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My best movies ever:

1. Chatroom
2. Prozac Nation
3. Trainspotting
4. SLC Punk
5. Requiem for a dream
6. Third person
7. Girl, interrupted
8. Wir Kinder vom Bahnhof Zoo
9. Mr. Nobody
10. Nowhere boy
11. Breakfast at Tiffany’s
12. Reality bites
13. Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind
14. Buffalo 66
15. Sid & Nancy
16. The silence of the lambs

EDIT: 17. On the edge of innocence

She is beauty, she is grace

(she hits people with her face)

Origins, Pt. 1

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Today’s horoscope did say he would tackle new relationships head on ¬‿¬


▹ pairing: Jeongguk x reader
▹ words: 18,102 I’m so sorry 
▹ genre: smut, fluff, light angst, friends to lovers

You and Jeongguk propose at restaurants to get free food, but somewhere along the way you start to fall for him.

You never thought Jeongguk would actually take you up on the whole fake proposals thing. When you had suggested the idea to him, he’d just laughed and said “yeah”, then continued playing Fallout 4. You hadn’t actually meant it; the idea was one of those you vaguely imagine it happening, but not really, which is why when he brought it up weeks later suggesting you try it out, you thought he was kidding. 

He wasn’t, and this is how you end up in one of the city’s nicer restaurants on a fake date with your best friend. 

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help you forget.

Originally posted by teenwolf--imagines

derek hale x reader (smut)

warnings: smut, some dirty talk, oral. (male receiving)

prompt: you’re pining over scott while derek pines over you. he helps you forget scott in his own way.

AN: let’s just pretend derek is still in teen wolf and he never lost his alpha title.  i’m such a sucker for alpha hale right now. 

beacon hills was a beautiful town, strange but beautiful none the less. you’d lived here your whole life, fortunately you’d managed to go most of your life without knowing what truly lurked in the dark but in the end, you were exposed to it all and fighting things nightmares were made of was a daily occurrence now.

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Cuddling With...

Request: Cuddling with anyone tbh will be gr8 thank youu

A/N: Just some drabbles about a whole bunch of people I absolutely adore to be quite honest. 

Word Count: N/A

Newt Scamander-

“Please come back to bed, (Y/N)…” A sleepy Newt called out to you as he grasped around the bed in search of your warm body. You padded out of the bathroom and smiled at his adorable and pouty self. His brown curls were messy, eyes heavily lidded due to his half awake state, and the blankets were wrapped tightly around him. 

“I’ll coming, just had to use the bathroom, Newt.” You chided and slipped back under the covers, immediately curling into his side and he sighed in content. 

“Thank you. It was quite cold without you, love.” He murmured into your hair as his arms wrapped around your body, drawing you in as close as possible. His fingers traced delicate patterns on the small of your back as his lips pressed a small kiss on your forehead. You couldn’t help but giggle at how affectionate and cute he was half asleep. Your hands went up to meet his hair and allowed your fingers to weave through the soft locks. It was going to be a lazy day and you were perfectly fine with that if it meant spending time with your favourite Hufflepuff.

Queenie Goldstein- 

Your reading time was quickly cut off when Queenie took her place beside you and poked at your arm. You set the book down, turned your head to face the woman and arched your eyebrow.

“Yes, love?” You asked, though you already knew what she wanted. It wasn’t as if you could read her mind, but she’d only interrupt you while reading if she was in dire need of attention. She smiled sweetly up to you and moved to press a kiss on your cheek tenderly. You shifted all your attention towards her, forgetting about the book’s plot. ‘Save it for another time.’ You thought. 

“Just bored is all. You’re always spending time reading instead of talking.” She commented and rested her head on your shoulder. You chuckled and rolled your eyes before proceeding to wrap your arms around her.

“You got my attention. Happy yet, gorgeous?” You asked her.

“Yes I am.” She beamed. 

Sirius Black-

“Baaabeeee.” Sirius groaned, tugging at your arm childishly as you tried to finish an essay for potions. When you didn’t immediately respond to his pleas, he moved until you could see his face and pouted, complete with the loving-yet-annoying puppy dog eyes. 

