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Some people asked because of my TONGUE IN CHEEK POST about it the other night, well!!! all it is, is being consciously aware that you’re dreaming. You can kinda train your brain to do it and it’s fukken awesome ok!  I learned from a bunch of books I got out from the library one summer back in high school and I have kept up all the habits since then until shit got weird but we don’t talk about that

sometimes you get to a point where you can control your dream and force yourself to dream about a certain thing . either way it’s really damn neat to just have conscious awareness while you’re asleep and if nothing else, it’s something fun to do that doesn’t cost anything.

I got into it a few years before Inception came out, if you can believe it. So when that movie came out talking about the same ideas my mind was  blown 

First things first:


This is your ability to actually remember your dreams. Because imagine, even if you end up having a lucid dream,  what’s the point if you completely forget it as soon as you’re awake? Some people think they don’t dream anymore but it isn’t true, everyone dreams. Some people just don’t remember.

So Write down  all your dreams, anything that you can remember as soon as you wake up.

I just text it to myself first thing in the morning and usually they’re super disjointed and barely readable but it’s just enough to have me remember them again. even if you can only remember little snippets, the more you do this the better you can get at remembering.


Dream cues are these little things that make you realize you’re asleep because they differ between reality and your dreams. They’re kind of like triggers that will make you realize you’re dreaming. The idea is to check in on these cues even when you’re awake, so that when it becomes a habit in real life, it will become a habit when you’re asleep.

It’s also a good way to check if you’re actually awake because sometimes dreams are super realistic. I’ve had a lot of dreams where I woke up in my bed, then did the reality check only to figure out I was dreaming.

Different people have different ones but there’s some common ones:

-mirrors: In real life you look like yourself. in a dream you’ll look like a really distorted version of yourself or like a completely different person. I don’t recommend this one because what you see in the mirror might freak you out into just waking up lol

-counting your fingers and seeing more or less than the amount of fingers you have

-electronics that don’t work

-text that changes when you read it, look away and then read it again

-dim lights [i hate light dimmers for this reason eugh]

-loose teeth

My personal ones are the and fingers and the changing text! So in real life, I count my fingers, and read some text, look away and read it again to see if it changes.

If I have more than 5 fingers, I realize I’m asleep and that’s where the lucid part starts.

Personally for me, all of these have served as dream cues, but these two are the ones that i literally check on. Another big one for me is if my teeth are loose, it’s an automatic cue for knowing I’m asleep.


So you made a habit out of checking in on your dream cues and writing down your dreams. Now how do you actually do this thing….

There are some REALLY SPECIFIC METHODS To inducing a lucid dream . Some people practice one method that brings you from wakefulness directly into a dream, with NO LOSS OF CONSCIOUSNESS. I find this a little rarer but it’s definitely happened to me

Others have the method where you fall asleep as usual, end up in a dream, and then your consciousness wakes up while you’re in the dream. This is more common I think.

my sleep science might be off but this is it as I’ve understood it.

so the general method is to go to bed super early. like 9pm. And set your alarm for Stupid O Clock. I am talking some ungodly hour that you will never be up, like 4:30.

Reason being: You will literally never go to sleep and immedeitly start dreaming. You have to have been asleep for a few hours, having gotten a few sleep cycles in. The longer you sleep, the deeper your sleep cycles run and the more restful sleep you’ll have as the night goes on. It’s only in the later sleep cycles that you start to dream.

This is the reason you’re groggy in the morning [you were just in the middle of your deepest sleep cycle] but not groggy at all if you wake up at like 12

So the goal is to wake up right before you’re gonna go into a deep sleep cycle.

Stay awake for a few minutes, go to the bathroom or something, read some stuff on lucid dreaming on your phone… You want to wake up your brain so that your mind is conscious and running even though you’re dead tired.

Now you can go back to sleep, and the conditions are pretty much met for having a lucid dream.

SO GENERALLY NOW, it’s really likely that you’re gonna have a regular dream.

But if you’ve been making a habit out of doing your dream cues/reality checks while you’re awake, at some point you’re gonna do it while you’re asleep.

stuff from the waking world carries over into dreamtown. it’s the same reason you’ll have super realistic dreams about your job or people you know.

IT’S ACTUALLY SUPER COOL When you do your dream-cues and you see different results from real life. Like I’ll count my fingers and realize there’s 6 of them and be like Ohhh shit! I’m asleep! Time to go wild.

Usually I just fly around like a motherfucker but it’s so cool to be your exact same self who is able to think about your family/friends/homework/life/memes except you’re flying


OK SO NOW THAT YOU’RE AWAKE while dreaming, you can  try controlling your dream. This is a bit harder to explain but in my opinion it’s as easy as focusing/dwelling on what you want to do..kind of like repeating a mantra mentally.

Like lets say you’re dreaming and you come across a house. As you’re walking towards it, tell yourself “Captain Kirk is in this house and we’re gonna have the time of our damn life.” TELL YOURSELF WITH CONVICTION! BELIEVE IT! CAPTAIN KIRK IS IN THE HOUSE! OVER AND OVER!

also try practising controlling on little things first. Like point to the sky and say “brighter” or “more purple” or “bluer” or think “I want it to be night time instead" and it SHOULD change.


