then on he’d still be flustered from hearing you laugh lightly at how spaced out Mark would be
- he’d buy two of whatever he saw first on the stall which was boong-uh-ppang so the stall owner would shut up. Mark would instantly be sweet to you and you bonded over Korean food with the business of Seoul’s streets beside you

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잭슨 J A C K S O N
- both jackson and you could never really explain how you started messaging, or how you found each other
- i feel like you’d have been talking long before debut and even when he was training heavily for fencing you’d be sure to support him
- Jackson would always feel this heaviness in the air when you video called because he’s never heard your laugh raw in person, he’s only seen you laugh in pixels ;( all you’d both want is to meet each other
- finally seeing him in person would be incredibly strange. all the boys would be there but Jackson and you would feel as if there was no one else in the room
- i don’t think everything would seem to move slowly, i’d think more the opposite. everything would happen so quickly as you sprang into his arms to finally feel his presence he’d probs smell really good too

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진영 J I N Y O U N G
- you were there outside JYPs building glancing from your phone to the various streets and signs around you
- Jinyoung would watch you in confusion has he came out of the building. everyone is always moving and so alive in Seoul, it was strange to see someone stood still for so still for so long especially in the dark
- “do you need help finding somewhere?”
- instantly you appreciated his kindness, although he didn’t really know where you were wanting to go was also. you admired Jinyoung’s determination and jokes as he tried to help you find your way
- eventually he asked if you wanted to come in to JYP where it wasn’t so dark, and where it was safe
- you became a friendly from then on Jinyoung always loved it when you passed JYP or went into Seoul with him

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영재 Y O U N G J A E
- you’d catch Youngjae’s eyes before you got on the plane since he adored your style even for a long flight and the way you walked breezily around the airport
- as he saw you get on the plane he’d wonder where you were heading, what your story was and why did you seem so appealing
- as he made it to his seat Youngjae would do a little skip as he saw you were right next to him and you’d low key see it from the corner of your eye wHY SO CUTE YOUNGJAE
- at first the air would be a little awkward because you both wanted to talk to one another so bad. Youngjae would probably turn the air con on and off or something stupid because he’d be hella nervous
- “do you mind not doing that? it’s making me cold”
- he’d be so sure he fucked up everything straight away by messing with the air con but when you keep talking to him he stops panicking about trying to impressing you
- his cute charms would keep you from falling into boredom throughout the whole flight. and as you stepped off the plane there was another contact on your phone and a date planned :))

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뱀뱀 B A M  B A M
- BamBam’s never the on to act shy in front of anyone
- he’s been aware of you for quite awhile now, being in one of the hugest girls groups and attending all the same award shows as him. you would definitely already know about BamBam’s charms, but to him he was certain he’d be inexistent to you
- through this award evening, BamBam’s eyes wouldn’t just be on the stage, but you too and the camera would definitely pick him up looking at you ;)
- for the 2354th time in the show because BamBam is so hard not to look at you would have found BamBam’s cloudy hair
- when he’d notice you looking directly at him he would instantaneously cover his face from you. being BamBam he usually wouldn’t mind someone like you gaping at him but his huge grin on his face would make it obvious how fond he was of you
- at some point in the evening, he finds the time to congratulate you formally about the awards you’d won and you’re groups successful performance before goofing around with you

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유겸 Y U G Y E O M
- when Yugyeom found himself practising dancing intensely, it was hard for someone to distracting him
- sure his hyungs would make him laugh but when he saw you out of the dance studio Yugyeom would find that he actually lost his footing and couldn’t find the beat of the song
- a colleague was giving you a tour of the entertainment company since you were a new worker and you found it amusing that Yugyeom (a dancing king btw) couldn’t find his feet
- you being highly involved in the entertainment company meant that Yugyeom became a familiar face to you and one day he would find the courage to make conversation with you
- talks at the JYP building became so frequent, the boy even started bringing you a drink some mornings most mornings

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Sweet Spells

Ok dorks, this one is sort of a doozy. Written as a thank-you for @twenty-third-born who spoiled us recently with a fic called Lovely Mess, this story features magic, mayhem, and a couple of JackSepticEye’s egos. Not my usual thing, but regardless, I hope you all enjoy! (P.S. *”Liebling” = “Darling” in German)

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Marvin had noticed Bunny acting strangely disobedient the past few days; refusing to cooperate during tricks, chewing the bars of her cage at night, hiding from him around the house. He was getting fed up, so naturally, he decided a little attitude adjustment was in order.

After finding her sulking behind the couch, Marvin took her back to his room and settled her into her cage. She watched him with a grumpy expression as he began flipping through his spellbook, skimming the pages before coming to a lengthy passage about correcting behaviour. Wincing at the numerous chapters, he chose the first spell he saw at random and took out his magic wand. Clearing his throat, he pointed at Bunny and read the unfamiliar incantation in a measured voice.

There was a blast, and pink smoke filled the room, smelling of sweet, burnt sugar. Marvin choked, inhaling the strange cloud before it dissipated, revealing… Bunny’s empty cage and a door left ajar.

The Magician gulped.


It wasn’t unusual for you to be woken up by the sounds of some new calamity. Shouting, running footsteps, even odd green flames licking underneath your bedroom door; you’d seen it all and then some.

