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NCIS and Criminal Minds Writer Masterlist

Unfortunately there are just not enough NCIS and Criminal Minds blogs to constitute each having their own list. And some of them do both. 


Criminal Minds


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She has the foresight to set up call forwarding so she doesn’t miss out on the cases that get called in directly to his home number. For her trouble, she’s rewarded by her phone ringing at 6:00 on Monday morning.


“Er… hello, I’m looking for Agent Mulder?”

“He’s on a leave of absence.” She’s glad she thought to practice that one; she almost manages to get it out without her voice cracking. “This is his partner, Dana Scully. What can I help you with?”

“This is Agent Marley Sampson at the Salt Lake City field office. Local authorities up in Burley, Idaho just called in a murder, and it sounds like a pretty weird one.”

Okay. Nothing like jumping in with both feet. She can do this.

“All right, Agent Sampson. What can you tell me about it?”

“You’re… you’re Agent Mulder’s partner, you say? Do you mind giving me your badge number?”

She stifles a yawn and tries not to be offended. It’s reasonable protocol; the Bureau isn’t exactly thrilled about sharing case information with civilians. Still, she might need to do something about the fact that Mulder’s name is the only one that comes up in the directory when agents need to contact the X-Files.

“It’s JTTO331613. Do you mind giving me yours, Agent Sampson?” she asks, purely on principle. He’s the one giving her information, after all, but it’s worth making the point that she doesn’t know who he is, either.

“Uh, sure. Let me just…” She can hear him typing over the phone, no doubt verifying that her badge number matches the name she has given him. “Right, thanks for your cooperation, Agent Scully. My badge number is JTTO347922.”

She grabs the notepad and paper from her bedside table and jots it down. “Thank you. Now, you were saying?”

“Older couple, murdered in their home, no sign of forced entry. Actually, the husband was killed on the front porch, real violent. Sheriff’s deputies couldn’t find an obvious weapon, said it looked like the man had been attacked by an animal. Lots of bite wounds.”

But if they thought it was really an animal, they wouldn’t be calling you, Mulder’s voice in her head chimes in.

She frowns. I know that, Mulder. I’ve got this.

“But it didn’t entirely look like an animal attack, either?”

“That’s the thing. Usually with something like a wolf or a mountain lion, you would expect to see a lot more destruction inside the house, where the wife was attacked. Also things like tracks, scat, fur and the like. There wasn’t any of that.”

“So no obvious weapon, but very violent deaths. Inconclusive evidence for either a human- or animal-perpetrated attack.”

“Exactly. The local LEOs are stumped, but the way it sounds… Well, I’m just not sure we’ll have any more luck than they’ve had. I figured Agent Mulder might have the sort of expertise needed for this case. But if he’s on leave, I guess we can–”

“I’ll get a flight out this morning,” she interrupts. “If you would email me copies of the crime scene photographs and any other information you have about the case, I would appreciate it.”

“Sure thing. I’ll have the Sheriff’s office pass that along directly.”

“Thank you. You can reach me on my cell number if there are any developments.” Thank goodness for electronic directories.

“Will do. Thanks for your help, Agent Scully.”

“You’re welcome, Agent Sampson.”

She hangs up the phone and rubs her eyes. She didn’t sleep very well, and her alarm’s not even supposed to go off for another half hour, so she is in for a challenging day. Ultimately, though, it’s good they have a case right away; at least she and Agent Doggett won’t spend their first day working together just sitting awkwardly around the office.

You’re gonna treat him to a slide show at least, right? her mental Mulder proxy offers.

Scully grimaces. Shut up, Mulder. It’s a complicated thing, being hurt and angry with him for keeping his illness from her, while also missing him so badly that it’s hard to breathe sometimes.

But yes. As soon as the email with the crime scene photos comes through, she will forward it to the imaging lab and call in a request to have the photos converted to slides. It would feel wrong not to.

With a groan, she gets up out of bed. These travel arrangements won’t make themselves.

