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Venus Signs


Believes love should happen at first sight; likes independent, go-getters; enjoys chasing and being chased

Arguing and friendly competition is an aphrodisiac

Attracts love by inspiring/encouraging suitors to pursue and “win” her/him

Flirts by teasing and picking fights; 

Wants to be #1 in the relationship (and in her/his partner’s life) or will lose interest quickly


Believes love should come after a lot of long-term consideration; likes (and is impressed by) wealthy people

Rich, comfort foods, receiving massages, listening to music, and fragrances that smell like something edible (mmm vanilla!) are aphrodisiacs

Attracts love by being emotionally stable and having consistent habits

Flirts by providing physical comfort

Wants to feel secure in relationships and “know where this is going”


Believes love should mean never having to say, “I’m bored”; likes quotable, multifaceted people who have lots of diverse interests

Verbal/written expressions of love are aphrodisiacs

Attracts love by being infinitely entertaining

Flirts by sharing thoughts & feelings and assigning pet names

Wants 24/7 communication accessibility in relationships; variety, unpredictability


Believes love should be nurturing; likes people who need mothering (or who are mothering) and are appreciative of her efforts

Emotional bonding and cuddling are aphrodisiacs

Attracts love by making people feel cozy and sheltered; 

Flirts by feeding and/or cooking for someone, remembering preferences, giving thoughtful tokens of affection

Wants interdependence in relationships


Believes love should ALWAYS consist of romance, drama, fun, and loyalty; likes people who stand out in socially acceptable ways 

Receiving awe-inspiring gifts and positive, focused attention from an audience are aphrodisiacs

Attracts love by playing up strengths and downplaying weaknesses, and inspiring chivalry

Flirts by complimenting

Wants emotionally-moving displays of appreciation and gratitude in relationships


Believes love should involve making a commitment to take care of someone else; likes hard-workers who pay attention to details (conversely, is also attracted to flawed, disorganized partners that need fixing)

good hygiene, a neat appearance, and an orderly environment are aphrodisiacs 

Attracts love by handling all of the “dirty work” in a partner’s life

Flirts by making analytical observations, self-deprecating humor, or offering self-improvement advice

Wants to feel needed and useful in relationships


Believes love should = 50/50 partnership + 24/7 romance; likes attractive, intelligent, and sociable people

The usual romantic clichés (such as rose petals on the bed and long, moonlit walks on the beach) are aphrodisiacs

Attracts love by being charming company, understanding and attentive

Flirts indiscriminately for attention and popularity

Wants equality, romance, and lots of attention in relationships; beauty, making plans as a couple 


Believes love should be passionate, intense, and life-altering; likes to associate with powerful people whose sexuality comes in contradictory layers

A strong sex drive, instant chemistry, intensity, and loyalty are aphrodisiacs

Attracts love by keeping a mate’s secrets, developing an emotional bond, and not wanting to share the partner’s affection

Flirts through seduction

Wants to have control and trust in a relationship


Believes love should bring happiness, great times, and good luck; likes outgoing, intelligent, independent, adventurous people

Visiting exotic places, meeting foreign people, exploring foreign cultures, and different accents are aphrodisiacs

Attracts love by being friendly, fun-loving, generous, and free-spirited

Flirts through friendly conversation and making someone laugh

Wants freedom, honesty, few expectations, and undefined commitment in a relationship


Believes love should make people keep their word; likes responsible, successful people who can help with achieving aspirations

Knowing what’s coming next is an aphrodisiac

Attracts love by being dependable and loyal; shows affection by honoring commitments and not leaving the relationship; 

Flirts by getting straight to the point, assessing a potential mate’s value, and showing off their dry wit as they feel more comfortable

Wants a solid commitment from the right person in relationships


Believes love should be dessert with friendship as the main entrée; likes free-spirited, eccentric people who aren’t afraid to go against the status quo

Discussing new, inventive ways to have sex is an aphrodisiac

Attracts love by being friendly to everyone

Flirts by sharing unusual ideas and opinions

Wants a best friend, intellectually stimulating company and emotional detachment in relationships


Believes love should be a perfect blend of an intuitive, spiritual bond and romance; likes nonjudgmental, creative people who think and communicate in imaginative ways

Dreamy kisses that cause tingles, foot massages, bubble baths, and mind-altering substances or practices are aphrodisiacs

Attracts love by being infinitely compassionate and seeing the best in people

Flirts by developing and acknowledging a special connection

Wants empathy, kindness, and sensitivity in relationships

An Ask Meme I Just Made Up

I wanted to make one, so here you go. Drop a number in my askbox. Or reblog it and steal it for your own.

1. Are you a side, back, or front sleeper?

2. When you hum random music what song is it?

3. Explain your username

4: Explain my username

5: How did you fall into the tumblr hellpit?

6: What fan interest of yours would you least prefer to explain in your workplace?

7: What fan interest or yours would you most enjoy explaining in your workplace?

8: Last song you listened to?

9: Weirdest thing on your dash today?

10: In a perfect world, what animal would you most like to adopt?

11: What animal would you most like someone else to adopt?

12: What’s something trivial you have strong opinions about?

13: What would your super-villain finishing move be?

14: Explain your icon.

15: You meet your true love(s) today. Possibly again. Describe your ideal hilarious romcom meetcute. (can be aromantic)

16: Your comfort food, and why.

17: What type of mad science will you Show Them All with? (ex: mad chemical engineer, mad library scientist, mad linguist). Which of your creations will probably turn on you?

18: Favorite cheesy trope?

19: Favorite trope nobody writes enough of?

20: Rec me a book, comic, or anime, or other piece of media you wish there were more like.

21: Wierdest tumblr drama you’ve been a part of or stumbled across.

22: You know those things from a million years ago your brain suddenly reminds you to feel embarrased/guilty/bad about in full technicolor? Tell me one of them.

23: What is something you collect?

24: Pens. Do you know where the one closest to you came from? Would you be distressed if someone took it?

25: The last game you played is crossed with the zombie apocalypse and now going down outside your window. How boned are you?

