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What if fanfic writers are just prophets for what happens in other universes
And when we write fanfics or have visions or ideas for fics they’re actually things that happened in a different universe. And each of us belongs to a different universe and that’s why there’s no two stories that are exactly the same
Which means
Cockles. Destiel. Wincest. Sabriel. All the other ships I’m forgetting to mention because I’m an SPN-centric, common-shipping douchebag.

They’re all real. Just not in our universe.

The Heroes of Olympus & Tumblr
  • Percy: probably has an Annabeth-lover-themed url and spends his time scrolling through his own tag, being very dramatic with his opinions.
  • Annabeth: corrects all the untrue facts and also posts mind blowing architecture pictures which gives her a sort of architectural aesthetic blog
  • Frank: he likes gifs. a lot. he also makes gifs of himself shapeshifting; no one can figure out how he does it. he likes to reblog mythology edits of Chinese legends, and gets excited when he finds his ancestors. also, maple syrup.
  • Hazel: she draws a lot and posts her art online, which is so utterly surreal and beautiful because it was drawn with the colored pencils Pluto sent her from the underworld. this earns her a lot of respect from the art community.
  • Jason: he is a total hipster and he reblogs a lot of photography. he also reblogs a lot of lgbtqia+ support things.
  • Piper: her blog is full of pretty things and selfies with her friends. she never posts selfies of just herself. she always avoids the Tristan McLean tag because there are some seriously disturbing photos of her dad in there.
  • Leo: memes, man. just...all the memes and tumblr posts and weird gifs can be found on his blog. url is probably along the lines of super sized mcshizzle. also is a huge believer in chain mail.
  • Nico: on the contrary he never forwards chain mail, especially not the death ones, because what do these mortals know about how and when someone's gonna die? he has a black and white blog but occasionally Will hacks into it and posts flowers and rainbows and suns.
  • Reyna: doesn't go on tumblr much but she stalks her friends' blogs a lot and reblogs a lot of feminism posts.

Clarke and Bellamy read each other so well. She tells ALIE 1 that if she stops hurting Raven she’ll give her ALIE 2 and everyone else is like “wtf Clarke???”, but Bellamy just fucking slaps the bracelet around Raven’s wrist when they’re all distracted. Clarke trusted Bellamy to know to do that and, oh my god, they’re so in sync it blows my mind. (original post)


Bradley James as Damien Thorn in Damien

The Beast Rises (S01E01)


The Free! Eternal Summer dub is pretty much a reunion for the Ouran High School Host Club! 

think about it though: 

Rin is voiced by Vic Mignogna who also voiced Tamaki

Rei is voiced by J Michael Tatum who also voiced Kyoya

Haru is voiced by Todd Haberkorn who also voiced Hikaru

Nagisa is voiced by Greg Ayres who also voiced Kaoru

Miho is voiced by Caitlin Glass who also voiced Haruhi

Gou is voiced by Jamie Marchi who also voiced Chizuru (Lobelia)

Momo is voiced by Jerry Jewell who also voiced Arai

Coach Sasabe is voiced by Christopher Sabat who also voiced Kasanoda

I eagerly await the dub, but I have also seen many comments concerning the script. I guess I’ll just have to watch it for myself and decide.