“Ten more minutes, Sirius, okay? Almost done.” You mumbled, trying to ignore his cute facial expression because the minute you looked, you melted and give into his pleas. His voice was raised about three octaves when he said, “What?!” and you looked down at him, shrugging your shoulders. The boy shook his head and picked you up before you even knew what was going on. 

“No, I want to cuddle with you right now. Your potions essay can wait, it’s not even due for a few days.” He stated and set you down on the couch by the roaring fire. You allowed him to wrap his arms around your torso, already giving up at fighting against this. He was quite warm after all and maybe you could spare thirty minutes for Sirius’ pleasure. You laid your head against his chest and deeply inhaled the scent that could only be described as Sirius. He peppered kisses along your collarbones and you hummed at his affection. 

“Not so bad, is it, baby?” He muttered against your skin and you merely giggled in response. Not so bad, indeed.

Remus Lupin-

How you two ended up, limbs tangled together, with books strewn everywhere on the bed, was a mystery to you both. One minute you had been studying late into the night with each other, and then you two were cuddling. Not the worst thing to be doing on a chilly night, you had to admit.

“Remus…” You murmured to the boy as you gently tapped a rhythm on his chest while he rubbed small circles on your shoulder blades, relieving the tension that built up over the past few days. He stopped what he was doing and looked at you and pecked your nose.

“Yes, my love?” He acknowledged while tugging your body closer to his. 

“Just wanted to say I’m thankful for you, is all.” You chirped and kissed his jawline. He, in return, gave you a lazy smile and moved his head down to give you a proper kiss on the lips. You smiled against his lips, giddy for who knows what. Probably because you were with Remus and finally got to relax after a stressful week. 

“As am I.”  

Draco Malfoy-

“Draco, I’m cold.” You complained and opened your arms up, hoping he’d take the invite and come cuddle with you. When he didn’t look over right away, you pouted and let out an exasperated sigh. That got his attention and he looked over at you, eyebrow arched and a smirk adorning his lips.

“I’ll take care of that.” He drawled and approached you. The boy sat down beside you then moved your frame until you were resting comfortably in his lap. You giggled and began to pepper kisses along his jawline and neck. Draco responded by squeezing your waist and leaning his head back. 

“Warmer now,  princess?” He chuckled and lowered his head to capture your lips with his own. Your arms moved to wrap around his neck, brushing the platinum locks at the base of his neck. You pulled away from him and beamed. 

“Always warmer with you around, Draco.” With this statement, he pulled you closer to his body and nodded his head, content with your answer. You could hear him mutter a ‘good’ under his breath, making you smile. 

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Need a hand (Zach DempseyX Reader )

Originally posted by oliviagrey3

Request; Hey could you do  a  Zach Dempsey smut where you find him jerking off and offer to help him. Also i really love the Musical fingers imagine.Btw I don’t know if you do 13rw Characters but if you don’t you could just turn it into a reggie mantle one Thanks in advance.

A/N; Let me tell you guys how this is another version of this imagine because the first one I  was doing  my computer shut down in the middle of it so I had to  rewrite the whole thing but  yesss   I do 13rw imagines I love that show and all the characters.In other news I write other things not just smut. I can write fluff romance drama just tell me what you want  sis or bro. Idk ask for a part 2 if yah want i lowkey feel this is short but at the same time long idkk