B-day Challenge

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Brought Back alone (Mick)

Ketch Drabble #1

Sam Drabble #28

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anonymous asked:

Luke and reader going to daughter's school play headcannon? Would the team come? I need more of luke being a dad. Blame Adams Instagram if him holding his kids lol

Thanks for the request Anon! I think we all need more of Luke being a dad! Enjoy <3

Luke Alvez Headcanons, going to his daughter’s school play:

  • Awwh Luke would be the proudest father ever.
  • He would have been the one who’d stayed up late helping make props for her to take into school.
  • He just loved seeing his daughter happy.
  • He’d make sure he took a bit of time off work to make it to the play.  He didn’t require your threats to do it, he really wanted to be there.
  • It wouldn’t matter if she messed up or if the play didn’t go as planned. Luke would just smile at her encouragingly and reassure her afterwards that he was very proud of her.
  • He’d also be the one to help you calm her down if she had preshow anxiety. Your kind words and him placing a soft kiss on her forehead (and then playfully messing up her hair) would be all she needed to boost her confidence.
  • He’d make you record the entire thing. Firstly, he’d want to remember the moment and, more importantly, he’d want it in order to embarrass her when she was older.
  • In fact, he already had an extensive collection of hysterical videos of her. These included, ones of her prancing around the living room in a tutu with Roxy and bawling her eyes out when she burnt the cookies she’d so carefully made.
  • You and Luke would just sit there holding hands as you watched her enjoy her big moment. He would press a gentle kiss to your hand as he whispered that your daughter had definitely, and thankfully, inherited your talent and beauty.
  • The rest of the team would of course be invited and the two of you would be delighted if they could make it.
  • Garcia would be dressed in a colourful t shirt expressing her support for your daughter and afterwards would lavish her with thoughtful gifts to celebrate her success.
  • Rossi would clap Luke on the shoulder and kiss you on the cheek as he congratulated the both of you. He’d treat your daughter to her favourite ice cream afterwards.
  • Prentiss and JJ would sit there quietly as they whispered about how cute she looked in her little outfit. JJ would have actually helped create it (neither you or Luke were any good with sewing).
  • Reid would immediately swoop in afterwards to playfully swing her around. He’d be delighted that she’d managed to pull off the magic trick he’d spent so long teaching her. He’d be as proud as you and Luke.
  • Tara would be super supportive. God help anyone around you who dared interrupt the play with their mobile phone ringing, loud talking or arriving late. One of the burly men she told off would be instantly silenced as she flashed him her FBI badge.

Description: The team has a case and everyone but Garcia forgets it’s the reader’s birthday. The reader begs Garcia not to tell anyone, and Garcia promises. After the case the reader goes home early to spend the day at an orphanage. Garcia gives hints to the team that it was the readers birthday a couple days ago.

Requested by anon

Originally posted by mystery-fan99

Walking into Garcias office after you got a text from her, you were slightly startled as you barely walked in before she hugged you tightly “Happy Birthday!” she squealed.

Chuckling you hug her back “Thanks Pen” 

Pulling away she saw you holding a case file “Whats that?”

“The file for our case, we are flying out in about thirty minutes” you said simply

“What? Noo, you can’t work on your birthday!” she said saddened

You smiled at her “I can’t just quit work for my birthday Pen, there are bad guys that need to be caught”

“It doesn’t matter, I’m gonna kill him” she said turning back to her desk

“Kill who?” you asked walking closer

“Hotch. For making you work on your birthday!” she said as if it was obvious

“Oh, no Pen. They don’t…remember that it’s my birthday” you quickly finished as she got a surprised look on her face “But I don’t care, you know I’ve never liked celebrating my birthday, so please don’t say anything”

She stared at you for a moment. She wanted to protest, but knew that you were being honest. She had to convince you last year for a week before your birthday to do anything at all. 

Sighing she looked down at the floor “Fiiine” she drawled out

“Thanks Pen” you said as you left.

No one seemed to remember it was your birthday the entirety of the case. Which was fine with you, you weren’t one for celebrating yourself. When you got back to the BAU Garcia cornered you at your desk as you were packing to go home.

“Sooo, did you do anything for your birthday?” she asked quietly.

Glancing at her while shoving your jacket into a bag you shook your head “Nope”. You gave her a small smile as you said your goodnights. 

After the case Hotch let you go home early since you already finished your report. Quickly stopping by your house and dropping your stuff off you got back in your car and drove to the place you had usually spent your birthday at. But since you were on a case, you didn’t get too.

Walking into the building you get a friendly hello from Helen, who worked at the front desk “Y/n! I was wondering where you were, you hadn’t come in like you usually do!” 

“Yeah, I was out of work for town. But I’m here now” you said as you signed in

“Well I’m glad you made it nonetheless, go on in” she smiled as she handed you a visitors badge. 

