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Alan Watts speaks on worrying and compulsive thinking.

If you’ve ever been caught in the vicious circle of being worried, and then worrying because you’re worried, and so on and so forth, give this a watch.


Courtesy of going to see the official DSOD sub in the theatre today! It’s a dub-created plothole.

So first, if you’ve only seen the DSOD dub, you need to know that like … the dub was reasonably good as an adaptation, but literally half the plotline was erased. In the JP version the Plana exist via something called collective consciousness, where the memories of other people are checked against your own to create reality. It’s some pretty heavy philosophy: basically, without other people, you don’t exist. (It’s functionally what happened to Atem canonically, as well.)

Basically, reality as told by the Plana is like an internet torrent. If the people around you don’t notice things–the buildings, your existence, what the breeze feels like–then you don’t have enough data to compile a world, and it falls apart. So, for example, when Jyonouchi is sent to the other dimension, it begins to fall apart as he finds the gaps in his own memory, not predetermined at Diva’s will. For instance, he can’t remember how long the street is, and the world starts to go white before he goes “oh yeah, it leads to the shopping district” and goes there–only to find that without Sanpei’s memories, their routine of him getting splashed with Sanpei’s bucket falls apart, because Sanpei isn’t there to datacheck the water.

Everybody seems to be vulnerable to this except Kaiba, and even the Plana are surprised by this. Now here’s the thing: HOW DOES KAIBA FIGHT IT OFF?

Well, we see him talk about his databases and the Crystal Cloud, and the Japanese dialogue says if you’re a duelist you have to register your deck to maintain residency in Domino. He literally has the entire world datachecking for him on a regular basis. Where Diva’s datachecking is magical, Kaiba’s is technological–but they’re evenly matched.

So now we go back to the armbands.

Kaiba misremembers them. Maybe he intuits them from his subconscious past memories; maybe he extrapolates them from the whole “he was a pharaoh” thing. At any rate, Kaiba’s memories are fucked. He even tells us as much: the rant in EN about his scars and how Atem humiliated him? Not there in JP. In fact it’s the exact opposite–he’s praising Atem to the high heavens for his dueling and his personality, and if you think about it a little harder you realize he’s feeding information to the system that powers the new Solid Vision to create the AI. He’s actively datachecking the AI against his own memories, and when he realizes he’s reached the limits of his own imagination–that the real Atem would have an out for the situation he’s created, but that he can’t imagine it–he’s hurt and disappointed and screams for Atem to “vanish.” If he can remember Atem’s deck in error, surely he can remember something as inconsequential as an armband in error.

So now you have Jyonouchi in the other dimension. He’s dying. Any moment he’s going to vanish–and then Atem appears, with the armbands. Did the animators fuck up? Was he supposed to have those same bands as pharaoh, to tie his two images together, and someone forgot them?

The answer is no to both.

At the precise moment that Jyonouchi is dying, Kaiba is in Yuugi’s shop picking up the Millennium Puzzle.

Jyonouchi needs a memory that exists in a different dimension. Not the one he just left, but a different one altogether. A memory that touches him. Someone connected to him, but not existing in the real world, because that world is now demonstrably false.

There’s one man who exists under those conditions, and at the precise moment that Jyonouchi needs that man, there’s one other man who’s datachecking him.

The armbands are there because it’s Kaiba’s mostly-complete, but slightly faulty, datacheck that allows Atem to exist in that moment. Jyonouchi is seeing the real Atem, but the real Atem as seen by someone else. The armbands exist because Kaiba remembers them existing, just as Atem is shown as Yami no Yuugi because Kaiba remembers him as Yami no Yuugi.


Kaiba indirectly saves Jyonouchi. With his mind. And his obsessive-compulsive databases.