26: What was the last thing that made you cry?

27: Most embarrassing/weird/personal body thing you’re willing to talk about.

28: Your icon is now the voice of your inner therapist. How is this gonna go?

29: Name a kink you only like hypothetically.

30: Name a kink you find bewildering.

31: You have acquired: a mouse, a lizard, a rabbit, a spider, a domestic fox. Name them! Who gets to sleep on the bed?

32: What was your favorite childhood toy? Do you still have it?

33: Hit “shuffle” on your media player and tell me your favorite lyric from the song that comes up.

34: What fan media (of yours or someone else’s) would you most like to see art/fic for?

35: What do you ship that you think would be hard to explain convincingly to other people? Attempt an explanation.

36: What meme gets on your nerves?

37: Showers or baths?

38: Who was your biggest childhood nemesis and why?

39: First writing prompt that comes to your head.

40: Least favorite color.

41: What was the last thing you got really obsessed with?

42: What’s the weirdest experience you’ve ever had on a mind-altering substance? (prescription, recreational, otc, or food)

43: Shuffle up a random song on your media player. Now tell me what ship/story goes with it.

44: What’s making you happiest recently? :)

45: What’s scaring you these days? :(

46: Post a funny video for me.

47: Did you ever have a dream/nightmare that stuck with you for years?

48: What’s a movie you thought you’d hate but you turned out to love?

49: Tell me a really obscure fact you know.

50: Hot or cold?

51: How did your parent(s) punish you as a kid? What do you think of that?

52: What’s something you thought was true about yourself that your feelings have changed on over the years?

53: Write a story in seven words.

54: What is your favorite curse word?

55: Favorite food for every color of the rainbow.

56: If you were a poltergeist where would you haunt and what would be your preferred style of prank?

57: What is an art style, craft, or skill that you can’t do, but you really admire in others?

58: What is a skill you have that people probably don’t know about?

59: Name a pet peeve you have, and something you do that is probably a pet peeve for others.

60: Dragons, dinosaurs, or aliens?

61: What was the last big fight you had with someone about?

62: Insult the asker of this question creatively.

63: In an ideal world, what would you like done with your body after you die?

64: Find me a weird stock photo and post it.

65: What was your bedtime ritual as a kid? Did you have one?

66: What are the three traits you value the most in others?

67: What are the three most interesting wild animals you’ve encountered in your life?

68: What is a word you really enjoy saying?

69: Answer number 60 like it was a “fuck, marry, kill” rhetorical.

70: Describe something that happened to you today as if you were a narrator in a film noir, nature documentary, or 50s teaching video.

71: Create five new nicknames for yourself as quickly as you can.

72: Shorts, pants, skirts, or other?

73: What’s a song you hate and why?

74: If you were a superhero, what would be your one weakness?

75: Describe a weird encounter you had with a bug.

Merle, Magnus, Lup, and Taako threw a four person “rager” when they got selected for the Starblaster crew. Barry tried to participate but Magnus accidentally knocked him out twenty minutes in and they just kind of proceeded to carry him around for the rest of the party. The celebrations involved sneaking into town, buying a truly excessive amount of mind altering substances, talking very loudly at the cashier about how they were going into space, then going and hanging out on the front lawn of the Institute grounds starwatching and randomly shooting off spells. Merle made them lawn chairs out of vines, they propped Barry up in one and gave him a drink then someone went and got sunglasses so it looked like he was just chilling. Lup set off so many fireworks, including one display that spelled out WE’RE GOING TO EAT THE STARS in the night sky for a full ten minutes. (Lucretia still has a sketch of it in her earliest journal.) Magnus ran around in circles for like an hour screaming at the air until he tired himself out. Once they were all exhausted and ran out of ways to drunkenly discuss the fact they they were going to space they fell asleep in the grass together, to be awakened the next morning by a mildly disapproving but very entertained Davenport and other heads of the Institute. Their glorious team of explorers. 

Bad Boy! Tom AU


Pairings: bad boy! tom x reader

Warning(s)?: mentions of ((drugs)), arguing (not between tom & reader tho)

Word Count: TWO MF THOUSAND (2k)

Summary: A huge fight between Tom and his parents breaks out, prompting them to kick him out, but he finds a temporary haven where he least expects it: with the girl next door.

A/N: there is a severe lack of bad boy tom imagines and i am here to deliver sisters!! btw let’s assume tom is like 17/18 in this? i saw the picture above and was instantly compelled to write an imagine. so i sent it to my friend kristine and asked her to make a storyline behind it. well she did and she’s wonderful and i took it and ran with it completely… whoops! i love you kris. and thank u taylor for proofing love you.


You and Tom Holland had a.. weird relationship. Ever since he’d moved all the way from Southwest London to the house right beside yours, you’d developed an almost affable bond.

And it wasn’t the typical next door neighbor relationship. You’d see Tom almost every night, whether it being because he needed late night help studying for his Physics exam, or if you needed some new song recommendations. His window was less than 25 feet away from yours, and yelling to him in the middle of the night seemed to become your specialty. His specialty was not following any type of rules or instructions unless he wanted to, and you’d figure this out eventually. You guys became close quickly, but that didn’t stop him from annoying you. It would signal a sign of the times if a day could pass without him blaring his rock (and sometimes rap) music loudly with his window open, or being loud when he chose to sneak out (or back in). And he couldn’t forget his signature wink at you when your sleepy head would emerge through your window with an angry glare.

You guys just had different likings, and rolled in different groups in high school. While Tom was more into things like smoking weed, or loitering around abandoned places with his friends, you had never really taken an interest in that stuff. Your hobbies were on the other side of the spectrum; your ideas of fun were reading for so long that your eyes started to droop or memorizing the lyrics to your favorite song in one night.

It was the summer before freshman year of college, and you planned on staying local but from what you’d heard around town, Tom had bigger plans, like moving away to NYC. And that was understandable, considering he never had the best relationship with his parents, which you’d come to figure out after living beside them for so long. They always fought, whether it was over things as little as Tom not caring enough to do his chores or things as big as him accidentally crashing his dad’s brand new BMW M3. But it was never as bad as it got tonight. You could practically hear every profane word that flew out of his parents’ mouths in absolute fury.