But today, you just weren’t in the mood.

Sniffling miserably under the mountains of blankets on your bed, you cursed your cold. With your nose plugged and head pounding, you were already over the day when a very loud bang sounded in Marvin’s room above you. You groaned, sluggishly dragging yourself out of bed to open the door.

There was a trail of bright pink mist floating through the hallways, and you arched a brow. This was new…

Hesitantly, you lowered a hand to touch it. When nothing seemed to happen, you figured it was safe enough and headed for the bathroom to grab an Advil before interrogating Marvin.

The mist was there, too, floating around your feet in small clouds. Just when you were beginning to get curious about it, a fluffy streak shot out at you from behind the shower curtain. You yelped, instinctively grabbing it before recognizing the trembling form as Marvin’s rabbit, its fur sparkling with an unnatural pink sheen.

So Marvin’s practicing some new trick. Poor thing…

You maneuvered the bunny to cradle it against your chest. After taking something for your headache, you hummed soothingly to the shaking creature as you wandered into the living room.

There you found Chase sprawled across the couch cushions, snoring loudly with the television still on. You grinned at his squished face; no doubt he’d crashed after staying up too late during one his gaming sessions.

You put Bunny down on the couch and waded through more pink fog to turn off the TV. Then you heard rustling, and when you turned back around, Chase was sitting up, groggily rubbing his eyes with a major case of bedhead. He stifled a yawn, and you giggled. “Morning sleepyhead.”

Chase blinked, looking at you hazily. “…Hey, (Y/N)…”

You rolled your eyes. “What were you playing this time; Mario Kart or Overwatch?”

“…Mario Kart. I’m stuck on Rainbow Road.”

You laughed at how out of it he sounded, moving to pull open the curtains. “Fair enough. Maybe I can help later? I’m a bit rusty, but two heads are better than one!”

There was no response, and suddenly a weight slammed into your back. You gasped as arms encircled you, a warm body pressed flush against yours. “Chase…?”

The man behind you sighed, resting his chin on the top of your head. “Do that again…”

“Uh… do what?”

“Laugh. I freakin’ love hearing your laugh…”

Confused, you turned around in the Ego’s embrace to stare at him. “You’re more tired than I thought. Maybe you should go lie back down for a bit.”

Chase pulled back to pout at you. “Noooo, I’m fine. I just wanna hear you laugh, that’s all!” He smiled innocently, then his fingers moved to your sides.

Your eyes widened. “Chase, wait, don’t-!”

A giggle burst from your lips as Chase prodded your stomach through your light pajama top, tickling you without mercy. You laughed yourself breathless, squirming in his grip until he finally relented.

You panted, annoyed and flustered. “What-what the heck was that for?”

The hyper-Ego just grinned, looking extremely pleased with himself as he bounced on the balls of his feet. “You’re really cute, lookin’ all red like that!”

You gaped, mind reeling. “Ok, seriously, what’s going on? Are you and Marvin pulling another weird prank?”

It was like you doused him in cold water; his smiled vanished and his hold on you loosened somewhat. You took advantage of the opportunity, slipping out of his grasp as he stuck his hands in the pockets of his jeans, frowning. “Why are you thinkin’ about Marvin? What about me, huh?”

Your jaw dropped. “Nope, that’s it. Something’s wrong with you.”

Grabbing Chase’s wrist, you headed upstairs, the Ego trailing behind you. He seemed contented again now that you were holding his hand.

“Where are we going?” he asked excitedly, and you shook your head exasperatedly.

“To see Schneeplestein. I think you caught my cold and it’s messing with your brain.”

Chase whined, tugging on your hand childishly. “I said I was fiiiiine. I don’t want you to be hanging around that weirdo Doctor!”

You turned your head at his words with a scoff. “You’re possessive when you’re sick.”

Chase just blinked, staring at you unabashedly as you both climbed the stairs to knock on the Doctor’s bedroom door, passing through more of those pink clouds.

You knew it was still early, so you were a little surprised when Schneep actually answered, flinging the door open in a rush. He was already dressed in his lab coat for some reason, with his stethoscope hanging around his neck and his surgeon’s mask covering his mouth. “Vhat, vhat iz it?” the German snapped irritably.

“Sorry Schneep, didn’t mean to bother you…” you apologized with uncertainty. “Are you ok?”

The man blinked, almost as if he hadn’t realized you were there, before shaking his head. “Ah, I… I vas just running some tests. I fear something is not quite right vith me today.”

Your features coloured with sympathy and you let go of Chase, to which he whined again. “Not you too! What happened? Can I help?”

The usually stoic Ego opened his mouth, then closed it, cheeks tinting red as he pulled off his mask. “Zat is… very kind of you. Please, come in.” He stepped back into his room and you dragged Chase inside with you.

Schneep was already in full swing; a heart monitor beeped steadily, his eye-chart pulled out. It looked like he’d been running a full-diagnostic on himself. You bit your lip. “Chase, can you sit over there for just a second?”

Chase nodded, eagerly moving to sit in Schneep’s desk chair. “Totally! But you won’t take too long with him, right?” He cocked his head to the side like a puppy, and you resisted the urge to console him.