Okay, shippers, you’re welcome. *salutes*

It’s Always Sunny In The Dark Trenches Of My Obsessive Compulsive Mind: a Guide to My Most Frequently Thought About “Sunny” Concepts

1. The Gang Goes to A Hotel

Now this is a high-level concept and if RCG hired me I would make this episode happen. Here’s how it plays out…the gang somehow cons their way into a free one night stay in the penthouse suite of the Four Seasons Hotel. One problem: It’s a one room setup with only two beds. Naturally Mac and Dennis decide to share a bed, justifying it by saying they already live together and slept together with Old Black Man, so it’s fine. Dee and Charlie share a bed. Frank sleeps in the bathtub. Immediately they trash the room. They’ve brought their own beer and the mini-bar is demolished in no time, and Charlie, illiterate and blissfully unaware of the basic functions of capitalism, orders $5,000 worth of room service. Here’s where it gets fun: there is a wedding going on in the downstairs party room and naturally Dennis is convinced he is fancy enough to be in attendance. He drags Mac along with him because it’s preposterous to go without a date. Meanwhile, Dee and Charlie hit the pool and discover a celebrity in the downstairs spa. Maybe it’s Kelly Ripa or Ryan Seacrest or something. They become obsessed with befriending this celebrity, largely to prove to Dennis that they are fancier than he is. Back at the wedding, Mac and Dennis keep getting mistaken for the other couple getting married that weekend, two men named Max and Denny, and Dennis is woefully offended. Not because they aren’t together, but because if they WERE getting married you can bet your ass their wedding would have been so goddamn fucking high-class that the entire hotel would be shut down for the honour of hosting them. Dennis gives a toast expressing this sentiment. Dennis gets forcibly removed from the party. Meanwhile, Dee and Charlie have lured this celebrity to their room with the promise of a “fun and chill time”. When they arrive they find Frank naked on the floor and covered in barbeque sauce from the feast that Charlie had gotten delivered. Said celebrity leaves promptly. Mac and Dennis return, irate. Everyone drinks themselves to sleep and in the middle of the night Dee and Charlie wake up to the sounds of ill-concealed sex and that is how they find out that Mac and Dennis ARE in fact together and are absolutely terrible at stealth. Frank sleeps through it. 

2. The Gang Goes to A Gay Bar

It started out as an idea to support Mac now that he’s out of the closet. Mac is psyched; he wears his mesh shirt. Dennis is convinced that all the gay men will be throwing themselves at him and as much as he pretends he’s annoyed by that thought, he IS wearing red lipstick and pants tighter than anything anyone else has ever seen. Anyways, Frank gets beat up for being a homophobic and transphobic asshole, Dee ends up getting hit on by every girl in the bar and realizes she’s a lesbian and goes home with a whole bunch of numbers and new friends, and Dennis gets hit on by NOBODY and is weirdly jealous of how many numbers Mac is getting. He flips out about it to Charlie who is just drunk and swaying in a corner and Charlie is like “obviously you’re jealous, you’re in love with him” and Dennis is like “oh word” and then he and Mac bang in the bathroom. Come to think of it, most of these end with them banging. 

3. Deetress 

When will they get together? It has to be after Dee realizes she’s gay, so I’m thinking this one comes into play after The Gang Goes To A Gay Bar. How does it play out? I do not know. All I know is that Dee and the Waitress live in filth and drink themselves silly and sometimes invite Artemis over for a threesome. 

4. Chardee Macdennis: The Honeymoon to End All Honeymoons

Self explanatory. The Gang is honeymooning after the joint wedding between Charlie/Dee and Mac/Dennis. Bored with the resort they’re staying at they decide to play Chardee Macdennis…..this time with the teams being divided up by spouses.

5. The Gang Goes To a Tropical Resort

FUCK i just realized as I wrote that last one that this is a brilliant idea. So much potential. When will RCG hire me?

6.Mac and Dennis Finally Bone

I don’t care when or how it happens, but I think about this constantly. 

In Case You Didn’t Know


Pairing: Elijah x Reader

Summary: Could you do an imagine for Elijah Mikaelson based on the song In Case You Didn’t Know by Brett Young

Side Note: The lyrics to the song are in bold

Dearest Y/N,

I’ve lived on this earth for 1,000 years. I’ve seen and with much shame did some unspeakable things, all in the name of family - always and forever. But in all my years being what I am, never did I foresee that I’d meet someone like you.

Knowing what I am is something I hope one day you can come to terms with, however I’ll understand if my secret is too much and you decide to walk the other way, for all I desire is for you to be safe. But before you choose which path you want to take, I would like to share another secret with you. One that I’ve spent countless of hours, even endless sleepless nights thinking about. 