There’s 2 tricks I know of that will keep you in a dream for longer when you feel like you’re about to wake up and you don’t want to.

One is spinning: If you feel yourself waking up, try spinning around on the spot till you’re dizzy. Things will blur around you and then they will clear up and get super sharp! Especially spinning while crouching. I have no idea why this works, but it does and others have said the same thing.

The other is, when you feel like things are getting blurry, focus on ONE spot in the dream. I usually crouch and like, stare at the details and texture of the road really really close up. For some reason, pinpointing your focus on one little thing will refocus the dream.



Honestly the more you read about lucid dreaming, the more likely you are to have one for yourself..Even by reading this you’re more likely to have one. It’s weird, but it works. When I would regularly read books on the topic they’d say the same thing and it was true. It’s kind of like, the fact that you’re aware that it can happen makes it likely to happen..

SO YEAH, before you go to sleep or when you wake up at 4 in the morning, google it, see what others have to say. Get your brain in gear for it. there’s lots of posts online that will probably talk about the same stuff that I have here but this is my legit personal experience with it and stuff over the years.



Isak and Even + Kosegruppa

Never Say Never (Part 12)

Pairing: Arthur (Mr.) Ketch x Reader
Word Count: 750
Warnings: Smut. Unprotected sex.
Sequel: Part 12/12 of  Never Say Never

Special thanks to @lucis-unicorn for helping so much with this every step of the way.

I have to get sappy and say thank you to everyone who has read, liked, commented, reblogged, and sent asks and messages about this story.

When I wrote the first chapter as a smutty little one shot it was to indulge my fantasy and to try and sway a friend to climb in my lonely trashcan with me (it worked by the way).   It turned into a chapter story for fun.

I had no idea a chapter story about a minor character that was created to be disliked (as of right now) would do so well but the feedback has blown my mind.

People have sent me songs that remind them of this story.  People have told me I’ve inspired them to try writing.  I’ve even had several people say that this story changed their opinion on the character in the show.

I am so thankful and I don’t feel like I can properly express just how much this has meant to me. Nothing I have ever written has had this much love and feedback.

I may come back with a sequel at some point and in the mean time feel free to send in some one shot requests.

And now on to the last chapter….

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Title: Just the Three of Us (Part 13.)

CHAPTER TITLE: Just A Bit of Stress Relief

Part 1. - Part 2.  - Part 3. - Part 4. - Part 5. - Part 6. - Part 7. - Part 8. - Part 9. - Part 10. - Part 11. - Part 12.

Character(s): Negan x Reader x Simon (post-apocalypse)
Negan, Simon and the Reader decide to stay at the safe house until morning.
Word Count: 3,124
Warning: SMUT!!!
Author’s Note: Things will be picking up soon! Enjoy! 

Taglist: @oceaninwinter || @fiftypercentmoreintoyou || @isayweallgetdrunk || @illysamorgan || @loreleilara || @adayinmymeadow || @cheyanhicks || @theonethatgotaway213 || @jannavaire || @butler-boi || @female-x || @1d-niallerbieberforever || @voidobsession || @choolhooter || @smudged-lineart || @zaddygrimes || @see-you-then-winchester || @neganisking || @adreamemporium || @thewew || @collette04 || @clinicalkayla || @ja9erz || @butterangrystudent-54d63c09 || @jmackie1983 || @anakatarinawinchester || @halluciel || @myheart4ever47 || @letsfacerealitybabe || @abigfanofyours || @girlnamedmickey || @meanandshallow || @burnthedaisies || @abigfanofyours || @gximes || @ursy12 || @boohoolisa || @fyeahashley88 || @didrae || @londoncapsule || @youtubelover027 || @namelesslosers || @simons-thirst-squad || @negans-network

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You were lying down on the couch, trying to recover from the intense orgasm you just experienced. You didn’t expect things to go wrong when things seemed to be going right. You felt responsible for leaving the Sanctuary with the two most capable men.

There was no way for the three of you all to make it to the Sanctuary at this time of night. If a group was capable of attacking an outpost filled with thirty of Negan’s men, they wouldn’t hesitate to attack the three of you.

“Fuck. We’ll be back tomorrow morning, D. Keep an eye out and keep me updated,” Negan said, setting the walkie-talkie down onto the small coffee table.

Both men looked stressed out. Just ten minutes ago, they were both high on pleasure and now, they were going to have to deal with a potential threat.