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‘Sgt. Pepper’ at 50: How a Corn Flakes Ad Inspired 'Good Morning Good Morning’

Today’s installment tells how John Lennon’s TV obsession led to the creation of “Good Morning Good Morning.”

John Lennon indulged in a myriad of mind-altering substances during the recording of the Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, but his drug of choice may have been television. “A couple of weeks of telly-watching is as good as pot,” he professed at the time to biographer Hunter Davies. “I think a lot when I’m watching telly. It’s like looking into the fire and daydreaming. You’re watching it, but your mind’s not on it.” After the band vowed to abandon live performances in the fall of 1966, Lennon relied on TV and drugs to fill the enormous void left by the absence of the Beatles’ extensive concert schedule, which had provided structure to his life since he was barely out of his teens. “I didn’t know what to do,” John remembered shortly before his death in 1980. “What do you do when you don’t tour? There’s no life. What the hell do you do all day?”

His days were spent mostly horizontal at Kenwood, the 27-room luxury estate he shared with his wife Cynthia and three-year-old son Julian in the staid upper-class London suburb of Weybridge. He’d never been happy in the area, consenting to move there in 1964 at his accountant’s suggestion (Kenwood was the third house they viewed). “Weybridge won’t do at all,” he told journalist Maureen Cleave two years later. “I’m just stopping at it, like a bus stop. Bankers and stockbrokers live there; they can add figures and Weybridge is what they live in and they think it’s the end, they really do. I think of it every day – me in my Hansel and Gretel house. I’ll take my time; I’ll get my real house when I know what I want. … You see, there’s something else I’m going to do, something I must do – only I don’t know what it is.”

The constant motion of Beatle business had provided a long-term distraction, and now the downtime forced Lennon to confront the day-to-day realities and responsibilities of being a husband and father. Seemingly overnight, his self-styled existence, steeped in excitement, privilege and fierce individuality (not to mention fan worship on a colossal scale), had been replaced by a stodgy life he barely recognized. For everything he had achieved, for every wild childhood dream that had miraculously come true, Lennon still wound up trapped in the same cozy suburban haze he had often railed against.

Depressed, he dealt with the letdown by escaping into his mind at every opportunity. “If I’m on my own for three days, doing nothing, I almost leave myself completely. I’m just not here,” he told Davies. “I’m up there watching myself, or I’m at the back of my head. I can see my hands and realize they’re moving, but it’s a robot who’s doing it.” This sensation was no doubt aided by the mortar and pestle he kept nearby to mash together a dizzying array of pharmaceuticals onto one unpredictable mega-pill.

Cynthia grew distressed at how distant, apathetic and inert her rock-star husband had become. “When he was at home, he’d spend a lot of time lying in bed with a notepad,” she later said. “When he got up, he’d sit at the piano or he’d go from one room to the other listening to music, gawping at television and reading newspapers. He was basically dropping out from everything that was happening. He was thinking about things.” His estrangement from reality was so total, he often asked incoming phone callers, with genuine interest, what day of the week it was.

The songs Lennon wrote in this period are all meditations on the mundane; a child’s painting (“Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds”), a poster in his living room (“Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite!”), a newspaper (“A Day in the Life”), all drawn from within the four walls of Kenwood. Another is “Good Morning Good Morning,” which owes its existence to his love of television.

“I often sit at the piano, working at songs, with the telly on low in the background,” he explained to Davies. “If I’m a bit low and not getting much done, then the words on the telly come through. That’s when I heard 'Good morning, good morning.’ It was a Corn Flakes advertisement.” Kicking off with a pastoral rooster crow, the irrepressibly peppy jingle chirped out from the set: “Good morning, good morning!/The best to you each morning/Sunshine breakfast, Kellogg’s Corn Flakes/Crisp and full of fun!” The tune was at the same time annoyingly chipper and chillingly lobotomized. In other words, it was the perfect soundtrack to his world at Kenwood.

Inspired by his total lack of inspiration – which had previously triggered the Rubber Soul track “Nowhere Man” – he began to write. Words of bland domesticity tumbled out: “how’s your boy been, going to work, heading for home, time for tea.” “John was feeling trapped in suburbia and was going through some problems with Cynthia,” Paul McCartney confirms in his biography, Many Years from Now. “It was about his boring life at the time. There’s a reference in the lyrics to 'nothing to do’ and 'meet the wife’; there was an afternoon TV soap called Meet the Wife that John watched, he was that bored, but I think he was also starting to get alarm bells and so, 'Good morning, good morning.’”

On December 12th, 1966, Meet the Wife aired an episode entitled “This Christmas, Shop Early,” chronicling holiday shoppers frantically making their last-minute gift purchases. The plot may very well have inspired the line that immediately preceded the reference to the show: “People running round, it’s five o'clock, everywhere in town is getting dark.”

It’s a rare active moment in a song packed with boredom that borders on nihilism. The word “nothing” appears eight times in the two-minute, 41-second track, and each verse ends with the assertion that the narrator has nothing to say, “but it’s OK.” For someone who strenuously avoided writing “fiction” songs in the vein of McCartney’s “Eleanor Rigby,” “Lovely Rita” or “When I’m Sixty-Four” (“He makes 'em up like a novelist!” Lennon once marveled), “Good Morning Good Morning” can be read as a revealing confession of complete and utter apathy. “Nothing to do to save his life,” the opening words, ring out like the final gasp of a man surrendering to daily claustrophobia.

But one brief line may offer a glimmer of hope. Author Steve Turner observes that the lyric “You go to a show, you hope she goes,” may be a reference to a woman Lennon had recently met that November at an art exhibition: Yoko Ono. Though it’s pure speculation (and likely that she hadn’t captured his imagination just yet), Lennon’s involvement with Ono meant that his days adrift in a sea of domesticity at Kenwood were numbered.