Warnings;smut,sin, sin,sin ,more sin, jacking off ,blowjobs  blah, blah, blah

Part two

Originally posted by theworldisworthagif

It was a sunny Sunday afternoon one of those day in April when the weather is cooperating. A day meant to go out , the park. shopping , walking  it doesn’t matter as long as you go somewhere to enjoy the weather.Where was I going not anywhere I wished to go. I was walking down the street no not on my way to the park to enjoy this lovely warm weather instead I was stuck studying for a final tomorrow with my study partner Zach Dempsey. Yes you heard right the Zach Dempsey star player of the basketball team.Unlike his teammates he was actually I laid back guy.He knew what mattered.He was pretty smart for a sports guy, He worried about his grades as much as he worried about sports.He wanted to be a biologist or something like that. He told me on one of our study session, I honestly can’t remember correctly maybe I was too busy drooling over the hottie, maybe that’s the problem I’m too  distracted by him. I mean the guy is fit from head to toe, I guess sports really do pay off. Oh if he knew the dreams I have about him and how I fantasize over his lips being on  mine. Zach and I have weird friendship  we are always flirting with each other and making sexual innuendos but we have never made contact that wasn’t just the friend type even though I wished we had. I was early to our study date I was sure Zach wouldn’t mind my parents went out and I didn’t want to be home alone. Zach has texted me earlier to just walk in when I got there. Zach parents were out of town and they took  his little sister with them so it was just going to be me and Zach.I reached the long driveway of the Dempsey home and decided to let myself in.Walking up the driveway I remember all the time Zach has come to open the door for me.How  he’s always wearing a shirt that hugs his bodily perfectly showing off all his muscles and how his sweatpants always hang low on his hips. He looks mesmerizing each time. I reach the door opening it slowly trying to  remember the way to Zach’s room. I’ve been in this house couple of time but the house is a mansion figuring out your way through it is like trying to get out of a maze each time.Making my way up the endless stairs I start to remember the way to his room. When I reach the top of the stairs I hear a something that sounds exactly like a moan. Immediately  I regret my decision of showing up early. What if Zach had someone over? I wouldn’t want to interrupt anything.My mind told me to get out of there but my feet wouldn’t listen they had a mind of their own and I slowly walk towards the door Zach moans got louder and I gotta admit they sounded enticing.Tempted to see what was happening inside I decided to look through the breach of the door. The view was captivating and alluring, Zach was pleasing himself his muscles clenching his hair was damped  and little droplets of sweat decorated his forehead and his eyebrows were furrowed.His hand moving up and down his exquisite cock and in that moment I desired that my mouth was his hand. As a gasp left his mouth I couldn’t hold it any longer my heart palpitated and I felt my body heat up the place in between my legs throbbing for attention.A sudden wave of confidence flowed through me as I stepped into the room speaking up.

“ Need a hand “ I say confidently

Zach is shocked he pulls his pants up in one swift movement turning the chair to face the opposite way that i’m standing.

“ wha… what did you say ?” he says stuttering

I start walking towards him “I asked if you needed help with that” I said standing in front of him. I sit on  his lap and slowly kiss his jawline

Originally posted by relacion-goals

“ like I said I could help but only if you want” I swing my legs to straddle him and get close to his ear I start nibbling on it slightly “Let’s be honest Dempsey you want this as much as I do so what are you waiting for” I say and I start kissing his jawline again.He grabs my hips firmly making me me grind on his bulge. I let out a gasp from the sudden contact. we craved each other. I look up at him his eyes darker full of lust the intensity between us growing. He harshly pulls my face to his crashing our lips together  and a surge of electricity runs through me.The kiss was passionate and lustful at the same time. Like we had been waiting for this forever and like it will last for eternity. I pull away short of breath and see Zach smirking.

“You have no idea how long I’ve been wanting to do that for” he says panting.I get on my knees making eye contact with him eager to have his luscious cock in my mouth my core burning with desire at every touch.I glidle my hand across his bulge and he hisses. I massage it slowly through his boxers. The anticipation of having him in my mouth is killing me but I also want to tease him. I slowly pull down his sweats and he kicks them off he’s only in boxers now giving me a better view.I take off his boxers looking up at him and batting my lashes I take him in my hands and he bucks his hips upward putting more of himself in my hand I pump him a few times before putting his savory tip in my mouth  a suck the tip slowly and he lets out a throaty moan. I take him in my mouth as much as I can slowly bobbing my head up and down  he starts thrusting his cock in my mouth making me moan which sends vibrations onto him.He forcefully pulls my hair into a pony tails guiding me. He hits the back of my throat and I gag. I can hear him cursing under his breath and I know he’s close. The view is consuming , he’s furrowing his eyebrows his mouth slightly open letting string of curse words fall from it once in awhile I moan at the thought of having him come undone inside my mouth. I feel him twitch so I moan again. I feel his milky liquid in my mouth and  I greedily savor his taste, his delicious cock still throbbing in my mouth.He lets go of my hair I wipe the corners of my mouth and get up.I sit on his lap again pulling his lips to mine kissing him passionately.