“We’ll work as fast as we can, right Doc?” You grinned over your shoulder to see the German man skimming over a long print out. At your words, his grip on the paper tightened.

“Yes… ve certainly vill.”

Satisfied, Chase beamed. You left him to lean over the Doctor’s shoulder and peer at his print-out. “Is that your heart rate?” you asked, and Schneep jumped at your nearness. “Uh, yes it iz. However, I have noted it to be much too fast.”

You hummed in agreement. “We should determine when you first started feeling sick, as well as what other symptoms you’ve developed. Then we can compare what we find to Chase, and see whether or not you’ve both got the same thing.”

Schneeplestein nodded distractedly, turning away from his computer. “Vell, I vas fine this morning vhen I first voke up, but soon after, I began experiencing shortness of breath.” You nodded, and he continued. “My thoughts vere muddled, and I struggled to focus.”

That definitely sounded like Chase.

“Any coughing, or sneezing? Maybe a headache?” you questioned.

He shook his head, running his hands through his hair agitatedly. “Nein, nothing like zhat.”

“Hmm…” More on impulse than anything else, you lifted a hand to his forehead. “Well, you definitely feel flushed, and you do look a little red.” You peeked over at Chase, mentally going over the notes, when you were suddenly whirled around and backed against the computer desk.

Schneep’s gaze was piercing, the hand you’d had against his forehead now held tight against his chest. “You…”

You squeaked as a gloved hand came up to cup your chin, keeping your eyes locked on his. “Schneep, w-what are you-”

“Vhy do you make me feel this vay?” The question was abrupt, whispered in a low, hoarse voice. “My heart drums vhen you are in my thoughts… in my sights. Vhen you valked in with him,” he spat, seemingly disgusted by even mentioning Chase, “Vhy did I have the urge to pull you close to me?”

You swallowed, free hand gripping the edge of the desk. “Schneep, wait, you’re not thinking clearly! You-you’re being affected by whatever Chase has!”

Schneep blinked, and he let go of your wrist to tuck a piece of your hair back. “You are alvays so kind… Assisting me vith my vork… Vorrying about us… Your brilliance is matched only by your beauty, *Liebling…”

His tone was sincere, almost reverent, and your breath stuttered to a stop as he leaned in closer, closer, closer…

A thunk and Schneep recoiled slightly before growling. “Can’t you tell vhen you’re not vanted, boy?” He addressed whom you could only assume to be Chase, and you saw out of the corner of your eye the other Ego was standing behind the two of you wielding a… tissue box?

“Back off man! You’re freaking them out!”

You nearly sagged with relief. Thank you, Chase!

“And they’re with me, so don’t bother trying anything lame.”

Never mind.

Slowly, Schneep pulled back. “You truly think you are a more deserving man than myself?” 

Chase scoffed, already shouting something back, but you weren’t paying attention anymore.

You had no idea what was going on this morning, but the one thing you did know was that you needed to figure this out, preferably alone.

With Schneep and Chase distracted by… whatever it was they were yelling about, you quickly snuck past them, quietly pulling the door shut behind you. Then you were rushing down the hallway, back towards the direction of your room. 

Just as you turned the corner, you smacked into a firm chest. You groaned, rubbing your nose before looking up, and your stomach sank. Anti was glaring down at you with an unreadable expression.

“Uhh, hi Anti…”

A sneer from the man now towering over you. “Going somewhere?”

You swallowed. “Oh, you know, just back to my room…” You smiled meekly before slipping past him. Or tried to, anyway. His hand slammed against the wall beside your head, effectively pinning you in place.

You sucked in a breath, and Anti leered at you. “What’s your hurry?”

A tremor shuddered through you. Normally you were on good terms with the demon, but you weren’t an idiot; you were well aware of his power.

“A-Anti? Are you ok?”

The demon growled, his teasing tone vanishing. His voice rose and fell in pitch as his form began to glitch spastically. “Don’t fuck with me!” His eyes scanned your face, a swirling vortex of blues, greens and inky black. “What did you do?” he hissed, rage marring his features. “Tell me!”

You paled. “I-I really don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Anti laughed, cold and high-pitched. “Oh, don’t play games with me! I’ve watched you scurry around the house with that idiot and ‘’ze good Doctor’,” he mocked, smiling widely. “You’ve got them wrapped around your fingers…”

His breath was hot on your neck, lips trailing over your ear. “And now… you’ve done something to me… “ A hum against your skin, and another giggle. “You smell different today… so sweet.”

You froze, having no idea what to do. You couldn’t possibly overpower him, and there was no way you could slip out of his vice-like grip. You clenched your hands, trying to think on the fly, when suddenly a red handkerchief appeared over Anti’s eyes.

“What the fuck?!”

The demon snarled furiously, reaching up to claw at the makeshift blindfold. It held tight, and you took the opening, dashing down the hall to the only open door - Marvin’s room.

The door swung shut as soon as you made it in, and you leaned against the frame, sinking to your knees as you gasped for breath.

“Are you hurt?” Marvin’s soft, concerned voice made you look up. The Magician was anxiously wringing his hands, chewing his lip.

You nodded briefly. “No… no, I’m ok.”

