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Day 4: Kickass Hero/Heroine: So seeing Nicole's ask made me realize I decided to take a nap instead of sending mine. On with the copycatting... Emilia is my #goals, even though I don't agree with her choice of men... I respect her decisions. She's the type of woman I always wanted to be but was never confident enough to pull it out. She is sassy and spicy and not afraid to speak her mind (much like her creator) and she's one of my favorite female sim characters. #15dayspreadthelovechallenge

Ah, but I really think Zdina out badasses Emilia everyday of the week! You should send love letters to yourself! Is there an eye candy version of those notes? Because that’s what your blogs are to me - your interiors, stories, and sims are pure eye candy.

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Hello! How are you? 😄 I have a question.. Well, we all know that unhealthy types usually act different in a bad way. For example, an unhealthy ENFJ can be manipulative, care only about power etc. Can you write how each type acts when unhealthy? Thank you! 😄😄

I am great, thank you! And, yes, I’ve been meaning to do this for awhile:


  • Unhealthy ENFJs are manipulative, fussy, whiny, very emotional, self-conscious, self-hating, depressed, and sporadically cruel.
  • Healthy ENFJs are kind, orderly, well-kept, passionate, confident, and self-sacrificing.


  • Unhealthy ESFJs are mean, very emotional, jealous, egoistic, sassy, dramatic, power-hungry, and sporadically cruel.
  • Healthy ESFJs are kind, orderly, well-kept, good leaders, community workers, and self-sacrificing.


  • Unhealthy INFJs are manipulative, fussy, self-hating, explosive, critical, feels constantly victimized, and egoistic
  • Healthy INFJs are kind, orderly, well-kept, self-aware, altruistic, humanitarian, and community workers


  • Unhealthy ISFJs are manipulate, compulsive liars, chaotic, dramatic, critical, stifling, condescending, and mean
  • Healthy ISFJs are nice, sympathetic, self-confident, passionate, dedicated, achievers, and organized


  • Unhealthy ENTJs are condescending, mean, explosive, stifling, control-freaks, dogmatic, cold, lazy, and self-centered
  • Healthy ENTJs are organized, good leaders, self-aware, coolly confident, self-sacrificing, and understanding.


  • Unhealthy ESTJs are condescending, control-freaks, dogmatic, explosive, “OCD,” inflexible, and self-centered
  • Healthy ESTJs are organized, good leaders, self-aware, kind, self-sacrificing, understanding, and structured


  • Unhealthy INTJs are mean, controlling, manipulative, spiteful, egoistic, have a superiority complex, and lazy
  • Healthy INTJs are put-together, understanding, organized, coolly confident, flexible, open-minded, and self-aware


  • Unhealthy ISTJs are control-freaks, “OCD,” inflexible, dramatic, very emotional, egoistic, and explosive
  • Healthy ISTJs are moral, kind, good leaders, open-minded, organized, efficient, hardworking, and dedicated


  • Unhealthy ENFPs are highly emotional, frantic, stifling, rude, self-centered, “cry babies,” and oblivious
  • Healthy ENFPs are kind, altruistic, self-aware, self-confident, helpers, achievers, and passionate


  • Unhealthy ESFPs are manipulative, egoistic, unfocused, lazy, selfish, rude, crazy, and mean
  • Healthy ESFPs are orderly, well-kept, helpers, understanding, good leaders, energetic, and quirky 


  • Unhealthy INFPs are self-centered, oblivious, “cry babies,” depressed, anxious, lazy, explosive, and egoistic
  • Healthy INFPs are kind, self-aware, stable, charitable, creators, open-minded, coolly confident, and passionate


  • Unhealthy ISFPs are “cry babies,” self-centered, oblivious, explosive, highly emotional, dramatic, and critical
  • Healthy ISFPs are kind, creative, fun, quirky, hardworking, dedicated, stable, self-aware, and passionate


  • Unhealthy ENTPs are self-centered, rude, cold, know-it-alls, manipulative, lazy, “cut-throat,” critical, and hateful
  • Healthy ENTPs are kind, quirky, excitable, motivated, energetic, creative, and good leaders