Over the course of my existence I’ve fallen in love only a few times. And upon my arrival in New Orleans I fell in love with you. Being who I am comes with a lot of burdens, struggles and danger. That is why I became distant over these coming weeks, and for that I’d like to formally apologize. I see what a mistake that was. Because no matter how hard I try, I can’t unlove you. So I write to you this letter to share one last secret with you. Y/N, in case you didn’t know, baby, I’m crazy bout you. And I would be lying if I said that I could live this life without you.

You make me want to fight to be a better man. If there is any chance that you see any sort of future for us, I’ll be waiting at the compound. And I sincerely hope that you’ll walk through the doors.

You’ve got all of me, I belong to you.

With love, Elijah Mikaelson

Folding the letter in half, you sat unmoved on the dinning room chair completely overcome with a wave of mixed emotions. The apartment was dimming as the sun slowly disappeared behind a grey cloud. Anyone at this point would have gotten up and turned on a light, even a lamp. But you didn’t trust your legs to stand, much less move several steps towards the light switch.

You thought Elijah was a savvy guy in a nice, expensive suit. But first impressions were often wrong and underneath his suits lay a mountain of secrets. Running your right middle finger along the words etched on the paper, like you were waiting for more secrets to be revealed.

Finding an unknown source of strengthen, you stood up letting each foot guide the other towards the bedroom, just like a baby would taking it’s first steps. Changing into an outfit more suitable for the New Orleans evening weather, you travelled down the jam packed streets until coming to a halt in front of a large gate.

Leaving Elijah hanging was a thought that crossed your mind once or twice on the walk over, however standing just meters away you knew that wasn’t the sort of person you were. There was only one solution, one outcome that hadn’t changed since reading the letter. And you needed Elijah’s help in order to make it all happen.

The compound was empty from what you could see. You had stepped foot in the Mikaelson estate once before. Elijah had called apologizing that he’d gotten caught up in a family matter and therefore was going to be even more late than he’d like. So, thinking it would be a nice gesture you brought dinner to him. Expect his surprise expression wasn’t one of gratitude it was one of sheer shock, Elijah thanked you while ushering you out of the compound, thus begun the feeling he was keeping something from you.

“You came”. Spinning around, Elijah stood at the base of the stairs. Hope resonating in his brown eyes. 

Pressing your lips together, “I didn’t think it would be fair to leave you hanging”.

“Can I get you a drink?. I know where Klaus keeps the good wine, we can grab a glass and talk”. Elijah started to ascend up the stairs, until he heard. “I’m not planning to stay long, I read the letter but it doesn’t change anything”.

Coming back down to solid ground, now hope of reconciliation had vanished. “I-I see”.

“I want to feel differently, I really do. And I want to be able to look at you and not envision a-”.

He sadly sighed, “A monster”.

“A vampire”, you added, not sure if they meant the same thing. “But even looking at you now is harder than I imagined, and I don’t know if that’ll change in a month or a year. All I know is I can’t live a normal life knowing your secret, Elijah”. Fighting the desire to rush out the door, you instead walked forward to him. “So I want you to do that mind compulsion thing that I read about, you can do that, can’t you?”.

Taken back by your request, Elijah steadied his balance reaching out for the railing. “You want me to erase every memory, every moment, every kiss?”. Shaking his head vigorously, “I won’t do that”.

“This isn’t your choice!. How do you expect me to walk around New Orleans, to see you on the street and be okay with it all?”. Tears stinging your eyes, “I can’t do it. I’m not strong enough”.

His thumb brushed away the tear. “You’re stronger than you know, Y/N. It is I who wasn’t strong enough to be honest with you, so here I am paying the price for the decisions I made, here I am losing the most extraordinary women I’ve meet”. Kissing you one, finale time his eyes bore into yours. “When you walk out of the door, you’ll no longer feel the burden of carrying my secret. All you’ll remember from this night is you took a nice, long walk around the French Quarter, had a lovely meal and then went back home to get some rest. Y/N, you are now free of any ties that bind you to me or my family”.

One Month Later

Rousseau’s was bustling with tourists and residents alike. You were celebrating with a bunch of girlfriends a success presentation that led to a promotion, another step up the corporate ladder.

Heading to the bar you called for another round of drinks, the bartender nodded happily.

Turning around a little too fast, you ran straight into someone’s chest. “Oh, I’m so sorry”. Glazing up, a gorgeous man stood before you. The first thing you noticed was how well dressed he was. If you were to guess his suit must of cost a fortune, but you expected nothing less for a man of his status. “I’m such a klutz at times, here let me buy you another drink?”.