Marvin sighed, a relieved smile on his face. “Good, I-I’m glad!”

The temporary moment of peace was forgotten as you stood up, rounding on him.

“What did you do Marvin?!” you accused. “Between the explosion from this morning, that weird mist everywhere, and your rabbit’s new dye job, I know you have something to do with it!”

You paced back and forth, rambling off the top of your head until Marvin finally clapped his hands onto your shoulders with a guilty look.

“Alright, so I guess you could say I played a part, but really, it’s not all my fault!” He hurried to the corner of his room and unlocked his rabbit cage. He presented Bunny, who was still as pink as she’d been earlier.

“She hasn’t listened to me for over a week now, and I was at my wits end! So, I thought maybe…”

“Maybe a little magic would fix it?” you deadpanned, and Marvin flushed under his mask.

“I’m sorry; I really didn’t mean for any of this to happen to you.” He toyed with the hem of his cape, and your scowl faltered. Ugh, it was nearly impossible to stay mad at him!

With a defeated sigh, you took Bunny from Marvin’s arms, scratching her behind the ears. “Ok, Bunny training aside, we really need to undo the effects of your spell and fast. Any ideas?”

Marvin instantly perked up, smiling excitedly. “Actually, yeah!” He led you to his desk, where a dusty book sat opened to a marked page. “This is the spell I cast originally, and obviously, it didn’t quite work.”


“Heh, yeah… Well, turns out it’s actually a spell used for intensifying emotion! I’m not too sure how it works, but it mentions something along the lines of ‘clouding one’s mind using the senses’.” Marvin’s brow furrowed. “The air did smell really sweet after I performed the incantation…”

You shrugged as best you could with Bunny in your arms. “I’ll have to take your word for it; my nose is so stuffed up I can’t smell a thing.”

Marvin gaped at you. “So that’s why you weren’t affected!! With your cold dampening your sinuses, you were immune!”

“Good for me. Now, the cure?

“Oh, well, there isn’t a clearly marked reversal incantation, but since that’s the case, I’m thinking all I’ve gotta do is read the spell backwards!”

You bit your cheek. “You really think that’s gonna work?”

He shrugged. “It’s kinda all we’ve got to go on here.”

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door, and an overlap of voices.

“Babe? You in there?”

“Marvin, open up! We know (Y/N) is vith you!”

“Come on out! Nowhere to hide now!”

Your eyes widened and Marvin quickly waved his hands, sending his card table flying across the room to barricade the door.

“Looks like we’re short on time!” Marvin laughed nervously, and you dropped Bunny on the bed, grabbing the book and shoving it in his face.



He took the book from your hands and started reading, working slowly so as to avoid any mistakes this time around. The banging on the door grew louder, and you gripped Marvin’s arm.

“Hurry Marvin, hurry!!” The Magician nodded frantically, before pausing and lifting his gaze to stare at you.

“What?!” you hissed, and a dreamy smile stretched across his face.

“Your eyes are so beautiful…” 

Great. Just perfect.

The book was slipping from his grip, and you realized grimly you were going to have to take matters into your own hands.

Easily yanking the book away from Marvin - who was now openly gawking at you with a sappy, love-struck expression - you read through the foreign text as fast as you could.

Then, as the last syllable passed your lips, a wave of light rippled outwards. The banging suddenly stopped; the house was quiet. The sound of your laboured breathing echoed in the silence.

You turned and saw Marvin out cold on the floor, sleeping soundly. You checked his pulse for good measure, finding it to be strong.

With an exhausted sigh, you collapsed beside him, the book falling to the floor with a thud. You heard snoring coming from outside the door, and the mental image of Anti, Schneep, and Chase falling into one big dog-pile had you snickering.

Bunny hopped down from the bed to nuzzle into your side, soaking in your warmth. You smiled, rubbing her back.

“You caused a lot of trouble today, you know.” The rabbit twitched its nose at you, and you giggled. “Alright, I’ll talk to Marvin about changing your treats back once he gets up.”

Bunny seemed satisfied with that and nodded off to sleep. You stared up at the ceiling, trying to wrap your head around everything that had just happened, when the sound of fluttering paper had you turning your head.

The pages of the tome flipped wildly in a nonexistent wind for a moment, falling still around the middle of the book. Curious, you scooted over, careful not to disturb Bunny or Marvin, and read the top passage:

“Love has the ability to cloud one’s mind, dulling the senses. By casting this enlightenment magic, harboured feelings shall be brought to light. Love becomes obsession; indifference becomes hatred. Feelings are not to be meddled with carelessly; as one who practices magic, you should take care to remember this.”

You blinked at the hand-scrawled words on the yellowing paper before falling back, lying spread-eagled on the floor.

The Egos… loved you?

Your heart pounded in your chest, the weight of this realization striking you fast. What were you supposed to do now? Did you ask them? Did you wait to see what they remembered? And more importantly… what did you feel for them?

Marvin’s slight whistling snore distracted you. He looked so at ease beneath his mask, and suddenly, you weren’t worried. Your heart would decide where it belonged.

It might take some time, but you would figure it out. You didn’t need a book to tell you that.