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RFA Boys When MC Tells Them She’s Pregnant


  • He’s online playing LOLOL after a long day at his clinic
  • He doesn’t really have a chance to do this often
  • VVV excited to talk to his guildmates after a long time
  • MC taps him on the shoulder
  • “I need to tell you something”
  • Looks kinda nervous
  • She doesn’t know how he’s gonna react
  • He doesn’t take his eyes off the screen and tells her to go ahead
  • “It’s really important”
  • Good Husband™ Mode activates and he tells his guildmates to cover for him
  • Forgets to mute his mic
  • When he hears he’s so happy!!!!
  • like extremely!!!!
  • His guildmates hear too
  • and you can hear them cheering for him through his headphones
  • “Way to go Yoosung!” “You did good, bro!”
  • And some innuendos you chose to ignore
  • Such a happy guy tbh
  • Gonna be such a great father
  • He likes to cook meals for you now
  • Also, likes to hug you from behind and rest his hands on your baby bump when you start to show
  • in love with hugging you from behind when you sleep too
  • he’s just so enamoured with you and everything that you are now
  • because you’re! The! Mother! Of! His! Child!
  • His mind is just blown by this concept
  • And he just loves that idea and everything that it is
  • you’ve made something great
  • Kisses you and the baby, even before you start to show, goodnight every night


  • Honestly, he’s not all that surprised
  • Knew exactly what he was getting himself into ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • Wants to get MC the best care
  • Insists that you gets the 10/10 of all prenatal vitamins
  • Even though you can eat certain foods in moderation, like fish and caffeine
  • NO
  • “But, babe, I can have a little bit! C’mon I love sushi…”
  • “Nope.”
  • Nothing to risk the wellbeing of his child
  • Puts a picture of the ultrasound on his desk so no one hits on him bc that’s a bother
  • Constantly updates it every time MC gets another one
  • You better bet the maternity pics are 10/10
  • And don’t forget Elizabeth the 3rd
  • becomes vvv attached to MC’s bump and sits with her 95% of the time
  • Jumin has lunch with MC whenever possible
  • Always asking how you’re doing and if you so much as complains about something he gets it fixed
  • Feet hurt?
  • Shoes with memory foam insoles and stay in bed
  • Head hurts?
  • Requests tea(caffeine free ofc) and also rest
  • And also bet that MC is looking 100 all the time with her maternity clothes
  • He’s also 100000% more affectionate with you even though he surely never lacked affection before??? because you’ve MADE A PERSON
  • and he thinks that’s amazing
  • Stays home as much as possible during the last month bc he doesn’t want to miss the baby’s birth POOR JAEHEE


  • SO!! HAPPY!!
  • Announces it to the fans after the first trimester has passed bc he wants to make sure nothing unexpected happens and after MC starts to show
  • They ship it so hard
  • I mean they’re married
  • but cutest married celeb couple ever tbh
  • He has a thing for MC’s stomach now
  • Once she starts to show he loves to rest his hand on it passively
  • Doesn’t even notice
  • But you secretly love it
  • You notice he becomes a LOT more protective of you
  • “Babe, be careful”
  • “Please don’t fall~”
  • Does all the heavy lifting
  • Likes to read aloud too
  • Mostly his scripts
  • Loves to sing to the baby from the day he finds out too, even though it can’t hear until week 18 I did hella research for this guys appreciate it
  • Sometimes MC complains about how she looks
  • Not on his watch
  • Thinks she looks 10000000% gorgeous
  • And makes sure she knows
  • “You know, they say a woman looks more beautiful after she’s been loved” OH MY GOD KRYS STOP BEING SUCH ANIME TRASH
  • That was a “Say I Love You” quote, btw
  • Their kid is gorgeous of course I mean You’re gorgeous
  • He’s gorgeous
  • Kid is gorgeous
  • Simple math
  • Also likes to kiss the baby bump
  • “The baby can feel my love, MC, okay?”


  • Tbh, he’s a little scared
  • Scratch that, a lot scared
  • Don’t get me wrong, he’s ecstatic
  • but also scared
  • He didn’t grow up in a good home
  • And he doesn’t want to be that kind of parent
  • “What if I’m not a good father??”
  • “What if I mess up?”
  • “What If I drop it? Oh my god, MC WHAT IF I DROP IT??”
  • You just laugh, kiss him and assure him that he’ll be great
  • “You’re not like your parents, you’re so much better, and, hey, you have me to keep you on track.”
  • 10/10 needed to hear that
  • Nags you to eat more and aLWAYS ON TIME
  • “the baby needs more food than that”
  • “It’s only a month, Saeyoung! It doesn’t even have a stomach yet!”
  • He can’t wait tbh
  • He wants to take the best care of them because he wants to be everything to his child that his parents weren’t
  • Loves you SO! MUCH! More than he did before, even though that’s probably not even physically possible
  • Because hello??? His child is inside you?? You’re the mother of his child???
  • He protects you so much and makes sure you’re always safe totally nOT with a tracker on your sweater
  • Does SO MUCH research to make sure he never makes a mistake
  • Even though of course he’s going to
  • Everyone does???
  • And online shopping
  • Just like the robotic cat
  • Wants to teach it to code
  • He wants it to look more like you
  • “there can only be one person who looks like me in this world, and that’s me”
  • “Saeyoung you’re a twin”


According to Plan

3. “I wanted to surprise you for our anniversary, but everything that could’ve went wrong, went wrong.”

Baekhyun licks his dry lips as he nervously double-checks all the preparations.

