mind over body


A/N: So sorry this took almost three weeks to be put up! Like I said, I’m super busy with school and trying my best to post new chapters for you all! Here’s 14, enjoy!

Word Count: 4.3K+

Warning: Profanity + mention of death

There was a state of panic that took over your mind, body, and soul. The overwhelming weight of grief and confusion washing over your emotions as you felt yourself succumb to the fear that was coursing through your veins. Whatever had triggered it, you were running for your dear life away from it. Your adrenaline was keeping you afloat from the horror you must’ve been rushing away from. Constantly looking over your shoulder, you only came to a complete stop as your eyes landed on a group of stormtroopers surrounding something—rather—someone.

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Darling show off your teeth
each one of them
the chipped one
and the slightly sunny ones
all of them.
because just pulling back your lips
will let a little light into your belly
god knows we all need that.
Put on the dress you bought last summer
before you got the idea
that it had to fit a certain way to be acceptable
because it’s not supposed to hug you
like it did the mannequin.
you wear it like it was made to be worn,
twirling past strangers
curving around your hips
flowing like a cape.
It treats you like royalty.
You were built for this world
that means you were created sturdy
and strong and beautiful and powerful.
You are made to live.
So live
—  A.O.A.M. || You Are Perfect
Mindful and Healthy Resolutions

In the spirit of a New Year! (Happy 2015 everyone). 

Even just one of these can make a huge difference in your life. If you don’t know which to choose, or what you need the most, pick a random number and let the universe guide you. 

Please share if you find this helpful. Someone else might share your opinion!

  1. Evaluate your relationships with honesty and remove the unhealthy ones in a gracious and kind way. 
  2. Make a list of five things you’re thankful for every day. Keep these in a journal to look at when you’re needing to be picked up. 
  3. Once a week, sit quietly and imagine love coming from your heart towards the people you have strained relationships with, or the people needing more love in their life. 
  4. Renew how special “I love you” is. Say it in the most tender of moments, in the most tender of ways. 
  5. Meditate for three minutes, three times a day. 
  6. Give people the space to make mistakes; educate (with kindness) those who make mistakes, but have good intentions. 
  7. Be an exception. Find something you don’t agree with in society, and change it in yourself. 
  8. Put down your phone and computer when someone is talking with you. Pay attention to their eyes instead of your screen. 
  9. Every day, make sure you have at least one conversation where you give the person your full attention. 
  10. Count to three mentally before responding in a conversation; make sure the person is done talking and that you gave them the space to speak. 
  11. Keep water next to you while you’re working. Sipping at it adds a lot more water and health to your day.
  12. Communicate honestly; share your concerns and the way you think with others.
  13. Release inner shame. Give yourself the space to not be perfect.
  14. Laugh. Once a day, do something or spend time with someone where you know you’ll end up laughing.
  15. Ask someone out on a date (friendly or romantic). Be bold and daring and step out of your comfort zone.  
  16. Start a zen doodle journal. Make little designs when you are feeling stressed, and let every line you draw absorb the negativity. 
  17. Take a walk once a day, even for five minutes or just around the block. 
  18. Start a yoga practice: a couple times a week, or for a few minutes every day. Whatever is best for your body.
  19. Substitute one sugary drink for water, or just add an extra glass of water every day. 
  20. Collect stones and crystals. Let them empower you, let them mean something. 
  21. Find a spiritual practice. You don’t have to believe in an after life or religion to be spiritual. 
  22. Start reminding yourself to live in the moment. 
  23. Begin to live for sensation. Pay attention to how different warm and cool feel. Feel your clothes. 
  24. Lay down for ten minutes every day and do nothing. Set a timer if you’re nervous of falling asleep. 
  25. Regulate your sleep schedule. You’ll have so much more energy if you fall asleep and wake up around the same time each day! 
  26. Make a new friend. Find someone you’re not sure you will instantly click with, and see where your relationship goes. 
  27. Take a class. Online, at an adult ed program, at a college, a teen out-of-school group, at your library. 
  28. Read one book a month. A whole book. 
  29. Learn a new word every day. Dictionary.com is perfect for this! 
  30. Look in the mirror every day and tell yourself that you are beautiful. You are. 
  31. Send a message (on any platform and to anyone) telling them that they are beautiful and inspirational. Don’t do it on anonymous. 
  32. Aim to be imperfect. Aim to make mistakes. Aim to love mistakes. 
  33. Buy a subscription to a magazine you want. Learn something. 
  34. Buy a plant, nurture it every day with a pure and unconditional love.
  35. Every sunny and warm day, make a point to lie in the sun for 10-15 minutes. (It’s good for you). 
  36. On bright days, start wearing sunglasses to protect your eyes. 
  37. Find a new vegetable or fruit that you like. 
  38. Learn to cook something yummy and healthy. Even just one meal. 
  39. Have a salad at least three times a week. Even a small one makes a huge difference. 
  40. Volunteer. Even one hour a week can make a huge difference in yours and other’s lives. 
  41. Start a blog and educate people on something you know a lot about. 
  42. Breathe. Pick one act to do every day that you breathe for a minute before. 
  43. When you have work to do, like doing it! It’s all in your mindset, whether you enjoy or loathe something. 
  44. Learn about the ego. Start to conquer your ego. 
  45. Spend a few minutes each day looking out a window. Find something beautiful every time. 
  46. Leave your house without your phone on occasion. 
  47. Take a short walk after eating. It helps digestion!
  48. Be open to healing. Tell yourself that you are willing to heal, no matter what trials that brings you. Be open to evolving. 
  49. Make a list of things you want to change about your daily routine or daily life. Each day, pick one thing and do it. 
  50. Tell yourself that you are worth loving. Place your hands over your heart, breathe, and let yourself be loved by the whole universe. 
Cover me in art
up my arms
down my legs
anything that will fit
behind my knees
on the insides of my ribs
write beautiful things
for me to wear
scrawl them across my stomach
maybe a few around my ankles
in between my fingers
all the places
no one else would think to look
all the places I’ll remember
when I am unable to find anything else
worth looking at
—  A.O.A.M. || Make Me Beautiful
We’d all like to be empires
temples in our own rights
stars inside bodies
or bodies made of stars
we’d like to claim ourselves deities
or our souls
but I beg to ask
who decided that to be worthy
one must be godly
why is mortality the fallen angel
is there no love
no life
in tumbling out of trees
scraping my elbows
laughing until I drown
must I live forever
to live at all
—  A.O.A.M. || More Than Human