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For your natural!wing verse-caged and separated from their flock, birds may develop heart problems and mental illness. Despite the recent flying, the stress and the absence of flock(jedi gone, clones betrayed, Anakin turned) shows its toll on Obiwan and his health deteriorates...

He spent most of the time either flying or knitting, it was better then to remain in the mansion at all times with the clones as his only company when Anakin had left for his meet up with the Emperor and doing his missions.

Obi-Wan knew they kept a close eye on him but he never went that far as it was, flying around the area.

He twirled through the air, the Force beneath his wings and in his mind, gaping holes where Jedi had once been and the light side singing out mournfully for the souls that no longer protected it while the darkness crowed in its victory.

It hurt.

His heart hurt. He steadily came to a stop and stared around before he let himself drop, ever further to the ground, wings closed to his back as he fell and fell and fell…

He only extended his wings in the last possible moment, his toes brushing the ground before his wings carried him back up in the air, his heart pounding against his ribs.

‘I could let myself fall, it would be so simple…’ He wondered, staring down at the ground as it became just colors instead of shapes. ‘And if I did…then what?’ He closed his eyes and sighed before letting himself drop one more time, however this time he didn’t fold his wings and instead let the winds carry him towards the mansion again, grimacing inwardly as he saw the familiar white and orange shapes of the 212.

But as he landed nothing showed on his face, gravel crunching below his boots as he shook his wings and headed inside, walking past men he had once trusted with his life. Now all he could summon up was an apathetic kind of fear, heat lacing his back at every gaze.

This was his life in his new cage.

Free to roam, free to fly the sky, guarded by people who had tried to kill him, alone.

His heart gave a painful thump against his chest and Obi-Wan stopped to rub his chest a bit, taking a shallow breath before he forced himself to the livingroom.

He knew he’d get to be alone there, only the cameras to keep guard over him.

So went his days in Anakin’s absence.

Flying, knitting, painful heart rhythms, a lack of apatite he forced himself to overcome to eat, heat lacing his back and an ever prevailing loneliness. Not even the faint memory of he and Qui-Gon’s mission on this moon helped his loneliness. He was a contradiction walking, a Jedi rescued and saved by a sith.

Obi-Wan looked down at the crochet lothcat on his lap before he slowly put it away in his basket, getting up and heading for the doors.

“Ah, Master Kenobi, Lord Vader is on his way and would want you to stay here to greet him.” One of the troopers rushed up beside him, following him to the doors.

“I’m sure he would, however I’m in the mood for flying.” Obi-Wan offered blandly.

“Sir ple-” Whatever the trooper had been about to say, Obi-Wan never heard as the clone placed a hand on his wing.

Heat laced Obi-Wan’s back and panic clogged his throat.

His chest felt tight and as if it was burning with the pain echoing in his left arm, slowly spreading even as Obi-Wan felt his knees buckle beneath him in response to the sudden lightheartedness he was experiencing. The last Obi-Wan saw was Cody, on his knees in front of Obi-Wan before darkness dragged him under and he knew no more.


A large hand was steadily petting his hair and Obi-Wan kept his eyes shut as tight as he could, simply existing in the touch that had once held him and kept him safe.

“Obi-Wan.” A warm brogue murmured.

“Please don’t make me open my eyes…I don’t want to know if you’re there or not.” Obi-Wan whispered.

“I’m here little one. Open your eyes and see me.” The hand gently tugged on a piece of hair.

Reluctantly, Obi-Wan forced his eyes open to stare at the smiling face of his former master. “…Qui-Gon.” He whispered and the older man smiled even more brightly at him, holding his arms open to the other.

Obi-Wan all but threw himself into those long missed familiar arms as he cried out against his chest. “Qui-Gon I messed up so badly!”

“No. No you didn’t. You fought so hard little one. I’m so sorry.” Qui-Gon whispered against the others hairline. “I left to heavy a burden on your shoulders.”

“I’m so tired Qui-Gon. I don’t want to do this anymore. Anakin…” Obi-Wan hiccuped. “There’s NOTHING left of what I fought for. I’m all alone…”

“Not fully.” Qui-Gon corrected softly. “I’m here, in the Force. But you will have to find me there. Right now you’re at deaths door which is why I could reach out, normally it would be up to you to find me.” Qui-Gon passed large warm hands over Obi-Wan’s wings, gently grooming them in a familiar touch.

“I’m sorry Obi-Wan for all that I have done to you and all that I will continue to ask of you.” He sighed. “But you are still a Jedi.”

“…I still have a duty.” Obi-Wan whispered and nodded against Qui-Gon’s chest, wincing a bit as the other man sat him up. But Qui-Gon did not scorn Obi-Wan’s tear stained face, only gently dried them away. “What…what must I do?”


Slowly opening his eyes, Obi-Wan felt fatigued. As if he had gone eight rounds with Mace Windu in the sparring salle.

He was laying half on his side yet almost on his back at the same time, making him grunt in discomfort.

His sound drew attention as a black shape by the window suddenly jerked and light flooded the room. Obi-Wan hissed and raised a hand to his face to cover it for the sudden flooding light. It made him aware of wires in his hand and Obi-Wan blinked at them, following the wires to a machine that was pumping something steadily into his system.