“Damn Y/N I didn’t know you were such a freak”

he says still short if breath

“Actually there a lot of things you don’t know about me Dempsey” I say smirking.I get up from the chair and start walking towards the door but Zach grabs me and throws me on the bed pinning me down.

“now its my turn to make you feel good” he says kissing my neck

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Signs as movie quotes
  • Aries: Sometimes I don't think people realize how lonely it is to be a kid. Like... you don't matter.
  • Taurus: Sweetheart, you can't buy the necessities of life with cookies.
  • Gemini: It's called a sense of humor - you should get one - they're nice.
  • Cancer: If you were happy every day of your life you wouldn't be a human being. You'd be a game-show host.
  • Leo: The night of the fight, you may feel a slight sting. That's pride fucking with you. Fuck pride. Pride only hurts. It never helps. You fight through that shit.
  • Virgo: You can't change who people are without destroying who they were.
  • Libra: If the sky were to suddenly open up... there would be no law... there would be no rule. There would only be you and your memories... the choices you've made and the people you've touched.
  • Scorpio: It's mercy, compassion and forgiveness I lack. Not rationality.
  • Sagittarius: Well, it's a crazy, fucked up world! And we're all just barely floating along, waiting for somebody that can walk on water.
  • Capricorn: You think you're free? I'm free! You don't know what freedom is! I'm free! I can breathe! And you - you're gonna go choke on your average fuckin' mediocre life!
  • Aquarius: One thousand years from now, there won't be any guys and there won't be any girls, just wankers. Sounds all right to me.
  • Pisces: The first time I ever saw a box jellyfish, I was twelve. Our father took us to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. I never forgot what he said... That it was the most deadly creature on earth. To me it was just the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen.
What Makes INFPs Happy

For INFPs: Having people in their lives who will listen to them and allow them to be themselves without judgement. Listening to music or reading for hours. Being allowed to be alone and enjoy being inside their inner minds without interruption. Time spent with people they care for, just enjoying in depth conversations. Sometimes having complete silence with the ones they love. Making people smile. Random acts of kindness. Positive displays of affection. Warm hugs.

Uptown Girl [5]

Summary: Y/N comes from one of the richest families in New York. Peter crushes hard on her but knows they could never happen.

AN: first of all, i want to say thank you to everyone who’s read uptown girl!! i cannot thank you enough for all your kind words <3 second, i lied lmao there’s gonna be one FINAL chapter after this one (i promise this is for real now lmao) p.s. peter’s pov lol

p.s. (2) don’t hate me for ending this chapter where it ends lol

Peter Parker x Reader


// Masterlist //

Originally posted by buckybarnres

“Karen, could you show me the videos I took on my phone from last Tuesday.” I was laid down on the top of a building after a long afternoon of running after car thieves and helping lost tourists. All I wanted to do was see Y/N and sleep.

“I’m connecting to your phone, now.” Karen’s robotic voice filled my ears. “Playing video footage.”

My vision was filled with Y/N’s smiling face as we walked in the park. Her hair was blowing in the wind and the light that was hitting her face made her look like an angel.

“Peter! Put that away! I look hideous right now.” She exclaimed in the video. As if she could ever look hideous.

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All I Had

Summary: Savitar kidnaps reader because in the future she was his lover, she was there for him when everyone rejected him. However, she died and now he’s in the present seeking revenge from the team while finding a way to be with her again.

Pairings: Savitar!Barry x reader *

Word count: 1190

A/N: Hey, guys! I had 3 requests for Savitar!Barry and they had some similarities so I decided to incorporate them in a single story. It’s kinda short but maybe this could have a second part, let me know if you’d want it! I hope you enjoy it x

*This is not really supposed to be cute and/or romantic

Part 2 | Part 3


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“Meet Me” Part Two

It’s here! Part 2 is fluffy as ever :) Let me know what you think!

Read Part 1 here!

“The Living Room”

Those words haunted your mind, echoing in your ears for moments after.

“Love you.”

The soft glow of string lights in your room hung around you as you sat on your bed, confused. It was as if your heart was beating too quickly or not at all. Time was frozen as you tried to make sense of his words and your feelings.