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What if

Guys what if Keith was having a sword fight with Zarkon, then Zarkon doesn’t hit him but he yells in pain anyway and Zarkon is all like “Uhhh, what?” And Keith says Period Cramps and then he realises he accidentally just came out to Zarkon as trans.

However Zarkon has no idea what gender is (i read an awesome headcannon that the galran have no idea what gender is) so they just pause their fight and Keith educates Zarkon on gender and how to biologically tell a male from a female and then about trans people.

Zarkon feels enlightened after that and kinda just forgets about the fight because his mind just got blown.
Red comes to get Keith.

anonymous asked:

Hiya! I was wondering if I could request HC's to RFA reacting to MC messaging them a picture of Saeran tied up after he tried to break into the apartment. And it turning out that MC is a really good fighter so the second Saeran stepped into the apartment she just flipped him the fuck over and knocked his ass out, but now she's like "what do I do now?? Please help me???" Sorry if this request is strange, I just love the idea of MC being able to protect herself and surprising the RFA. Thanks!


Thank you for your request! I’m sorry if it’s not that great lol


  • Oh hiya Mc!
  • You tell him someone broke into the apartment
  • ???!!!
  • And then you send the picture
  • ????!!!!
  • OH MY GOD??!!!
  • This boy is mind BLOWN AND AMAZED AT MC
  • Honestly he’s at a loss of words
  • HOW??
  • So much respect to Mc
  • He would have wanted to protect you but honestly you would protect him
  • He admires you greatly
  • He suggests you quickly get out of the apartment to somewhere safe!!
  • He would say call the police but maybe Seven will want to deal with this
  • All he cares is that you get away and are safe


  • Hi princess!
  • ????!!!
  • He was about to log off to head your way when you sent in the picture
  • The guy… was tied up??
  • O_O
  • What a creep! But he looks quite strong and dangerous
  • Mc you knocked him out??
  • He’s so impressed and proud of his girl, wow, just wow.
  • Falls in love with you even more tbh like, you’re amazing?
  • Like you’re kind and such a sweetheart but can kick ass and protect yourself if needed?
  • Just wow
  • He insists you get out of the apartment before he gets up and leave it with the others to deal with
  • He’ll come get you and see if you’re okay
  • Probably would high five you 
  • but would probably fuss over you and kind of fanboy at how badass you are


  • Omg
  • OMG
  • Mc are you okay??
  • Can’t believe someone broke in and tried to kidnap you!
  • and then you send the picture
  • Yes! Good work Mc! That’s my girlfri- girl, friend! 
  • Wow you did him in good
  • amazed at your fighting skills, she didnt know you could fight?
  • Suggests you do judo together sometime
  • obviously tells Mr Han about the situation and he sends driver kim over to bring you to the C&R building so that she can be safe and have them looking after her, and he calls V and Seven, taking care of the situation
  • She gets you coffee and sees if you’re okay
  • says she was so worried but so impressed!
  • want you to show her some of your moves as well
  • Offers you to stay with her since two bad bitches are better than one right?


  • Let’s be honest you would have been in his penthouse when this happened anyway.
  • Unknown probably would have known or just would of broke into an empty apartment
  • ‘Shit!’
  • okay but like if Mc were still at the apartment
  • Jumin came in to see how you were doing
  • and you tell him immediately someone broke into your apartment 
  • while you both are chatting he immediately goes to assistant Kang himself and tells her to tell driver kim to go somewhere to pick Mc up and he’s sending body guards too
  • he tells Mc don’t worry he’ll protect her, and expresses his anger at Seven and V for having her in such a dangerous place.
  • but then she sends in the picture of Saeran tied up and he just, almost drops his phone
  • this man is dumbfounded
  • the dude was expertly tied up and looked like he got his ass handed to him
  • but he looked dangerous too
  • Mc, did you… do this?
  • He’s honestly proud, amazed and impressed. But also deathly worried because it could of seriously have gone wrong.
  • he didn’t know mc was so tough
  • he tells her to leave the apartment and go to driver kim, he calls v and but is ready to honestly have this man in custody immediately, but v has seven take care of it
  • honestly the minute you arrive at the C&R building he is right there to meet you, he’s so worried and asking you if you’re alright and if you need all sorts of things.


  • Was shocked and couldn’t believe someone broke into your apartment, through a bullet proof window on the top floor! WTF
  • He thought he would be able to protect you by just watching the hallway and with the security system
  • Glad the alarm didn’t go off to set the bomb off though
  • But one thing he really didn’t expect is that you kicked the intruder’s ass?? On your own??
  • WOW!
  • Mc can really take care of herself! Even with dangerous people! That made him relieved at least, he always worried about her getting hurt especially with that kind nature of hers
  • Impressed af and amazed
  • Feels really bad though that this happened and that he couldn’t protect her
  • It was such a close one


  • ???
  • Someone broke into her apartment??
  • Oh no this is bad
  • He feels quilty
  • He didn’t think they would actually manage to break in the apartment, but he knew that they planned something along those lines
  • Wait, she what? She overpowered the attacker and tied him up?
  • Relieved
  • He’s impressed and surprised but happy she managed to protect herself
One year blogiversary ❤

Wow. Today marks one year since I started this blog. This time last year, I had seen Civil War with my friends which amped up my love for Bucky and Sebastian Stan and decided I wanted to start a blog. I thought it’d be the perfect place to reblog and share my growing obsession. 