He stared at you, intensely.

“Have we meet before, you look awfully familiar?”. Curiously asking.

“I don’t believe so, forgive me but I must get going”. Leaving some money on the bar, you noticed it was more than enough to cover his drink and the second round of drinks you ordered.

“Wait! I didn’t get your name. Mine’s Y/N”. Extending your hand out towards him.

There was hesitation on his part, but eventually he shook your hand telling you his name was Elijah. “Itt’s very nice to meet you, Elijah. I hope this won’t be the last time we see one another”. Giving a warm smile his way, you returned to your table with a major sense of deja vu.

I have issues...of the deep-rooted variety.

We have someone clean the house once a month because why not? We aren’t messy people. We aren’t dirty people. And yet, the level of anxiety that hits me on the morning of the day she comes is just laughable. So, here I am, cleaning before she gets here…

Accurate Typing: The Inferior Function

Read the full Function Theory Guide (mbti-notes.tumblr.com/theory) for more detail, including notes about common typing issues.

The inferior function is opposite to the dominant function, so the two functions generally pull you in opposite directions, feeding you conflicting information about the world. If the dominant function is your true self and who you want to be, then the inferior function is the dark aspect of your personality, the part of yourself that you do not understand very well, the part of your personality that you are prone to avoiding or rejecting. Due to long term reliance on the dominant function and always choosing its goals and desires, the goals and desires of the inferior function remain submerged in the unconscious mind. However, according to psychoanalytic theory, mental activities that are too repressed in the unconscious mind have a way of exerting themselves underhandedly when you least expect it, which implies that the inferior function is not truly “inferior” but actually quite powerful in ways that you do not fully grasp.

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Progress Not Perfection! I am grateful. Xoxo

3:59am with Emily again

Mind: Time to sleep
Family: Time to sleep
Boyfriend: Time for sleep
Body: Time for sleep
Mind: Wait did I say time to sleep? I meant time to compulsively want to play the violin.
Me: What no its 4am we can’t play the violin right now!
Mind: But you can play something pretty!
Me: No shush we can’t play violin we can only make the screeching noises from ‘Psycho’
Mind: Practice. THE. VIOLIN.

Y'all we are lucky we live in a world w no mating bond where we can fall in love and break up with people and be okay with it 2 years later instead of being emotionally traumatized for 300 years.

But tbh the mating bond is really just Sarah’s (and any paranormal romance writer who uses a bond’s) way of making true love more tangible so that the thing that marks the couple in love feels like an actually earthly thing rather than this great mystical thing that exists only in our minds. And the compulsion of the bond is tbh just like soul mate shit but rewritten to have more of a physical shape. Because it is in fact easier to believe in true, soul mate, destined love if there is some type of force compelling it rather than just random luck and chance of meeting the right person. And so many times in love one person doesn’t feel it or they do and won’t admit it and the mating bond obviates this.

But also the problems with the mating bond mirror the way love works in the real world: both the mating bond and real life love are not enough for a healthy relationship. You need the other bits and pieces.

So mating bonds are really just a way for the author and the reader to express anxieties about the myth of true love (that is fixes everything and is forever) and how we all know it’s just a shot in the dark but like to pretend that it was fate that we met x person, or that the fates will align for us eventually or that the time we fucked it up meant it wasn’t real etc etc.

Mating bond gives love more tangible form and this is cool.

But I digress and it’s midnight and it’s still good that we don’t have mating bonds.

nothinkinc  asked:

What would you consider to be something like an agent of order when it comes to a magical item? I know the Deck of Many Things is like an agent of chaos, what do you think would be a good opposite?

An item that provides immunities from compulsion and mind-affecting spells and effects like Charm and Suggestion as well as providing resistance from spells from outside sources. Order and Law would dictate that whatever is under the control of Order and Law to be exactly the way it should be and therefore hard to change by others.

