mind over body


Aku Infected Jack

~11 of these are just redrawn poses from the episode. Still had to tweak them though (fix tangents, make clear silhouettes, change expression etc)

Nonetheless, I had fun making these. That last image of complete Aku!Jack is my fave of them all qwq


My favorite kind of fitness.  Also my excuse for wanting to curl up in bed extra long in the morning :-)

(Tried to make them big enough for you all to read.  Someone let me know if they aren’t, por favor).

Try to look for articles, try to educate yourself, and become more aware. Read books about different cultures so you can understand as much as you possibly can before you place a judgment into the universe.
—  Lauren Jauregui

you can do anything you put your mind to :)

Magic is real.

My favorite thing about fairytales is they tell you that your power comes from believing in yourself and taking control of your mind. And a lot of people write that concept off as childish and idealistic, but it’s not, it’s real. We have scientifically shown that our minds can have profound power over our bodies. And yeah there are limits, but magic has limits too.

Humanity has magic, and we don’t even acknowledge it.

Your Will vs. Your Body

Which is stronger, your will or your body?

Your will says you can take it.
Your body makes it crystal clear you can’t.

Your will says you can endure.
Your body is begging for it to stop.

Your will tries to remind you that you like it.
Your body says you can’t stand it.

Your will says let them do it.
Your body is thrashing.

Your will convinces you you’re tough.
Your body reminds you you’re very, very vulnerable.

Your will says mind over matter.

Your body says you’re going to lose your mind. 

Your will says you’re actually the one in control.
Your body says you’re completely helpless.

Your will is focused.
Your body is spastic.

Your will says you’re an unbreakable lee.

Your body knows otherwise. 

Cover me in art
up my arms
down my legs
anything that will fit
behind my knees
on the insides of my ribs
write beautiful things
for me to wear
scrawl them across my stomach
maybe a few around my ankles
in between my fingers
all the places
no one else would think to look
all the places I’ll remember
when I am unable to find anything else
worth looking at
—  A.O.A.M. || Make Me Beautiful