I just realized something. How confused would aliens be by drugs.

Alien: “what’s wrong with that man over there?”
Human: “oh he’s um, on drugs. Heroin I think.”
Alien: “oh is heroin a mind altering substance like alcohol? Do they drink it like alcohol?”
Human: “it alters your mind, and they kind of inject it into themselves with needles. But it’s pretty dangerous. Too much could kill you.”
Human: “Cause he’s probably addicted? You don’t have drugs on your world?”
Human: “well I mean doing a little won’t kill you”

anonymous asked:

Helloooo. 1. Do you run the ScientificPokedex blog? and 2. Do you think there could be an actual scientific explanation for Zoroark's illusion ability?

 Hellooo! Number 1, No I do not run the @scientificpokedex blog but they do an amazing job, big props to them!

Number 2. Hmm that’s tricky, so we want a real life example of an animal convincing another animal that it is something it’s not, so not clever camouflage and accurate visual mimicry, as with a stick insect for example, but rather where one animal has been tricked, it is under the illusion that another animal is something it is blatantly not. Well then, we need to talk about

  p h e r o m o n e s 

alrighty, so pheromones are defined as a chemical secreted by an organism that triggers a social/behavioural response in another organism, usually of the same species. They are used everywhere in nature, from tiny single celled prokaryotes up to big lumbering mammals such as ourselves. Uses of pheromones include territory marking, avoidance of inbreeding with close relatives, alarm signals, and advertising sexual availability and fertility. Specialised pheromones called ‘necromones’, released by the decomposing bodies of certain animals, repel living animals of the same species so that they don’t go near the bodies and potentially catch the disease that killed the dead dude. 

Those are just a few of the uses nifty chemicals, but as usual insects one up other animal groups in the diversity of ways in which they use them. The highly sophisticated and complex societies of eusocial hymenoptera (bees, ants, and wasps) are only possible through the use of pheromones, for example from coordinating colony activities e.g. defending the colony from predators, to exchanging information,  allocating tasks to different castes, social policing, regulating reproduction, and the use of trail pheromones, e.g. when ants lay a path of pheromones towards a food source, and then lay over a repellant pheromone over that trail, cancelling the message once the food source is gone. 

Because these social insects are so reliant on pheromones, they are ripe for abuse from other animals who can exploit their chemical society, and this is how I am going to lead it back to Zoroark. 

Meet Phengaris alcon, or the Alcon Large Blue butterfly

 Yes a very pretty looking butterfly, but don’t let appearances fool you. It’s caterpillars hatch on leaves like regular caterpillars, and stay there for a few weeks, munching away and growing, but after a certain point, they just drop off the leaves and onto the ground. There they release a pheromone which smells exactly like the pheromone released by the larvae of certain ant species. When these ants come across the caterpillars, they are fooled into thinking that these caterpillars are indeed their own larvae, despite being a different colour and much bigger than the ant larvae, i.e. they look completely different. 

The ants bring the caterpillars back to their nest, where they clean, feed, look after and protect the caterpillars, sometimes even at the expense of their own larvae when food is short. The caterpillars feed and grow in a safe environment, eventually metamorphosing into a chrysalis, then into an adult butterfly, where they then crawl out of the nest scot-free and begin life in the skies, having had a great start in life all down to some smelly trickery and illusion. 

(see below, Phenagris chrysalises next to ant larvae, with the ants none the wiser!)

Other Phenagris species will mimic the Queen ant rather than the larvae, and thus get a more royal treatment (though the true queen is never convinced so this is a more risky strategy), or some instead of just getting fed by the ants like a cuckoo will ravage and eat all the ant larvae when it gets in the nest, without retribution by the ants. 

(this video is fantastic and shows the whole lifecycle, plus a bonus pheromone related plot twist near the end!)

Basically using pheromones in this manner is a way of mimicking something you’re not despite looking nothing like your subject. The ants are under the complete illusion that these huge caterpillars are their own tiny young, despite input from other senses. So… what I am saying is that perhaps Zorua and Zoruark are very proficient chemical mimics and can emit strong pheromones that convince you that you are seeing a different pokémon than what’s standing in front of you. Maybe that, mixed with a hallucinogenic compound, neurotoxin, or other mind altering druggy substance (heck even laughing gas lol) to make you more suggestive. I dunno, it’s a huge stretch, but it’s an excuse to talk about Phenagris lol

Originally posted by axew

I’ve been in the most awful throes of despair before, and presumably like a lot of people have had the idea of throwing in the towel in varying levels of intensity enter my thoughts over the years. Now, the only drug I’ve ever taken is alcohol, but I can TOTALLY see how using mind altering substances could distort and imbalance things even further. I’ve definitely experienced this with booze. Taking something that alters your mind even more than the naturally occuring chemicals is short term awesome, long term terrifying. But who among us has the strength and wisdom to learn that easily? Unfortunately, making the decision to end your life isn’t something you can regret and feel stupid for the next day.
It’s mainly family that will keep ya going. The problem is, when you get it in your head that your spouse, kids etc would be genuinely better off without you, there’s not much to move forward with.
People say that talking about it is important, but I’m not entirely sold on that either. Because having a conversation about a fleeting feeling can concrete that feeling, and make it real, rather than just letting it pass for the bullshit thought it really is. And that’s lethal, at least in my own experience.
To use a really lame ass analogy, its like a fire that can either keep you warm, or can burn the whole dang farm down. Using the thing that’s destroying you is a hard thing to comprehend, let alone balance.

we interrupt your regularly scheduled programming for

even more random headcanons: embarrassing memories/behaviors

-Murdoc is awful at making pancakes. The first time he gave it a shot, he dumped way too much batter into the skillet and couldn’t flip the pancake. The bottom burned. There was pancake batter everywhere. Literally, everywhere. It was as if a drunken toddler synonymous with: Murdoc Niccals had tried to play kitchen and failed. It still makes him irritated to think about and he won’t make pancakes to this day.