Now, one year later I have 6,387 followers. It blows my mind, it really does. This blog has bought me so much happiness. I had no idea, this blog would turn into what it did, none at all. 

I’m thankful to everyone who follows me, reblogs, likes and comments on posts. I’m thankful for all the support I get from everyone. Most of all I’m thankful to all the friendships I’ve made along the way. I would have never believed all the amazing people I met on here. I can’t express the love and gratitude I feel towards this blog in words. I really can’t. 

But all I can say is thank you, I love every single one of you and here’s to many more years Sinful Family™. 

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anonymous asked:

How about headcanons for MC and the guys' weddings? What will be her wedding dress and what type of wedding will they have? Probably honeymoon spots too if you have time ^^

OKAY FIRST(and yeah it’s taken me a while to write this tonight)! This is the Headcanon request that’s been hanging out in my inbox the longest.  I had to do some research on it as I kind of stopped keeping up with the latest trends in wedding dresses the past five years.  

Originally posted by sailorcandy

There is a weird personal history with me and wedding planning but moving on!

Please note that in all my headcanons regarding MCs wedding Simon will not settle for less than maid-of-honour.  

I apologize as these don’t seem to end up being too long. 

(All these wedding dress photos were found here: allure bridals)

Sherlock Holmes

Dress: This dress was chosen for it’s elegance, the (if I recall) A-line shape of the skirt, and the gorgeous heart shape with the modesty lace at the top. 

Wedding:  Nothing big, but John as the best man would be freaking out trying to find Sherlock, thinking he had forgotten and wondered off.  They would be surprised to find that Sherlock had gone ahead to the site for the ceremony long time before hand because he was nervous he’d get distracted.  

Honeymoon: Their honeymoon would most likely be spent at 221B with John being the one to leave for a while, wishing MC the best of luck during that time.  Mikah would go stay at a friend’s house.

John Watson

Dress: It’s a simple dress with a nice touch of romanticism.  The soft petal like layering in the skirt with the gorgeous lace work on the bodice.

Wedding:They would aim for a traditional wedding, well as traditional as it could be.  Every time they turn around someone else is trying to help out to make it even more special, eventually there would be chaos but MC’s smiling face and laughter would help John just accept that their friends are doing their best because of the love they have for the happy couple.

Honeymoon: A nice hotel suite where John could order room service and be waited on.  They’d probably have to pull some favors with Mycroft to get him to get the place for them so they didn’t have to worry about Sherlock finding them and crashing it.  

James Moriarty

Dress: James selected a wide variety for her to choose from, but instead she left with Sebastian and picked out this one together thinking that it would surprised him with the lack of beading and sparkle, but the way the skirt flows out makes her feel and look like a princess.

Wedding: Everything goes according to plan, well, James’s plan.  There were a few surprises hidden here and there for his bride and their guests.  Security was everywhere, not that MC knew it.  

Honeymoon:A new place every morning, MC should be a little concerned how easily they transport her at night when she’s asleep, but every morning is a new adventure with James Moriarty as he shows off to her all the places he’s been, as well as showing her off to his underlings so they know not to mess with his Queen.

Mycroft Holmes

Dress: Elegant, a little skin showing, a little mature with a little whimsical element to it.  

Wedding:If they are to do it right Mycroft would aim for something big and bold to make sure everyone knew they were married.  Make a production out of it.  However since canonically their line is that everything thinks they’re already married it would be a small wedding held in a small church, with strangers as their witnesses as they exchange vows.

Honeymoon: Mycroft would most likely feel a secondary honeymoon wouldn’t be necessary. However he would be able to get some vacation days to spend it with MC back home just in case there’s an emergency and he’s needed. 

Sebastian Moran

Dress: The tighter skirt doesn’t get in the way as much when Sebastian gets close to her, the lace was the only way that James would give his approval on it.

Wedding:It’s a small affair held at the Moriarty Estate.  There was some concern about security but James couldn’t see any place else more perfect for it to be held.  The entire time Sebastian fidgets with everything, doing his best to avoid MC all day and the day before because he heard it was bad luck to see the bride before their wedding.  Jack was forced to put little bowties and ribbons on the cats and spends a good bit of time during reception loudly complaining that James gets to be the best man despite everything Jack did?!

Honeymoon: Sebastian wants to spend it there near James, which gets him scolded by James for lacking a romantic heart.  Ends up with them going to a house in the country that James purchased for them to use for a few weeks.

Jeremy Cassel

Dress: This dress was attained by legal means.