The feelings that came on … suddenly

How did you not see this coming? You and Harry had been roommates for a while now, and friends for even longer. People always said that friends of the opposite sex never stayed ‘just friends’ for long. Was that true? Were you falling for him? Your best friend?

The invitation he’d extended earlier still lingered freshly in your mind, interrupting your rather pathetic attempts to sort out your newly discovered feelings. It felt awkward to stay in your room all night, it wasn’t even that late. And for all you know, those words could have been a complete figment of your imagination. 

In a rush of confidence, you pushed off of your bed and walked over to your door which was still slightly cracked open from when Harry had last left. Taking a deep breath and willing yourself to calm down, you stepped into the dark hallway and padded off to the living room. 

The TV was on softly in the background and as you made your way down the hall, you saw Harry’s lanky silhouette curled up on the couch. He wasn’t paying attention to whatever sitcom was on, and instead was looking disinterestedly at his phone. The floor creaked under your feet and he looked up suddenly, confused at first, and then his face broke into a warm grin.

“Decided to come out after all, huh?” he spoke quietly, breaking the silence.

Nodding your head, you answered, “It’s early, and I think eating something helped my stomach; I’m feeling much better.

You slowly moved forward, trying not to trip over the rug that had curled up at the corner, and almost sat in the armchair halfway across the room. A soft ‘pat’ on the couch made you look up, and Harry had his hand on the cushion next to him. His eyes met yours after a second, holding your gaze. A rosy blush soon covered your cheeks, your face warm.

It wasn’t unusual for the two of you to end up together on the couch late at night, trying to finish a movie (you’d made a list and were both slowly checking them off), so you were unsure of why you hesitated so much. Something just felt so different about this. 

You were nervous.

The butterflies only flapped their wings faster in your stomach as you swallowed, trying to sink the light-headed feeling that was rushing to your brain.

“C’mere, y/n,” he said, patting his hand again, “S’jus’ me, I won’t bite.”

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anonymous asked:

Please do a jealous Jughead fic that ends in smut

okay so I am slowly but surely getting through your asks! Thanks to everyone who has sent me ideas! I promise I will get to them all, please be patient with me though haha

anyway thought I would knock a few birds out with one stone with this one! Thanks to all the wonderful anons who sent these requests! Full disclosure most of my asks is smutty requests haha so get ready! 

Anyway hope you enjoy it ;) sorry it’s a bit long! 

warnings: smut, smut, smut, sin and smut. [with a bit of plot for good measure]

ENVY: The colour of sin

Jealously was not an emotion Jughead was overly fond of. In fact he thinks it’s his least favourite of all the emotions on the broad spectrum of human feeling.

The cause of such jealously; Archie Andrews not so subtly attempting to gain the attentions of Betty Cooper.

It was a paradox- Jughead being jealous of Archie’s jealously and he knew it made zero sense. Yet he couldn’t help the green eyed monster rearing its ugly head when he saw the pair exit the doors of Riverdale High on Friday afternoon.

Well actually if he was being honest, the green eyed monster had been rearing its ugly head for a week now. He had noticed Archie’s preoccupation with his girlfriend grow over the weeks and while he had at first dismissed it as missing his best friend and seeking comfort in her after everything with his dad, Jughead now knew it was actually due to seeking her affections. He hadn’t worked out yet whether Archie himself was actually aware of his change in behaviour toward Betty, but it was irking Jughead none the less. And so he had taken it upon himself to brave the civil war-esque dangers of being at Riverdale high and pick his girlfriend up from school that afternoon; rather than endure another tortured afternoon imaging the moves Archie was putting on her while they walked home.

Betty was sporting her usual pony tail and radiant smile, looking gorgeous as ever, so yeah he got why Archie felt inclined to be attracted toward her. What he couldn’t comprehend was his “best friend’s” need to tug on her pony tail and let his hand linger in the golden locks longer than necessary, before slinging his arm across her shoulders.

Jughead’s eyes narrowed despite Betty casually lifting Archie’s arm off of her with a laugh.