“Thanks” you said as you attached it to your shirt.

Walking into the next room you heard a chorus of children yelling your name. You came to the orphanage so often that they all knew you by now. 

Garcia was pacing around her office, trying to decide if she should mention it to the team. Hearing them laughing and talking she decided she should.

Walking out into the main room she gets a coupe hellos from the team as well as a ‘Hey baby girl’ from Derek.

“Did you guys really forget or were you pretending because you knew she didn’t want to celebrate?” she asked suddenly. When she saw the confusion written on all of there faces she knew they really did forget. “You should all be ashamed” she said as she quickly left them there.

“What the hell was that about?” Derek asked turning to the others.

“Is she talking about y/n?” Rossi spoke up

Hotch thought to himself for a moment before it struck him ‘It’s y/n’s birthday this month isn’t it?”

Emily opened her mouth in surprise “Oh no.” the others widened there eyes as they all realized what Garcia was talking about.

“Oh, we are horrible friends” JJ said as she put her hand on her face.

You were reading to the group when Helen came in and asked for you. Giving the book to an older kid to continue reading, you walked up to Helen.

“You have some visitors” she said quietly

Giving her a confused look she motioned her head to the waiting room. Walking out the door cautiously, you stopped in your tracks as you saw the whole team standing there 

“What’s wrong?” you asked suddenly scared something happened. 

“Nothing. We just realized that we forgot something pretty important” JJ said walking closer to you “We’re so sorry y/n”

Giving Penelope a look she put up her hands “I only hinted at it, I didn’t tell them” she said defensively.

Sighing you looked at them “It’s alright, you guys know I don’t really celebrate my birthday anyway. Besides, how did you know I was here?”

Hotch cleared his throat as he took a few steps forward “Garcia told us you always come here on your birthday, since we were on a case, we figured you would come here when you got back”

Derek cut in “And since we forgot your birthday, and your don’t like parties,  we thought we might as well celebrate your birthday the way you like too. If that’s alright with you.”

Looking around at them, you couldn’t help the smile that spread across your face as you realized you couldn’t ask for a better present. You turned towards Helen who had misty eyes “Mind if we get some more visitor badges?” 

What are we?

Author: @riversong-sam

Word Count: 187

Parings: Derek Morgan x Reader

Warnings: angst

A/N: Feedback is greatly appreciated. 

“What are we Derek?! Because I sure as hell don’t know anymore.” You turned away from him tears stinging your eyes as you held them in refusing to cry. Derek had been pulling away more and more lately and it was starting to wear on you.

“If you don’t want to do this anymore then tell me and stop playing games with my heart.” You say quietly not bothering to look at him.

“This isn’t working anymore (Y/N).” He replies he had to do this to keep you safe.

You nod, “I’ll be gone by morning.” And with that you went to the bedroom to pack. At your word you were gone by morning before he even left for work.

The apartment you had shared felt cold and empty to him as he went to shower. You hadn’t been gone more than a few hours yet he already missed you. Spotting something weird in the trash he bent down and fished it out. He had to grip the counter from falling down regret and dread settled in his stomach like lead. What the hell had he done?


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Impulse 2 - Playing Games

Impulse 1 - Impulse

Hope you all enjoy it!

The session with his new and delicious Doctor had ended, and too quickly for the ended Joker’s liking. Despite a small struggle, he was eventually was taken back to his cell by Jerry.

“How’d it go then Boss?” He asked, raising a brow.

The Joker laughed. “Oh, y’know what Jerry, I think these sessions might help me after all. I suddenly feel… All rejuvenated.“

Jerry nodded in agreement and gave out a sharp wolf whistle. "Hell yeah! She’s a hot piece of ass, I would mind f-”

The Joker abruptly stopped and turned to Jerry, his eyes dark and his temper trembling through his cuffed hands.

“Hold your tongue Jerry, You’re such a useful employee. I wouldn’t want you to have an unfortunate accident because of that mouth of yours now, would I?”

“Oh… Err… Sorry Boss, I didn’t mean anything, I just meant that-.” But before the blubbering idiot could reply, He was cut off yet again.

“No matter… You can do me a little favour to make it up to me, eh? How does that sound?” The Joker asked, with a slight sting to the tone of his voice.

“Anything boss!” Jerry said, taking a breathe of relief.