-Noodle is really, really bad at handling mind altering substances. Once, she got so high that she started doing shitty bird calls at the ceiling– which then led to a two-hour long fiasco where she wanted to pick up sunflower seeds, because she was, in her words “a motherfucking bird in need of some seeds”. bitches love seeds She got lost on her way to the convenience store and gave up. She still won’t eat sunflower seeds.

-Russel has a habit of accidentally setting the kitchen on fire. He can cook, sure, but he tends to leave the burner on, or the toaster on too long. Once, it got so severe that half of the kitchen had to be completely renovated. He had decided to nap on the couch with a panini in the toaster oven, only to wake up to smoke detectors screeching. and a panicking 2D throwing water on the fire. He now avoids the toaster oven as much as possible.

-2D has the worst luck with technology. It seems to just short out when he touches it. There was one time where a really insane party took place on Plastic Beach, and Murdoc forced 2D to play DJ all night. His phone wouldn’t connect to the auxiliary cord, though, so he attempted to play CDs. Then, the CD player got stuck. And then, when he tried to force it open, the subwoofer fell and broke. 2D won’t touch any electronics that aren’t his.

I Saw The Light
Todd Rundgren
I Saw The Light

I shall admit shamefully that I discovered Todd Rundgren too late. I had attributed his songs to other artists –“Hello It’s Me” to the Isley Brothers, “Love is The Answer” to England Dan & John Ford Coley, and “Can We Still Be Friends” to Robert Palmer – not realizing until much later that they where his. The upside? I know now how timeless his music is and how so beloved his songs are that other artists are eager to cover them.

Among Rundgren’s biggest hits is a track he wrote in 20 minutes after channeling the great Carole King (listen and you’ll hear her somehow). While I SAW THE LIGHT from his Something/Anything? album peaked at #16 on the Billboard Hot 100 and at #12 on the Easy Listening chart, Rundgren admits the work is a string of cliches and simple rhymes put together quickly with the aid of mind-altering substances. Nonetheless, the resulting track boasts of having the artist playing all instruments and recording all backing voices. Quite a feat.

And yes, I had attributed the song to UK band Workshy, which covered I SAW THE LIGHT in 1989.

Las Vegas: The Mandalay Bay Shooting - Real Tragedy & Real Distraction

My heart aches for all the victims of this horrible massacre…. Which is why it’s so important to be open minded and wary while discerning the truth behind this shooting. To honor the victims we can’t become swept up in the initial sensationalized media around the event and instead investigate all the motives and reasons for this event to transpire.

Acknowledging the horror

Last night concert goers at the Route 91 Country Music Festival Were fired upon by automatic rifles by Atleast one individual killing 59 and wounding 527 others… no one deserved to die last night, no one deserved the trauma forever imprinted on them by the nightmare that unfolded, and what occurred in Mandalay Bay should never be forgotten. I am committed as so many others are to learning from this incident so that we don’t have to witness more tragedies of this nature.

The Un-Usual Suspects.

Steven Paddock Hardly fits the profile of a spree killer. If you look into the backgrounds of many various American spree killers a similar story begins to follow. Family and friends are utterly shocked by their close loved ones behaviors, often times unable to conceive them as being capable of plotting out, and acquiring the means to perform these atrocities. The media comes out over the course of weeks with a story either of brief “terrorist” relations or in the case of white people(like Stephen paddock ~ which I’m sure we’ll hear a tale about) a history of mental illness and medication spanning several years to several months in vague detail. No one will ever know what the real motive was, the media will never go beyond speculation. And we all sit with the confusion of the massacre we beheld. This has to stop.

There’s a conspiracy and it’s Not gun control.

As I’ve watched the past several shootings unfold I’ve noticed a pattern in the response. One portion of the population accepts the event hook line and sinker, listening to the story told by the media, captivated by the REAL horror and loss of life that has occurred. Another sect of the population knows theirs something amiss with the stories given by the mainstream sources, and seeks to understand why. The immediate go to we’ve all been programmed to think(and reject because it can’t possibly work) is gun control. Immediately a divide is created and the two traumatized sect of the public fight over both illusions. The Gun Control debate is part of the distraction to disguise the actual motives behind this attack, it’s a dead end.

2017: One Catastrophe After Another, And A Court Jester For President.

Why now? Why Like this? Doesn’t it seem odd that in the nexus of the past several months so many disasters of both the natural and human caliber have struck the American people? That the “face” the “figurehead” the “spokesperson” of the United States is apparently a clown? It seems almost like a circus? A show? It’s no secret that if you’re receiving your information on political events from the news and this circus administration that you are entirely mis/uninformed.

If you’ve taken an aside from the mainstream vomit to undertake your own investigation you’ve probably discovered that 2017 has been an extremely eventful year Geopolitically; With thousands of arrests around international networks of elites in the worlds of entertainment, politics, and finances for pedophilia and human trafficking. The enacting of even more global trade pacts and internet neutrality bills. The release of cures for diseases like hepatitis C. Trillions of dollars discovered in over spending at the pentagon. Multiple Whistleblowers claiming to be from special access unacknowledged space programs and mk ultra programs coming out with their testimony. And as of the past 24 hours THE SECESSION OF CATALONIA FROM SPAIN.

Home Made Spree Killers

Testimonies have come out such as that of Mathew Polly https://youtu.be/Sau-pI_OI3o of an ongoing MK-ultra program that was Atleast operating in the post 2000 era. Mathew claims to have been part of a Canadian branch of MK-ultra used for research and development on creating techniques to program and train sleeper assassins for shootings and massacres in the U.S.

From the San Bernardino Shooters, to the Boston Bombers, all of their stories are filled with holes and inconsistencies, and if captured have the same dead unoccupied look as if drugged or are unaware of their actions. A characteristic of scopolamine(a mind altering substance used in inducing dissociative states).

I don’t know the truth, You don’t know the truth, no one does.

