mind body spirt

Telepathic brothers

So we all know that Chanbaek is a pair that is in sync a lot. Like seriously a whole lot, so much you get scared. 

And I know it is common to say the same thing as your friend or sibling, or even occasionally having the same motion (and I don’t mean by blinking) as someone close to you. But with Chanbaek, like they’ve done it so much together, no one even gets surprised anymore, because for some reason it became a natural thing. To be in sync is to be connected to that person (whom you are syncing with) by mind, body and spirt. 

And a way that you are able to be in sync with someone else, yes, spending you know, time with them is a way to be in sync with someone more, but you also have to observe them carefully and pay attention to them.

And as we already know, these two do that a lot *smirk*

You know Chanbaek stares, they observe each other a lot you know. Oh yeah and they also used to room together. That’s another thing. 

What I have noticed about Chanbaek is that they don’t actually do the “mind” part of the synchronization zen and stuff.

I feel like Kyungsoo’s face means something

They do a lot of physical synchronization. To head moving to drinking water and lowering the mic. I am unaware if there is an actual difference in body synchronization, and matching your words, but it still shows that you are connected with that person by body, because it’s not like when you see someone yawn or laugh and oh lo and behold you (not all the time of course, well at least not for me) start yawning too. Hahahahahahahahaha you are syncing with a person! That must mean you are connected. No, it’s just a thingy in your brain that makes that and stuff happens (oh I sound so smart) but these guys probably aren’t even aware that they are initiating the same exact action (because that is what synchronizing is, you don’t know that you are actually syncing) unless before the thingy they were like “oh let’s just turn our heads to the right at exactly 4:00!” no, that’d be near impossible to do and very stupid.

But then there’s the expressions that are the same.

I know Luhan is also gaping but bro, you can see that it’s not the same expression. 

D.O is like, “bro I think I feel some sync going on behind me.”

And then laughing. I love it when they sync while laughing, it’s just so precious. They both find the same thing humorous and they laugh the same way.

But then they do speak the same words too. That’s where the mind part is. But I don’t stay too focused on the speaking part because that just isn’t what they sync at. I don’t know if the fact that they always look at each other they have studied how each other move, but if they shared the same room and apparently they would always stay up late talking to each other wouldn’t they share just as much of a mind connection as their body connection? 

I’m over thinking that. 

But still I don’t know if any other pairing does as much syncing, because all I know is that these two are known for their syncalicious ways. 

Of course I am well aware that Chanyeol and another member have synced before. And that other members have also synced as well. But of course you are going to sync with your friend at least one, because you do spend time with them of course, but come on, these guys are like insane with this in sync stuff. 

And if you tell me “oh I’ve synced with me Beefef, millions of times before, this is nothing special” then no, because unless someone goes like “OMAGAWD GURLLLL YOU GUYS JUST SNEEZED AT THE SAME TIMEEEE YOOO.” (ok not like that) then you ain’t truly syncing, because you are aware. But it could also be the “we just spoke at the same time!” thing, then yeah that works. 

So yeah, these two are now the breakfast couple, umbrella couple, puppy bros, and telepathic brothers.


(this is because I missed making analysis’s like I think it’s been a while, so here’s kind of an old topic that’s been discussed lots, but you know what! I’m a rebel! *boom*)