  • Unhealthy ESTPs are self-centered, rude, mean, “ADHD,” unpredictable, critical, and know-it-alls
  • Healthy ESTPs are motivated, hardworking, challengers, good leaders, energetic, fun, and motivators


  • Unhealthy INTPs are know-it-alls, mean, self-hating, critical, highly emotional, explosive, and oblivious
  • Healthy INTPs are thoughtful, kind, altruistic, coolly confident, creative, fun, and hardworking


  • Unhealthy ISTPs are risky, unpredictable, mean, know-it-alls, dramatic, fatalistic, and cold
  • Healthy ISTPs are dedicated, hardworking, energetic, kind, altruistic, creative, quirky, and coolly confident 

*Please take into account that many traits overlap with one another, and that those with average health fall in between; you may have traits from both the healthy and unhealthy descriptions. Healthy types may exhibit one or two traits from the unhealthy sector when in a bad mood/situation. Unhealthy types may exhibit a few traits from the healthy sector when in a good mood/situation. 


From the mind of Koichi Ishii, creator of the Mana series, comes Ever Oasis.

Download a free demo in the Nintendo 3DS eShop later today!

Shiro: Form Voltron!
Lance: … what in formation

Mind is the creator of everything. You should therefore guide it to create only good. If you cling to a certain thought with dynamic will power, it finally assumes a tangible outward form. When you are able to employ your will always for constructive purposes, you become the controller of your destiny.
—  Paramahansa Yogananda
If you start getting frustrated at The OA because of unresolved questions, just keep this in mind:

1. The show creators, Brit & Zal, have a huge overarching plot planned over many seasons.

2. Some things that are unexplained in season 1 will be Easter eggs for later seasons.

3. This show is meant to be culturally relevant and something that touches on themes in our culture Right Now. It’s meant to open up dialogue about actual current events and trends.

4. This show is meant to touch the viewer in a personal way and invite each person who watches to enter the narrative with their own thoughts, feelings, fears & beliefs.

5. Brit & Zal did not write this to /tell/ us answers, but to invite us to have faith.

6. They say they wanted to create a modern myth. And mythology is important because it is a tool by which we better understand ourselves.

7. So it’s ok, really, if you have tons of unanswered questions. Because that means you’re asking questions. And the more we ask questions, the more we open our eyes to things we might never have before dreamed.

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Imo ther evasiveness of gay issues isnt cuz they wanted to portray love deeper than romance. Or cuz of Japanese indirectness cuz they aren't indirect with the het themes. It just seems like BS homophobic double standards imo. wat's ur opinion? (2)

Hi and sorry for the late reply! I’m finally trying to answer the questions I received. I’m glad that my note could help explain my point in a clearer way.

I am going to write about the topic of “depictions of homosexuality in Japanese fiction”.
Important note: Not being inside the creators’ mind, I cannot tell whether they actually think Victor and Yuuri are romantically in love or not, but I am explaining why in my opinion they wouldn’t explicitly portray that in the series even if they were in love.

Under the cut because it’s not directly translation-related.

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nick... i really just lost a lot of respect for you. ridiculing a fellow content creator's choices when his channel is for fun and speculation, especially when he's said that he regrets it? i always admired how you treated other creators. i'm sorry. i suppose i don't know how to be a fan when you would post something so contemptuous toward another creator.

Fun and speculation shouldn’t come with a side order of malice and smug talk about a man whose work made you thousands of dollars and millions of subscribers.

And this is far from ridicule–this is condemnation for a seriously tall order of disrespect I’ve been keeping quiet about. I am contemptuous towards MatPat because I am always about how you treat other creators. When you’re a Game Theory, or a Night Mind, the creators who are out there breaking their backs to make 100% original work should be elevated and honored far above yourself. Why do you think I always tell you to go to the channels of things I cover, and subscribe to them, and watch their videos, and be happy for them?

MatPat and I only have things to cover because other people made things worth talking about, and I will never put myself before the creators of content I’m covering and benefiting from through my coverage. I am furious with MatPat because he’s broken that code of respect and integrity and demeaned Scott Cawthon. 

MatPat should kiss Scott Cawthon’s feet. Instead, he spit in his face.