I am not attempting to convince you of one particular story. But I am cautioning spaciousness and caution while discerning the events of Mandalay Bay. I am wanting to bring to your awareness that less than 24 hours before this tragedy hundreds of people were injured with several deaths by the hand federal authorities attempting to prevent Catalonians from voting themselves free of their government and establishing their own sovereignty. Those people fought hard and won their independence, a story that could have global repercussions. A mass shooting typically follows victories of the people in this nature, to draw away attention and place our focus on a nightmare.

Be compassionate for those who lost their lives last night, and honor them by not taking the bait of their deaths by becoming blinded in the ensuing emotion. I give my heart out to those who are suffering, and remain spacious as the details unfold on this story.

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300 words day 6

It had only happened once and Thor wasn’t even sure that Loki remembered it. They had been drinking amongst other things (Fandral had offered them some mind-altering substance he’d picked up on Alfheim) and Thor’s own memory of it was hazy at best.

He couldn’t recall the lead-up or who had started it, but he did remember, with aching clarity, the feel of Loki’s slim body shuddering in his arms as he spent all over Thor’s chest, and the way he had hung on with desperate fingers as Thor came between his thighs.

“Brother,” Loki had whispered raggedly, the endearment suddenly fraught with new meaning.

And it had been months ago and they carried on like nothing was different, only now Thor knew the taste of Loki’s seed (He had run his hand through it afterward and it reminded him of apples and wormwood) and he knew the darkness in his own heart and everything, everything was different.


It had only happened once and Loki wasn’t even sure that Thor remembered it. They’d been half out of their minds for one thing, and Thor had never given any indication he recalled a single minute of it.

But when Loki tried to sleep at night it replayed in his head in excruciating detail, the way they had fallen into each other’s embrace, the frenzied tearing at each other’s clothes. Thor’s arms around him, a bulwark, a homecoming. The sob trapped in his own throat, the beautiful ache in his chest of *finally, finally*.

“My sweetling,” Thor had murmured into Loki’s hair. “I love you so.”

And it had been months ago and they carried on like nothing was different, only now Loki knew with bitter certainty exactly what he was missing and the lightness that his own heart was capable of feeling and everything, everything was different.

Come on, Hogwarts

Can we talk about how there is no study of humanities at Hogwarts? No literature. No politics. No philosophy. No psychology. There’s history, but it’s taught by a fucking ghost and literally everyone sleeps through it. There’s Muggle Studies but tbh that sounds like Basketweaving. There’s a class on preparing for fucking dark war. And they learn how to make mind-altering substance that makes you sleep without nightmares. ARE WE SURPRISED ABOUT HOW THIS TURNS OUT?! Don’t even try to tell me that Hermione Jean Granger doesn’t graduate and lobby for Wizarding Liberal Arts.


“A cavity inducing mix of red bull, cotton candy, rainbow sprinkles, edible glitter, and undiluted artistic inspiration.”

Use at your own risk. Do not ingest more than two vials within a 24 hour period. Mixing this product with hallucinogens or any other mind altering substance may prove fatal. Long term use may result in tooth decay, heart murmurs, tremors, and/or insomnia. 

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So I haven’t shared too much of my recovery here so here it goes. I made it to 6 months clean and sober. No alcohol, drugs, or any mind or mood altering substance. My life has turned around, I gained weight back, I can eat again, I’m no longer on the streets, and there are people in my life who care about me rather than caring about what they can get from me. I’m about to see my brother, who I haven’t seen in 4 years. It’s possible, and I love you all ❤️

I hate weed culture okay, but it really bugs me when moms joke about being borderline alcoholics but then judge other moms who recreationally smoke pot or use anxiety or other mental health medication as prescribed.

Like, your “wine o'clock” and “baby whines while I wine” jokes aren’t funny. We get it, you use wine to cope with the fact that sometimes you can’t handle your children. 🙄 Why is it okay for you but not other moms? Alcohol is not some magically different substance than other mind-altering substances. It’s still a drug, boo.

And at least my SSRI doesn’t get me high or intoxicated – miss me with that judgment; just admit you don’t think people with mental health problems should parent.


Harmony (n) the quality of forming a pleasing and consistent whole 

Or the one where Damian is forced to dance with his siblings, Tim is a good brother, and their family is just… nice.

Batfam Week 2017, Day 3: Wayne Gala

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“You are good”, Cassandra says, and Damian looks up from his feet and scowls at her.


Cassandra smiles, squeezes Damian’s hand in hers a little bit tighter and suddenly whirls on her toes, forcing the boy to follow her. He stumbles, his fingers slip from her waist, but he stubbornly keeps pace with her, and Cassandra’s grin grows larger.

“Rigid”, she admits. “But good. You’ll learn.”

Damian scoffs, but tries his best to focus on the music and mirror his sister’s steps. He’s not going to admit it to anyone, but he’s not totally hating the annual Wayne Gala as much as he thought he would, nor is he hating his siblings’ company, for that matter - and by his siblings, he mostly means Cassandra, even if she’s the one who dragged him on the dance floor and forced him to waltz with her.

Then again, if he’d been really opposed to it, this wouldn’t be happening at all, and they both know it. Thing is, it feels kind of… nice. The dim lights and the soft music, the echoes of familiar voices in the background and the aftertaste of the champagne he was not supposed to drink in his mouth. Yes, it feels nice. If only a little dizzy. Like a dream.

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Reactions to tragedy

In real life, pretty much everybody reacts to tragedy differently. So why is it that every author has their pet reaction to tragedy that all their characters use? Not only is it unrealistic, but it takes away the chance for the characters’ different reactions to reveal things about themselves.