But before he could make more information out of it Anakin was there, touching his face. “Obi-Wan you’re awake.” He looked relieved. “Thank the Force.” His grip tightened. “You had a heart attack.”

Obi-Wan stared into those yellow eyes. ‘Gone the boy you trained is.’ He swallowed. ‘I still have a duty…’ He closed his eyes and felt fresh fire in his veins. ‘…There’s still a galaxy out there.’


“Water…I need water.” Obi-Wan whispered, his tongue feeling heavy in his mouth even as the Sith shifted to give him what he requested.

‘There’s still a galaxy out there.’ He took a shuddering breath.

A dark, hulking creature sprang toward him and Hinata saw it illuminated in the split second the world was lit up: black with yellow eyes, long fangs bared in a snarling mouth, claws discolored by the blood of past victims.

Too startled even to scream, he flung himself out of its path, just in time. The beast missed him, barely, landing to wheel about in a murky mud puddle some ways away from him. Its gleaming eyes tracked him, intelligent in their glare. One of its eyes had an old, large scar cutting vertically across it, making it appear even more ferocious.

Terrified, Hinata stared at it, his feet unwilling to budge. He knew he was dead, knew he couldn’t fight this thing—but suddenly, someone appeared who could.

The jaguar, for Hinata could now see that was what it was, pounced again. But before it struck him, its massive paws stretched forward to take him down, something blocked its path, intercepted it. And then Hinata realized it was a man, who avoided its claws to grapple with it, until he had actually pushed it off, flung it back into the mud.

Hinata gaped, mind racing. Had someone from the camp found him? But that was a ridiculous thought. The expedition team were scientists, hardy enough to live in the jungle, but not to war with it.

This man, whoever he was, was a warrior.

The Painfully Obvious // Sherlock Holmes

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I’m running out of gifs for oneshots like these… but the requests are dwindling down which means more Part 2 is coming for the ones who have asked for them. Here’s 1 out of 2 oneshots for the night!

Requested By Anon: Ever since you were a child, you’ve always been much more observant and intuitive to what was going on around you. You’re not a person who cares to have the spotlight on them, unlike your best friend, Sherlock Holmes. Little does he realize the painfully obvious, you’re the opposite side of the same coin. 

If this gets more then twenty notes, I’m going to be surprised because it’s actual trash…. xD

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

You see, but you do not observe. 

For you, it was quite the opposite. All you had ever done since you were old enough was observe. It was how you got to read people, to truly know who lurked beneath the skin and bones that made up human beings. 

You had become best friends with Sherlock Holmes in a matter of five minutes. He had deduced you right off the bat, but you didn’t care. You were far more interested in who he had been before taking the title of Consulting Detective. When he wasn’t home, you snuck through his bedroom and read some of his old journals from before he began working with John Watson. 

The heart inside Sherlock Holmes still was invisible to the all seeing eye, but you were more then prepared to eventually dig deep into it and figure out the real person it belonged to. 

There was one instance during a case after Sherlock came back from Europe that your observing skills were more of a necessity then a desire. They’d spent the majority of the night trying to crack the cipher the suspect had left, and for the first time in all the time you’d known him, Sherlock was stumped. 

  “Yes, that may be a hint- What are you doing, y/n?” John inquired, trying to peer over your shoulder as you furiously scribbled in your black notebook, hiding it beneath your hands. 

  “None of your business, Sir Hedgehog.” John harrumphed much to Sherlocks amusement, his blue eyes intently watching your every move from the living room of his flat. “Do me all a favor and shut up. I could hear your thoughts from a bloody mile away, mind you.” 

John gaped as Sherlock began to snort hysterically, covering his mouth with his hands as you straightened your spine and shut your eyes. He’d given up on the case over an hour ago due to the inferiority compared to the others in his inbox, but you were hellbent on cracking it. 

It took him a fraction of a second to realize what you were actually doing; your fingers moved as if you were going through files, your eyes darting back and forth beneath your eyelids as you dove deeper into your mind palace. “Oh good lord. I should’ve deduced that about her on the spot.” Sherlock muttered, oblivious to Johns confusion. “You were right.” 

  “Sherlock, I said shut up!” 

John huffed angrily and threw his hands up in the air. “I was right about what? And why is she being so bloody ignorant? She’s not you! She’s the opposite of you!” Your eyes flashed open as the last part of your translation was scrawled in your notebook. 

  “I got it!” You cried out victoriously. “They locked the son in a airless casket in the mausoleum at the grave sight of his grandfather!” Sherlocks eyes twinkled as he turned back to John, taking the notebook from your hand as you began to dance victoriously around the room. 

  “Just as I’ve always told you, John.” Sherlock remarked. “You see, but you do not observe. Our dear friend here has always been able to deduce but has never made it obvious. She is literally the opposite side of my same coin. And she managed to crack a case that even I myself couldn’t crack. Wasn’t it painfully obvious?”

  ‘’You-” John leaned forward and poked your chest, gasping as you began to dance with him around the flat. His anger turned into full guttural laughter as you twirled out of his embrace and landed on the sofa. “You have a mind palace too?! Are you kidding me?” 

