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“Honestly, I was going to ask what the fuck this world was.” Vanitas frowned at the white haired boy. He glanced around this area…whatever the hell this was. He was getting looks from all sorts of people, including these…short beast-looking creatures. Vanitas looked up at Haseo with a frown. “The fuck is a CC Corps? Are they the people I talk to about any strange ass creatures running around lately?” 

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“…seriously? Are you for real?! OMG you are not kidding?!” Slapping a hand onto his head, bursting out laughing. Who the hell was this guy and where the fuck did he come from if he didn’t know what 「 The World 」 is. Who doesn’t know what the biggest MMORPG… did this guy come out from the damn ground or something? “CC Corps is the company that developed The World and currently running it,” if they were doing such a shitty job at it. Thank God, he was working in NAB now, where he can help administrate the network, so the third Network crisis wouldn’t happen again.

“You’re the strange one. Showing up, wearing an armor that might as well be Hacked. And those strange ass creatures,” thumbs pointing toward different beast type PC around them, “Are beast type PC, from the Tu tribe for instant. Don’t think they are cute and cuddly though. You just might get PKed.” Haseo wondered if this dude is a Noob. Maybe Silabus and Gaspard can handle him, there’s no way he got time for this.

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