Unable to watch the scenes of ‘All American Boy Next Door tries to win heart of Girl Next Door after realising mistake of letting her go’ any longer Jughead pushed himself off the side of the truck.

“Hey you,” he called casually across the car park in the direction of the pair.

Betty’s eyes instantly strayed from Archie, her green orbs landing on him and immediately alighting. The surprised smile that graced her features temporarily dousing the flames of the burning aggravation inside him.

“Juggie!” she exclaimed through a laugh, practically skipping toward him.

Jughead’s blue gaze softened, the iciness directed at his friend instantly morphing into amused adoration as his girlfriend bounded into his arms. Betty’s own arms wrapped around his shoulders while his found perch on her slender waist.

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Hold me tight (don’t hold me back)

Summary: when a door closes, another one opens, but what happens when the door isn’t fully closed?

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader x Taehyung

Part 1. Part 2. Part 3. Part 4. Part 5. Part 6.

You were sitting on the couch, back pressed against Taehyungs chest as he wrapped his arms around your waist. You couldn’t help but laugh whenever Taehyung made a stupid comment about the movie or tried to act the scene that was being played.
You were looking for the bag of candy to grab a piece when you saw Taehyung move it away. You pouted looking at him and he smiled, grabbing a piece of candy and placing it in front of your mouth. You shook your head and refused to eat it which ended with Taehyung tickling you. He was about to place the candy in your mouth when he moved his arm and spilled his drink on your shirt.
If it were in any other situation or any other person, you would have gotten mad but with Taehyung, you couldn’t help but laugh. You excused yourself and made your way to the bathroom in order to dry your shirt and try to save it. In your way out of the bathroom, you felt hands on your arm that pulled you inside a room. Before you could scream, something covered your face. You hissed at Jungkook. Did he really need to be so extra?
After a few minutes of looking at each other without saying anything, you opened your mouth to give him a piece of your mind but he interrupted you.

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Stark Over Saxophones (ONE) - Peter Parker

Originally posted by mockingbbird

Pairing: Peter Parker x reader

Summary: Peter and Y/N keep nothing from one another, or so they thought. While Tony calls the shots, the two teens can’t help but keep it from each other.

Part One of Four.

Requsted: Yes!! lovely @sddonald22

Warning: language

Words: 1383

This is a four part fic I’m starting:) Inspired by @sddoland22 request!! Hope you all enjoy and it will get much fluffier as the chapters go one!!



“Parker! Get in line up now!” your band director screamed at the top of his lungs in anguish.

Your eyes immediately flipped over to your best friends and locked stares with him, your eyes urging him over to the spot next to you. Peter’s eyes filled with fear as he dashed over to the open seat beside and sat and down in defeat.

Eyes rolling at his startled state, you hit him on the shoulder with your left hand, turning towards him, “Mr. Robin is going to murder you if you’re late for line up again,” you exaggerated.

Peter stared straight forward as he got his instrument out of the case, attempting to get it situated, “I’m sorry! I rejoined like a week ago. I’m still confused on the times!” he whisper-yelled to you, as your band director was screaming at the top of his lungs on how being late wasn’t an option.

You chuckled underneath your breath at Peter’s exasperated state and began to situate yourself for the start of practice. Peter had just rejoined band, due to his previously ‘intense , vigorous, and sudden’ internship with Tony Stark. He claimed that it was way too much pressure on him, so he quit, leaving you in the dust.

You didn’t mind, no. You knew Peter had to be keeping some kind of off the wall secret due to the fact you absolutely knew Tony had nothing to do with this 'so called’ internship. Tony was too busy situating everyone else’s lives around, there’s no way he had time for an internship program. Even though you hadn’t spoken to Tony directly since he offered you your suit. But, more on that later.

Anyway, Peter had to be intently hiding something from you and everyone around in his life. Peter has been attached at your hip since day one, and you the same. You two told each other everything that occurred in your lives, whether it be exciting, downgrading, or upsetting. You told each other anything and everything.

Well, maybe not everything. But again, more on that later.

It’s not like you were enraged and detached with Peter, you were more worried about him than anything else. His sudden vanishes in the middle of class, the straight to voicemail phone calls you would receive every day, and the always constant void look he gives off to the side when someone would carry one a conversation with him. You had desperately wanted to ask what was up with him, but you vowed against it, not wanting to stress about a little time apart from your best friend.