  “You can just call me the female Sherlock Holmes.” You dusted off your clothes and jumped to your feet, wiggling your eyebrows at the two men. “The better looking, more clever, and far more people friendly version of Sherlock Holmes.” 

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A Modest Proposal

Rating: Everyone

Pairing: McKirk. Always McKirk.

Length: 1605 words

Warnings: There’s talk of anxiety attacks and triggers, but I don’t think there’s anything else.

Summary: Jim wants to propose. And he tries. It doesn’t really go as he planned because when does anything go as Jim planned?

A/N: I spent way too long toying with this. Partially because I gave myself an anxiety attack writing it because that’s just the kind of person I am, I guess.

Tagging: @mccoymostly @thevalesofanduin @emmkolenn @thinkwritexpress-official @auduna-druitt @shewhorunswithfandoms @pinkamour1588

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Just a Taste

Author’s Note: In honor of Friday the 13th and the Halloween season, I give you, Vampire!Ignis! I know, I’m not the first to think of it, nor will I be the last, but this is just my smutty take on it. Vampires are my favorite mythical creatures, after all, and Ignis is my favorite chocobro, so it was inevitable. Think of this as a Monster AU. There are mentions of the other guys as well, along with what creatures they are..but it’s mainly a vampire!Ignis x fem!reader fic. Word count: 8930. BTW, I guess a trigger warning would be blood? Not blood play, just…vampire feeding, I guess…

You hadn’t seen Ignis Scientia in months. One day he was at work, and the next day he wasn’t. Your boss explained that Prince Noctis had some urgent business to attend to outside of Insomnia and his advisor, shield, and best friend were to accompany him. No one was sure just how long the group would be absent, but the King of Lucis was adamant that the Prince was well taken care of and that the business they had was important and that they would all return safely in time. As suspicious as it seemed, you had no reason to question your king, and so you had no choice but to move forward.

You had worked in the Citadel since graduation. You were one of the junior members of the Council, training up to be a full-fledged member in a few years. This meant that you crossed paths with the Prince’s advisor quite often, seeing as how he attended most Council meetings in his charge’s place. You had initially just exchanged pleasantries, but eventually, the two of you struck up a friendship. Ignis was intelligent, handsome, and witty, but most only saw him as the stoic glorified nanny to Prince Noctis. You, however, always knew better. He easily (and most likely unintentionally) charmed you with his intellect and humor, and you counted yourself one of the few to be on the receiving end of his heart-melting smiles. And his eyes…oh, Astrals, his eyes! Those emerald pools could drown you with one look, but the way they reflected such joy when he spoke to you or smiled at you…you were a goner.

Ignis kept his private life, well, private, and so you never knew if he actually already had a significant other, but that didn’t stop you from dreaming that one day you could be lucky enough to be on the receiving end of his affections. Just when you had finally worked up the nerve to confess your feelings to him, he vanished. All courage went down the drain then, and heartbroken, you resumed your normal life of work, dreaming of the day you would see Ignis again, hoping that you’d have the chance to try again.

So when he randomly showed up at your door one night, you couldn’t help but be completely shocked and totally smitten with him all over again. You had been curled up on your couch, engrossed in a fantasy novel when the doorbell chimed. One look at the clock on the wall to your left told you this was no ordinary visitor. No one, salesperson, chocobo scout, or friend dropping by your part of town, would ever show up at such a late hour. You cautiously snuck to the doorway to peer through the peephole. You could barely make out a tall, lanky shape standing just on the edge of the light cast out by your porch light. Your hand automatically reached for the baseball bat you had propped up against your umbrella stand. You hadn’t played ball in years, but your dad had always suggested you keep it handy in case of an unwanted visitor. The door stayed locked whether you were home or away, so you knew this visitor couldn’t easily force their way in. You hesitantly called out, “Who’s there?”

You saw the visitor flinch at the sound of your voice. “Y/N?” they questioned, before quickly clamping a hand over their mouth. Before they could turn to go, you quickly unlatched the door and threw it open. You knew that voice instantly and all fears were cast aside the moment it pricked your ears. “Ignis!?”

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The Boy with a Laugh so Carefree (Dino)

Originally posted by dokyuml

Genre: platonic!dinoxreader

Word Count: 3900 words!!!!!! what!!!!!!!

Summary: You meet Chan in school but for some reason you’re awkward with him until Seungkwan gave you a gentle (read:violent) nudge to approach him and, hey! It turns out well.

Requested by: Our lovely Orchid!~ 

It was on that fateful Christmas afternoon that you met him, the boy with a laugh so carefree.  Hands shoved into the deep pockets of his jeans, body covered in the gentlest shades of green, an appearance that was clean, aesthetically pleasing.

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TTB--Durin’s Pride

Title: Touch the Butts Hobbit Edition— Durin’s Pride

 Summary: You were a simple office worker, until a twist of fate sends you tumbling into Middle Earth and into the Company of Thorin Oakenshield.  You don’t know what to expect, you don’t know if you will survive, but you have this feeling that there is a great love story in the making.  But who will be the one you are destined to be with?  Make your choice and Touch the Butts.  

 Warnings: Language. Pain in the ass dwarf kings and princes.

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“Fuck!  Just put your god damned pants on, Thorin! Kili, wait your fucking turn!”