Wedding: It’s a pleasant ceremony, met all standards, and even some of the guests thought it was a little peculiar how despite who Jeremy is and how pretty the decorations were that everything was going just and bland as bland could be.  Unknown to them however the bride found a note when she went to change into her gown that morning.  A note from Lupin promising to steal her breath away later that night.  So when the lights went out and the bride and groom disappeared there was mild panic before a little text was sent out that Jeremy couldn’t wait any longer and was taking his bride on their honeymoon.

Honeymoon:Jeremy is set on showing MC as many wonders as he can.  He has a traveling agenda planned out, though they travel by more conventional means with MC demanding that he stops stealing and act more honestly.

Hercule Poirot

Dress: Hercule loves the way the lace moves on MC, it’s hard for him not to touch it.  Hearing the swish of the tool, and soft rustling of the dress makes it hard for him not to watch her.

Wedding: Modern is the goal.  Very nice and sweet, everything just so.  Even though it’s all modern everything looks and feels so classy.  MC is almost constantly blushing especially whenever she and Hercule make eye contact. Hercule is constantly teasing everyone else around him, seeing calm and collected, even going as far as to pick on and banter with Jeremy during his best man speech.

Honeymoon: They go out of their way to make it look like they left, however so they can turn around and spend the time there at Hercule’s home instead of going over seas like they told everyone.  Just so they could really explore their new relationship in the comfort of a familiar setting.

George Lestrade

Dress: Modest, elegant, almost delicate looking with a long train.  Just to make Lestrade blush, though that isn’t hard to do.

Wedding:MC is asked several times throughout the day if she had changed her mind, would she change her mind, if she was having second thoughts, if she needed to run away with someone else, and most of the time from her doubting and worried husband to be.  He would be fidgeting at the altar, sending her texts letting her know that if she was going to runaway that he just wanted a heads up first.  Only so he could drop his phone as his heart skipped a beat when she starts up the aisle.  For the most part he doesn’t hear what is said, and doesn’t so much say “I do” as “uh huh” with a vigorous head nod.  The teasing is light hearted until Sherlock decides he needs to give a speech and talk about Lestrade’s short comings despite not being the best man; which is taken all in good jest though Holmes has no idea why.

Honeymoon: Though most of their budget was blown on the wedding their friends were able to chip in and help them go away to a bed and breakfast for a few days.  

(I did skip Jack, mostly because what I have in mind for him and what he would have is not something I would call a wedding)

 Finding writing inspiration in the unexpected places.  (and maybe a little envy) Just sharing something I’ve discovered in a TV series.

As a writer I’m always looking for books, movies, scripts, plays etc to see how other writers craft their works or for inspiration. I have some favourites that I go to for certain scenes – the movie Ghost comes to mind if I’m writing a romance, I can’t watch that without tearing up. But of late I’ve found another source that has blown me away.

What I discovered was Sense8. I started watching this show because of the story line, the idea and the questions it asked. But along the way I realised that the writers got this one right.

The story itself is awesome, the characters so real and believable that you want to follow them, you feel for them. It’s a deep, meaningful story with people who discover their lives are not what they expected and how that affects them.

It’s fascinating to watch people from completely different worlds support, help and defend each other. The power of their relationships is fantastic, it shows in the dialogue, the actions and sacrifices they make. They start out as strangers but end up as family, accepting the differences in their lifestyles and choices. It’s a wonderful journey of discovery about life when that life is a little strange.

There are relationships – of all types, it’s got them in spades and they are so well written it’s amazing to watch. They run the gamut of emotions, anger, jealousy, hate and so much more. Want love scenes, sexual tension or romance – if the scenes in this series don’t move you in some way then I would be surprised. It’s sensual, romantic, erotic and beautiful.

But it’s not just the writing that inspires, the direction, the filming and timing are gold. I find myself watching in awe as a love scene plays out on the screen. The perfect placement of hands, limbs and the coming together of lips is a romance writer’s dream. Whether it’s a quickie in the bathroom or a tender exploration of each other’s body it’s played out perfectly and filmed expertly.

It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, I know a few people who won’t watch it because it has characters they can’t or won’t accept and sex scenes they consider soft porn. But to me it’s done so tastefully and respectfully that it truly pulls you in. It engages you in ways I’ve never felt before.

I love this show for itself but if I could write half as well as these writers I would be very happy.

This is just a color test, both in seeing how to use ink brush pens and which colors work best on these guys. It… didn’t turn out as well as I hoped…

If nothing else, it’s a decent attempt at the basic idea I had in mind. But I’m not satisfied with how Mob turned out, so his final colors are definitely going to change. Will also have to be more careful with Reigen since those ink lines just look bad…

Okay, so I’m kinda blown away by the notes on my soulmark au post, and the replies and tags people have added to it are so incredibly sweet. So first off, thank you so much to everyone who likes my silly au idea! 

And second: here’s more!

I’ve talked a lot about specific people, but I want to get more into the lore of how a world with soulmarks would work. I’m probably going to end up changing my mind on some of this stuff later as I go back and rewatch episodes, but for now, here are the ideas I’m the most solid on. 