But everything was falling back into place now. Peter had rejoined band a week ago, his mind was no longer wandering off into different places of the scenario, and you two were back to being closer than ever.



“Okay, water break! Ten minutes then be back on the field!”

Your chest heaved another deep sigh as you tore your mouth away from the saxophone. The slight breeze wasn’t enough to hit home for the sweat beads to stop running down your forehead. You placed your instrument on the chair and grabbed your water bottle and walked over the fountain. Everyone around you was milling around happily, getting the chance to discuss things with their friends before having to go back out and practice.

Where was your friend?

Your head immediately turned to look around your stagnant figure, eyes squinting in the afternoon sun to search for Peter. All you came in contact with was a group of girls, people sitting on bleachers, and an empty field. You sighed and twisted the cap back on your water bottle before taking a swig. Your body cooled down instantly at the cool touch down your dry throat.

How could one person fly that fast off a football field? And besides that, where would he have to go?  

But your mind was completely interrupted with the immediate action that had to take place in the next five minutes.

Fuck. You totally forgot about the meeting you had with Tony tomorrow, during band practice. The memory of the previous and bothersome conversation with Tony you had two days ago outside of third period flashed through the front of your mind in a hazy blur.

“Mr. Stark, I have band practice Wednesday afternoon. Could we do it that night?” you pleaded to your new close confidant in a quiet manner, making sure you don’t cause too much noise outside your classroom.

Tony’s scratchy yet intimidating voice rang through your ears in an annoyed manner, “Mrs. Y/L/N, I don’t reckon that seem to be arguing with me…?” he questioned, the tense sound in his voice causing you to sigh deeply in defeat.

“No, Mr. Stark, I apologize. I’ll be there at two,” you agreed, reaching up to rub your temples in stress and worry, already wondering what in the hell you were going to tell your band director.

“Good! See you then!” he snarkily responded back before ending the call.

God, this is going to be awful. Your band director was fucking insane. He never took no for answer, and you weren’t about to be the one to piss him off. Your mind ran with thoughts on how you were going to let the lie slip through your nervous lips.

“Mr. Robin, I’m sorry to bother you, but I won’t be at practice tomorrow, I have to feed my dog.”

“If you don’t see me at practice tomorrow, I’m having my kidney removed.”

“Tony Stark needs me for a very important meeting so I can save Queens from ample crime, that’s why I won’t be here tomorrow.”

Dammit, this is going to be a pisser.


Peter hang up the phone with Tony and made his way back to the field. Everyone was milling around as he appeared from the back of the fence as casually as he possibly could. He didn’t mean to leave so quickly and leave you there alone, but he had to take the call from Tony. What if he needed him for another 'retreat’? There was no possible way he could pass on that! But, he didn’t need him for a retreat. He wanted to see him in a meeting tomorrow night at seven.

Peter’s eyes grew with excitement as Tony discussed the plan over the phone. He finally, finally called him first and actually wanted him for something. Peter’s excitement grew minute by minute as soon as he hung up the phone, the world actually blessing him for once when Tony said the words “Seven” and “P.M.”. A breathless sigh released from him as he realized he wouldn’t have to miss band. Mr. Robin would’ve ringed his neck at the comment of Peter flaking once again.

Relief flooded his demeanor as he made way back to his seat. He sat down, the vacancy of your spot catching his attention. His eyebrows furrowed in confusion, eyes wandering around the gigantic area in search of your figure. He skated over the bleachers, then the open area by the gym, and then to the front of the field, spotting you. He glanced over your body that was standing a foot away from Mr. Robin’s. Your hands clasped together in a pleading manner, your eyes squinted in regret.

What the hell?

He couldn’t make out the words pouring from your pretty lips, but he could sense and clearly notice Mr. Robin’s furious demeanor. Weariness flooded his veins as he watched your encounter carefully.

“I DON’T CARE IF YOU HAVE LEAVE TOWN. YOU MADE A COMMITMENT TO SOMETHING AND NOW YOU’RE WALKING AWAY FROM IT?” Mr. Robin’s anger flowing out of mouth and hit your face with guilt. Peter’s heart ached at the sight of your weary figure and felt guilty all over again.

