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Aku Infected Jack

~11 of these are just redrawn poses from the episode. Still had to tweak them though (fix tangents, make clear silhouettes, change expression etc)

Nonetheless, I had fun making these. That last image of complete Aku!Jack is my fave of them all qwq


My favorite kind of fitness.  Also my excuse for wanting to curl up in bed extra long in the morning :-)

(Tried to make them big enough for you all to read.  Someone let me know if they aren’t, por favor).

June 24th/25th, 2017 Horoscope
  • Aries: The home bustles with more than busy bodies, Aries. You're likely at odds with the head of the household, letting ego rule over the mind, body and soul, and at this especially sensitive time, it can wreck havoc.
  • Taurus: The current is slow and steady, and the foreboding feeling of something being just beyond the horizon gnaws at you. What awaits?
  • Gemini: Materialism gnaws at you more than usual. The feeling of having to own everything goes against your more minimalistic nature. However, these consumerist craves won't die down until you've made a crazy impulse buy. Just remember - the experiences soon to be knocking on your doorstep are much more valuable than the item that'll sit on your nightstand collecting dust.
  • Cancer: I can sum up your day in a single word: Overwhelming. Try to refrain from letting the busyness of life and the dramas that await bog you down.
  • Leo: You, too, are overwhelmed. Feelings of confusion and deceit are at prime time, let alone obsession. Unhealthy partners, especially in sex-based relationships, are seeking you out as prey - don't fall victim to their nasty tricks, and always use protection (and/or contraception, depending on personal beliefs).
  • Virgo: Your love life has been shaken up, however, it's quite dreamy. You're finding more than friends at parties, and the people in your life seem to just... bring benefits. But, dear Virgo, remember: not all of those who promise will deliver.
  • Libra: Your emotions bring up feelings of pain and worthlessness, pushing against reality and bringing you down when it comes to the fun that happens around you. Feelings of lonliness may strive today, and sadly, may have been for a while.
  • Scorpio: You finally feel like committing and staying committed, and this is a big deal for you. However, with so much going on in your life bringing attention to politics, religion, and other metaphysical desires, you may want to use some of that introspection to think about who you're involved with, how they'll help you grow, and most importantly: is this person going to help you by supporting you, or by teaching you a lesson?
  • Sagittarius: The movements you make, despite them being against what you typically dabble in, will prove to be more useful that you have thought, Sag. Your efforts aren't going unnoticed, but don't forget - not all attention is positive, and not all good news benefits you in the end - especially when dealing with people, contacts, and legality.
  • Capricorn: Love, lust and pixie dust. Commitment is on the mind, but with the confusion twirling around your head, you may make some negligent romantic choices. Before getting involved with someone, really assess their character, because without such thought, it's almost promised it'll hurt you.
  • Aquarius: Anxiety has been eating away at you, and it isn't about to ease up. The news you got recently will finally hit you, or you'll get yours today. Feelings of confusion, loss, and worry are all common, and quite detrimental. Taking the day to do something relaxing, and avoiding others may be in your best interest, despite how unlikely it is you'll do so.
  • Pisces: You're having fun! This weekend is all about the best and the brightest star, and you want to be there and be involved. You'll meet new people, take up new passions, and find new pleasures. However, there may be feelings of paranoia that you aren't dealing with, and thoughts of doubt. You're especially flirty, which, while beneficial, may come off a little stronger than intended, and land you in some not-so-savory situations.
Something Different

Genre: Smut

Pairing: Chanyeol x Reader

Requested: Yes

Word Count: 4,764

Summary: It had been weeks since you and Chanyeol had done anything together. You missed him a lot and you were growing increasingly frustrated with each passing day. One night while on your laptop you come across something that has you desiring more.

Author’s Note: This was a HUGE pain in the ass to write so I really hope you enjoy it! Please let me know if you liked it, that mean so much to meh ;-;

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:O i didn't know alana and jared had mental illnesses? what do they have? sorry if this is a weird question but i don't want to erase something like that

alana and jared are both side characters so its understandable to not immediately recognize their mental illnesses as well!!

alana has high functioning anxiety, which is described as “Busy and in control. High-achieving and perfectionistic. Driven by details and order in a desperate attempt to calm racing thoughts, worry, and the fear that invade every ounce of the mind and body. An over-thinker with a tendency to perseverate, dwell, and stew on everything.”

alana really is complex. you cant SEE her anxiety like you can see evans. she just seems uptight because you dont know whats really going on in her head. that doesnt make her anxiety any less real.

as for jared! jared is definitely depressed and has anxiety in his own way. hes described in the script as “deeply insecure” and covers his real emotions with jokes and insults. jared goes out of his way to make jokes and fit in and get attention because he needs that validation - he needs to feel loved and appreciated and wanted.

you can definitely see his insecurities start to show as evan pushes him further and further away. jared puts himself into the connor project bc he wants to be INCLUDED in something. he doesnt like who he is, he wants to change himself, he wants to be better. but whenever he feels threatened, hes always forced back into defense mechanism of jokes or insults.

jared and alana both are/were written to sing their own reprises of waving through a window. jareds was cut, but alana sings it in the musical still. theyre experiencing the same anxiety and ostracization as evan in their own ways.

jared and alana arent as fleshed out as evan is. their mental illnesses arent spelled out for us like evans anxiety and connors depression are. but theyre deeply complex characters and frankly how you view their mental illnesses is up for interpretation! this is just what ive gathered from watching/studying their characters

Why don’t I feel better?
No matter what I do or what I say I can’t seem to get these chemicals out of my brain.
It spins
It whirls
It shirks.
Constant madness in a pit of sadness
With a hint of need to escape.
I’m buried 6 feet under yet I can still see the sky.
The wind blows in one ear and straight out the other
Because there is nothing left inside for it to give life to.
It’s dead - the things that once blossomed are now discoloured and wilted
It’s wasted - the potential they all had are now rotten moldy.
It’s hallow - echoes run through the empty space
Mind over body or body over mind
It’s battle that’s making me dizzy.
Stand still.
To the sound of this once beating heart and this once thriving soul.
—  iilahi 

you can do anything you put your mind to :)

A monk DnD character thats just a barroom brawler. Like they fights so much they basically develops a martial art. Has improvised weapon proficiency so they can pick up a bottle and throw it like a dagger and smash someone with a stool and the use the stool legs as tonfas.

and then they unlock their ki and everyones like “wtf, how has this dude got complete control over their mind and body when on a daily basis they drink a cask of mead and then uses it as a platform to launch themself into a fly kick at a goliath bouncer.”