“Good.” J smiled. “I want you to do some research for me… On our dear, little Doctor. I want to know everything. Her Hobbies, interests, lifestyle, employment history, college records, who she visits and when she visits them. I want every nitty-gritty detail on that bitch, understand?”

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Hole In His Heart

Author: @riversong-sam

Word Count: 220

Parings: Derek Morgan x Reader

Warnings: Â angst

A/N: Feedback is greatly appreciated.

*Roses are red

Violets are blue

Derek Morgan

I love you.*

It was Valentine’s Day and this was the poem you wrote him. He had come home late after a case to find the table set up all fancy. The house was dark and the only light was the candles on the table. He quietly went in search of you, sure you were asleep as it was late.

The squishing sound as he stepped in your blood is one he’d never forget. He flipped on the bedroom lights to find you in the dress you had worn for this evening and lying in a pool of blood. Your throat had been slit, you hadn’t even had a chance.

After that everything was a blur from calling Hotch to the arriving of the team and police. All he could do was stay there on his knees, crying silently as he started at your lifeless body. The ring in his pocket burning a hole in his soul. You’d never get to know how much he loved you, and how he wanted to spend the rest of his life with you.

The day of the funeral Derek tucked his own poem into your casket, leaving his heart and soul with you.

*Roses are red

Violets are blue

(Y/N) (Y/L/N)

I love you too* 


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Imagine #12- So Much For a Day Off

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,402

Plot: When you meet the guys in a demon infested bar, who knows what lies in store?

Pulling into the parking, the first thing you notice is the black vintage Chevrolet, parked close to the bar. You’ve always had a soft spot for vintage vehicles, and one in such good condition is hard to come by. You park up beside it and walk into the bar, heading towards an empty barstool. It’s the only one, between two guys deep in conversation and an older man, who seems to be drowning himself in shot glasses.

You order your normal beer and as it’s placed in front of you, one of the guys turns towards you.

“I’d think a pretty lady such as yourself would be drinking something more…sophisticated.” He says, spinning smoothly on the stool.

You laugh quietly, “I’d think you’d be on something stronger than beer.” You counter.

“You got me. Gimme a whiskey.” He calls to the bartender, who quickly lands a shot of the amber liquid in front of him. You raise an eyebrow, taking a long sip of the beer.

“Showoff.” You roll your eyes and he laughs.

“You never told me your name.” He says, and you laugh.

“Who says I’m going to?” You say, and once he gives you an incredulous look, you smile, holding out your hand. “Y/N Y/L/N.”

“Dean Winchester. This is my brother, Sam. Haven’t I heard your name before?” He asks, and you shrug. You certainly know their names; their last name has become somewhat notorious within the hunting community, if you can call it that.

“Maybe you have, what with our tight-knit ways in this profession.” You say, clueing him in. It dawns on him and he nods.

“Farmer Burnan?” He says- the farmer, you suspect, is possessed. He keeps killing things and leaving no proof.

“That’s the one.” You nod, taking another sip. The bottle clinks as it hits the bar, your hand staying on the cool glass for a moment. He turns to his brother and nods.

Suddenly, the older guy on the other side of you turns towards you. “Burnan’s a nice guy,” He remarks, “What beef you got with him?”

“We don’t.” You say quickly, “We’re FBI, investigating the string of deaths around here. Animal and human. Assigned on the same case, off duty at the moment.”

Lying comes easy to you, you have a bank of alibis stored in your mind.

“Badges?” He asks skeptically.

“She told you, we’re off duty. Don’t have them on us.” Dean cuts in, and you nod appreciatively.

“However, you wouldn’t happen to know anything about these deaths, would you?” You press, spinning your stool to look at him properly.


You could have imagined it. But it was there, proved by the brothers’ reaction. His eyes definitely flashed, shining obsidian.

You pretend you didn’t see it. It won’t work but it could buy you some time.

“Oh, that’s fine. Thanks anyway, sir.” You smile professionally, and then turn to the guys. “I’m going to head back to the room. You know where I am if you need me.”

The man-demon grabs your shoulder. “I don’t think so, Hunter.” He spits the last word with such distaste, and his grip is so tight on you, for a moment you almost lose your cool.

Before you can make a run for it, you’re surrounded by black eyed humans. You’re probably outnumbered three to fifty.