“I know, and I’m really sorry, Mr. Robin! I just have to leave for one day!” you pleaded back, eyebrows scrunching in fear and brain flooding with lies.

Peter’s mind wondered, what were you doing as to where you had to miss band? You never missed band. You would leave something extremely important just to be able to make it to band on time. This was odd, and completely unlike you.

Whatever you had to do was something extremely paramount, and he was going to find out.

Hidden Talent - Avengers Cast x Reader

You were a new character brought in for Civil War. You were a bit like Black Widow but not. Your character was a young woman who had been trained by HYDRA to be the perfect asset, partner to Winter Soldier; which was fine since you got on really well with Seb. You and Tom were the youngest people on set and you used it to your full advantage; you used it to play pranks on people all the time.
Right now, you were at your first comic con with the whole cast surrounding you backstage.
“Relax, Y/N, you’ll be fine.” Sebastian put a hand on your shoulder and smiled at you. “You’re coming on right after me.”
You gulped and nodded. Filming you could do because only a handful of people were actually present but live audiences sent a new wave of nerves into you.
The guys from the first few films started to get called on. The people around slowly dwindled down.
“And don’t forget our incredible Winter Soldier… Sebastian Stan everybody!” The man in question jogged on stage and I could hear the fans screaming and clapping.
“A new character to the MCU, but definitely not any less loved, Y/A/N… Y/N L/N!” Your name was called and you jolted into action, plastering a smile on your face that soon became genuine when you realised people were actually happy to see you.
Questions rained upon the cast once everyone was on stage. Mackie could not stop making jokes the whole time and the audience was loving it. Soon came the moment you were afraid of.
“Uh hi? My name’s Jessie, and I have a question for Y/N.”
You quickly spoke into your mic. “Sure, go ahead.”
“There’s been some rumours that you’re a really good singer? I was just wondering whether they were true or not.” Jessie smiled nervously.
This was not what you were expecting. True, you’d sang before but you were not expecting this here.
“I’m not sure about really good. Do you have a song in mind?” You asked.
Mackie interrupted. “Hold up a minute. If the audience is getting a concert surely they should be paying more for this?” People laughed in the room at his comment.
“Mackie, shut it, sorry Jessie, what were you going to say?” You faked a huge smile at Mackie and the audience laughed at the interaction.
“I…err…” Jessie was saved by someone in the audience.
“Sing ‘I Have Nothing’ Y/N!”
“Yeah that would be amazing.” Jessie quickly took the person’s suggestion and the audience cheered.
“Uh…bah…right sure. Hang on.” You cleared your throat, flustered at all the attention.
“Go on, Y/N!” Chris called from a couple seats down and the audience cheered again.
You decided to skip to the verse just before the chorus.
“I don’t really need to look
Very much further
I don’t want to have to go
Where you don’t follow
I will hold it back again
This passion inside
Can’t run from myself
There’s nowhere to hide

Don’t make me close one more door
I don’t want to hurt anymore
Stay in my arms if you dare
Or must I imagine you there
Don’t walk away from me
I have nothing, nothing, nothing If I don’t have you.” Your voice was incredible as you sang, blowing everyone away, even your fellow cast members.
“Excuse me honey, but if you’re going to be able to sing like that and not tell us, we are going to be offended.” RDJ announced as the audience screamed and clapped.
You saw Jessie make her way quickly down from the podium.
“I am well offended, N/N, I thought we were friends and you kept a voice like that from me!” Mackie laughed as he gave you his 'Bish please’ face.
“Definitely adding a scene into Infinity War with you singing.” Scarlett laughed and the crowds erupted again.
“Please, oh my god, please do that.” The host begged.
You, on the other hand, resembled a deep cherry red at the onslaught of compliments heading you way.
“Done!” The Russo brothers chimed in and the audience actually exploded this time into all sorts of noises.
“We can definitely find a way to add in a voice like that.” Joe Russo confirmed.
“Well done, doll.” Sebastian whispered in your ear with a kiss to your temple.