Possible reactions to tragedy (not an exhaustive list):

  • Distracting oneself with mindless activities
  • Distracting oneself with others’ humor
  • Distracting oneself by making jokes
  • Distracting oneself by reading/watching/playing stories
  • Distracting oneself with hard mental work
  • Distracting oneself with hard physical work
  • Distracting oneself with creative endeavors
  • Distracting oneself by chatting with friends about normal things
  • Talking to friends about the tragedy
  • Talking to authority figures about the tragedy
  • Talking anonymously with strangers about the tragedy (if possible)
  • Getting wrapped up in others’ problems
  • Staying unusually silent
  • Screaming
  • Crying loudly
  • Crying silently
  • Doing everything possible not to cry
  • Pacing
  • Taking unhealthy risks
  • Going for revenge against whoever one can blame
  • Punching random objects
  • Throwing random objects
  • Lashing out against friends and family members
  • Trying to prevent a similar tragedy from happening
  • Eating more than usual
  • Not eating
  • Taking mind-altering substances
  • Getting in unhealthy relationships
  • Isolating oneself
  • Obsessing over routine
  • Numbness combined with apathy
  • Numbness combined with going through one’s normal motions
  • Trying to get things back the way they were
  • Denial
  • No reaction at first but a reaction hits later in greater force
  • No reaction at all. Emotions relating to the tragedy just fail to load. Note that this can happen to anybody and does not mark a character as a sociopath.

Characters can have more than one reaction at the same time, one reaction after another, or different reactions to different tragedies.

Colossians 3:18
Wives, submit to your own husbands, as is fitting in the Lord.

When God created woman from man He said, “It is not good that man should be alone; I will make him a helper comparable to him.” God created woman to be a perfectly suitable helper to the man. This means God gave the plan and agenda to Adam, and he and the woman together work to fulfill it. God gives to man the responsibility (and the accountability) to be the leader in the home and Church and gives to the woman the responsibility and the accountability to help him. We only see “helping” as a position of inferiority when we think like the world thinks. God considers positions of service as most important in His sight (Matthew 20:25-28). Not only was the woman to be a helper, but also she was made comparable to the man. She should be considered and honored as such. A woman or wife cannot be regarded as a mere tool or worker, but as an equal partner in God’s grace and an equal human being.

The apostle Paul wrote in both Ephesians and Colossians, “Wives, submit to your husbands, as is fitting in the Lord” and without proper context and study that would seem to pretty much make women inferior but as everything in life, context is key. Sadly, it’s hard to find those who really care to understand the context of passage or to study the original language in which the text was written.

The ancient Greek word translated as submit is essentially a word borrowed from the military. It literally means “to be under in rank.” It speaks of the way that an army is organized among levels of rank, with generals and colonels and majors and captains and sergeants and privates. There are levels of rank, and one is obligated to respect those in higher rank.

We know that as a person, a private can be smarter, more talented, and be a better person than a general. But he is still under rank to the general. He isn’t submitted to the general so much as a person as he is to the general as a general. In the same way, the wife doesn’t submit to her husband because he deserves it. She submits because he is her husband.

The idea of submission doesn’t have anything to do with someone being smarter or better or more talented. It has to do with a God-appointed order. Anyone who has served in the armed forces knows that rank has to do with order and authority, not with value or ability.

Therefore, submission means you are part of a team. If the family is a team, then the husband is “captain” of the team. The wife has her place in relation to the “captain,” and the children have their place in relation to the “captain” and the wife.

The form of the verb shows that the submission is to be voluntary. The wife’s submission is never to be forced on her by a demanding husband; it is the deference that a loving wife, conscious that her home (just as any other institution) must have a head.

The phrase “submit to your own husbands” defines the sphere of a wife’s submission. The Bible never commands nor recommends a general submission of women unto men. It is commanded only in the spheres of the home and in the Church (and one of the reasons why women can’t be leading pastors in the Church). God does not command that men have exclusive authority in the areas of politics, business, education, and so on.

The phrase “as is fitting in the Lord” is absolutely crucial. It colors everything else we understand about this passage. There have been two main “wrong” interpretations of this phrase, each favoring a certain position:

  1. The interpretation that “favors” the husband says that as is fitting in the Lord means that a wife should submit to her husband as if he were God himself. The idea is “you submit to God in absolutely everything without question, so you must submit to your husband in the same absolute way.” This thinks that as is fitting in the Lord defines the extent of submission. But this is wrong. Simply put, in no place does the Scripture say that a person should submit to another in that way. There are limits to the submission your employer can expect of you. There are limits to the submission the government can expect of you. There are limits to the submission parents can expect of children. In no place does the Scripture teach an unqualified, without exception, submission - except to God and God alone. To violate this is to commit the sin of idolatry.
  2. The interpretation that “favors” the wife says that as is fitting in the Lord means “I’ll submit to him as long as he does what the Lord wants.” And then it is the wife’s job to decide what the Lord wants. This thinks that as is fitting in the Lord defines the limit of submission. This is also wrong. It is true that there are limits to a wife’s submission, but when the wife approaches as is fitting in the Lord in this way, then it degenerates into a case of “I’ll submit to my husband when I agree with him. I’ll submit to him when he makes the right decisions and carries them out the right way. When he makes a wrong decision, he isn’t in the Lord, so I shouldn’t submit to him then. It isn’t fitting to do so.” Simply put, that is not submission at all. Except for those who are just plain cantankerous and argumentative, everyone submits to others when they are in agreement. It is only when there is a disagreement that submission is tested.

As is fitting in the Lord does not define the extent of a wife’s submission. It does not define the limit of a wife’s submission. It defines the motive of a wife’s submission. It means, “Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands because it is a part of your duty to the Lord, because it is an expression of your submission to the Lord.” They submit simply because it is fitting in the Lord to do it. It honors God’s Word and His order of authority. It is part of their Christian duty and discipleship.

Therefore, as is fitting in the Lord means:

• For wives, submission to their husband is part of their Christian life.
• When a wife doesn’t obey this word to submit to your own husband as is fitting in the Lord, she doesn’t just fall short as a wife. She falls short as a follower of Jesus Christ.
• This means that the command to submit is completely out of the realm of “my nature” or “my personality.” Wives aren’t expected to submit because they are the “submissive type.” They are expected to submit because it is fitting in the Lord.
• This has nothing to do with your husband’s intelligence or giftedness or capability. It has to do with honoring the Lord Jesus Christ.
• This has nothing to do with whether or not your husband is “right” on a particular issue. It has to do with Jesus being right.
• This means that a woman should take great care in how she chooses her husband. Remember, ladies: this is what God requires of you in marriage. This is His expectation of you. Instead of looking for an attractive man, instead of looking for a wealthy man, you better first look for a man you can respect.