“Please tell me that one of you can recite the exorcism thing in three seconds.” You say, standing up and backing away, towards the bar as you see a couple of the creatures pull out weapons- a gun or two, a couple of knives.

You reach for your pocket, feeling your hand clasp around the small flask of Holy Water you keep. You sigh, knowing you should’ve brought a blade at least. You share quick looks with the guys, and decide verbally on a plan.

Beeline to the door. Barrel it.

You hear a tap. Then another. And on three…

The three of you race forward, pushing desperately through the crowd of demons. You flick the Holy Water as you run, keeping them at a safe distance.

When you make it to the door, Sam’s hands clasp around the metal handle. Locked.

“I’ll keep them back!” You yell, your eyes wide at the wall of demonically-possessed flesh before you. “Break it down.” There’s an almighty thump, then another, and the door flies open. The three of you race into the parking and fling your respective car boots open.

“Salt it all!” You hear, and grab the carton of salt from your boot. You go back to the door, salting the exit then the windows as Sam starts reciting the incantation.

By the end, the room is engulfed in black smoke and the discarded bodies of the human vessels lie on the floor. They all seem alive, and there’s no blood. You lean against your car.

“So much for off-duty.” You sigh, and the guys laugh.

“No such thing.” Dean tells you, “Not bad in there, flicking the Holy Water?”

“Got to keep some on me all the time. Usually comes in handy.” You shrug, and they flash containers of their own.

“Good plan.”

“Knocking that door down was good.” You nod, “It looked heavy.”

“It wasn’t so bad.” Sam says.

“Can we stop with the compliments now?” Dean moans and both you and Sam laugh.

“Alright.” He says. “So, Y/N. Do you want to work together on this one?”

“Sure. Three heads are sure better than one or two.” You smile.

“Which motel are you at?” Dean asks.

“Uh…Village Central?” You say, “I think.”

“Same as us.” He nods.

You open the door to your car. “See you in the morning, then?” You suggest.

“G’night, Y/N.” Sam says. Dean has gone kinda quiet, but he looks relatively happy. You don’t dwell on it.


You’re asleep when you hear it; it’s what wakes you up. Incessant knocking on your door. The clock tells you it’s barely three in the morning, which makes no sense.

The warm sheet wrapped around your shoulders, you walk over and open the door.


“Oh, Y/N. Thank God.”

“How did you know where my room was?” You ask, stepping to the side to let him in.

“I didn’t. This is the fifth one I tried.” He says, running a hand through his hair as he walks inside/

“What’s wrong?” You ask, sitting back on the bed. You’re suddenly conscious of your bare legs, covered only by shorts and the too-long shirt that barely reaches your mid-thigh.

“We had an argument.” He says, “I’m gonna explode on him if I… can I stay here for a while?”

“Sure, of course.” You barely know the guy, but he being another hunter, a fairly famed one at that, makes you trust him enough.

He smiles gratefully at you. You realise he’s slowly moving closer, but you don’t really mind.

“No problem. Where would you rather sleep? There’s the chair or the floor, I guess, but you could bunk with me?”

“If you don’t mind.” He says, plonking himself on the bed beside you. In the darkened room, he seems bright.

You shake the thought away, lying down. So does he and you both get comfortable before drifting off.

When you finally wake up, he’s molded himself to your body so the pair of you are spooning. You laugh quietly, sitting up. He sighs.

“Do you have to go? You’re warm.” You laugh, sitting on the edge of the bed.

“It’s almost nine. Your brother’s probably worried sick.” You tell him, turning towards him.

“He won’t care.”

“Yes he will, you have to fix things. C’mon, Sunshine, can’t hide away forever.” You prod him, and he groans as he sits up.

“Alright. See you later?”

“Sure, give me a half hour.” You smile as he stands up. You do too, and you’re stood facing each other.

Then his lips are on yours, his hands slipping around to your back to hold you closer to him. Your hands rest on his shoulders. He smells like alcohol and leather, plus something almost unique. You pull away, resting your forehead against his.

“This doesn’t mean you don’t have to go make your brother’s booboo better.” You whisper, making him laugh.

“I’ll kiss your booboo better.” He tells you, and you laugh with him.

“Not a chance, I’ll take care of my own. See you, Winchester.”

“You too, Y/L/N.”

Ruling Queens of Númenor, 2/4 

Cheng Pei Pei as Tar-Telperien