  • The Ashari people see the marks as blessings, something to be treasured and embraced. They don’t worry too much about whether the people who bear their words are meant to be romantic or platonic soulmates as they assume that will become clear when they meet the person who speaks them. And in either case, they’re (almost) always thrilled to have their soulmates as a part of their life. 
  • For goliaths, the handprints are marks of honor, although it’s sometimes a little more difficult to find the person they belong to. Usually, it’s hard to be sure until the hand meets the place it’s imprinted on someone else, although that part seems to sort itself out. Many goliaths find that their hand naturally falls to land on the print that matches. 
  • In general, soulmark words are seen as a good thing. There are some people who hate the idea because they don’t really like being told who they ought to end up with and they go out of their way to try to avoid meeting the people who might say the words on their skin.
  • Generally, people are born with all the words they’ll ever have. There are rare cases of people discovering a new soulmark. This tends to happen when something very drastic and unexpected happens that alters the course of someone’s life. (This happens most often with the words of a god suddenly appearing on someone’s skin.)
  • The number of soulmarks varies pretty wildly, although most people have at least two. 
  • Platonic soulmarks are more common, though most aren’t aware of this as romantic soulmarks get more attention and focus. 
  • People with magical powers, or those that are more in tune with magic or nature often feel a slight tingle where the words are on their skin just before they hear them spoken, though this doesn’t always happen. 
  • If someone kills one of their soulmates, the words often burn or sting as they fade to gray. 
  • It’s fairly common for clerics and paladins to have words from their deity, although this often takes people by surprise as it’s not well known outside of Vasselheim. 
  • Words from a dragonborn (or a dragon) tend to feel slightly warmer or cooler to the touch depending on the elemental affinity of the dragonborn. 
  • Soulmarks can be unrequited (meaning one person has words from someone, but the other person does not). It’s very rare and usually quite unpleasant for both parties.  
  • There are procedures that can remove someone’s words that require a very advanced magical ritual. Generally, it’s very heavily frowned upon to have the words removed unless they have turned gray, in which case people are more understanding. 
  • When someone dies, their words turn gray on all their soulmates’ skin, as if the color has drained away from them completely. The effect is not always instantaneous. If the soulmates are far apart (either physically or emotionally) it can take some time for the color to drain away.

This is getting kinda long, but this is most of what I’ve got thought out for right now. I’ll definitely keep making posts about this as long as people want to read them though! I’m also happy to answer any questions about this (that’ll probably help me think of explanations and lore that hasn’t occurred to me yet)

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Uh, howdy. If you ever have any spare time to write, could you write a fic where Mahiru is injured in battle and is just really tired and sickly. After being separated for a while, he finds Kuro and straight up faints into his arms? Whenever you can, if you want thank you!

I do take requests lol, I’m trying adhjjejksjfcj I have quite a few in my inbox so I’m combining ideas for a few, I’m so sorry this took so long ;; I hope it was what you were looking for!


Kuro felt his heart pounding in his chest, blood and debris covered him to the point where he looked like a half dead monster, but he couldn’t bring himself to care. Only one thing was on his mind. Mahiru. Dust and rubble were all that was left of the building, everyone had been separated and blown to different corners of the remains and he hadn’t seen him in hours.

Please, please god be okay he repeated in his head like a mantra, he knew Mahiru was strong, for only a young kid he was capable and Kuro trusted him. But he was also reckless, life threateningly reckless. Maybe that was a good quality, maybe it was a bad one, but none of that mattered, not when the piercing scream he had heard soon before came from the sunshine boy himself.

It was clear as day it was him, it couldn’t be anyone else. He called out his name again and again, his panic and urgency rising by the millisecond, almost ready to break at the sight of anyone. He heard a tiny yelp, a small and muffled yelp but it was still one. Kuro ran to the sound, pushing past poles of iron and concreate.
“please please please be okay” his voice slowly crumbling to a scared whimper.

He wasn’t there. Under everything, he wasn’t there. Kuro took a deep breath, this couldn’t be… did he imagine it? He really was going crazy. Kuro turned around, and behind him was a weak and stumbling Mahiru. Mahiru held onto a pole as if his life depended on it, his eyes were tired and his legs looked ready to give out. but somehow he smiled. He gave a weak smile, “Kuro.. I’m oka..y..” he mumbled.

Kuro stared in shock before quickly running over there to him and before he could say anything Mahiru fell into his chest, unable to keep consciousness. Kuro quickly put his arms around Mahiru, wishing to hold him there, remind himself Mahiru was still there. He was still there. He was okay.

After a few deep breaths he was ready to move, he needed to get Mahiru into a safer place but he wasn’t in the best condition either. He didn’t know where the others were or where ‘safer’ was. Kuro opted to wait until his wounds healed and to give Mahiru a small break, leaning his back against the pole and sitting down. He let Mahiru rest his head against his lap, he was sure Mahiru would get embarrassed later but he was just really happy, happy he was still there.

Not too long after he noticed Mahiru waking up, looking a lot better than he was before. He expected Mahiru to question or to recklessly get up and try to help others, but instead he snuggled into the fabric of Kuro’s pants. He really was tired.