Your voice echoed down the hallway.  Anyone who wasn’t in the company would have been appalled.  The thoughts that would have went through their heads.  You were ordering the king to put his pants back on, telling the prince to wait his turn…it didn’t paint you in a great light. But those who were in the company would just start laughing, because they knew what was really happening behind closed doors.

“I am trying, I can’t bend over, or did you forget?!”  Thorin barked back at you as he tried reaching down for his trousers that had slipped off his ass.  

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  • Raphael: *shows up at Simon's house and Elaine invites him to stay for dinner*
  • Elaine: Okay, I have to ask, are you two...?
  • Simon: Wha--Mom, no! No! I'm not--he's not--we're not!!!
  • Raphael: *smirking and deciding to be a little shit* Would that bother you Mrs. Lewis?
  • Elaine: Of course not! I just want my boy to be happy.
  • Simon: Mom, seriously, no. Raphael is an asshole, I wouldn't--
  • Raphael: *reaches over and puts a hand over Simon's* Simon, it's okay. You heard her. She doesn't mind.
  • Simon: B-but! *gapes, kind of horrified but also really fascinated by this turn of events* *looks between Raphael and his mother* But, what?
  • Raphael: I'm sorry we kept this from you, Mrs. Lewis.
  • *After dinner, Simon and Raphael are alone in his room*
  • Simon: WTF Raph????
  • Raphael: Now you have no excuse not to be out searching for Camille. You either 'have a gig', *gets into Simon's personal space like always* or you're with me.
  • Simon: *sweats nervously*
  • Elaine: *knocks on the door and opens it* Will you be staying the night, Raphael? *smiles and winks at Simon*
  • Simon: *facepalms*
  • Raphael: I'm afraid not, Mrs. Lewis. But thank you for having me. *Turns to Simon with a shit-eating grin on his face* I'll see you later, baby. *Kisses him on the cheek and then just leaves like nothing happened*
  • Simon: *frozen in shock thinking WTF???*
  • Elaine: I knew it!
  • Simon: *Puts a hand on his cheek that is just barely tinged red and somehow manages to die a little from embarrassment* *mumbles* Well, that makes one of us...
Lewd Thoughts

A/n: Butch-centric.

This is my take on SBJ’s More than Human fanfic during the time Butch and Buttercup were playing volleyball. Every single guy in that beach - who got balls - were drooling at our green Powerpuff. Surely, her male counterpart would also have some thoughts about it, right? ;)

He didn’t notice when his mind had suddenly stopped working, though to be honest, he didn’t used it that much. But as Butch literally stared at the girl in front of him, wringing her wet clothes and wiping off the remaining droplets of water on her face; somehow behind the old, dark, musky part of his fucking brain - he knew he was in deep shit. And as that annoyingly unfamiliar feeling continued to grow even stronger, his eyes suddenly followed an even more irritating water droplet slowly trickle down Buttercup’s slim neck, and down that  small valley, deceptively covered for a sorry excuse of a swimwear. His fucking world seemed to work in complete slow motion.

Shit. Was this even fucking happening?

Butch could feel all the other guys drooling at her and he so wanted to fucking trample each, and every single one of them. He even heard their fearless leader, his own fucked up brother, clear his throat and stare at the girl’s well-toned body. He felt an immense amount of anger boiling at the very pit of his stomach. And he tried to fight the overwhelming feeling.

The green-eyed Powerpuff quirked a questioning brow at him.

He mentally stomped his foot on the annoying chills, which were now running up and down his spine, and further shoved it at the back of his stupid head. Then, the green Rowdyruff blurted out the first stupid thing that passed through his currently brain-dead mind.

Dude,” Butch gaped. “Buttercup, your arms are so cut, I’m not even staring at your tits.”

Butch already anticipated the girl’s reaction, but still, getting hit straight in the face with a volleyball hurt as fuck. And he allowed himself to lose consciousness, if only to allow himself to block out the memory of Buttercup looking so fucking hot and sexy as hell, with her wet dark locks and sweaty body.

Fuck,’ he thought grimly. ’Just fuck it to goddamn hell.’

This was fucking Buttercup he was thinking lewd thoughts about. Such thoughts should be absolutely impossible for the said girl, but as for her redhead of a sister, it was already a given. Blossom was the pure divine image of a fucking sex goddess, with those long lovely dancer legs and those wide swaying hips that were just ugh. Yes, just thinking about these thoughts were quite natural if it were the latter Powerpuff girl and not the former one.

But even as his nostrils got filled up with sand, Butch still could not remove the sizzling image of the furious, but sexy as hell, green-eyed Powerpuff girl.

This is my first fanfic for a fanfic and I’m quite happy to torture Butch more, which didn’t surprised me. XD


And in the mind
the mouth gapes
the lungs shape
the teeth and tongue
stand aside
as the shout strides
out from the heart
forced from the gut
like a shell from a gun
but no emptiness left
in the breech
just the fullness
of the storm
ready to fire
another one

And the observer watches
from realities cold clutches
wincing at the maelstrom
feeling the spirit heat
like stressed out plastic
barely containing the
pyroclastic flow
internalising the ash
flying like
deadly red hot snow