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Logan has left me in awe. In other movies such as The Dark Knight or Deadpool you see the characters beating and killing the villains but not in the way it’s portrayed in Logan. I don’t know how to explain this but something about this movie felt real. Not everyone got closure and it wasn’t like Logan stopped to give a speech while killing or had one liners or anything like that. One second the person was there and the next they were not and that is why this is my new favorite “superhero” movie. In a world full of people with the ability to freeze, read minds, bend metal this movie still managed to somehow be raw and beautiful. It was an extraordinary movie and every part of it keeps you immersed.

This new movie starring Claire Danes was coming out. It was called “Bacon” and it was apparently one of the most psychological mind bending movies ever, like some Black Swan level stuff. Then I somehow saw some footage of it and Claire Danes (called Isabel in the movie [which is my sister’s name])was literally sweeping around piles of really bloody bacon around her apartment. Her doorbell rang and then she proceeded to slowly sweep her bacon into the pool. I think my brain censored itself from what could’ve been a weird horror movie.

“waking life” is such a trippy mind-bending movie. wrapped in blankets + just watched it. maybe we’re all dreaming right now. maybe this is all just a dream. maybe we’re reliving and watching our life again as an old person, maybe we are the universe witnessing itself and time is just an illusion… maybe this is all just a lucid dream, an individual + collective dream we are all creating together… it’s been proved + seen time and time again how we do create our reality with our words, our thoughts, our actions, our feelings, our emotions, our beliefs… and so many of us are just walking around like half-asleep zombies in the third rock from a star we named sun in a swirling milky galaxy within an infinite universe of infinite more possible altered paralel universes… what a trip to bere. being an human is quite the journey eh

How Netflix Reverse Engineered Hollywood

Alexis C. Madrigal wrote a fascinating article on how Netflix filters through titles to ensure that you get just the film you’re looking for. The key component in this effort are the 76,897 unique microgenres developed by Netflix.

Here are some examples:

Action Movies Starring Bruce Willis.

Emotional Independent Sports Movies

Spy Action & Adventure from the 1930s

Cult Evil Kid Horror Movies

Cult Sports Movies

Sentimental set in Europe Dramas from the 1970s

Visually-striking Foreign Nostalgic Dramas

Japanese Sports Movies

Gritty Discovery Channel Reality TV

Romantic Chinese Crime Movies

Mind-bending Cult Horror Movies from the 1980s

Dark Suspenseful Sci-Fi Horror Movies

Gritty Suspenseful Revenge Westerns

Violent Suspenseful Action & Adventure from the 1980s

Time Travel Movies starring William Hartnell

Romantic Indian Crime Dramas

Evil Kid Horror Movies

Visually-striking Goofy Action & Adventure

British set in Europe Sci-Fi & Fantasy from the 1960s

Dark Suspenseful Gangster Dramas

Critically-acclaimed Emotional Underdog Movies

Note that first one. Action Movies Starring Bruce Willis. Bruce Willis, undeniably a prolific and popular actor, doesn’t even crack the top ten of Netflix’s favorite actors headed by Raymond Burr (see the image above). In fact, there are 19 micro genres dedicated to Mr. Burr, tops amongst all actors. His television costar, Barbara Hale, appears in 14 micro genre names, good for 7th place.

When asked why Perry Mason is weighted so heavily in Netflix, Todd Yellin, the man who spearheaded this effort and was partially responsible for the algorithm itself, can’t answer. It’s just a preference the computer itself developed, outside of human control and completely unexpected. 

[Image: From How Netflix Reverse Engineered Hollywood]


Insurgent teaser trailer! (Pretty mind-bending!)

Unofficial ‘Inception’ board game is just as mind-bending as the movie
Christopher Nolan’s mind-bending 2010 film Inception was a box office hit, entertaining audiences with a fantastical world of subconscious alternate realities. Could that work out as a board game? Board games company Pilot Study has taken a crack at it with Inceptor, a game that takes some of the core concepts of Inception’s world, and filters them into a mission-oriented multiplayer game. Players take turns rolling the dice and drawing mission card to navigate on a board that takes them through various “dream levels.” The ultimate goal is to plant your idea and get out before time runs out, all the while avoiding the attacks from the cards and your fellow players.

What movies have you watched in 2012?

Here is a list of movies of all the movies, all 35 of them…

  1. Faces in a crowd
  2. Septien*
  3. S Darko: A Donnie Darko tale
  4. The Caveman’s valentine*
  5. Memory
  6. The Machinist*
  7. Aeon Flux
  8. Fallen
  9. The nines
  10. 2days*
  11. Jackie Brown
  12. The Virgin Suicides*
  13. The Weatherman
  14. Following
  15. Let the right one in*
  16. Season of the witch
  17. Shutter island
  18. The Vicious Kid***
  19. The Anarchist Cookbook
  20. Tucker & Dale vs. Evi*l
  21. Edward Scossorhands
  22. Goodwill Hunting*
  23. The Darwin Awards
  24. Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind*****
  25. Tron: Legacy
  26. Prince of Persia: The sands of time
  27. Trainspotting*
  28. Kick Ass! 
  29. Swingers *
  30. A Clockwork Orange*
  31. Memento*
  32. The Girl with a Dragon Tatto
  33. The Boondock Saints*
  34. Justin Bieber: Never say Never
  35. Super 8