“thankyou… Kuro…” Mahiru said, still a bit sickly and hurt.

“Rest up idiot” Kuro said, but with an affectionate tone, letting him rest on his lap until it was time for them to leave.

boring - Ian (nsfw)

A story that’s been sitting in the drafts for a while. Might as well post it.


Multiple giggles resonated throughout the Jeep and it was music to his ears. Ian closes his eyes and listens to every sound you make, his fingers continuing to tickle your sides. He leans over to you, pressing his lips at the base of your neck and starting to lightly suck. A sharp intake of air passes through your lips at the contact, a familiar and welcomed warmth gathering between your legs as his teeth not so softly grazes the skin. His hand now rests on your hips, fingers grabbing your shirt and moving inch by inch underneath it while he strategically distracted you with his kisses. You whine in dismay as he moves upwards to your jaw line, your eyes hazily trying to focus on the screen in front of you. This is what you drove here for: the actual movie that was playing and paid for, not for anything else he might’ve planned. At least that’s what you believed until his hand got a little bit too naughty and started to rub in a suggestive manner, up and down, veeerrry slowly. Even if he was pretending to be interested in what was going on in the movie, that spark in his eyes was far from being innocent. Ian might think he was clever in hiding his intention from you, but you carefully examine him whenever he wasn’t looking. You discovered most of his habits, his hidden intentions…

And that look of his told you everything you needed to know.    

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Legs Aren’t On The Criteria

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Could you do one with Joe Toye? Maybe you as a nurse meet him when he’s recovering from one of his many injuries, then spend more time with him once his leg gets blown off? - @luzlicious

“Okay, that should be okay now,” you said as you wrapped a spare bandage into a sling for the soldier, he was bouncing his leg as he sat on the edge of a cot. You could tell he was itching to get away from the aid station and back to the front lines and honestly you didn’t blame him, but his arm was fractured at the very least and you had no idea how it would heal yet.

“Can I go now?” he asked, looking at you with a harsh expression but you were unaffected by it.

“Not yet,” you shook your head and he huffed unhappily, “What’s your name?”

“Toye, Joe Toye.”

“Okay listen to me, Joe. I know you want to get back to your buddies and you can do so, but please at least stay for a night or two before you go AWOL on me because I guarantee you won’t be much help to them with your arm the way it is.”

Joe’s shoulders dropped, “Fine,” he relented and you smiled happily. “What’s your name?”

“Y/N. You can keep this bed for now, I’ll come check up on you in a bit,” you patted his shoulder before walking off to help other men.

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  1. First Edit?
    Well, I think I had something that was older but I may have deleted that at some point? Idk anymore.
  2. Favourite Edit?
    Sam. Kirk. LotR. Eowyn & this Thor gifset.
  3. Edit with most notes?
  4. Edit you spent the most time on?
    – Seriously, no idea.
  5. What styles inspire your edits?
    – Um, Idk. I guess kinda every graphic I see inspires me at least a little bit? Sometimes my mind is just blown away by how good some of them actually are (which I probably should put into my tags more). Yeah… and I love colors, so lovely colorful edits are always good as inspiration.
  6. How do you make your edits?
    – With patience, tears and sometimes small offerings of my soul to whatever higher being is listening and willing to help.
  7. Edit that got more notes than you expected?
    – The Natasha one from 3. Like, seriously, when that happened I was really surprised.
  8. Edit that got less notes than expected?
    – I tend to not expect anything anymore but I kinda hoped this Wonder Woman picspam/edit would’ve gotten to 1k. Or well, at least this Winter Soldier one could’ve done it.
  9. Any edits you wish you hadn’t made?
    – Nah. I think everything you make can teach you something. When I look at my older stuff I sometimes think ‘the hell was I thinking?!’ but I don’t think that has to be a bad thing.
  10. Finally, how long have you been making edits?
    – Almost five years now. But I had a break of ~1.5 years when I didn’t make anything.

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Mind Blown

So I just happened to look at my followers and let’s just say my mind is blown. Without me even realizing it, I am now 11 away from 500. 

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I honestly can’t believe that many of you follow me, especially after how my blogs been lately. So now here comes the second part of me being mind blown. I have no idea what to do for a celebration. I’m just now finishing the 400 follower celebration and wasn’t prepared to be here. So I want to hear from you guys. These celebrations are for you so I want to know if there’s anything you guy want to see. I love all of you and thank you much.   

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Hi! I don't know if you already talked about this, but what did you think of So Far Away? My mind was blown!

I thought it was so damn beautiful. I love the original, I have a special connection to it, and Suran’s voice is so angelic, but this version is special too. I know Yoongi said he changed the lyrics and the feel of the song to the original idea he had and I love the fact that he had a chance to do that. I love what they did with adding Begin, Awake, and First Love into the song because it made it even more special. And just… Jin and Jeongguk were amazing, I love their voices and they were angelic in their own way 😩😫 just the overall song had me an emotional mess and Min Yoongi never stops blowing me away. It was perfect, and sorry for talking about it for an entire paragraph but I could go on about bts and their music forever.