mind godtier


The maiden of Justice. Justiciars of Mind act as a living conscience  powerful and influential enough to change fate by the tip of their scales. It is up to the one who is being judged and how heavy their conscious weighs upon judgement for the decision a Justiciar to be well in their favor.

Justiciars stand as neutral agents, beings who have given up ‘physical sight’ in favor of expanding their minds and embracing their element.

Weapon Master's Gear

Questing is one of the main parts of SBURB, yet, it’s always forgotten how tiring questing can be, even for a godtiered individual.

To provide rest, i crafted for use in my home, the Dream Nest.

A circular bed not unlike the godtier slabs found in certain sessions, this bed provides the most comfortable sleep imaginable, allowing the user to gain as much rest as they require without interruption.

It also serves a secondary purpose, providing solutions to SBURB’s quandaries in the form of dreams.

My dreamself is dead, as I have godtiered. This means that my time spent sleeping would normally be spent in a dreambubble somewhere. However, when sleeping in this bed, my dreams are changed into riddles that can be solved to provide solutions to any troubles I am having.

This bed is quite simply one of the best assets I have at my disposal.

To craft this, I used Phoenix Nest, a chunk from my Godtier Slab on Derse, and a Dreamcatcher.

~Weapons Master Blu

Prince of Mind since its my godtier!

A Prince of Mind destroys mind, which is associated with thought, logic, and choices, so a prince of mind would be very dangerous, as he can ‘destroy’ peoples choices, forcing them into one option. He could also take a persons mind, leaving them as nothing more than instinct and impulse, if theyre less powerful they could destroy somones logic leading to them making terrible choices. He would also destroy with mind, so he could become a great tactician, destroying the enemy with a great plan, outsmarting them, or something like Dirks heart-lightning, physically removing the mind/memory of a person and destroying it, or manifesting his mind (which i assume would look something like the mind powers in terezi: remem8er) and destroying something/literally having a battle of the mind and destroying the other persons brain, which is also a great risk if they get beaten, as it could destroy their own mind.