(of course this is just something I came up with off the top of my head)

How to Meditate
  1. Assume a comfortable position with your body. The most recommended posture for meditation is seated cross-legged. This is because it balances support for the body and wakefulness for the mind. However, you can lie down, be seated in a chair, or adopt another similar posture. The main emphasis for meditation posture is that it allows you to focus your attention on the meditation without getting distracted by the body.
  2. Close your eyes and breathe naturally. 
  3. Focus your attention on the space directly ahead of you as the spot between your eyebrows. In sanskrit, the word for meditation is ‘dhyana’ and it essentially means ‘to pay attention to.’ There are many meditation techniques around but what they all depend on is the application of attention. Here, you want to be gentle with your attention. Do not strain your eyes but be relaxed and attentive. If looking between your eyebrows is a strain, try aiming toward the tip of your nose instead.
  4. Do not deliberately imagine or think about anything. Remain composed, relaxed, and attentive to the space between your eyebrows. The purpose of meditation is silence and stillness. However, there is a difference between actively thinking and “having” thoughts. Here the instruction is to refrain from actively thinking. This does not mean thoughts should be suppressed from arising. In meditation, your attention might be focused and relaxed and without thought. Then a thought might arise out of nowhere. This doesn’t mean something bad or wrong happened. You do not need to push the thought away in order to “preserve” or “get to” inner silence. If you do not follow the thought by thinking about it, then it will leave the way it came. If you do follow the thought and find yourself engaged in a train of thoughts, gently bring your attention back to the spot between your eyes and refocus with a calm breath. In this way, you free your mind from the compulsion to chew needlessly on phenomena appearing in your consciousness. 
  5. Set a timer. Do not get up until the timer sounds. Along with thoughts, many feelings may get churned up during meditation. Some of those feelings may be angry, anxious, energetic, or restless. Do not allow them to control you. If you simply remain seated and attentive with eyes closed, you will be victorious over any thought or feeling that arises. It takes more doing to quit a meditation than to see it through to its end.

Common Issues:

  • My thoughts just don’t stop. They can even get more out of control. What am I doing wrong? For your whole life, perhaps also others before it, your mind has acquired many habits and imprints. When you sit for meditation, those mental phenomena begin to enter your conscious awareness. That is how they “leave” or are “dissolved.” This doesn’t mean you forget important things or knowledge but rather the limits you have unknowingly placed on your perceptions are being released. At first, this can be overwhelming. It is not a sign of something wrong, it just requires you to apply sustained effort in the meditation practice.
  • How can I stop my thoughts? All you can do is rest your attention and refrain from deliberate thinking. Be patient with your mind and reign in your attention as often as necessary when you find yourself lost in thought. Once rested and focused, your attention simply witnesses whatever thoughts appear. They will settle into silence in their own time. Moments of silence and contentment will occur and deepen. 
  • When meditating, I keep having an emotional experience of pain, sadness, obsession, anger, jealousy, etc. How can I make it go away? Like thoughts, these emotions are also imprints in consciousness that you have been carrying with you unknowingly. Your body is physically activating pathways associated with experiences that are not actually happening. In meditation, those pathways are allowed to burn themselves out. You cannot push them away or escape from them. All you can do is give them the space to be there. Like watching a thief, you bear witness to them so as to no longer lose perspective to them. They too will dissipate in time.
  • My body parts go numb when I sit for so long. What can I do? It’s fine to stretch out and massage your limbs if necessary during meditation. Try to keep your eyes closed and attention focused when you do. 
  • I feel sleepy when I try to meditate. Why does this happen? When the mind is not being actively engaged, it can be in the habit of going to sleep. Whenever you feel sleepy during meditation, get up and splash some water on your face and go back to the meditation. If you haven’t been getting enough sleep then forget the meditation and take a nap. 
  • Can I focus on my breath or something else instead of the space between my eyebrows? Meditation’s key is application of attention. Attention can be applied to the flow of breath, an image, or a mantra. However, as you practice, your awareness will settle down into increasing silence and stillness. Using the space between your eyes is a silent and still point of focus. Whereas using the breath is a moving point of focus. This has its own benefits and use too. Having practiced several forms of meditation, I like to recommend this way since it worked for me best. That said, feel free to explore in order to find what works for you. Whatever you decide, I would suggest practicing that technique for six weeks before assessing its value to you. 


The Visual Mind

           The visual mind:
Depicts scenes
at the very idea,
Shows atrocity
with fine pixels,
Portrays illness
in definition,
Gives joy
no equal scenes

           The visual mind:
I will put a hole
in my glowing glass,
Shatter screens
and steal their silver,
Hear the peace
of no audio,
and rest my eyes
from the vile sights