As is the case in every human relationship, the command to submit is not absolute. There are exceptions to this command for a wife to submit to her own husband:

• When the husband asks the wife to sin, she must not submit.
• When the husband is medically incapacitated, insane, or under the influence of mind altering substances, the wife may not submit.
• When the husband is violent and physically threatening, the wife may not submit.
• When the husband breaks the marriage bond by adultery, the wife does not need to submit to her husband being in an adulterous relationship.

And finally, Paul finishes that verse in Colossians by saying, “Husbands, love your wives and do not be bitter toward them.

Paul’s words to husbands safeguards his words to wives. Though wives are to submit to their husbands, it never excuses husbands acting as tyrants over their wives. Instead, a husband must love his wife, and the ancient Greek word translated as love here is agape.

Significantly, this puts an obligation upon the husbands in here. In the ancient world - under Jewish, Greek, and Roman customs, all power and privileges belonged to husbands in regard to wives, to fathers in regard to children, and to masters in regard to slaves. There were no complimentary powers or privileges on the part of wives, children, or slaves.

The verb agapao does not denote affection or romantic attachment; it rather denotes caring love, a deliberate attitude of mind that concerns itself with the well-being of the one loved.

Strictly speaking, agape can’t be defined as “God’s love,” because men are said to agape sin and the world (John 3:191 John 2:15). But it can be defined as a sacrificial, giving, absorbing, love. The word has little to do with emotion; it has much to do with self-denial for the sake of another.

Some can read this passage and think that Paul means, “Husband, be kind to your wife.” Or “Husband, be nice to your wife.” There is no doubt that for many marriages, this would be a huge improvement. But that isn’t what Paul writes about. What he really means is, “Husband, continually practice self-denial for the sake of your wife.”

Of course, this agape love is the kind of love Jesus has for His people and this is the love husbands should imitate towards their wives (Ephesians 5:25).

The implication of “And do not be bitter toward them” is perhaps the wife has given the husband some reason to be bitter. Paul says, “That doesn’t matter, husband.” The husband may feel perfectly justified in his harsh or unloving attitude and actions towards his wife, but he is not justified - no matter how the wife has been towards the husband.

Agape loves even when there are obvious and glaring deficiencies, even when the receiver is unworthy of the love.

Ephesians 5:25
Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ also loved the church and gave Himself for her

Paul’s words to Christian husbands safeguards his previous words to wives. Though wives are to submit to their husbands, it never excuses husbands acting as tyrants over their wives.

As Martyn Lloyd-Jones put it, "It is not naked power, it is not the power of a dictator or a little tyrant, it is not the idea of a man who arrogates to himself certain rights, and tramples upon his wife’s feelings and so on, and sits in the home as a dictator. No husband is entitled to say that he is the head of the wife unless he loves his wife. So the reign of the husband is to be a reign and a rule of love; it is a leadership of love.”

Jesus’ attitude towards the church is a pattern for the Christian husband’s love to his wife. This shows that the loveless marriage doesn’t please God and does not fulfill His purpose. This is love given to the undeserving. This is love given first. This is love that may be rejected, but still loves.

Charles Spurgeon said this, “It is possible that some husbands might say, ‘How can I love such a wife as I have?’ It might be a supposable case that some Christian was unequally yoked together with an unbeliever, and found himself for ever bound with a fetter to one possessed of a morose disposition, of a forward temper, of a bitter spirit. He might therefore say, 'Surely I am excused from loving in such a case as this. It cannot be expected that I should love that which is in itself so unlovely.’ But mark, beloved, the wisdom of the apostle. He silences that excuse, which may possibly have occurred to his mind while writing the passage, by taking the example of the Savior, who loved, not because there was loveliness in his Church, but in order to make her lovely.”

We might say that Paul taught two things at once here. He taught about the nature of the relationship between husband and wife, and he taught about the relationship between Christ and His Church. Each illustrates important principles about the other.

Jesus’ action towards the church is a pattern. This helps us define what agape love is all about: it is self-sacrificing love. How should a husband love his wife? As Christ loved the church and gave Himself for it. What did that involve? Perhaps the best statement concerning that matter is in Philippians 2:5-8, where it shows that the focus of Jesus was on the church. It was for the church that He did what He did, not for Himself.

This word is especially needful for husbands who see headship in submission with worldly understanding instead of godly understanding. Some husbands think that because God said they are the head of the home and the wife is obligated to submit to them that they do not have to be humble, lay down their lives, and sacrifice for the benefit of their wife. They need to understand the difference in thinking between worldly headship and godly headship.

  • Worldly headship says, “I am your head, so you take your orders from me and must do whatever I want.”
  • Godly headship says, “I am your head, so I must care for you and serve you.”
  • Worldly submission says, “You must submit to me, so here are the things I want you to do for me.”
  • Godly submission says, “You must submit to me, so I am accountable before God for you. I must care for you and serve you.”

This is not the height of romantic love as the world knows it. This isn’t love based on looks, image, the ability to be suave and cutting-edge cool. This is love expressed through sacrifice.

The "Altered" Sissy: Recreational drug use and Sissy Hypno

As a sissy who enjoys recreational drugs, I love getting all messed up and perving out to some intense Hypno vids. I Have been experimenting with psychedelics such as mushrooms and LSD, and I must admit, in a sissy mindset, the drugs really make the Hypno so mush more intense! I get my favorite poppers and prep all my toys for a long night, and then let myself become 100% absorbed in the sissy bliss! I was just wondering if there were other gurls out theShare your stories and experiences s. Share your stories and experiences about mind-altering substances and how they tie into your sissy activities. Uppers, downers, poppers, 420, psychedelics, anything is open for discussion. No judgement please, IF drugs aren’t your thing, just keep moving, don’t try and tell others how to live :P Anyway, I hope to hear from other sissies like me!