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a prompt with a human finding that their usually-super-confident friend has shrunk & is very bewildered & scared in general /maybe some slight angst with a fluffy ending/?? if you want to that is!!

(This is such a good scenario!)

James was the life of the party, everybody knew that- bring James anywhere and that place will come alive, he was the heart and soul of his circle of friends!
James was outgoing, exuberant and as extroverted as they come, which was a stark contrast to Melody’s quiet and stoic nature- perhaps that’s why they were such good friends, opposites attracting and all that.

But today something was so very wrong, Melody had turned up to James’s house as she always did on the weekends to find his front door uncooked and open- fearing he’d fallen foul to an intruder Melody had rushed in yelling his name, running upstairs and downstairs to find him!
Then, just when it had seemed as if her friend had been lost for good Melody heard a soft sobbing from under the table, slowly she crouched down to find herself facing the shivering and impossibly tiny form of her once lively friend.

He was as tall as her thumb with wide fearful eyes and tears soaking his face, trembling hands hugging his knees tight to his chest as he let out a whimper- Melody knew she should’ve been questioning how this was possible, but right now she was just worried for James.
Melody lowered herself down to the ground and watched as James flinched away, he seemed so afraid of her…

“James?” Melody called softly, not wanting to hurt his ears.

James screeched and scrambled away, puffing and panting frantically as he looked up to Melody- obviously terrified out of his wits.

While it hurt Melody’s heart to see him so fearful she knew he had good reason for it, so despite the ache in her chest she continued to try and calm him- lest she lose him if he bolted away, slipped under the floorboards never to be seen again.

“It’s alright James, I’m here- it’s Melody, you know me.” Melody whispered “just concentrate on my voice, alright? There’s no need to be afraid.”

Again James flinched, but this time he answered.
“M-Melody?” His voice sounded so fragile!

“I’m here, buddy.” Melody said with a sigh, he might’ve sounded as timid as a mouse but hearing his voice was still a relief.

“I-I don’t know what’s going on, everything’s b-big a-and I’m just……” James trailed off into a whimpering cry, covering his head in his hands and beginning to rock back and forth- Melody felt tears prick her own eyes and resisted the urge to scoop him up, carry him away and keep him safe forever.
She’d never expected to see James this way and she never wanted to again.

“I know, it’s gonna be okay though James.” Melody replied “nothing can hurt you, I’m here.”

James nodded, snuffling into his sleeves as he took great shuddering breaths in attempt to calm himself, his whole body rocking as he did so.
Slowly Melody shuffled closer and unfurled a hand, watching as fearful eyes flitted to her digits with all the panic of a caged animal- she had to go slow, careful….
She couldn’t risk scaring him away.

“James, I don’t want to leave you here on the floor. Think you can let me pick you up?” Melody asked warily, hoping her request wouldn’t frighten him.

For a moment James merely stared but then finally, an unsure nod was given.
He crawled forward and placed tiny hands against Melody’s fingertips, testing the plush surface before pulling himself into her hand and settling down- the light weight was so bizzare, to think that tiny person was her friend sitting in her palm was mind blowing to Melody!

“B-be gentle, please?” James asked as Melody began to lift him up and being him close to her, cupping her hands around him and protecting him.

“Of course.” Melody replied with a soft, kind smile.
Everything was going to be alright.

I don’t understand Rolling Stone. Where they drunk when they said Supermodel was terrible and rated it a 2? Frankly, they only like ‘mainstream’ music. Supermodel in my opinion is SO much better than Torches, not because of bad music but because of how much deeper this album is. Torches was made so the songs were immediately likeable and it succeeded. It belongs in my top 3 albums ever because I can actually listen to it on repeat without ever getting tiring, but I can listen to Supermodel and really connect to all the songs. This album is the first to make me cry, feel depressed, joyous, and bring chills every 10 seconds. The lyrics are mind-blowing and the melodies are unimaginable. Not many artists can do that. Yes, this album is a whole new step from their previous album but is that a bad things? I guess the pretend fans will object saying that this album should have been more like Pumped Up Kicks (which is great song by the way) because that’s the only song they know of FTP. Those who adore this album like me, I congratulate you for standing by them all these years and being a true fan and understanding real music.

So many people have said this, but music these days is terrible. I am so relieved that Supermodel came out because it reminded me of what music can do to you. Foster the People, you guys will inspire generations to come.


By : TheWonginator

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